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Best K-Cup and Single-Serve Coffe Makers of 2021-Review and Buyer’s Guide

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For the majority of us, our day cannot even begin without an invigorating cup of coffee. Without the delicious brown liquid coursing through our veins, we couldn’t even get out of bed.

It is vital that you purchase the coffee maker that is right for you. For this, we have scoured the world in search of the best pod coffee makers and single serve brewers, and believe we have created the best buyer’s guide of 2019 for those looking for the perfect single serve coffee maker.

In order to limit our list to the best of the best, we made sure that we looked into durability, value, the convenience of use, and quality of pour.  The following single serving coffee makers and pod coffee makers are the best of the best according to these terms.

Read on to discover the perfect coffee maker for you.

An In-Depth Review of the Top 7 Best Single Serve Coffee Machines of 2019

Let’s dive right into the reviews of these one cup coffee machines and K-pod coffee makers. They are not ranked in any particular order.

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Comparison Chart

Keurig K-Classic K-50 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 10 Oz. Brew Sizes, Black
Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel (49980A), Carafe
BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer
Nespresso Pixie by Breville- Titan
Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Silver
Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Chili Red
Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Iced Coffee Capability, Brushed Slate

The Cream of the Crop: Keurig K55 Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker

A best-selling coffee maker that can brew with the best.

The Keurig K55 K cup coffee maker makes it to the top of the list because it will make the best cup of coffee consistently and quickly, and has a durable design that will last for years to come.

This machine sports a water reservoir that will hold a sizable 48 ounces, so it does not need to be refilled very often and can pour a cup of coffee at 6, 8, or 10 ounces, depending on your preference.

The coffee is also brewed in just under a minute.  The machine can make a little more noise than other single serve coffee makers, but the quality of the pour is well worth the sound.

The machine is built to be both aesthetically appealing and durable-which is to be expected from a company like Keurig. The machine also quite versatile, allowing you to brew coffee, tea, or to just pour hot water for whatever beverage you desire.

The only issue that can be found with this otherwise exquisite machine is the hoses it uses. If the K55 is used frequently for a number of years, the hoses tend to link from the area they clamp into the machine. Luckily, there are replacement hoses readily available for purchase.


  • Ease of Use
  • Makes a great tasting cup of coffee
  • Durable design
  • Very versatile when making different drinks


  • Noise can be distracting
  • Hoses may wear and or stiffen from overuse


          The Keurig K55 is a durable, solid machine that has been known to continuously pour delicious coffee for years with minimal upkeep. There are no programmable features, but that is why the price is so low.

All things being equal, we definitely recommend this single cup coffee maker for those who need that extra boost in the morning with little effort.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best Bang for the Buck

The Hamilton Beach 4991A is an affordable option for high-end coffee lovers

For those who have priced at the forefront of their concerns when buying their next single serve coffee maker, look no further than the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker.

This machine isn’t without some inconveniences, but for the price, and the fact that it will brew a delicious piping hot cup of Joe in less than 90 seconds, it is definitely worth looking into.

There aren’t as many features as our first pick, and only ground coffee can be used in this particular single cup Coffee Maker.

But wait

There are still plenty of ways for you to fully customize your cup of coffee. You can adjust the amount of water per cup as well as the fineness of the coffee grounds.

Cleaning and maintaining this machine is a snap, and it is an incredibly durable single-serve coffee maker as well. The warranty only lasts one year, but the Hamilton Beach 49980A will last long after the warranty has been expired.

The most prevalent issue people have with this machine is the fact that it can splash coffee over a coffee mug, but this is easily avoided if you use the right sized coffee cup for the right pour.


  • Affordable
  • Good tasting brew
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • The coffee can splash out of the cup


There is simply no better option for a single serve coffee maker for those on a budget who also want to use fresh ground coffee rather than pods. It is affordable, durable, and easy to clean. We can’t really ask for more.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Coffee Maker for Home – Great Value, Streamlined Design

It’s what’s on the inside is what counts, as BUNN MCU proves

BUNN is known for their no-frills, functional coffee makers. Though they may create the first impression of a machine that lacks the upscale bells and whistles of other single serve coffee makers, BUNN consistently proves to be a leader in coffee makers because it always creates a cup worth drinking.

There are multiple drawers for K-cup or pod storage, which is an amenity that sets it apart from other machines. Each drawer can be used for K-cups, ground coffee, plain hot water, and other coffee pods.

What’s More

The BUNN is incredibly intuitive. When the 14 oz tanks run low on water, a red bulb will glow. When the machine is ready to be used again, the bulb will glow green.

One More Thing

No other machine can compete with the BUNN’s speed. A piping hot cup of 8 ounces coffee can be brewed in 42 seconds or less. The speed of the pour, combined with the affordable price, makes this machine well worth a second look.


  • Incredibly Durable
  • Makes a fast, beautifully flavored cup of coffee
  • Does not take up a lot of space


  • The industrial style design hinders its visual appeal


BUNN MCU Single Cup Coffee Brewer is a machine that is incredibly functional and affordable. If it is efficiency and lack of footprint you are looking for, this machine is for you.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso -Best Espresso Maker in the Single Serve Coffee Maker Market

This machine is overflowing with features and creates delicious coffee using Nespresso capsules.

The first taste of the espresso brewed from the Nespresso Pixie will make you feel as though you are sitting in your local coffee shop. The Pixie produces a perfectly balanced shot, and the milk frother can produce a perfectly balanced latte or cappuccino for those on the go.

The Pixie can pour a delicious shot of espresso at a blistering pace-usually less than a minute-but the speed does not negate the quality. The Nespresso pods are also fairly inexpensive, which means you won’t be breaking the bank every time you want a latte.

The machine operates quietly and has a minimal footprint, so you don’t need a lot of space in your kitchen to have a delicious espresso in the morning. In addition, the Pixie is an attractive machine that doesn’t shirk on function, which means that you can brew an espresso, rinse the Pixie, and tuck it away, all without wasting time.

The build combines form and function, which is nice, considering the slightly higher price point.


  • Very fast brew
  • Quiet machine
  • Combines form and function
  • High-quality build


  • Not cheap
  • Cleaning can be a little difficult


The Pixie crafts exceptional drinks, whether it be a stand-espresso or frothy cappuccino. Its largely metal build will also mean that it can take up a permanent place in your kitchen.

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG2-001

The streamlined machine that gets right to the point

This attractive machine fits right into the modern kitchen, with its black frame and silver top. What it lacks in flashy features it more than makes up for it with its flawless coffee creation.

Mr. Coffee Coffee’s single cup Coffee maker machine can brew anything from tea to cocoa or just plain hot water and can work with K-cups and reusable coffee filters

But Wait, There’s More

This machine is incredibly easy to use with its amazingly clear controls and a sizable water reservoir that holds 40 ounces. It only needs to be refilled once every six cups-which is a life saver for heavy coffee drinkers.

You can also choose from three different brew sizes, with slightly different brew times per cup size. But don’t worry; all coffee sizes brew for less than a minute.


This machine has no water filter, so make sure that you filter your water before you fill up the reservoir.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with K-cups
  • Can accommodate multiple cup sizes
  • Exceptionally durable


  • No water filter


Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker and Coffee Brewer is incredibly convenient, brews a high-quality cup of coffee, and looks exceptional. If that is what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to buy this sleek machine.

Keurig K15 Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Don’t let this diminutive maker fool you; it packs a punch

If size and space is an issue for you, look no farther than the Keurig K15 Singer Serve Compact Coffee Maker. You can brew an amazing cup of coffee without having to sacrifice counter space.

With a 10 inch footprint, this machine is surprisingly small. In order to make the K15 as small as it is, the water reservoir had to be removed.


You need to add water for every cup. This may prove to be inconvenient for some coffee drinkers.

Before you Buy

Remember that, if you want more than one cup of coffee, you will have to wait for the water to heat up for each cup.

The Keurig K15 features a removable drip tray, but since it is diminutive, some coffee cups simply won’t fit underneath the spout.


The coffee this little machine creates more than makes up for the minor inconveniences it may possess.


  • Brews quickly
  • Compact, and will fit anywhere
  • Wheels are included
  • A quieter machine


  • Can’t accommodate all mugs
  • Have to reheat the water for every brew


Keurig K15 saves space without compromising quality. If you need a coffee maker that brews a quick single cup of coffee and takes up minimal space, then look no farther than the K15. It’s also lightweight and has wheels, so it can be moved with ease.

Keurig K575 Single Serve 2.0 Brewing System

Top notch brewer made to create top-notch coffee

The Keurig K575 is one of the most well designed and efficient single serve coffee maker on the market today. It has a color touch-screen display, and a clock that can be programmed to shut off according to your preference.

This means that you can go back to having tea time at night without having to worry about the machine staying on!

Keurig K575 also boasts five different types of single serve coffee cup sizes. In addition, this machine includes a carafe setting as well. You can accommodate a large population of coffee drinkers with this machine.

In fact, this single serve coffee brewer machine shows just how far coffee makers have come since their invention.

Before You Buy

There is one issue we need to address-the Keurig K575 has a sensor that only accepts K-cups. If the sensor does not detect a K-cup, it will not brew


The sensor can be fooled. Simply place a foil lid from a K-cup on the sensor, and you can brew whatever cup of coffee you wish!

It’s a snap!


  • Modern and advanced
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easily programmed
  • Very quick brew and quiet operation


  • Requires more maintenance than average
  • Regular K-cups cannot be used with this machine


With a large water receptacle, various K-cup sizes and programmable features, the Keurig K575 comes highly recommended. The sensor provides a slight inconvenience but can be circumnavigated. If you can afford this machine, then don’t hesitate to add it to your kitchen!

That concludes what we believe to be the best of a pod and single cup coffee maker machines. I hope this guide can assist you in choosing the best coffee brewer to suit your individual needs.

The Ultimate Guide for Single Serve Coffee Maker Buyers

If you are looking for a top-rated, single serve coffee machine, you are in the right place. A single serve coffee machine simplifies the brewing process, which means you can enjoy a fresh, hot beverage in under a minute.

Buying the right coffee maker for you is a very important task, as a good cup of coffee can make or break your morning. When thinking of purchasing a single serve coffee maker, make sure to take into account what each machine has to offer.

Water Filtration System

This feature doesn’t appear in a lot of single serve coffee maker machines, but the quality of water can seriously impact the taste of your cup of coffee, so a machine with a built-in filtration system ensures a quality cup of coffee each time.


A timer is what single coffee makers use to ensure that a piping hot cup of Joe is ready for you as soon as you wake up.


Many machines use water reservoirs for the brewing process. Look at the size of the reservoir and ease of cleaning when looking into a machine.

Brew Strength

You can customize the strength of your coffee or hot beverage with this feature, which means that you can customize your brew to suit your needs.


Just like many other kitchen tools and appliances, single serve coffee machines come in a variety of sizes. If you don’t have counter space, there are plenty of options for space effective machines to fit any budget


Temperature is just as important as water quality when brewing a perfect cup of coffee, so machines that have strong temperature controls are a must have for coffee addicts, especially those who like their coffee black.


What People Generally Want to Know

  • Other than coffee, what drinks can I make with single serve coffee maker machines?

Yes, but it is dependent on the machine you purchase. Some machines only allow specific K-cups to be used, and others only offer the option of using ground coffee.

  • How much should I spend on a single serve coffee machine?

Prices for quality single serve machines range from around 75 dollars to 500 bucks. The features of each machine are generally the reason for an increase in price. Don’t forget; the most affordable and disposable pods on the market are K-cups. Also, an expensive machine does not necessarily mean a high-quality machine.

  • Do capsules generally cost a lot of money?

How much a capsule costs generally depends on the machine, and the pods are what you will be spending money on the most for your single serve coffee machine.

Make sure to look around for the pod that works for you, and a great way to save money is to buy in bulk.

  • What is the average speed for brewing a cup of coffee?

A properly brewed cup of coffee can take from 45 seconds to a minute.

  • Are there different strength options for a single serve machine?

Yes, and this is an excellent feature found in most single serve coffee machines. It’s also helpful if you know exactly the style of coffee and brew strength you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I have helped you decide on the perfect Single Serve Coffee Maker for you. If there is anything else you would like to address, or any questions you may have,  please feel free to address them in the comments below.

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