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Product Review: Cuisinart DCC-3200

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We always try to find the best coffee maker models out there to bring you, our audience, the latest when it comes to coffee maker news and reviews. During our research, we struck gold and found in the Cuisinart DCC-3200.

The Overview

In terms of pricing, we were extremely curious to see how Cuisinart would fare compared to other similar products of the same caliber.  As of press time, it is priced at around $80.00.  Do you think this product will do better compared to others of similar quality?

Do not hesitate to continue reading and find out more about the results of our extensive research.  Through this article, we will also show you some of the following:

  • Machinery features
  • Pros and/or Cons of this machine in terms of usage and operation
  • Additional tips on how to set it up
  • Mechanisms involved in making it work

Significant Cuisinart DCC-3200 Features

Here are some of the most prominent features that the particular coffee maker brand has:

The Advanced Heating Capabilities

The overall technological framework of the Cuisinart 14 cup coffee maker helps keep the heat inside the container fills the water.  As a result, the water becomes extraordinarily hot after being boiled using this particular coffee maker.

Because of this, the beverage will surely retain heat much longer compared to other similar products in the market.  This being said, you will not have to worry about the product sacrificing your favorite coffee flavor which steadily rises while the coffee is being brewed.

Automatic Off-Switch

Additionally, you can program the 14 cup coffee maker to shut down automatically as soon as it finishes preparing your coffee.  As an option, the machine can also keep running for about 4 hours after being used.  After which, it can turn off right away.

Easy-to-Use Temperature Controls

With the DCC-3200, you will be able to adjust the temperature accordingly.  You can increase the heat settings of the coffee maker to keep the beverage warm for a longer period of time.  You can also do the opposite if you don’t want to burn your coffee and have it leave a bad taste in your mouth.

This product also comes with a gold-tone Cuisinart Coffee Maker Filter.

Adjustable Machinery Settings

You can set the coffee maker up so that it is programmed more efficiently.  Through the programming of the machine, anyone could fix the timer to have it brew coffee in 24 hours.

The Changeable Numerical Settings

This machine also comes with various settings that will specifically allow you to prepare full pots and cups of coffee and produce that delicious 1-to-4 cup serving fast.  By doing this, you will not waste water unnecessarily by blending more coffee than yourself can take.

Quality Modulators

This product also comes with brew quality modulators for the coffee as follows:

  • Regular Strength
  • Bold Coffee Blend

The former refers to a standard coffee flavor.  It’s not too strong in terms of taste.  The latter will turn your coffee into a much stronger and more flavorful beverage for sure.  It will also create a distinct aroma because of the strong levels of caffeine in it.

Additional Accessories

The product line comes with the following accessories along with the machine itself:

  • A one-year warranty
  • Charcoal Water Filter
  • Glass Carafe
  • Permanent Filter (gold)
  • A clear user-guide

More Options: The Warranty Extension

This product also comes with an additional warranty extension option. This particular warranty extension comes with a small fee.  It can also be extended up to three or four years depending on what you need exactly.

Understanding the Machine Mechanics

The machine is extremely usable.  Just follow these steps:

  • Mix coffee and water in one cup and put it into the coffee maker for later use.
  • After this, click “bold” for a much thicker blend. After changing the settings, you can now hit brew and wait for your coffee to flow down the cup.


It would take 10 minutes at the most for the coffee to completely be brewed using this machine.  While waiting, you can choose to do other things.  However, this machine doesn’t have an off switch or pause button.  So you would just have a few seconds before the cup of coffee reaches the hot plate.

Pros of Cuisinart DCC-3200

  • The water filtering accessories will help give your cup of coffee a thick flavor.
  • The simple design allows users to create the perfect coffee blend to be served at regular intervals without difficulty.
  • Affordability
  • It can brew up to 14 cups which is a few cups short compared to any other local brands out there.

Cons of Cuisinart DCC-3200

This machine produces more steam than any of its counterparts in the market.  This is why it is not ideal to keep your coffee maker inside the cabinets.  Another downside of this product is that the black-colored cover of the plate is only temporary.  It will start peeling away after only 6 to 8 weeks.

It is said that the carafe is dishwasher-friendly. However, some of the stubborn coffee stains might still be trapped between flimsier parts of the dishwasher after cleaning.  You will not easily get rid of it so you need to get your hands dirty and wash it manually.

Guidelines to Help Maximize the Usability of Cuisinart DCC-3200 Coffee Maker

Here are a few pointers to remember when using the Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-3200.  With these steps, you will be able to enhance machine usability and value.

  • Always use the product as intended.
  • Clean the contraption regularly and thoroughly. Make sure that the rims of the coffee filters stay clean because sometimes, coffee grains get stuck in there.
  • De-scaling the machine is important
  • Utilize your provided water filters and change it regularly.
  • It is important to grind your coffee prior to making coffee. However, do not try to grind your coffee beans much earlier.  Doing this will decrease the flavor of the coffee itself.
  • A coarser grind is required for the bolder settings.
  • Make sure to use only high-quality coffee grains.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-3200: Who Should or Should Not Use It?

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 would be great for anyone who has no idea how to make coffee blends of their own.  This model would not require you to learn too much just to use it.  The simple steps in brewing coffee with this machine will be easy for novices to follow.

Anyone who loves the beverage or those who entertain larger groups of people can use this machine to serve their guests efficiently.  It has a large brewing capacity so he or she wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the machine in the future.

On the other hand, it is not idyllic for individuals chiefly focused on product aesthetics.  This is because of the extremely basic design of the machine which will not provide any enhancement for your kitchen countertop designs.

Additionally, the aesthetic value can also decrease upon the peeling of the black covering away from the hot plate.  That being said, it does make good coffee without any extra cost.

Do not let the simple product design discourage you from using it.  It has everything that you would need in a coffee maker and much more.

The Final Judgment

In totality, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 is a fairly good deal.  It will allow you to improve your coffee without sacrificing the quality.

Moreover, the adjustable settings will also allow users to prepare the hot beverage according to their own specifications.

It is a versatile machine that will be able to continuously function well.

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