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Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Are you looking for a premium quality espresso machine? Then consider buying the Saeco Xelsis. It comes with a range of different innovative features and can create 15 different types of coffee drinks. 

But how does Xelsis truly deliver on the taste and quality of the coffee! In this, in-depth review we are going to find out. 

If budget is not a huge concern and you prefer to enjoy different starting coffees without spending much time preparing your final cup, this machine is the right option for you. 

You can try out 15 different drinks and satisfy a large audience with varying tastes. Operating this machine is just as easy as operating your smartphone as it comes with a touch screen. And last but not least it comes with an adjustable bean hopper. 

But if you prefer a cup that puts you in the driver’s seat, this is not the right option for you. Let’s get into the details.


  • Can create 15 different coffee drinks.
  • 6 different user profiles can be saved.
  • 12 different inbuilt grinder adjustments. 
  • 5 different aroma settings with 3 different temperature settings. 
  • Color TFT display with HygieSteam and AquaClean filter.
  • Features a coffer equalizer.


  • Titanium exterior scratches pretty easily.

Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Machine

For your better understanding, we are going to highlight the primary differences between a full and a semi-automatic machine.

A fully automatic machine comes with inbuilt controls. You have to use those preset settings and the coffee machine will prepare the coffee according to your preferences. You won’t have any control of temperature, pressure, or volumetric dosage of coffee in your shots. If you are not very experienced in coffee making, this is the right option for you. 

On the other hand, a semi-automatic machine puts you in charge of your final cup. You can control the pressure, temperature, and volumetric coffee content in your shots. If you know how to make coffee, this is the perfect option for you. 

Comparison Chart

TasteNot very rich, but certainly creamy and aromaticCreamy and aromatic but not very richCreamy and aromatic but not too rich
Brewing capacity1.7 liter (~7 cups)1.8 liter (~7.5 cups)1.8 liter (~7.5 cups)
User-friendlinessExtremely easy to useVery user-friendlySimple and easy
Design & materials Titanium and plastic Stainless steel and plasticStainless steel and plastic
Cleaning & maintenanceVery easy to clean and maintain but requires practice Simple to clean but with practice Doesn’t take much time to clean after the first few rounds
Frothing Rich and creamyCreamy but less airyCreamy but airier
GrindingAdjustable grinderNon-adjustable grinderAdjustable grinder
Additional featuresTitanium construction, HygieSteam, AquaClean, double thermo blocks, touchscreenAquaClean, inbuilt grinder, powder optionHygieSteam, AquaClean, inbuilt grinder
Value for moneyExpensiveSlightly cheapMeets the Value

The Saeco Xelsis Machine Review


We will begin our review of the Saeco Xelsis coffee machine by discussing the most important factor and that is taste. As it is a super-automatic machine, therefore, people who prefer barista-like coffees will be disappointed here. 

This machine is all about convenience. Let’s not forget about this fact. But we are comparing it with the other two models by Seaco which are Icanto and PicoBaristo which happen to be super-automatic, so it’s a fair fight. 

The Xelsis allows you to program each and everything about your final cup. You can alter the coffee grounds, the recipe, and the water content in your shots. You only have to push a button and the machine will do all the processing and present you with a final cup in the end. 

If you like to control your cup, this machine is not going to make you very happy with the taste. It certainly is creamy and aromatic but you won’t find your coffee rich. 

The rest of the two machines are also super-automatic so you can expect a similar performance there too. The primary difference is that Xelsis can make 15 different coffee drinks and PicoBaristo can make 11 different coffee drinks. While Icanto can only make 3.

Brewing capacity

There is not much difference when we compare the three machines with each other regarding brewing capacity. The Xelsis can manage up to 7 cups in one go with its 1.7-liter water tank. It means if you are looking to host a small coffee get together, the Xelsis won’t disappoint you with only a couple of refills. 

But similar is the case with the Icanto and PicoBaristo too. Both these machines can manage half a cup more than the Xelsis. So we can say there’s almost a tie between all these three machines here. Because all of them can produce 7 to 7 and a half cups without a refill. So they will suit you if you want to host a small coffee party. 

But if you are looking to place this in your office so everyone can have some push-button coffee, you will have to go through a lot of refills in a day. 


Again, all these machines resemble each other in terms of operation and use. And as they all are super-automatic, they have buttons and touchscreens. 

The Xelsis features a clear-to-understand touch screen with images of different coffee beverages given to pick the one you need. All the controls are pretty simple to access and use. And you won’t have any problem in choosing between different settings to get your final cup. The presence of a touchscreen here is a huge contributor to the overall price of this machine. 

On the other hand, the Incanto doesn’t feature a touch screen but has buttons on its front panel. And these buttons are pretty easy to access and use. All the controls are quite simple to understand. Similar is the case with the PicoBaristo as it comes with different buttons to choose between different settings that the machine has to offer. 

Design & materials

Here’s another contributor towards the price and it is the materials used in the construction of the Xelsis. Saeco has used high-quality titanium steel in the construction of this machine. And that is precisely why the Xelsis looks so elegant and boasts premium quality. 

There are a few hints and accents of plastic here and there, but overall, the machine is made of titanium steel. It looks pretty good, but it is easy to scratch as well. So you will have to be careful when using your machine. And don’t move it around too much.

On the other hand, the Incanto is made of stainless steel and features a few plastic accents. So it is much more resistant to scratches if you compare it with the Xelsis. But of course, it is a lot less pretty as well. The same is the case with PicoBaristo which features stainless steel and plastic accents. Despite the looks, this machine is still no match for the elegance of the Xelsis. 

So in terms of appearance and quality, Xelsis is better but it also needs a lot more care and will cost you more as well.

Cleaning & maintenance

You can get plenty of assistance from the manufacturer, which is an added benefit. Maintenance is the major aspect when we talk about a coffee machine and Saeco understands it well. 

Therefore, it provides an owner’s manual with the machine. And this manual provides you all the details associated with the cleaning and maintenance of your Saeco coffee machine, regardless of the model. 

The Xelsis also comes with this instruction manual and contains all the information you need to clean your coffee machine thoroughly. When you follow these instructions carefully, cleaning and maintenance won’t be an issue for you. 

The Incanto and the PicoBaristo also come with their owner’s guides. And these guides provide you with all the steps you need to take to run a thorough clean on your machine. So it’s pretty much a brand quality and all the brand’s products come with it. Eventually, you get plenty of time to perfect all these procedures with ease. 


All three Saeco machines are super-automatic; their coffee is rich and strong. And part of the flavor comes from the frothed milk.

Thankfully, the Xelsis comes with a quality frother and can produce Latte Perfecto. It means the cream will be good and you can conveniently make latte art as you want. The foam it delivers is pretty rich and creamy and adds a lot of flavor to your final cup. 

On the other hand, Incanto makes Panarello froth. This type of frothing is creamy but is less airy. If you like more air in your foam, this is not the right option for you. 

Contrarily, PicoBaristo produces Deluxe Carafe frothing. This type of frothing is airier but has a creamy texture as well. 

So the Xelsis is the coffee machine that produces a well balanced, rich, and creamy froth. And this is the primary reason why it can deliver the best tasting coffee out of the three. 


The best feature of any super-automatic machine is its inbuilt grinder. And the Xelsis comes with one that allows you to adjust the coffee grounds according to your requirements. The Xelsis’s grinder features 12 different settings and you can adjust the coarseness of the grounds as per your needs. 

The PicoBaristo also comes with 10 different grinder settings, and you get to alter the grounds according to your needs. But the Incanto seriously lags in this feature. It comes with an adjustable grinder, but you only have 5 different settings when you use the Incanto. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a good bit of variety in terms of coarseness, you need to go with the Xelsis or PicoBaristo. These machines come with so many grinder settings because they can make more than 10 different coffee beverages. 

And each coffee beverage requires different bean coarseness. However, if you don’t need that much variety, you should save and go for the Incanto. 

Additional features

When you are looking to get the most out of your investment, you should also look at some of the additional features these machines have to offer. 

And the Xelsis does a pretty fine job when it comes to additional features. It can create 15 different coffee beverages, and it also has five different aroma settings. The machine features a color TFT display. There are 6 different customizable user profiles that it can save. It also features HygieSteam to conveniently make milk-based drinks. Plus, the machine also comes with an AquaClean filter for deeper purification.

On the other hand, Incanto allows you to make decaf coffee with ease. Apart from that, you can also use AquaClean filters for deeper purification. And there is an in-built adjustable grinder as well. The PicoBaristo features HygieSteam, different aroma settings, AquaClean, and an inbuilt grinder.

If you are looking for some special features, consider going for the Xelsis and the PicoBaristo.m but if you just want to focus on coffee and nothing fancy, choose the Incanto. 

Value for money

When we talk about the value for money you will notice a little difference between the Xelsis and the PicoBaristo. But there is a huge price difference between the two. The Xelsis certainly takes the lead if you compare it with the Icanto and the PicoBaristo. But it is way higher in price due to the titanium construction which looks good but can scratch easily. 

If you think you need to go for a machine that looks good in your new kitchen, perhaps the Xelsis would be a good choice. But the PicoBaristo doesn’t fall behind much in terms of features. And as it comes with stainless steel construction which does not get scratched easily, you should consider it. 

The Incanto is better suited if you have a low budget and less fancy features. Therefore, we can assess it falls under the value and the Xelsis falls over it. And the PIcoBaristo is smack in the middle of the two so it meets the value. 

Who Should Buy the Saeco Xelsis?

As it is a fully-featured super-automatic machine, the Saeco Xelsis is the best option for those who want all the features right at three fingertips. From bean to cup you won’t have to do anything to create your final cup. 

It will also allow you to host a small gathering of coffee lovers. And you can conveniently get through the evening with a couple of refills. Cleaning is quite easy but if you have a new kitchen with a modern touch, you need to go for this elegant-looking titanium machine. And of course, the budget shouldn’t be your concern either. 

If you don’t have kids or pets in your home, perhaps this is the best coffee machine you can own as it will add to the overall looks of your space. It’s pretty simple to use and clean and you won’t have any problem using it. 

Who shouldn’t Buy the Saeco Xelsis?

The Saeco Xelsis is not the right option for you of course if you don’t have this much a budget. And of course, if you don’t like push-button coffees, you need to stay away from this machine. 

It also comes with an overall brewing capacity of 7 cups. So if you have more mouths to satisfy, you should go for a bigger capacity coffee machine. And last but not least, this machine can be scratched pretty easily with its titanium exterior. 

Therefore, if you have kids or pets in your home, handling this machine can be tricky. You need to be extra-watchful with your expensive coffee maker. 

FAQs for the Saeco Xelsis

Can I directly link Saeco Xelsis with a water line?

No, you can’t link it directly with a water line because it is not designed that way.

Can the steam from the frother of this machine hit the cabinet?

If you have placed your machine under the cabinet and are concerned whether the steam from the frother hit the cabinet, that won’t be an issue. The steam comes out of the frother that is right in front of the machine, so it will not hit your cabinet.

Should I go to Saeco?

Yes, Saeco is a good brand and you need to consider it seriously if you want a good quality coffee maker in your kitchen. It has been around for over 30 years and understands how to deliver quality products to the customers. The brand’s products are also made of the quality and last for a good period.

The Verdict

Saeco Xelsis is the best coffee machine by the company. It comes wvariousy of features, and if you are looking for a true super-automatic machine, you shouldn’t look anywhere else. 

It comes at a price but the machine looks good. However, you will have to take proper care of it because its titanium exterior can be scratched easily. This is not the right machine for anyone who has plenty of coffee-making experience. It is the best option for those who are looking for convenience and looks. 

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