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Philips 2200 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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The Philips 2200 coffee machine is the perfect partner to help you with your coffee needs. This sleek and slim machine makes its way into your home or office kitchen easily. The machine is user-friendly and straightforward for anyone. 

It does not look for a lot of attention and descales about 5000 cups before needing it again. Another great feature is this machine is easy to use and manageable. 

However, the machine still is a turn-off on some levels. This loud machine uses coffee beans and grinds them. Nevertheless, the sound is quite annoying. 

Should You Choose A Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Machine?

The semi-automatic machines are for people who like some control over their coffee. The device does not use coffee beans. You need ground coffee for this machine to tap the coffee manually. Semi-automatic machines generally do not have options for descaling automatically. 

The fully automatic machines are a little different from the semi-automatic machines. These machines do not require any attention except filling up the containers. Moreover, they descale themselves. They use coffee beans and have their technology for grinding them. 

The question is which one is for you?

If you do not mind changing filters every day, the semi-automatic ones are the best for you. 

However, if you do not have the time or energy to work around machines, the fully automatic ones are the best for you. These machines practically take care of themselves and give you great cups of coffee. Moreover, some devices give you several different coffee beverages.


  • Works with ground and bean coffee.
  • Woks with about 60 shots of espresso.
  • Aqua clean filter helps descaling for 5000 cups.
  • Ceramic grinder with 12 different settings.
  • Indicator lights for maintenance.
  • Two cups at a time.
  • Makes espresso and regular coffee.


  • The machine is quite noisy while grounding.
  • Does not make any other coffee beverages.
  • The machine is plastic.

Philips Coffee Machine Comparison Table

FeaturesPhilips 2200 Philips 3200 Philips 1200 
Taste Adjustable volume, ceramic grinder to preserve taste, aroma sealAdjustable volume, ceramic grinder to maintain taste, aroma sealAdjustable volume, ceramic grinder to preserve the taste 
Brewing capacity60 cups of espresso62 cups of espresso60 cups of espresso 
User-friendliness Touchscreen panelTouchscreen panelTouchscreen panel
Design and materialsPlastic bodyPlastic bodyPlastic body
Cleaning and maintenanceAqua Clean to clean water and descaleAqua Clean to clean water and descaleAqua Clean to clean water and descale
GrindingCeramic grinding with 12 settings Ceramic grinding with 12 settingsCeramic grinding with 12 settings
Additional features2 types of coffeeGround coffeeTwo cups at a time4 types of coffeeTwo cups at a time2 types of coffeeGround coffee
Value for money YesSlightly Too pricey

The Philips 2200 Coffee Machine Review: 


One of the most critical responsibilities for a fully automatic machine is the ability to bring fine taste. The device generally has the feature to enhance the coffee taste. The Philips 220 coffee machine does the same. It has ceramic grinders instead of the regular metal ones. These robust grinders allow the temperature of the grinding to remain stable. This feature helps the coffee grind without burning flavor and taste. 

Another feature to control the taste is this coffee machine has several different settings. You can choose the coffee volume to make the perfect cup for you. To ensure you get the finest cup in each setting, there are 12 different grinding options. Each of these works with your choice of coffee and extract the best flavor. 

In comparison, the Philips 3200 works almost the same. It uses a ceramic grinder to keep the beans safe from burning. This helps keep the flavor of the coffee intact and perfect. There are 12 different settings in this too. These work well with four different types of coffees to work with. 

The Philips 1200 has the same function as 2200. It has ceramic grinders with 12 different settings to ensure the best results without burning. Moreover, this coffee machine gives the option of setting the volume of the coffee.  

Brewing Capacity 

The brewing capacity is another important feature. It helps you find out if this machine is good for the number of people you want and the Philips 2200 has great container options. These containers hide behind the main machine body. This feature makes it clean and gives it a sleek look. 

The water tank on this machine is about 1.7 liters, which is 60 fluid ounces. If one shot of espresso standardly equals one ounce, this machine makes about 60 pure shots of espresso. The capacity for the coffee beans is over one cup. However, for the ground coffee, there is only room for one scoop. 

For the Philips 3200, the water tank capacity is about 1.8 liters. This roughly takes about 62 shots of espresso in one go. However, the capacity for beans is only about one cup. 

Philips 1200 has a user capacity of about 1.7 liters too which is about 60 shots of espresso. There is an option to use one scoop of coffee grounds. Moreover, this machine uses about one cup of beans. 


Being user friendly is another important factor in coffee machines. No one wants to spend hours standing just to figure out how to make a cup of coffee. One of the best things about Philips 2200 is its user-friendliness. The panel is a touchscreen panel to help you toggle through the options. Since this machine makes regular coffee only, you do not have many buttons or confusion. The display size is large and easy to read. 

Hence, anything you choose shows on the display to help you achieve the right settings. There are plenty of indicator lights to help you through the maintenance process. The best thing is, you have the words to avoid all confusion instead of symbols. 

In comparison, the Philips 3200 also has a touchscreen menu. However, because there are more coffee options, there is a bigger menu. There are indication lights in this machine to help with maintenance. 

The Philips 2200 has almost the same display. The touch screen panel works to help you get the coffee of your choice. There are no options for coffee types so the controls are minimalistic too. However, the indication lights are different from the Philips 2200. 

Design and Materials 

The design and materials help with the overall look and durability of the machine. The Philips 2200 is a very sleek looking black machine. It seems to find its look anywhere in your home or office kitchen. This coffee machine has hidden compartments of water and beans. These are not hard to reach at all. They just blend in and make their way into the machine without making it bulky. 

The material of the grinder is ceramic. However, the rest of the materials are plastic. High quality plastic helps make this machine lightweight and easy to use. 

The Philips 3200 is the same in this regard. The machine is nice, clean, and sleek and the design finds its place anywhere you keep it. However, the machine has a few extra buttons because of the coffee options. The ceramic grinder is the same as well as the plastic body. 

Philips 1200 is similar to the former two. This machine also works with a high-quality plastic body. The whole device has the compartments camouflaged to make it one unit. Moreover, the grinder material is ceramic. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Fully automatic machines are the best because they do not require much attention. The Philips 2200 machine is the same when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. This machine uses an Aqua Clean filter. The filter helps keep the water in the machine clean to make the best-tasting coffee. 

Additionally, this filter also descales the machine. It serves up to 5000 cups before it needs replacement. You do not have to count the cups or check on the filter every time. The indication light helps you find out when it is time to change the filter. The machine’s brewing cup comes out easily. 

All you have to do is rinse it after a short time to clean it. The milk frothing part needs more attention. It has only two parts but you need to clean it from time to time. The waste bin holds 12 serving worth of coffee grounds roughly. 

The Philips 3200 and Philips 1200 are also fully automatic and hassle-free. They work the same in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. It also has an Aqua Clean filter to help keep the water in the machine. It also helps descale the machine for about 5000 cups. The indicator light will tell you when to replace the filter. 

The milk frothing part needs personal attention now and then. You can easily remove the brewing group on this to rinse and fit back. Both their waste bins have a capacity of roughly 12 servings. 


Some people like their coffee bitter and black. Some people love it with a foamy cup of milk. Regardless, a coffee machine without its frothing is incomplete. 

Even though Philips 2200 does not have options to make coffee beverages, it still comes with a frothing system. The system helps you make a regular cup of coffee with milk. You can depend on the machine to steam and froth the milk to make it the perfect consistency. The frothing parts are easy to remove and clean to avoid rotten milk leftovers. 

The Philips 3200 makes four different types of coffees. One of them is regular coffee with milk. The container is easy to fill. At the touch of a button, this machine makes the milk nice and frothy for your coffee. The cleaning is easy too. Just take out the parts and clean the milk section. 

For Philips 1200, there is a classic milk frother. It does not have coffee beverage options, so regular milk coffee uses the frothing device. Just like the others, the cleaning is manual but easy with only two parts.  


Getting the right coffee depends largely on the grinding process of the coffee. The grinding process is the first step to ensure the coffee does not spoil all the way in the process. The Philips 2200 has a ceramic grinder. This grinder protects the coffee from burning and ruining the flavor. It keeps the temperature stable. 

You can add freshly roasted coffee beans. There is an aroma seal that keeps the coffee fresh in the container for a long time. The machine grinds at 12 different settings. Each depends on the strength and volume of the coffee you choose. 

The Philips 3200 works hard to ensure freshness as well. You can add your favorite coffee beans and keep them fresh with the aroma seal. The ceramic grinder steps in at a steady temperature and grinds coffee to perfection. There are 12 different settings to make the grinding as per the coffee settings from the user. 

The Philips 1200 is similar to both of these. However, it does not have the aroma seal. With the ceramic grinder and 12 settings, this machine makes grinding coffee great. 

Additional Features

Any coffee machine can make a cup of coffee. However, the best one gives you some additional features to help enhance your experience. The Philips 2200 has a couple of extra features. With this machine, you can enjoy a cup of espresso or regular coffee. 

You can also set the vffee and milk volume to make your perfect cup of coffee with beans or even ground coffee. The compartments are separate for both kinds of coffee. Another great additional feature is the double cup option. This coffee machine can make two cups at the same time. 

The Philips 3200 has some add-ons too. There are four different styles of coffee options in this machine. You can make two cups at a time. Unfortunately, there are no other options in the coffee type for this coffee machine. 

The Philips 1200 is similar to the Philips 2200. However, this machine does not have a double cup option. There are only two different coffee options. You can use ground coffee in this machine as well as an alternative.  

Value For Money 

Is this machine worth the money? 

Well, Philips 2200 is definitely worth the money. The machine is perfect for any household or even a small office. It makes two cups at a time with ease. You can also select the coffee you like to make on your own. The machine is excellent for small crowds as well since it is easy to use. With so many features, the machines stand to the value of money. 

In comparison, the Philips 3200 looks a bit more expensive. However, it seems worth it. The main reason why this machine works at a higher price is the additional coffee beverage and temperature settings. This machine is user-friendly to make your coffee outstanding easily. 

The Philips 1200 has the least for money. It is not a bad machine; it just lacks small features. This machine does not have a double cup option or any aroma seal option. Hence, the details are missing. 

Who Should Buy The Philips 2200? 

The Philips 2200 is a great coffee machine. This coffee machine does not offer many different beverage options. However, this is a great coffee machine for your home and small workplace. It makes the perfect cup of coffee without a lot of hassle. Since the machine does not make many different kinds, it works well for places that just want a cup of coffee. 

One of the best things about this machine is it works well in small spaces. However, it still has the capacity to make a lot of coffee in one go. Moreover, it works well for small crowds as well. This machine is for everybody. It literally finds its way anywhere you keep it. You just need to make sure of the maintenance. In fact, the machine’s indicators help keep up with the maintenance.  

Who Should Not Buy The Philips 2200? 

The Philips 2200 is a great coffee machine. However, not everybody may see it that way. 

The machine is not for people who fancy different coffee beverages. This machine does not make anything other than simple coffee and espresso shots. Hence, it does not suit people who want more than just coffee. 

It is not suitable for restaurant use. Even though it has several properties for automation, it still requires a lot of attention. You need to clean the milk function and the brew group manually.  

FAQs For The Philips 2200 Coffee Machine? 

How Does The Two Cup Function Work?

If you use the two-cup feature on this, you will be able to make two cups simultaneously. However, you have to make either an espresso in both cups of coffee in the two cups. You cannot have different styles and volumes at once.

How Often Do I Have To Clean?

This machine has an Aqua Clean filter that helps in descaling. However, you still have to clean the machine at least every 10 days. The waste bin needs emptying after every 12 servings of coffee. The milk frothing sections need cleaning every other day to keep it fresh. 

Why Is The Machine So Loud?

The machine is naturally loud so do not offend. One of the reasons is the ceramic grinder. The plastic body is not shockproof which reduces the chances of subsiding the sound.


There you have it. The Philips 2200 has several features that make it enjoyable. However, it is not much advanced. So many more machines offer many other features. It works well for small homes or for people who live alone too. It is a good machine for people who want a good cup of coffee without being very fancy. 

Overall, it is delightful and you can save bucks on simple everyday coffee.

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