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Saeco Picobaristo Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Coffee is a serious business for many people. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The Saeco picobaristo machine is a kind coffee machine that makes several different drinks for everyone. 

One of the best things is this machine is heavy-duty, but it still has a sleek design to make room anywhere in any kitchen. This machine is perfect for big families where everyone likes their drink. However, it works best for small businesses and even for office spaces. 

It makes about 15 different beverages, which is why everyone gets something from this machine. Another great feature of this machine is, it makes about 5000 cups before it needs descaling. 

However, if this machine had an automatic emptying system of the drip tray, it would be better. 


  • Have an aqua filter that works for 5000 cups.
  • Ceramic grinder with 10 different settings.
  • Makes about 15 different beverages.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Uses ground coffee as well.
  • Holds about 60 shots of espresso at once.
  • The settings are easy to customize. 


  • This machine does not have a profiling system.
  • Do not have a water filter.
  • The grinding makes a lot of noise.

Should You Choose A Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Machine?  

Choosing a semi-automatic or automatic machine depends upon your needs. Semi-automatic machines are for those who like a little more control over their coffee. The user decides when the shot finishes. 

Moreover, you will also have to grind the coffee beans manually. In fact, in semi-automatic, the user has to tamp the coffee themselves too. 

Automatic coffee machines work themselves from the beginning till the end. You do not have to tamp or grind the coffee as if you have to do with the former. However, you have to stuff yourself. Automatic usually descales itself. It has a fluid manager, which gives you the perfect shot. Super-automatic machines do not let you do anything yourself. 

Semi-automatic machines are suitable for people who like control over their coffee and their needs. 

Comparison Table

FeaturesSaeco PicobaristoSaeco IncantoSaeco Xelsis
Taste Ceramic grinder, 10 different grinding settings, selection of coffee settingsCeramic grinder, quick boilerCeramic grinder, 10 different grinding settings, selection of coffee settings
Brewing capacity 60 fluid ounces or espresso shot, one cup of beans, one scoop of ground coffee 60 fluid ounces or espresso shots, 8 ounces of beans, one scoop of powder coffee57 fluid ounces or espresso shots, one cup of beans
User-friendliness Friendly Friendly Friendly but bulky 
Design and materials Stainless steel  Stainless steelTitanium
Cleaning and maintenanceAqua Filter or 5000 cupsAqua Filter or 5000 cupsAqua Filter or 5000 cups, Hygiene filter for milk system cleaning
FrothingAdjustable milk settingsAdjustable milk settingsAdjustable milk settings
GrindingCeramic grinder with 10 settingsCeramic grinder with 10 settingsCeramic grinder 
Additional features15 beverages, customizable settings, 15 beverages, customizable settings,15 beverages, customizable settings, profiling
Value for money YesYesQuestionable

The Saeco Picobaristo Machine Review: 


To make the taste stand out, the Saeco Picobaristo machine brings about many different features. For the picobaristo machine, the taste works with controlling the coffee beans. The ceramic grinders are the main elements to help keep the taste fresh. 

The metal burns the taste easily, whereas, with ceramic, you can reply to the beans to roast at the right temperature. There are ten different settings of the grinder. Each type of beverage requires a different setting to ensure the best taste. 

As soon as the grinder finishes its job, the machine brews the coffee. The super-fast boiler does not allow the coffee grinds to sit and lose their freshness. For the cherry on top, you can control the strength, temperature, and coffee beverage settings as per your preference. 

In comparison, the Saeco Incanto gives you the perfect ceramic grinding as well. With the ceramic grinder, the coffee does not burn and gives the best taste as well. There is a quick boiler in this machine. The coffee does not have to sit and lose its freshness. Unfortunately, there are no grinding options. 

For the Saeco Xelsis, taste does not burn with the ceramic grinder too. However, to control the taste of each beverage, there are settings.

Brewing Capacity:

The most important factor is the brewing capacity. If you pick the machine for a specific purpose like a restaurant or office, you need a good capacity. For the Saeco Picobaristo, the water capacity is 1.8 liters. 

This makes about 60 fluid ounces. Each shot of espresso is about one fluid ounce. With this calculation, you can make about 60 cups of espresso shots in one filling of the water tank. Of course, many beverage options require water and milk. The capacity may bring a variation with this factor. 

The standard capacity for adding beans is about one cup. These grounds make several shots of espresso. There is also a section for pre-ground coffee in this machine. The separate compartment holds about one scoop of ground coffee. This means about 2 shots of espresso depending on the strength. 

For the Incanto, the water capacity is about 60 fluid ounces. If we take one espresso shot as one fluid ounce, you can easily have about 60 shots of espresso with this machine. Once again, for different beverages, different variations are present. The bean container is about 8.8 ounces at once. This easily allows the 60 cups of espresso to accommodate in one sitting. You can also use instant coffee in this machine. However, the container holds only about one scoop. 

For the Xelsis, the container is slightly different. This water tank holds only about 57 fluid ounces. So you can make about 57 espresso shots with this machine. The bean container holds standard one cup. Unfortunately, you cannot hold ground or powdered coffee in this machine. 


A significant factor in any kind of coffee machine is the user-friendliness of the machine. The Picobaristo has many easy touch buttons on the body. These have symbols and labels to help you get the right option. 

There is a screen to help you find out what you are doing and what settings the machine uses. Refilling the containers is also easy. Just pour the beans or the coffee into the machine. You do not have to take out or add anything. This machine has two spouts for two cups at the same time. The milk spout is not separate which makes it easier to use. The best thing is the automatic descaling for about 5000 cups. This feature allows you to continue using it without a problem. 

The Incanto is easy as well. It fills and refills in the same way. You do not have to take the containers out to refill them. However, you have to take out the milk container to refill it. There are several different easy to press buttons on this as well. The small screen helps read the commands and settings. 

The Xelsis is quite tricky in comparison to the rest of the machines. This machine has touch screen buttons that may not be everybody’s cup of tea. The container refilling is easy. However, the milk jug is separate. It is not difficult to use, it is just a little hindering. 

Design and Materials

The design and the materials help in the durability of the coffee machines. The picobaristo coffee machine has a long-lasting stainless steel material. The external is chrome and plastic together. 

The body helps make it easy to use and does not heat the machine. The grinder material is ceramic to ensure it does not overheat and ruin the taste of the coffee. It is a simple design with plenty of different buttons on it. The Italian artisanship makes this machine modern and functional. To top it all off, the machine has two spouts that can work at once as well. 

The Incanto is almost the same however, its body is plastic and chrome. The color of both the materials is matte silver. The grinder is to maintain the temperature of the coffee. 

The Xelsis also looks the same and its ceramic grinder is there for a similar reason. The plastic and titanium body makes it black and sleek. However, the design is slightly bulky because of the external milk container. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines are essential but generally, they are a hassle. However, with the Picobaristo, cleaning is quite easy. The machine descales automatically. You do not have to clean it all the time on your own. One-time descaling goes a long way of about 5000 cups. 

There is a bin to collect the coffee waste. It holds about 15 ounces of ground coffee before you have to empty it. There is also an aqua clean filter in this machine. The filter helps descale the machine. For intense cleaning, you can remove the brewing group entirely for cleaning. The drip tray needs attention when the red light shines bright. 

The Incanto is similar when it comes to descaling. It has an aqua cleaning system to descale the machine automatically. One filter works for about 5000 cups before you need a replacement. The coffee bin has a capacity of about 15 ounces as well. You can empty it whenever it fills up. The brewing system comes out entirely for maintenance. 

The Xelsis is a little different. Like the other two, it has an Aqua Clean filter that works for about 5000 cups. However, it has a Hygiene Steam system as well. In this system, you can clean the milk circuit with steam with the push of a button. 


Frothing requires milk in coffee. To get the frothing right, the milk system is important. The picobaristo frothing system is very neat. The milk jug fits into the machine like a puzzle. The machine makes about 15 different beverages, which require milk. You can set the frothing settings on your own regarding the temperature. You can also choose the milk settings regarding the volume of the milk. 

When it comes to the Incanto, there are frothing options in this machine as well. There are plenty of different beverage options in this machine as well. You can select the settings of the milk on this machine as well. These settings include temperature, volume, and everything else. The milk container is fit in the body of the machine. It barely takes any space on its own. 

The Xelsis machine also makes several different beverages. However, the milk container on this jug is slightly uncanny. The device has a separate container out of the main body. This feature makes the frothing slightly dangerous. You can select the temperature, volume, and all other features as per your personal preferences.  


Getting the right kind of grinding is important to ensure every drop of coffee comes out of the beans. Not many coffee machines have ceramic grinders. To ensure the grounding process does not heat the coffee beans to the point of burning, ceramic is the perfect material. Ceramic ensures the taste does not burn with overheating. 

Moreover, this machine has 10 different grinding settings. Each beverage requires different consistency and a different level of coffee. The grinding settings help achieve those settings. However, you can also use pre-ground coffee in this machine.

The Incanto also has a ceramic grinder. The grinder works to ensure the machine does not overheat the coffee beans and burns them. There are not options for grinding. However, there is room to use powder coffee as well. 

The Xelsis also uses a ceramic grinder. This grinder works to ensure the beans taste well and do not overheat and burn. There are 10 different settings of grinding on this machine as well. Each beverage uses a different consistency and helps get the best taste. 

Additional Features

Apart from the basics in the coffee machine, additional features bring more value for the money. It does not only give basic coffee but also gives you about 15 different coffee beverages. Another great feature is this machine has the option to customize the coffee as per your requirements. You can also customize a beverage to suit your taste. There are two different colors of this coffee machine to make it stand out. Another additional feature is this machine has the option to use ground coffee as well. 

The Incanto does not differ much from the picobaristo in additional features. This machine makes a few different beverages only. One of them is powder coffee to make the perfect cup with this machine. There is a micro-porous filter that provides healthier water. 

The Xelsis makes 15 different coffee drinks as starters. The machine has a coffee equalizer. You can adjust it to make each drink as per your preference. You can save up to six different settings as customer profiles to get your favorite coffee every time at the push of a button. 

Value For Money 

It all comes down to the question of the value of money. No matter what the features are, the question is if all the features are worth the money. For the Picobaristo, the machine is super-automatic. It does not need much of your attention and makes you 15 different coffee drinks of your choice. This machine is worth the money. You will save a lot and do not have to compromise on fancy coffee drinks. 

When we look at the Incanto, we find it to work quite efficiently. It is convenient and amazing on any counter. The machine works hassle-free to make the perfect cup of coffee anywhere you go. With these features, this machine is worth each penny. It is much more than its price. 

The Xelsis is the most expensive of them all. This machine has several different features to make this modern and the ultimate coffee machine. However, it is not worth the money. It seems overpriced for the picobaristo features. 

Who Should Buy The Picobaristo? 

The Picobaristo is a super-automatic coffee machine. It requires little to no work and in return, it gives you everything from a simple cup of espresso to a fancy cup of latte. All this is just with the push of a button. Hence, this machine works great for coffee lovers. 

Moreover, it is a perfect pick for offices and small public spaces like waiting rooms. It does not require constant attention, which makes it easy to maintain. The cleaning is rare which makes it great as well. The containers are big enough to hold plenty of cups of coffee at once. 

For those who have separate preferences in their coffee, this machine works out great. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get the best kind of coffee. Everyone can set his or her preference in coffee, which makes it perfect for everyone. The best part is that it is user-friendly. 

Who Should Not Buy The Picobaristo? 

Even though the picobaristo machine is one of a kind, it is still not suitable for everyone. Those people who do not have a lot of interest in different beverages, this machine is not for them. It is also not for small families or individuals who live alone. 

This machine is super-automatic, so it is not for places or people that like to entirely control their coffee. It works on its own and is not good for a place that does not have time for maintenance.

FAQs for the Saeco Picobaristo

Is There A Water Filter In This Machine?

There are no water filters in this machine. However, you can use water testing strips to test the strength of the water. Moreover, you can also use the descaling system to filter the impurities easily.

Does This Machine Have Complications?

Picobaristo is very easy to use. It does not have any complications in usage. The buttons are simple and the options are simple too.

How Do I Clean The Milk System?

The milk system requires a lot of cleaning in machines. However, descaling helps this machine clean the whole system without fail. You have to clean the milk container occasionally to ensure its freshness. The complete brewing group comes out of this machine to make it easy to clean. Besides, most of the components are dishwasher safe.

The Verdict

This is the time for the ultimate verdict. Is the machine worth the price and as good as everyone believes? The answer is, Yes! The Saeco picobaristo is one of the best coffee machines out there. It works wonders in almost every kitchen and space. 

This is a super-automatic machine, which is easy to use and does not require a lot of attention. You can use the current settings or personalize them as per your wish. No matter what coffee you want, this machine has your back. It gives you the best coffee beverage you have ever tasted. 

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