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How To Make A Breve — Steps To Deliciousness

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Coffee Breve is a deliciously decadent beverage. The creamy coffee is refreshing and has a great texture. The origins of the name lie in Italian or Spanish, depending on who you ask. Yet, this is essentially an American drink. 

If you’ve ever made a latte, Cafe Breve is easy to make. In fact, learning how to make a Breve is easier than whipping up a latte. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own Breve Coffee and more on the associated nitty-gritty.

What Is A Breve?

In essence, the modern Breve is very similar to the classic Cafe Latte. It is, however, creamier and with a richer texture. This is because the Breve Latte uses half-and-half milk and cream rather than regular milk. 

In some ways, the Breve Latte is an Americanized version of the latte. Using half-and-half over milk also brings a lot of calories to the Breve. The drink is fairly sweet by itself and most patrons choose not to add any sugar or sweeteners. On the other hand, many prefer to add to the decadence of the latte with syrups and flavors.

Whatever you choose, the coffee works wonders with its deliciousness. Many people enjoy it as their “dessert” beverage. That is perhaps the best way to enjoy your Breve Latte.

Pronunciation Of Breve Coffee

What is a breve in pronunciation? The go-to choice for many people is “breeve” or “brevé”. Given the non-English origins of the word, it is only natural for native English speakers to have some trouble with pronunciation.

The correct pronunciation sounds like “breh veh”. If that doesn’t quite match your tone, try a soft-spoken “bray vay”.

Some people go the extra mile and call it the Caffè breve. You may have noticed up to this point, several names and variations are used to refer to this beverage. These include Caffè breve, coffee breve, breve latte, and breve coffee.

What Coffee Beans Should I Use?

The underlying quality of the espresso will have a big impact on the flavor and body of the breve. A medium or medium-dark roast is best, though the conventional dark roast can work well too. Choosing a fine grind is the best way to a good espresso.

The conventional considerations that go into choosing an espresso are all relevant here. More discerning taste buds will prefer fresh-roasted coffee beans that are ground right before use.

What Are The Best Milk Alternatives For Breve Latte?

Its rich texture is the hallmark of breve latte, so the alternatives to use as breve milk are limited. Non-dairy options that come closest to richness and texture of half-and-half are cashew milk and full-fat coconut milk.

Step-by-Step Guide To Making A Breve Latte

Ingredients And Preparation

Here are the ingredients and necessary equipment you’ll need for a breve latte. The major ingredients are espresso, half-and-half milk, and a milk frother. However, since this is a step-by-step guide, we’ll start from the basics. Here’s what you should have:

  • Coffee beans and burr grinder, or, finely ground coffee
  • Half and half milk (10oz per serving)
  • Espresso maker (espresso machine)
  • A milk frother
  • Measuring scoop
  • A couple of bowls and cups
  • Stove or microwave to heat the milk

Step 1: Preparing The Espresso

If you’re using coffee beans, use a burr grinder and get fine ground coffee. The same grind size applies to pre-ground coffee as well. Once the coffee grounds are ready, get the espresso machine into action.

You can move to the next step before you pull the shot of espresso. If you’re not using a coffee machine and are instead employing a device like the Aeropress, complete Step 2 first.

Step 2: Prepare The Milk And Foam

There are several quality milk frothers available on the market. If you’re using an automatic milk frother, simply pour the half-and-half into the machine and set the temperature. When working with half and half, you have to be careful about the milk temperature. 

The conventional temperature range is 145-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Going above this temperature poses a risk of the milk burning. Setting the temperature to 150 degrees for an automatic milk frother should be enough.

For manually preparing the milk, use a milk thermometer to stay aware of the temperature. If you’re using a microwave, letting it run for 70-90 seconds should do the trick. Once the milk is ready, use a frother to prepare the foam. There’s a good chance the foam will be ready in 10-15 seconds.

Step 3: Pull The Shot Of Espresso

double shot of espresso

Those who are using a coffee machine now is the time to pull a double shot of espresso. If you’re using some other method, like an Aeropress or FrenchPress, it’s time to make the espresso.

Step 4: Bring Together The Milk And Espresso

Pour frothed milk into the espresso. A wide, bowl-shaped cup is the best choice here. It allows the two to mix well and has enough room to hold both ingredients. Plus, you can be more flexible with any other additions you want to your coffee.

Pour the milk slowly, but steadily. Going too fast messes up things a bit. Going slow and steady also gives you the opportunity to test your skills at latte art.

Step 5: Optional Additions To Your Breve

Now is the point where you consider dealing with additions to your coffee. Adding some cinnamon is a great way to enhance the flavor and sweetness of your beverage. If you prefer the beverage sweeter, add some sugar. You can also consider adding flavors and syrups of your choice.

Enjoy The Breve Latte

The guide here should have you set to make a delicious cup of breve latte. Here’s hoping that this guide is helpful in your indulgence and enjoyment of this rich beverage. If you have your own tips or refinements on how to make a breve, do let us know your ideas and opinions.

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