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The Most Amazing Traveling Coffee Press Money Can Purchase

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You are traveling on the roadway.

You are camping in the forest.

You are held up in the boardroom distant from a coffee maker machine.

There exist numerous circumstances where the traveling coffee press would be very helpful, but purchasing one is simpler said than executed.

In a market that has several products, how will you decide which coffee makers are reasonably priced?

Sufficiently, our preferred machine has always been and still is an Aeropress Espresso and coffee maker since it is one fascinating sample of technological advancement that makes complicated coffee at any place at any time.

Nonetheless, if this Aeropress machine doesn’t inspire you or interested in a different machine we have additionally compiled a lineup of other wonderful travel coffee brewer machine.

Continue reading coffee addict!

Comparison Chart

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Makes 1-3 Cups of Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness per Press
Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black
UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine – Luminescent Green
Coffee Gator Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper Brewer 14oz Clear
Myjo Single Cup Coffeemaker Travel 0.68 Lb. 3.96 D X 3.96 W X 9.0 H
Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Nespresso Original Capsules and Compatibles, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping
GSI Outdoors 79480 Collapsible Java Drip Coffee Maker
Primula PCBR-0146 Red Coffee Brew Buddy (Pack of 2)
Zyliss HotMug Travel French Press, 5″ (12 oz.), Black
Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine by Handpresso
Melitta Cone Pour-Over Coffee Brewer and Ready Set Joe Mug, Black
PRESSE by Bobble French Coffee Press And Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler for On-The-Go Brewing – 13 oz

Aeropress Espresso and Traveling Coffee Press Machine – Our Favorite

Aeropress, in what ways do we really love this machine? Let us tally all these ways.

The most amazing thing about this machine is that, for one, it makes a delicious cup of coffee.

It also generates flavors that are strong and rich when you are either making espressos or coffee, which is why this machine was honored as the next generation of coffee technology during its invention back in 2005.

Concerning this specific model, it is usable in the cookery and also while on the move. It is a compressed unit that takes very little space of your luggage which makes it so suitable for traveling.

It can make up to 3 coffee cups in one minute.

Your very first purchase comes included with many things, from the interdependent java filters to the zippered carry bag for carrying your java supplies.

Sincerely, the main issue is “what is stopping you from buying this machine” rather than why you should need it.

Advantages of this travel coffee brewer machine

  • Makes many cups of coffee in a couple of minutes
  • Simply stored and packed for travel
  • Creative coffee making technology

Disadvantages of this travel coffee brewer machine

  • Parts of the machine wears and tears down over time thus needing replacement.


The Aeropress is not subjected to vibrant, sentimental reviews for no reason. Join the group and discover for yourself!

Bodum Traveling Coffee Press

Smooth and classy, the Bodum French press will definitely look good by your hand while you hurry up during busy days.

It is made with stainless steel not forgetting the fact that it exists with various color choices for its grips thus ensuring you gather attention everywhere you go.

Ahead of making the assumption that the Bodum French press is all glitters without functionality, you should keep in mind that it offers more than just appearance.

It uses the plunger mechanism that ensures sediments remain pressed down when tasting the brew and only takes 4 minutes to take care of your coffee deprivation.

It has a stainless steel double wall which is vacuum sealed which makes it act as an insulator thus ensuring that the coffee stays hot for almost 3 hours.

Additionally, you can use this travel press to make either tea or coffee. All you need to do is to ensure that you rinse it thoroughly between drinks.

Some users of this machine declare that taste of the previous drink can endure if the press is not cleaned properly.

Advantages of this traveling coffee press

  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish design with many color options.
  • Double walled and vacuum sealed to control the temperature of your beverage.

Disadvantages of this traveling coffee press

  • Must be cleaned properly between uses.


Besides making delicious coffee, this French press acts as a fashionable accessory to those who dress for attention.

UniTerra Nomad Espresso Maker

This UniTerra nomad isn’t a low-cost machine. So let’s not even consider that now. It is a costly espresso machine.

However, if you are ready to spend, you will discover that it is worth the money when you consider its capabilities and features.

It provides everything ranging from crema valves to pressure gauges thus enabling you to make your espresso absolutely how you need it.

It utilizes a lever that is hand operated to extract the coffee grounds so to always keep you in control of everything occurring in the machine.

Although it is bulk, this machine is still transportable.

This is the reason why it is referred to as ‘Nomad’.  Nevertheless, you can’t easily squeeze it into small space of the luggage like most travel coffee machines. You will really need to leave some room for this machine.

The cost is definitely the first item you notice about this machine, but if you choose to see beyond its price, you will realize that this well-crafted machine is worth the money.

Advantages of this maker

  • Has many pistons that ensure perfect pressure
  • Has a lever that is hand operated
  • Live to monitor using the assistance of various controls and gauges

 Disadvantages of this maker

  • It is Bulky in a way
  • Costly


This machine isn’t the cheapest model in the market currently, though it is not intended to be because it is designed for the next generation.

Gator Pour Over Coffee Brewer

The reasons for loving pour over machines are so many and this coffee maker by coffee Gator is a very good example.

For beginners, it is a very compressed model whose dimensions are 6.8 by 5.5 by 5.5 inches with a weight of around 14 ounces.

With its size, it offers an amazingly complicated brew system.

You can simply place this machine in a bag or even find space on the hotel countertop for it.

Its glass carafe happens to be BPA-free and appealing.

Stainless steel has been used to make its filter thus ensuring that you don’t necessarily have to continuously buy, reuse or clean cloth or paper filters.

Taking all things into account, Coffee Gator Brewer will certainly help you calm down your morning habits.

Its design is deceptively simple and conceals many amazing features and will definitely be a perfect companion as you travel around the globe. This one could be your best choice as small travel coffee makers.

Advantages of this travel press

  • Small and featherweight
  • A continuously recyclable filter made with stainless steel
  • You can clearly see the machine’s brewing process through the glass carafe

Disadvantages of this travel press

  • A little bit expensive
  • Should be handled with a lot of care since it has glass parts


Since appearances can sometimes be, don’t judge this machine for its size. Despite being a compressed traveling unit, Coffee Gator Brewer will make a fragrant and fresh mug.

That’s we believe this more than a coffee maker mug.

Presto Myjo Single Cup Java Maker

Are you impressed with the convenience and simplicity of using coffee pods?

Are you among the people who have been going the list and are almost giving up as you are thinking there is no coffee machine that you are compatible with?

Worry no more as MyJo is in the list!

It creates an immediate, single-serve java with the assistance of coffee pods. Easily load the coffee pod inside the brewer unit then push the machine’s pump down.

You will also need to pour in water. However, another amazing thing about this machine is the reservoir it has that is microwave friendly.

If you lack the energy or the time of boiling water using the tea kettle, simply place the reservoir into the microwave then heat up the water with the assistance of the advanced technology.

However, Myjo coffee maker looks somehow weird. It is a bulky, tall device that appropriately fits between the brewer holding the pod and the water loaded reservoir and also over the coffee mug and is therefore not a quiet contraption.

Nonetheless, if appearances don’t bother you, this machine is an amazing Travel coffee machine and this covers for its peculiarity.

Advantages of this travel press

  • Easy to operate, assemble, transport and clean
  • You can use a microwave to heat it
  • Uses K-cups and pods

Disadvantages of this travel press

  • Needs a lot of effort to press down the pump
  • Bulky design


The awkward design of MyJo coffee maker might raise suspicion when you encounter it for the very first time.

It is, however, a marvelous contraption that you will swiftly defend against dubious family members and friends.

WACACO Minipresso Espresso Maker

Are you exhausted of handling certain immature baristas at some coffee chains we are not committed to mention?

Purchase this Minipresso and get a fix while at school, work, home or even any place in between.

You will not only have the ability to make your espresso but you will additionally gain a chance to stay away from popular music and crowds in any of your small town coffee shops.

This Minipresso espresso maker is a little and featherweight contraption that has an in-built pump and a semi-automated piston that draws your espresso.

Despite the fact that it measures 6.9 by 2.4 by 2.8inches with a weight less than a pound, its advanced technology will provide a high-quality beverage.

Additionally, it has a removable espresso cup to enable you to enjoy your espresso while on the move.

It is suitable for circumstances where you are distant from your habitual coffee facilities and in dire need of coffee.

As an extra, Minipresso espresso maker is a smooth, small machine and drawing it out when you want an energizer won’t be embarrassing.

As a matter of fact, people might be interested in knowing where you obtained it from.

Advantages of this machine

  • Doesn’t require electricity or batteries
  • It is an easy travel companion with its compact design
  • Pistons and pumps function together so as to produce high-quality coffee.

Disadvantages of this machine

  • It is costly


Desert those places that happen to rhyme with Shmarbucks as this machine will help you to personally produce an amazing espresso.

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Drip Coffee Machine

Created purposely for outdoor uses, this collapsible drip coffee maker is a simple and stress-free way of acquiring your daily caffeine dosage even when distant from civilization.

It is compacted and has a height of only 1 inch and 6 inches crosswise.

It fits in the smallest backpack compartments and bags. It has been made using silicone meaning that you don’t have to be worried about it breaking while you are traveling.

It turns into a superb transportable coffee maker when it is extended. It consists of 4 filter brew volume and can thus make up to around 12 cups.

It has a wide-mouth connector that can be outfitted to thermoses, water bottles or even mugs and a vented lid that holds in heat as the brewing process takes place.

All things considered, this coffee maker is a convenient small machine that can be used for camping and hunting expeditions.

It effectively brews coffee and can fit into the bag like a small folded piece silicone when it’s not being used.

Advantages of this machine

  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Can brew up to twelve cups of java
  • It is little and lightweight

Disadvantages of this machine

  • You can’t control the steep time
  • May require two passes if you prefer strong coffee.


Next time you are breathing misted, cold air while cowering in the forest, consider using this coffee maker to make a cup of hot coffee.

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

While in a rush, this coffee machine can make a good cup of java in just half a minute using the following procedure:

  • Place the mesh and plastic filter over the coffee cup.
  • Add boiling water and coffee grounds so that brewing takes place directly in the drinking container.
  • Once this process is complete, remove the mesh filter.

Your java is finally ready and this is a very simple process since you brewed your coffee directly into your preferred coffee cup.

Nonetheless, if you can sacrifice on appearance in order to get speedy and tasty coffee, this machine is a reasonable choice for your travel coffee machine.

Advantages of this machine

  • Transportable
  • Can be utilized on existing thermoses and coffee cups.
  • Little brewing time

Disadvantages of this machine

  • Makes only one coffee cup at any given time
  • It isn’t appealing


Though it is not the most appealing model in the market, it quickly and easily prepares coffee and will definitely become your buddy if this is your style.

ZYLISS Travel French Press and Tea and Coffee Maker Mug

We admire an amazing French press and ZYLISS travel mug has been able to improve this process more with an entirely transportable French press.

Using this coffee maker is extremely easy. Load hot water into the double-walled, smooth mug and then add grounds of your choice.

If you prefer a more flavorful, richer experience, grind fresh java beans although store-bought coffee grounds functions too.

When all things are completely ready, press down its mesh filter into the coffee cup and after a couple of seconds, the coffee brewed will be consumable.

Simply pull out the filter, then place the lid above the mug and you may start the drinking the coffee instantly since the filter deals with the grounds to prevent them from appearing in your drink.

It can be attained using any settings as it is simple and fast. There is absolutely nothing to hate about ZYLISS coffee mug.

Advantages of this machine

  • One can drink directly from the mug
  • Makes real French press java
  • Can be placed into the dishwasher safely

Disadvantages of this machine

  • Maintains temperature for a short period of time
  • Some coffee grounds may penetrate through the mesh filter


Though not perfect, ZYLISS coffee maker is affordable, functional, and is therefore worth being included in your countertop.

Handpresso Coffee Wild Hybrid

It is wild as publicized and will certainly ensure that it grabs your attention when you come across it.

For beginners, it produces an amazing 232 PSI. To make an espresso, you only require between 116 to 145 PSI and various espresso machines happen to fall in various areas in regard to that spectrum; however, this Wild Hybrid machine eradicates all of them.

The other amazing thing about this machine is the fact that it is usable with ESE pods and coffee grounds. This is basically where it derives a part of the name ‘Hybrid’. Flexibility is additionally another thing that increases its appearance.

If exhausted by particular espresso makers that limit the ways in which you prepare your beverages, try this Wild Hybrid machine. It will make good tasting coffee and additionally give you freedom.

Advantages of this machine

  • Simple design that is convenient to operate and understand
  • Excellent pressure
  • Inclusive of a 2-year warranty

Disadvantages of this machine

  • It is not the least costly machine


Since it provides more than common portable espresso machines, Wild Hybrid machine is certainly worth being considered.

Melitta Travel Coffee Brewer

If searching for a travel coffee machine that will not be a problem, Mellita coffee maker is definitely for you.

Though it doesn’t have some advanced properties of its generation, it is a reliable and stable unit that will have a long useful life while friends will tend to tease of its age and ask if you will ever upgrade.

With this machine, brewing is simple. It has a conical plastic attached at the thermos top, and then you add grounds into the filter ahead of streaming hot H20 over everything.

Your coffee is newly and immediately brewed without any footwork.

Indeed, this easiness can additionally be a hindrance. You have limited control over your coffee.

If you only need a solid java machine, nonetheless, Melitta machine is a feasible choice at a reasonable price.

Advantages of this machine

  • Safe to load into the dishwasher
  • Viewing windows enables you to clearly see inside the machine as you pour.
  • Its brewing process is simple

Disadvantages of this machine

  • It lacks the place for experimentation


Though it won’t inspire the queen, Melitta will make your java perfectly like any deluxe models in the market.

Bobble Coffee Press

Just as the name suggests, the bobble press functions by pressing the coffee grounds.

Easily fill up the unit, then press down once you have allowed everything about 4 minutes so as to percolate.

A few of the machines that utilize this procedure usually have trouble with aftertastes or granular textures but this isn’t an issue with this machine.

It functions in association with a certain microfilter that isolates the coffee grounds from newly brewed coffee to ensure you don’t experience the bitter sediments or flavors in the teeth.

There exist three insulated layers that wonderfully control the temperature of this Bobble Presse. While on touching the outside of the machine seems cool, the inside ensures that the coffee remains hot and nice.

Additionally, this coffee maker is extremely simple to maintain. It doesn’t have fragile parts that will keep you worried about breaking and it doesn’t have a mesh that could get stained.

It can easily be rinsed in the sink or be thrown in the dishwasher without any chances of getting damaged.

Not too despicable for considering it as your travel coffee machine.

Advantages of this machine

  • Micro-filter ensures that grounds are kept away from the teeth
  • Insulated so as to control the temperature
  • Utilizes the press mechanism

Disadvantages of this machine

  • It is expensive
  • Takes about 4 minutes to brew coffee


Though expensive than some products on the list, if you are ready to pay extra money for a travel coffee machine, consider this Bobble Presse machine.

Comprehensive Traveling Coffee Press Machines’ Buyer’s Instructions

Maybe you are a student who requires something transportable as you move around in the school’s various buildings or a driver who doesn’t want to depend on diner products to keep moving.

Whatsoever your reason for needing the travel coffee machine, you need to purchase the appropriate model and make to fit your lifestyle.

Therefore you might need to be picky but once you get the perfect machine you will acknowledge your diligence.

Here are some suggestions that may assist decide the product you should choose.

Electricity accessibility

Well, some of these coffee machines are simply mini-brewers and come with button and cords just like you would expect from any traditional unit.

Some are transportable, featherweight devices that don’t need power or batteries. You must there put into consideration why, when and where you will be utilizing your coffee machine so as to wisely determine its power potential.

The amount of coffee you take

Travel coffee machine exists in various sizes and shapes.

Some have their personal standard sized thermoses to fit the cup holder in your car; some own a reservoir so as to hold certain water amount; while some utilize collapsible technology in their filters and cones.

All the above factors can influence the amount of coffee you can brew so don’t ignore them.

The extent of brewing you need to do

Various types of coffee makers exist in the market.

Some utilize the pour-over mechanism while others press the drink; some require that you boil water, crush coffee beans and use accurate measurements while others tend to be a simple machine that involves inserting the pod and waiting.

The ideal coffee maker will rely upon the extent of brewing you need to do.

The place you will be taking your coffee

When camping out in the woods reliable and regular power is limited, so you can’t consider an electric machine.

If you happen to be on the roadway most of the times, you will likely need a well-insulated machine with spill-proof mechanization on its lids.

If residing in a hotel or preparing coffee in your room, the noise of the machine may not be a big deal.

Amount of money you are willing and able to pay for the coffee machine

Cost is another crucial factor that should be considered when talking about coffee machines.

Besides the initial cost of purchasing the traveling coffee press, you must consider future expenses on cones, beans, travel mugs, scoops, filters and anything else you might require in your coffee mix.

Estimate the costs of all expenses!

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