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Sterling Pro French Press 8 Cup Review

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If you love fancy stuff and can afford a bit pricier KONA, then we suggest you the Sterling Pro French Press as your best pick. Because SterlingPro French coffee presses are one of the best you can find on market, especially this 8 cup coffee press.

By comparing these two appliances, in terms of efficiency, durability, and value they can go head to head but there are some differences. A few features that SterlingPro has are making this appliance the most unique on many levels.

If you want to find what they are, just keep scrolling.

Heavenly Brew French Coffee Presses

If you ever heard about French presses (surely did) you know that they extract the best flavors from the coffee. That’s what are they known for all around the world.

Difference between this presses and Drip Coffee Makers is that they allow the grounds steep for a while, that’s why the coffee is so depth in flavors.

Steel or even plastic filters do not absorb any essential oils and all these things combines have a great-tasting coffee as a result. But I must say it again, from all kinds of French presses is number one.

The reasons are endless, but there’s one feature that is outstanding – the screen that very effectively filters out the grounds of your coffee.

Lefts behind very unique texture and makes your coffee the best you’ll ever try. Taste is more than divine and texture smooth, just everyone’s perfect cup of coffee.

There are also two additional screens included that really add more value to this coffee press.

Why Sterling Pro French Press is Special?

Not only the design makes SterlingPro standing out from all the other French presses, but every part of it.

It has a plush finish and an only a few stainless strips that connect the bottom part to the top while holding the carafe in a place.

That what makes the difference with KONA which is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, but with SterlingPro you have the view on the entire process of brewing because of the explosion of the carafe.

It’s really interesting to watch it and makes it unique.


Well, the whole appliance is very durable, but one thing you must keep in mind – the carafe. Although it made of borosilicate glass and is not brittle, it’s the most concerning part.

But it all depends on you, you will definitely need to take proper care of it. Don’t drop it and definitely don’t wash it in the dishwasher, it can damage it. But if you take the proper care you can use it for years.

All the rest is stainless steel, including the filtrations system as also what has so many benefits; like making the coffee nice-textured.

Unlike the plastic filter that not only destroys the texture but also can cause you health problems and we are not even aware of that.

That’s not the case with this French press, you will enjoy in your coffee for years, not affecting your health. 

Why Buying

The capacity of this press is impressible; it’s an 8-cup coffee press and if the capacity is something you are looking for, this is your best choice that you can find on the marker.

But you must keep in mind that one part of it is glass, so it’s not really for the outdoors.

If you want an outdoor French-press try with some other model.

Why Not Buy

If your budget allows you to afford yourself a bit more expensive press, it’s better to buy a stainless-steel model rather than with glass carafe.

As I have already said, these glass carafes do not last that long and replacement is pricey. For that price, you can buy yourself a new one.


Combination of good price and great quality make the StearlingPro stand out from all the rest. I could not find any even close to this one, considering the price.

But if I really have to say something it would be the cleaning process. Some of the parts are so fitted together that’s impossible to separate them. But after a while, it will get better and it will come off easily.


  • Brews coffee without any coffee grounds
  • It’s very sturdy with good quality construction
  • Even the glass carafe is durable


  • The cleaning process can be quite tricky


As I said, Sterling Pro French Press in the unique appliance and a very rare find. Very affordable but at the same time produces high-end coffee.

If you are a coffee lover, don’t even hesitate to buy this press. Make yourself a delicious cup of joy at your home.

You won’t regret it, believe me.

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