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Top Six Pour Over Coffee Gooseneck Kettle Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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We all use kettles have in our everyday lives. But there is a different type of kettle called the gooseneck kettle. It performs all function any coffee kettle does, but the manner in which heated water is served gives the coffee the best outcome.

Here is a catalog of the best gooseneck kettles available.

As a coffee addict, your choice to buy gooseneck kettle is truly appreciated. They bring out a different taste of espresso that you have not felt before and also bring out easy coffee extraction.

So a list of gooseneck kettles present in the market today is put together. Check this out and to enhance your search.

Top GooseNeck Kettles for Coffees in 2021

Comparison Chart

Hario Gooseneck Coffee Kettle ‘Buono’, Stovetop, 1.2L, Stainless Steel, Silver
Gooseneck Kettle – Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle – Precision-Flow Spout and Thermometer – Barista-Standard Hand Drip Tea and Coffee Kettle for Induction and all Stovetops – 34oz
Kalita Wave 1L Stainless Steel Drip Kettle, Pot, Silver
Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Tea Kettle 1.0L / 34oz – Ovalware RJ3 Stainless Steel Drip Kettle with Precision Gooseneck Spout for Home Brewing, Camping and Traveling
Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle Featuring Gooseneck Spout, BV3825B
Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity

Hario Buono VKB-120HSVV60 Pour Over Kettle Top Pick of the Gooseneck Kettles

“making gourmet coffee is easier with Hario VKB-120HSVV60 Buono right from the comfort of your home

My top best models have always been Hario Buono. This product is made simple and easy to use with all round sophistication. This model, in particular, is the best of all succeeding in providing the finest-savoring dispensing coffee till today.

Hario V60 Buono Pour Over Kettle

Hario Buono’s gooseneck tube is the major selling point of this product. It’s slim and long, letting emptying of water in the grounded coffee smoothly poured. It might not look like this would make any change to coffee. But trust me, it certainly does. Even and gentle pouring of coffee extraction is consistent and the quality of coffee is very high.

This kettle has a handgrip that projects outwardly from the sizzling stovetop. This considerate design will prevent random kitchen accidents. The brace body is distinctively has a beehive design thereby giving the kitchen a dash of sophistication.

However, a challenge with this machine is the cleaning the coffee kettle. There is an opening in the kettle that makes it difficult to wash and narrow spout which makes it hard to get to. I would not endorse this if hard water is used, except you don’t care about the stress of straining it independently.

The Pros

  • A superiority construction
  • Amazing-looking design
  • Pours water evenly
  • Durable and strong

The Cons

  • Washing can get muddled
  • Boiling of water takes more time

Final Verdict

In terms of functionality, This kettle is the best so far. Your patience may be tested when it comes to tidying, and also the more time it takes to heat up water but its functionality cannot be beaten.

Even expresso extraction is facilitated by the spout, and that is the main path to a delightful drink.

DISPENSED OVER Coffee Gator Kettle 1L

Gorgeous, sturdy and appropriate  Acquire it.

If drinking a diversity of coffee and tea is what you cherish, then the perfect match for you is the Coffee Gator which is accessible. There is an inbuilt thermometer at the lid top.

The thermometer present in this machine helps in knowing the level of hotness the water is heated up and this is a game changer. Therefore choosing the right temperature for different types of coffee and tea is made easy.

Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

It is among the topmost best spouts as well. Formed similar to a gooseneck kettle, it is slim and long enough to make a slow and steady flow. This might appear as a petty design, but the quality of your coffee will rise significantly that is assured.

However, the price might be fairly high. But recall that kettle you’re getting has an inbuilt thermometer, so it’s quite sensible to pay some extra cash. It has a solid feel and the value is as well extraordinary, you would love it.

It has a definitely amazing look for something that will be sitting in your kitchen boiling your water. It is completely created with stainless steel, looking rather sophisticated like the very first kettle, but with the extra benefit of a change in temperature control.

There is just a concern which is with the size. The said size was initially 1ltr, but it can only be filled to about 750 ml. That’s something you would have to put into consideration before buying.

Aside from that be quite careful while opening the cover so you don’t end up burning your hands. This design is made in such a way that the heated air escapes out from spaces beside the apparatus used to measure temperature.


  • Easy to use
  • The craftsmanship of great quality
  • Great looks
  • A temperature reading is enabled


  • Fairly small

Final Verdict

For coffee enthusiasts, this is a kettle one must-have. It has an inbuilt temperature regulator and a gooseneck spout. You can’t but love this product just by the sight of it and the body is magnificent.

In conclusion, this kettle would give you utmost satisfaction for the money spent on buying this product.

Kalita Coffee Tea Kettle Pot 1L

It’s plastic-free both in and out making it a stunning beauty.

A huge reason why this Kalita was brought in my catalog is the water pouring control it has. It has the steadiest stream so far, making it possible for you to dispense froth.

Kalita Coffee Tea Kettle Wave Pot 1L

The reason behind is the gooseneck spout, as its wider and more solid than the Coffee Gator and Hario. You would see that it’s positioned close to underneath part making it possible to seep out every drop of water. Cleaning would be quite easy because its shorter than the rest earlier stated.

However, cleaning should be carried out with utmost care. You should be sure not to brush the surface with a little too coarse material or else you might end up putting lasting scars and scratches on this stunning machine.

The design is exquisite with a grip made of wood that might make you feel dissatisfied when putting a fire beneath. However, there is a small flaw in this kettle since the handgrip is positioned too low.

The stove surface might heat up the handle while heating up the water. So you would have to wear a glove or use a thick piece of clothing while moving it from the hot surface.

When it comes to quality, be guaranteed that Kalita will not let you down. Do not allow the price of this kettle keep you from going for it because It will be up to your money worth.

The Pros

  • Full-bodied, superior construction
  • Gives a stable pour
  • Sophisticated design
  • Cleaning is easy

The Cons

  • The exposing of the wooden grip to heat

Final Verdict

This adorable kettle called Kalita does an impressive job at preparing coffee. the functionality and quality of this kettle make it worth buying although It may not qualify as the top out there best. If you focus on what was stated earlier then we will not waver endorsing it.

Ovalware Pour Over Kettle for Coffee

For people who will not want to downgrade superiority, this is a reasonably priced option.

In all honesty, what got us to Ovalware was the price. Then followed by the functionality and looks, what this kettle is capable of from a fair price angle is rather commendable. My favorite is the gooseneck, as it accelerates smooth removal from grounded coffee beans.

Ovalware Pour over Coffee Kettle

The design of this kettle is much-loved by a lot of people because the unified outer part is not only simple on the eyes, but to tidy up is quite easy too. All that is needed is to clean it always to keep it brand new and glossy all the time. It can also be used with dishwasher. It can just be loaded in the uppermost shelf of the dishwasher to have it tidied up.

Well-built and sturdy, this kettle will not let you down when it comes quality. Plastic parts are not present in this kettle and it won’t deteriorate with time. It is also perceived that contrasting most comparable models, this kettle has a carefully planned design.

The handgrip is curved out to prevent absorbing heat and with a balanced feeling when held. This is undeniably a product that you won’t give you worries about unintentional injuries.

More on Ovalware: this kettle is made with superior lid opening. This gives way to get a quick idea of the temperature with the help of the thermometer and. it’s really a deal for the price.

However, it should be noted that this kettle will not perform great on an inducted stove surface. The reason is that the bottom is not even so it does not make a whole touching base with the heard surface. Therefore it takes twice the period to warm up likened to a gas or electronic stove.

The Pros

  • Goose spout for a steady and slow stream
  • Fashionable design
  • Inexpensively priced
  • Good-quality construction

The Cons

Takes more time to heat up on an induction stove

Final Verdict

Ovalware is a great option if you desire a perfect coffee taste without spending so much money then you should choose this product.

There isn’t an improved kettle at an inexpensive price. Although nothing fancy but it is built in such a way that it has a long shelf life of daily usage.

Bonavita 1.0L Electric Gooseneck Kettle BV3825B

Bonavita is about the best pour-over electric kettle out in the market presently.

Bonavita might have been considered a usual electric gooseneck kettle, what made it different is the gooseneck spout. In fact, this gooseneck spout is long and smooth enough to dispense water with the great regulator. The flow is steady and even removing all the tastes from your grounds without giving you any room for grumbles.

Bonavita 1.0L Electric Gooseneck Kettle BV3825B

The ergonomic handgrip should be commended. It comes with a finger notch to help you handle it and better provides a concrete grip on the kettle. It is made of mostly stainless steel and some few good quality plastic parts.

If this kettle is used with utmost care, it will precede the 2years warranty period. There has been some complaint about rust at the bottom part of this kettle. But these are just mineral build-up that looks so much like rust. If a proper cleaning solution is used to brush it, the stains would fade away easily thereby making it look new.

You might be displeased a little by the short electric code, but it is guaranteed that the warming up process is quite fast, the kettle automatically turn off itself once the water gets to the perfect temperature for your coffee.

If you desire another hotness for a distinctive cup of coffee or tea, then you will be contented because this comes with escape space on the lid. These space may be used to put a thermometer from side to side to get an accurate reading.

 The Pros

  • Rationally priced
  • Has an automatic turn-off
  • Created to last
  • Consistent, Smooth pour
  • Sleek-looking

The Cons

It has a short cord

Final Verdict

This product is a brilliant pick for people in search of a kettle that has its very own heating system, good control for pouring, turns off automatically– all these at a realistic price. It’s strong enough and also lovely to look at.

Fino Pour over Coffee Kettle

There is no other superior kettle like Fino for a stove with induction surface.

Having a pour-over kettle that allows you to boil water using an induction cooking surface is not common, but this pour-over kettle called Fino makes it possible.

The entire part of this product is made of 18/8 stainless steel while the smooth lowermost part is made of 18/0 stainless steel which makes it perform well with a magnetical induction surface.

Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle

The supported feature of the magnetic induction brings about a contact with rust. So it is required to make sure that the lowest part of this product is completely dry after usage but nevertheless, the quality of this product is extraordinary, a good use of this product will expand its lifespan.

Fino tops at dispensing through its gooseneck spout despite having a fine-tuned stainless steel finish and worthy looks. This product handle is located far from the body and this would help you in keeping a moderate distance from the heated kettle body.

Everything in this product is just perfect apart from the kettle lid that does not fit neatly. But with the perfectly positioned spout, even the least water drops come out easily.

The Pros

  • Perfectly made and durable
  • Pouring is greatly controlled
  • Compatible with the induction cooktop
  • Heats up fast

The Cons

The lid not fitting tightly

Final Verdict

Look no further if you have been in search for a great fit for an induction cooking surface, then Fino is just the right one for you. It’s well-balanced, comes at a reasonable price and it’s quite easy to use.

There are a few minor complaints about the lid size and the bottom, but these can simply be ignored. Fino is still one of the greatly valued models as at today on Amazon.

Things To Know About Pour Over Coffee Kettle Buyer’s Guide

Pour-over kettles are more or less like a usual kettle, apart from the gooseneck spout. So you may think buying one is so easy.

Gooseneck kettle

Well, you’re absolutely correct it is almost as easy as you think but there are varieties of options present in the market today and you might probably find yourself quite overwhelmed by it.

This is why a buying guide is put together for you. It will assist you in knowing the exact type of kettle you need and how to search for it.

The Gooseneck

The first thing that distinguishes a normal kettle and a pour-over kettle is the gooseneck spout. It controls the water poured on top of the grounds – the more the quality of the control the better, the more delightful your cup of coffee would turn out. So be sure to buy yourself a kettle with a good quality gooseneck.

In some kettles the gooseneck may not be located in the perfect position, this leads to rust and leak over a period. Some goose necks might be placed in such a way that the kettle would have to be tilted over to get some water out of it. Do be on the lookout for little but significant details when buying.

Electric v/s Manual

An electric kettle has its own warming source and automatically goes off when the water is boiled. There is also a control option for temperature. So unsurprisingly, they are quite expensive when compared with a manual one. The manual kettle heats water on a cooktop and you will need to check the temperature manually. Therefore these types of kettle do not come with a whistle normally.

The Handgrip

Look at handgrip closely. There are a lot of kettles with a handle turned in or with plastic handles. These type of kettles does not last and if it last they might end up burning you.

But some handles are ergonomic while some are wooden handles but you should pay attention to where it is placed on the kettle and be sure it has a good space from the kettle.


Most kettles are made of stainless steel. But not all kettles are well-suited for an induction cooktop. In this list, only Fino is created to boil water on an induction stove surface. Most kettles made of stainless steel feel too thin. But that is a great plus because save energy and boils water fast. So do not neglect a kettle with regard to its weight.


They are quite affordable, a good pour over kettle can be gotten with about $30, you can see it is quite cheap but the more the looks get better it gets more expensive. This list would provide a guide for you while looking for the best one to buy. So consider your contentment with your budget and make a decision on the one to buy.

In Conclusion

A consistent extraction from Tea or Coffee grounds makes a great transformation in flavor and to try that out, get a pour over kettle –  Gooseneck kettle that conforms with your budget!

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