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Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review: Fast Brewer With Attractive Pricing

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Bodum comes with an expectation of quality and great coffee. After all, the Bodum French Press is pretty much the standard for French press coffee makers. The world of pour over coffee makers is, however, swears by Hario and Chemex. So how exactly does Bodum stack up in this niche? 

We’ll take a closer look with this Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker review. Often, our decisions can be tinged by prejudice towards simplicity. Does it matter what carafe and filter you use? Pour over coffee is not exactly a complex process.

Small changes make a big difference. Your coffee taste, aroma, and profile will be affected by the coffee maker you use. Let’s see how the Bodum Pour Over coffee maker performs.

An Overview Of The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The coffee maker has two essential parts:

  • The carafe, which is made from durable borosilicate glass. The heat-resistant glass shows good finish and quality on a quick inspection.
  • A metal filter that is placed at the neck of the carafe. I’d call it a plastic-metal filter because though the filter and mesh are made from metal, the overall structure is supported by plastic.

There is a touch of an aesthetic component with the insulation band that goes around the neck of the carafe. This band is often made from silicone and is available in several colors to suit your taste. A cork band is also available and it looks pretty cool, aesthetically speaking. 

These bands provide insulation and protection for when you pick up the coffee maker and pour your coffee. They’re functionally as well as aesthetically useful. Given the options available, it is likely the customer can find one in their preferred color and style.

Detailing The Carafe And Filter

Bodum’s carafe is well-rounded and goes nicely towards the neck. Here, it flairs towards the exterior, culminating at the top. The top of the carafe has a spout for easy pouring, though it is curved, rather than being pronounced. 

The stainless steel filter is a fine mesh. It is propped up by plastic supports to keep it in place. Originally, Bodum had sturdy gold mesh filters as the default setting. It looked better than the current filter, though the overall performance of both filters is fairly similar. Yet, aesthetically, and perhaps psychologically, a gold filter is way better than a measly mesh propped up by plastic.

To be clear, the carafe and filter combo is pretty good. And the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker made it to our list of the best pour over coffee makers. However, for our detailed review, specific nitpicks must be mentioned.

Price And Other Considerations

One big win for the Bodum pour over is its pricing. The coffee maker is reasonably priced and can be a great value choice, especially amongst established brands. It undercuts market leaders like Chemex quite significantly on price. And all of this is done while keeping intact the quality that we’ve come to expect from the Bodum brand.

Bodum’s pour over coffee maker is available in a range of size options. Brewing for single-serve or multiple cups isn’t difficult with a pour over. However, having a coffee machine that matches the daily routine and requirements certainly helps. 

Cleaning is a breeze. For regular cleaning, this coffee maker is dishwasher safe. Occasionally, it will need a deep clean, especially for cleaning the pour over metal filter. The process remains convenient enough and there isn’t much time or effort lost.

Making Coffee With Bodum

I’ll start with some conventional coffee recommendations. Ideally, you have freshly roasted coffee beans, perhaps roasted three days to less than four weeks ago. Specific dates are best decided by the roaster. Coffee beans can last a long time, but they’re at their best when freshly roasted.

The coffee beans should be ground right before you intend to make coffee. These suggestions aren’t exactly necessary, but they are the recommended approach to getting the most out of your coffee. Anyways, these are the steps I followed for this review.

For pour over coffee, medium to medium-fine grind is best suited. I’ll also recommend adding hot water to the empty carafe and letting it stay for a few minutes. This way, the coffee maker warms up and it won’t cool the coffee as it pours in.

Watching The Bloom

I find that Bodum’s pour over coffee maker has a very pronounced bloom. At least when compared to other coffee makers. I think this effect is because of the shape of the filter, but that’s pure conjecture. The bloom is more pronounced, and I’ll leave it at that.

Interestingly, the coffee starts dripping from the filter to the carafe pretty soon. It is slightly faster than the other comparable coffee makers. This is just an observation and not a decision-making factor. 

Collecting The Coffee

As I continue, it becomes clear that the Bodum is indeed faster than other coffee makers, especially Chemex. A faster coffee maker has its benefits, but then it’s not necessarily superior. Plus, the time savings aren’t exactly overwhelming. That said, I’m pleased with the speed.

Sampling The Coffee

Here is the essence of our Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review: It makes an excellent cup of coffee. The metal filter does everything it claims. It doesn’t absorb oils from the coffee and doesn’t add its own taste either. It goes the same for the carafe, which remains non-porous and doesn’t interfere with the taste.

Finer coffee grounds pass through the filter and will be present in your coffee. Expect sediment to be present. While transferring coffee from the carafe to the cup will reduce their presence, some grounds will be present.

Bodum vs Chemex

It is only natural to compare Bodum with the market leader, Chemex. Most of the time, when someone thinks of a pour over coffee maker, the image in mind is Chemex. It is the market leader and one of the best coffee makers in this category. 

In general shape and function, Chemex and Bodum coffee makers are largely similar. Once you see the subtle differences, a bigger picture starts shaping up.

Chemex too is made from durable, high-quality, and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The carafe’s neck has room for a collar that makes it easier to lift the carafe and pour your coffee.

One big difference between these coffee makers is the price. Chemex coffee makers can be considered expensive. Meanwhile, Bodum pour over coffee maker is great value, priced well enough to be considered cheap.

How Do Bodum And Chemex Compare In Terms Of Brewing

Chemex uses paper filters, though there are after-market metal and cloth filters available as well. The use of paper filters requires some extra effort, but overall this classic filter leads to good results. A paper filter will catch even the finer coffee grounds, so you get a clearer cup of coffee. Additionally, the coffee brewed is slower, so there are better chances of a bolder, more aromatic cup.

It is a given that paper will absorb oils from the coffee grounds. There is also a distinct possibility that some papers may affect the flavor and taste of the coffee.

So where do we stand on Bodum vs Chemex? It is your personal preference. Chemex is likely to have fewer coffee oils but delivers a clearer and bolder cup. It is also slower than Bodum in brewing a cup of coffee. 

One setting where the Chemex is a clear winner is the spout. It is pronounced and distinct, thus making it easier to pour. To sum up, here are the salient points that highlight the differences between Bodum and Chemex pour over coffee makers.

  • Bodum coffee makers are priced far lower than Chemex
  • Bodum brews coffee faster
  • Chemex prefers paper or cloth filters, while Bodum includes a metallic filter
  • Paper filters absorb oils from coffee, while metallic filters don’t
  • Coffee made from Chemex is clearer and has a better taste profile. Bodum pour over coffee makers allow some coffee grinds to pass through, leading to greater sediment in the cup
  • More pronounced spout on Chemex makes pouring coffee easier

Personally, I’d pick Chemex over Bodum for their pour over coffee makers. However, given the related factors, you might consider Bodum to be the better coffee maker. Point is, these are both great coffee makers and you can’t go wrong with either.

Evaluating Bodum Pour Over

This Bodum pour over coffee maker review highlights just how well of a coffee maker Bodum is, especially for its pricing. While the coffee maker certainly has its drawbacks, Bodum performs very well and delivers a great cup of coffee.

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