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Review of Bodum French Press Brazil 8-Cup

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A simply cost-effective will be a future member in your kitchen. So if you happen to be on a tight budget, choices obtainable in your buying list will be restrained.

And that is exactly why:

This Bodum French press eventually turns into a must-purchase. It abandons economists with a delicious and steaming cup of coffee and almost nothing to complain about.

Our Low-cost Bodum French Press Machine

Brews Coffee Correctly

French presses happen to be widely known for the amazing tastes and flavors. No caring how much time they take, even people on tight schedules are ready to spare their precious time to ensure that they taste an astonishing mug of coffee.

This is the reason why coffee made by the Bodum Brazil French press machine doesn’t occur as astonishment. It includes 3 mesh filters so as to make sure that flavors are extracted to the maximum and it brews coffee more effectively than other models.

Actually, you can choose to take your coffee with grounds or without. The only thing that you should do is modify their fineness since the less fine they will be, the less likely they will appear in your mug.

This also permits your coffee grounds to soak for almost four minutes thus ensuring the machine’s heavenly cup to completely absorb its flavors.

Simple Design

Manufacturers of the Bodum Brazil coffee maker have successfully attempted to minimize the cost without putting quality in jeopardy. This French press is very simple and has a plastic French press casing that firmly retains the Bodum glass French press carafe in place.

For those who are awkward like me, I would greatly recommend that you purchase this machine. The case will neither curve nor back off from the machine’s glass carafe at most times.

Additionally, the top covering is perfectly made. It, therefore, saves you the trouble of tightly holding it as it doesn’t pan out while pouring coffee into a mug.


Mentally bear that breaking this carafe is easy. Therefore proper usage will absolutely extend its life. To ensure that you handle and also store the machine accordingly.

Dishwasher Safe

The Bodum Brazil coffee maker is publicized that it can be dish-washed safely. Nonetheless, we consider washing the machine by hand to be quite simpler than placing it into the dishwasher.

Its parts, particularly the filters, easily come off. All that you require to do is to remove the contents, then rinse these parts using soap water and the machine will definitely be good for another run.

Since the machine’s carafe has the ability to withstand heat sufficiently, you should be extremely cautious when inspecting it. This heat will definitely not be experienced by your touch along while the hot pot will likely be extra fragile especially when subjected to cold, flowing water.

Additionally, Stir coffee in the carafe using a light object. This is due to the fact that stirring using hard spoons and metals easily cracks it.

For the time being, if you use a dishwasher, ensure that you only apply the initial rack. By doing this, you prolong the useful life of this glass Bodum carafe.

Value Derived in the Long Run

If you sum up all the money you spend for your coffee each and every morning, you will appreciate the amount this machine will help you save.

It doesn’t stay for the longest time, but as long as it lasts, it will make better tasting coffee than the one from your preferred coffee shop.

Honestly, all things contemplated, the Bodum Brazil machine has everything.

Who Should Purchase this Bodum French Press?

If you are trying out a coffee French press for the very first time, Bodum Brazil coffee maker could be a magnificent option. It will help you discover how to conveniently get amazing coffee.

To economists, we strongly believe this to be an excellent option. Actually:

This machine is the longest your money can take you. Since we care for you; we considered many French presses within this range in terms of price and finally declared Bodum Brazil French press as the best since no machine came close to making good coffee like this machine.

Who shouldn’t purchase this Bodum French press?

If interested in a French press of high quality to outlive you, don’t consider buying this machine. This is because the plastic casing bends with time while the machine’s glass carafe eventually breaks.

Advantages of Bodum French press

  • Simple and convenient to operate
  • Easy to clean up
  • Makes flavorsome coffee
  • Affordable

Disadvantages of Bodum French press

  • Has a limited useful life


This Bodum French press is affordable and therefore suitable for economists. Though it is the machine that lives the longest, it makes good tasting coffee that surpasses its price. It is also worth the money considering its simplicity to operate.

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