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7 Best Automatic Espresso Machines in 2021

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Waking up to delicious coffee feels amazing. And in a world that’s increasingly moving to automation, it’s no wonder that automatic espresso machines get to call our (espresso) shots! Generally awarded the moniker of super automatic, there’s a lot that the best automatic espresso machines have to offer. All you have to do is press a button, and a modern super automatic will not just brew great espresso, but will also tackle many other favorite drinks of your choice.

Great Shot Of Espresso And Super Automatic Espresso Machines

vector graphic showing a collection of the best automatic espresso machines on the market today

The Question Of User Control

Generally, a super automatic espresso machine uses its own programming to deliver coffee. All you have to do is press a button, and the machine does the rest. Many people favor greater control over the process of brewing their own espresso, especially with regards to extraction. That’s one of the reasons semi-automatics are very popular.

Newer super automatic machines, however, let users employ custom options and programming. This means you have greater control over the brewing process and can brew a cuppa exactly to your specifications.

SuperAutomatics Are Convenient Espresso Superheroes!

The greatest offering from super automatic espresso machines is their convenience. Many machines will handle everything from grinding coffee to delivering the shot of espresso to your cup. It’s great any time of the day, but I think it’s most useful for mornings when my groggy self would like to do nothing more than pressing a button.

Depending on the features on offer, modern fully automatic machines will brew the drink of your choice, even froth and add milk/steam to your cappuccino or latte, and then clean up after themselves. A skilled barista can brew better coffee, but the best fully automatic espresso machine cannot be beaten on convenience!

Taking The Best Espresso Maker Home

The features offered by super automatic espresso machines are not standard, and your budget will play a big role in selecting the right model. You can expect the machine to do most of the work, but features like customizations, cleaning options, frothing, and integrated grinders will be affected by your willingness to spend.

For this list, we’ve included machines that offer amazing features and cover various budget ranges. Read on to choose the machine that suits you best.

7 Best Automatic Espresso Machines

Comparison Chart

Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum
Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine, Lotus White
Saeco Incanto Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine w/Built-In Grinder – HD8911/67
De’Longhi Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Lattecrema System, 9.4 x 17.4 x 13.6, Silver
De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine, Silver
KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker, Automatic Rinsing, Two Step Milk Frothing Technology, 57 Ounce, Silver

1. Breville BES990BSSUSC Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Oracle Touch

Our Pick
9.4/10Our Score
  • The breville oracle touch espresso machine with touch screen delivers third wave specialty coffee at
  • Dose control grinding: the integrated precision conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and
  • Optimal water pressure: the over pressure valve limits the maximum pump pressure throughout extracti
  • Precise espresso extraction: achieve balanced tasting espresso with the breville oracle touch espres
  • Automatic microfoam milk texturing: self-cleaning steam wand, powered by a dedicated boiler, automat
  • Touch screen: with automation at every stage, simply swipe and select for espresso, long black, latt
  • Personalization: you can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture or temperature to suit your
  • Included accessories: mini grinds bin, 58mm full stainless steel portafilter, 1 and 2 cup single wal
  • Capacity & settings: 1/2 lb bean hopper; 67 oz water tank; touch screen operation with 5 pre-program
  • Warranty: 2 year limited product warranty; power: 1800 watts; voltage: 110 to 120 volts

Breville Oracle Touch is our favorite as the fully automatic espresso machine that can work wonders. This is a high-end machine and costs a pretty penny, but it does pretty much live up to expectations one can have from a super automatic espresso machine.

Using its touch screen as a control panel, you swipe through the selection and choose your favorite drink. That’s it! The machine will grind the beans, get the right amount of coffee, tamp it, it will even pre-brew the coffee to let it bloom! Then it will brew the coffee at the right temperature and pressure so you get a delicious shot of espresso.

It uses PID technology to keep the water temperature within range, and Over Pressure Valve (OPV) is employed to ensure optimal water pressure. Apart from these commercial technologies extended to a home machine, the Breville Oracle Touch also employs commercial-grade portafilter and steam wand.

Breville Oracle Touch easily handles popular drinks like espresso, cappuccino, latte, and americano, and options for other beverages are available as well. And should you be a fan of coffee art, the high-quality steam wand will let you unleash your imagination.

If greater control is what you want, this Breville fully automatic espresso machine will let you customize your drinks to your preferences.

Excellent construction that is built to lastFinding replacement accessories can be difficult
Customization options to personalize your drinksThe machine can be slow and take a lot of time to brew coffee
Easy to maintain and clean 

2. Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Runner Up
9.4/10Our Score
  • Simple operation - thanks to the one-switch operating concept of the smart rotary switch
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout - the height of the coffee spout can be adjusted between 2.6 - 4.4 in
  • Fine foam frothier - the revolutionary fine foam technology ensures unique milk foam quality with a
  • Combination of striking clean lines, compact dimensions, high-quality materials and uncompromising w
  • Turn, press, enjoy - that's how easy it is to enter the world of impressa
  • Only original jura maintenance products guarantee complete hygiene and protection. only our protecti

Jura Impressa C65 works very hard to impress ya (forgive the pun). The machine has an interesting design with clean, bold lines dominating the look. Heck, even the frother looks like a random piece stuck to the side. Yup, it’s got the looks.

The selection of beverages on the Jura is accomplished by moving a “smart rotary switch.” Or, as those of us not in marketing call it, a knob. As you rotate this rotary switch, a small screen displays your choice of drink. In case you can’t see where the screen and knob are in the picture, look at the top left side. It’s a simple LED display and not clearly visible unless you see it in person.

Once you’ve made the selection, just push a button and the conical grinder on the Jura will get to work. They call it the “turn, press, enjoy” and at this point, I again congratulate whoever is handling the marketing lingo at Jura.

The height of the spout is adjustable. You can conveniently place tiny espresso cups or larger cups for your latte or Americano. Priced just under 1000 bucks, the Jura super automatic is a fairly decent and well-built machine.

Excellent modern design with an acceptable counter footprintInsistence on using only Jura products for cleaning
Thermoblock heating system keeps the temperature consistentA limited selection of pre-programmed beverages
Quick maintenance and cleaning 

3. Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine, Medium, Obsidian Black
  • Aromaticsystem: the cm 6350 countertop coffee machine wows with its dynamic brewing system and quiet
  • From coffee, espresso, to hot milk: conjure up creamy milk froth for a range of drinks and prepare u
  • Onetouch for two: with just a touch of a button you can make two of any specialty drink; save your f
  • Comfortclean: many components of the coffee machine, including the water tank and waste container, a
  • Items delivered: 1 x miele cm 6350 coffee maker in obsidian black, with glass milk container, descal

It may be on the expensive side, but the Miele CM6350 has everything you could expect from a super automatic coffee machine. To use a cliche, it puts the ‘super’ in super automatic. Its minimalist design looks pretty simple and unassuming, and that’s part of its charm. Like a stereotypical model of German efficiency, it puts more effort into its work than it looks; although the looks are nothing to frown upon.

Miele CM6350 is an updated version of the beloved Miele CM6310. Changes between the two versions are largely cosmetic, in the sense that the new model can brew a full pot at a time, rather than the conventional two cups. Speaking of cosmetics and looks, the cup lighting feature is pretty cool. Nothing particularly impressive, but I do enjoy the coffee maker shining its divine light on the cup as it receives manna.

There’s a dedicated heating panel on the top of the machine for the cups. The frother does a pretty good job at getting steam and foam right. The digital display has room for four lines of text and is quick to display information and the drink of your choice. Miele CM6350 can store four customization profiles, so members of a family can have their own personalized beverage selection.

A word of caution, people sometimes assume that expensive machines can work well in setting for commercial super automatic machines. While the Miele will happily give back-to-back cups of espresso even for a party at your home, the machine isn’t designed to handle the workload of a commercial environment.

Good design and reliable machineExpensive
Excellent variety of drinks and multiple customization profilesBuild quality could have been better at this price range
Very easy to operate and maintain 

4. Saeco Incanto Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Incanto Plus is easy to operate and use. It is also one of the more affordable super automatic espresso machines with high-end features. The machine comes with an included ceramic grinder, so you can make great beverages with fresh ground beans. Should you prefer pre-ground or decaf coffee, you can bypass the grinder and place the coffee grounds directly.

General maintenance and repairs on the Saeco become easier because the brew group is easily removable. The reservoir system is easy to access and clean when necessary. Saeco Incanto super automatic machine has a panarello wand to make frothing easier. Should you prefer to skip the wand, and let the machine handle frothing, an included attachment makes it simple.

A digital display keeps you informed and makes it easy to communicate with the machine. Should you just want a quick drink, there are buttons to quickly access preferred choices of espresso and espresso lungo. The machine includes a quick heat boiler so your preferred espresso shot will hit the cup sooner than similar machines.

Well priced and good value for moneyVery limited choice of beverage options
Remarkably easy maintenance and cleaningThe machine may require frequent intervention by the user
Excellent temperature and pressure control 

5. DeLonghi America ECAM28465M Prima Donna

De'Longhi ECAM37095TI Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Titanium
  • 3.5 tft full-touch, colorful display provides intuitive and simple experience of one-touch specialty
  • Delonghi coffee link app lets you create and save up to 3 personalized espresso recipes in your prof
  • 16 one-touch or customized coffee drinks: latte, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, iced coffee, regu
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with 13 settings for always freshly ground coffee, for any beans of yo
  • The intelligent smart-one-touch feature recognizes your preferences and is programmed to list your m
  • Included components: de longhi dinamica plus fully automatic espresso machine,carbon active filter,

DeLonghi ECAM28465M Prima Donna is a premium super automatic espresso machine. This expensive piece of technology will dance at your command. While it makes killer espresso, it is also very proud of its patented single touch latte crema system. That means this machine really wants to brew a latte for you. And perhaps it would later love to revel in the praise heaped upon it.

The Prima Donna can pretty much go toe to toe with the Miele CM6350, though the Prima Donna perhaps has better looks. Comparisons are only natural since both the super automatic espresso machines fall in the over 2000 price range.

A digital display on the DeLonghi Prima Donna keeps you apprised of the action going on. The display is bordered by a series of buttons for quick access. You get your espresso at the touch of a button. But, you can as quickly set the machine to brew a cappuccino, cafe latte, or latte macchiato.

The integrated ceramic burr grinder has five settings to choose from. There’s an included side hatch should you prefer to skip the grinder and place your preferred variety of pre-ground coffee instead.

Just place the cup and watch as the machine does all the work, including frothing and placing steamed milk into your latte. It’s a pity it can’t do coffee art, though I’m sure it would love to. It does make killer lattes and espressos, so we are pretty much sold on its capabilities.

Extremely easy to operate and maintainExpensive
Memory function allows easy personalizationLimited choice of beverages
Very easy to set up 

6. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine, Silver
  • Fresh espresso for every cup: the professional burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings grinds fresh
  • Your foam, your way: a manual frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly
  • Consistent brewing every time: each cup is automatically brewed to the perfect temperature, richness
  • Easy to clean and handle: the compact, extractable brew unit is not only easy to clean, it self-adju
  • Delicious cappuccino and latte: the adjustable manual cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to crea
  • Customized espresso drinks: design your ideal espresso and cappuccino experience by programming in y
  • Easy-to-use control panel: simply adjust the menu settings for temperature, coffee strength and cup
  • Compact design: each model has the features of a full-size automatic machine but in a streamlined, c
  • No waiting between cups: the rapid cappuccino system maintains the optimal temperature so you can br
  • Front-accessible components: removable water tank and drip tray, as well as used espresso grounds, a

DeLonghi Magnifica is an amazing machine, and pretty much the best super automatic espresso machine under 500 bucks. It’s also the best espresso machine under $500. If you don’t want to splurge on the more expensive machines, the magnificent Magnifica is what you want. You get the point, we like the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 around here.

Grinding the coffee beans starts with its steel burr grinder. And yes, if you prefer to use pre-ground coffee, there’s a hatch you can use to bypass the grinder. You can customize the cup size and drink strength with ease. In fact, since water and coffee grounds are controlled by independent knobs (or rotary switches, if you will), you have pretty much full reign over the strength of your beverage.

You can set the frother to work, and it will get you an amazing cappuccino or creamy latte. Or you could just ask the machine to make a good cappuccino and be done with it.

One of the big reasons this model is so popular is because it offers excellent value for money. Plus, the liberal use of high-quality materials like stainless steel means it is a machine built to last. Unfortunately, the newer model has made some cost-cutting choices and the machine has several plastic elements. For example, the bin for coffee grounds feels rather flimsy. A few other additions of plastic could affect the reliability of the machine.

That said, this machine is still an excellent workhorse that has fared great in super automatic espresso machine reviews, and deserves the praise it gets.

Great value for moneyCan get noisy
Makes amazing espresso and cappuccinoIncreased use of plastic could affect reliability
Easy maintenance and cleaning 

7. KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker

Krups EA9010 is the super automatic machine you call when you want to have as many beverage options like a coffee shop. This machine can work with 17 different recipes, and do them so well, you will be impressed.

You move over the touch screen control panel, select the drink you want, and watch in awe as this machine cooks up the recipe. For maximum fun of watching this machine work, get hold of those double-walled glass coffee mugs. Seriously, it is fun to watch this machine work its way through the cup as it fills it up with your preferred beverage. There are customization options should you prefer to flair to your choice of beverages.

As for the specifications, the machine has a conical metal burr grinder, 1.7-l tank capacity, and yup, the ability to automatically brew 17 recipes.

It’s a pretty great machine and does its job pretty well. However, it can throw up some random hiccups when all you want is to get a quick cup of coffee. That’s one area where the Breville Oracle Touch beats the Krups EA9010. Both the machines are pretty comparable, but yes, the Breville seems a “touch” more reliable.

Excellent variety of beverages and optionsSome issues with reliability
Very easy to control and maintainCan take some time to deliver coffee
Simple personalization options 

The Best Automatic Espresso Machine — Our Verdict

Super automatic espresso machines have come a long way in reliability as well as customization and control options they offer for consumers. Having better control over the process lets you brew your cuppa exactly the way you prefer while enjoying the convenience of a fully automatic machine. Our top choice for the best super automatic espresso machine is the Breville Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Oracle Touch. And if you’re looking for a different option that’s friendlier to the budget, the DeLonghi Magnifica will suit you just fine.

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