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10 Best Coffee Subscription Services For Connoisseurs

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Coffee subscription boxes are a practical and useful way to satiate your love for good coffee. Rather than scouting packages in a supermarket, it makes better sense to get specialty coffee delivered to your home. The best coffee subscription service will deliver gourmet coffee at your door at the frequency you desire. Coffee subscription boxes are a great gift to the coffee connoisseur in your life as well.

Top 10 Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021

  1. Atlas Coffee Club
  2. Driftaway Coffee
  3. Free Coffee Box Subscription Box
  4. Crema
  5. LifeBoost Coffee Subscription
  6. JavaPresse Coffee​
  7. Blue Bottle
  8. Brothers Coffee
  9. MistoBox
  10. Angels’ Cup

Why Coffee Subscription Boxes Are Great Value

Getting To The Right Coffee Of The Month Club

Like all other businesses, a Coffee of the Month Club can vary greatly in terms of the services and product on offer. Coffee lovers, put your preference first, and take a closer look at what coffee subscription services fits your needs right.

In terms of a general division, coffee subscription boxes can be classified as single roaster or multiple roaster coffee subscriptions.

  • Single Roaster Coffee Subscription means you will receive your coffee from a single roaster of your choice. In many cases, you can decide how often you receive their deliveries.
  • Multiple Roaster Coffee Subscription means several independent coffee roasters have come together with offers of service. This can be a collection of small roasters who cannot run individual subscriptions. It could also represent several roasters coming together to offer greater variety. You can often get anything from decaf to super strong blends.

Setting Stock By Your Preferences

Subscription boxes come in many options and there is a lot to choose and check from before committing. For example, do you prefer receiving coffee beans or ground coffee? Similarly, availability of blends and flexibility in the frequency of delivery can be an important step. Your interest in regular or decaf coffee is a factor as well.

You’ll also want to be sure that the quantity you order is enough to last the month. Or maybe you prefer to leave room for other coffee purchases you make. And finally, the freshness. Half the point of getting a subscription is ensuring you get fresh coffee, not boxes that have been languishing in warehouses for months.

Overview Of Top Coffee Subscription Services

1. Atlas Coffee Club

Best Coffee Subscription Service - Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas is awesome if you want to experience coffee from around the world. Each of their boxes contains a bag of freshly roasted coffee sourced from countries around the world. Every month, you get to brew coffee and check out flavors from farms around the world. As you can very well guess, the subscription has received several reviews that rate it highly.

Though curated globally, all of their coffee is roasted and sent off from Austin, Texas. Atlas Coffee Club subscription boxes are available on flexible delivery, making it more convenient.

Enriching the flavor of this subscription box is the touch of careful preparation. Each bean box includes flavor notes, a brewing guide and tips, and a postcard from the country of origin. This makes it great as a gift as well, and perhaps a year of awesome coffee.

Globally curated coffee flavorsIt may be difficult to source coffee from a specific country again if the box sells out
Extras in the box make it more exciting 
High-quality coffee 

Subscribe to Atlas

2. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee is a small company run by a couple. This subscription box is available only as whole bean coffee. On subscription, the first bean box you receive will be a tasting kit with four sampler bags of coffee beans. You can check the offering for taste, test, and make a choice for the preferred coffee bean for your continued regular subscription.

Once ready, the beans of your choice will be dispatched weekly, or you could choose to go for two or four weeks. To add a touch of warmth, Driftaway Coffee includes small notes about coffee growers. There are also “farmer feedback” forms that you can send with notes and reviews straight to the farmers responsible for your coffee. It’s quite a nice way to encourage fair trade.

Convenient to make last-minute changesFirst delivery must be a tasting kit
Beans are roasted mere hours before shipping 
Convenient subscription options for your favorite coffee 

Get Driftaway Coffee subscription

3. Free Coffee Box Subscription Box

Free Coffee Box is a monthly curated coffee subscription box that delivers artfully roasted premium single origin coffees from around the world every month. Unlike other services our members get to sample and enjoy the unique flavors and aromas not 1, but 3 new roasts every month.

Free Coffee Box distinguishes itself from other coffee subscription boxes by delivering our coffee in environmentally friendly single serve pour over pouches that does not require any machines (Free from machines), making it the only portable coffee subscription and also make it ideal for sharing. In addition to delivering delicious coffee, our members can feel good about the fact that all packaging is recyclable (Free from Waste), the coffee is Fair Trade certified (Free from Guilt), and is 100% all natural containing zero additives or gmo’s (Free from Chemicals).

All subscription options include at least 1 month free.

Pros: Cons:
  1. Members get to sample 3 coffees from all around the world each month without having to buy an entire bag of beans or ground coffee.
  2. FCB is the only portable coffee subscription – you can literally take these packets anywhere an enjoy a great cup of coffee
  3. High standard with sourcing; beans can be traced to the farm and most are fair trade and organic certified.
  4. Environmentally friendly – all materials are recyclable.
  1. Due to the nature of single origin coffees, it may be difficult to get the same roast again after it sells out
  2. Pour overs take a couple of minutes to make an it is manual process, although a higher quality taste than other single serve options from plastic cups.

Try Free Coffee Box Subscription Box

4. Crema

Crema Coffee is a multiple roaster subscription, but they’ll easily let you buy coffee from a single origin if you so prefer. The true wonder, though, is in the variety this service offers. You can get a coffee surprise each time Crema’s package arrives at your door. Though to make a pleasant surprise, you have to make a playlist of the brands and roasts you prefer. Mix up your playlist with your favorites for espresso, or mocha, or just plain black coffee. Keep it going!

This simple system ensures that you don’t randomly get a coffee or roast that isn’t to your liking. You’re bound to receive coffee that’s already on your wishlist. Or better, playlist!

Get coffee from artisan coffee roastersPrices can vary with each box shipped
Freedom to create a “playlist” of your favorite coffee 
Large variety available 

See subscription box 

5. LifeBoost Coffee Subscription

Coffee beans for LifeBoost are chosen to be amongst the top 0.5% the world has to offer. To achieve this, they follow a series of strict guidelines that lead to only the best crop. These include single origin, certified organic, non-GMO, fair trade, shade-grown coffee beans with low acidity, and many more requirements. You can bet it makes one mean espresso.

LifeBoost has third-party tests for molds and toxins that put them way ahead of the curve even by FDA recommendations. The downside for all these checks, of course, is the cost. It takes time and a big price tag to find the best beans in the world! On the plus side, you can drink this coffee being assured of quality.

Selection of the best coffee beans in the worldExpensive
Rigorous and high standards 
Convenient subscription and delivery 

Shop this box now

6. JavaPresse Coffee​

Best Coffee Subscription Service - JavaPresse

JavaPresse works as a coffee curator with a focus on freshness. Each order of coffee beans is shipped within two hours of roasting. Keeping to this time ensures that you get the most flavorful beans. You can’t expect delicious espresso from that fancy espresso maker if the coffee quality doesn’t match up.

They make use of a custom light-medium roast designed to please most customers. JavaPresse takes their coffee curation duties seriously. With every box, customers have the satisfaction of enjoying carefully selected coffee from competition all around the world.

Curated, high-quality coffee beansNo customer control over coffee profile or roast
Beans roasted mere hours before shipping 
Flexibility in subscription service delivery 

See more details

7. Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle is a very popular coffee subscription service, and a well liked one considering their reviews. They put a premium on freshness and customizing coffee box to suit the tastes of the customer. Should you have trouble choosing the right fit, you can take their simple quiz to figure out the perfect selection for you. It’s a simple method that avoids jargon and stays away from being overly detailed.

This coffee subscription service makes it a point to ship all coffee within five hours of roasting. To maximize customer satisfaction and personalization, they source coffee from a long list of importers. Blue Bottle coffee boasts that their coffee beans are hand-picked to maximize quality.

Carefully selected coffee beansExpensive
Large selection of beans and roast choices 
Brew guides to make your coffee right 

Subscribe to BlueBottle Coffee

8. Brothers Coffee

Specialty coffee gets an interesting touch with Brothers Coffee. The startup is on a mission to find and select a new roaster every month. The chosen java then ships out to subscribers. Along with the carefully curated coffee, you get information on the roaster and reasons for their selection.

Their goal is to pick fresh, top-tier coffee, and their curation team works hard to make it possible. You can select the size and roast preferences (light and dark) of your coffee beans. This service delivers your box at the beginning of every month.

Curated beans for better qualityLimited options on box delivery
Flavorful monthly options 
Exposure and opportunity to underrated roasters 

Get this box

9. MistoBox

MistoBox is a very popular coffee subscription service that has loads to offer. To ensure freshness, MistoBox only roasts beans after the order has been placed. Another factor keeping them at the top of their game is the vast network of artisan roasters, the ability to source single-origin beans, and the will to do things right.

To match their offerings with your preferences, MistoBox will offer you a small quiz to gauge your taste. Once that is done, the system reviews the information and you’ll receive recommendations and choices fit your requirements. You will experience quite an impressive selection, so everyone can be matched with their personalized best coffee. Small effort for tasty coffee!

Large variety of coffee subscription optionsOnly 12 ounce bags available; no option on size
Conveniently personalized recommendations 
Flexible frequency for batch shipments 

See subscription plans

10. Angels’ Cup

Best Coffee Subscription Service - Angels Cup

Angel’s Cup is a coffee subscription bean box wholly dependent on curation. The customer has access to more than 208 different coffee types, but cannot explicitly choose what type they receive. Well, you do get to select the grind and roast, but you have no control over the four samples that will make your box.

If you don’t quite enjoy the blindfold approach to coffee, each pack has an identifying number. You can match the number on their app to know exactly the coffee you’ve received. It’s quite an intriguing approach, and since they take a stronger approach to delivery, they put more effort into curation.

Large variety of coffeeNo control over specific coffee your receive
Interesting approach to try new flavorsNo convenient way to reorder coffee you liked

Buy it now

Best Coffee Subscription Boxes — The Bottomline

Subscription services provide great value and quality. What could be the best coffee subscription service depends on your choices and preferences. Since there is a large variety on offer, you always have the convenience of picking on that meets your expectations.

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