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OXO Barista Brain the Best OXO Coffee Maker

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The #No1 Choice coffee Maker for us with an Automatic Drip

Today I want to inform you about a brand new and a thrilling OXO coffee maker- OXO Barista Brain.

We did tests on hundreds of coffee makers with a drip style to come up with the best bunch of samples but it is the Barista Brain coffee maker that fascinated us to vote it to be our selected best out of all the other coffee makers.

This clearly indicates about the quality the machine but let us share some information concerning this machine and the experiences we’ve had using this machine and allow you to personally make a decision if OXO coffee maker is your preferred machine.

Continue Reading and Discover the Following:

  • Properties Of The Oxo On 9-Cup Coffee Maker
  • How Barista Brain functions
  • Why select Barista Brain coffee maker instead of other models in the market
  • Limitations of selecting Barista Brain coffee maker instead of other models in the market
  • Who should buy Barista Brain coffee maker
  • Who shouldn’t buy Barista Brain coffee maker
  • Conclusion

Properties of the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Despite the fact that the drip machine is simple, easy to use, the Barista Brain Coffee Maker has a lot of properties that increase its usability and convenience.

These properties include:

  • A single pot produces 2 to 9 cups. And, that’s why this oxo on barista brain 9 cup coffee maker.
  • Heater: It heats the water and maintains the coffee temperature at an optimum level thus ensuring you enjoy a hot cup of coffee though not a level of impairing the coffee’s flavor.
  • LED interface: It has a LED screen that displays the status of the coffee and a clock. This comprises the freshness countdown to ensure that you take your coffee while at its natural best. Additionally, you can adjust it within the duration of 24 hours at any time so that it automatically turns on and makes your coffee at the exact time you need it to.
  • A brewing system controlled by a microprocessor: This simply means that a computing system is mechanized with the machine. It uses fuller extraction by depicting the method of pour over.
  • Rainmaker sprinkler head: The shower head property means that instead of using a single stream to funnel water into the Barista Brain machine, uniform sprinkling is done across the coffee grounds’ surface so as to facilitate even and full flavor extraction.

Things that Come with the OXO Barista Brain Machine

The following items are included in purchasing the machine:

  • Instruction manual
  • Standard 12 months warranty
  • Brew basket
  • Carafe made up of stainless steel

Optional Benefits

On top of the items mentioned above, you can also get the following optional benefits on purchasing the Barista Brain machine:

  • A prolonged warranty of 3 to 4 years for an additional considerate price.
  • A coffee grinder: OXO On have a version of a conical coffee grinder that perfectly fits in the Barista machine and would, therefore, be suitable for those who don’t own any coffee grinder or considering acquiring one.

How Barista Brain Functions

The machine is convenient and easy to operate using the following steps:

  • Place the fresh coffee grounds then load the tank with water.
  • Choose the number of cups you wish to make.
  • Now let the machine do what it does best.

The microprocessor precisely monitors coffee and water volume, water’s temperature and duration are taken in flavor extraction.

Pouring coffee after it has been brewed is extremely simple. Just access the small door then pour. This door seals again as the pot rests.

Coffee made using this machine tastes really well and has an amazing flavor. The hallmark that ranges amazing coffee makers SCAA has certified this machine.

Additionally, this machine and transformers are not compatible and its warranty is considered void if used outside the US.

Why Select  OXO Barista Brain Coffee Maker

There are various merits of choosing the Barista Brain machine over other models in the market today and they include the following:

  • Pouring coffee with a machine is easy and it is also generally easy to operate.
  • Consistency in the coffee taste is guaranteed with every pot that you brew.
  • Coffee remains hot for a long time: Despite the fact that the machine specifications state 2 hours, coffee remains hot up to 4 hours.

Limitations of Selecting OXO Barista Brain Coffee Maker

Just like everything else, even amazing products have some properties that some users don’t appreciate. The main disadvantage of this machine is that it has a brewing process that is extremely tight that you won’t feel the gorgeous smell lately brewed coffee.

Although some people will consider this an advantage since it shows that the carafe has been tightly sealed, for some people, this spoils the amazing feeling of newly brewed coffee.

This machine is also a bit expensive costing around $200.

 How to Utilize your OXO Coffee Maker to the Maximum

  • Only use the machine how the manufacturer directs.
  • Use coffee of good quality.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly descale the machine frequently.
  • Load the carafe with some hot water prior to brewing your coffee if you prefer it extra hot. Empty that water out then brew. This will help the machine’s stainless steel to retain some heat thus ensuring that coffee is placed in an already hot carafe.
  • Use the proposed 65 grams of coffee to make 9 cups if you prefer coarse grind. Reduce the coffee amount when preferring the finer grind to ensure you obtain a balanced flavor.

One more thing, you should go through the oxo coffee maker manual, it will help you to figure out that better.

Who Should Buy OXO Barista Brain?

Barista brain happens to be a good option for most people since it is a coffee maker that is all round.

However, it is greatly recommended for specific people such as:

  • Anyone who needs amazing coffee without experiencing any inconvenience.
  • Anybody who wants the ability to preset the machine and acts like they don’t even have one.

Who shouldn’t buy OXO coffee maker of Barista Brain?

This machine will not be good for:

  • People who to move out the US accompanied by the coffee maker.
  • People who yearn for the smell of coffee that is freshly brewed.


Assumable, now you understand why OXO Barista Brain is the best OXO coffee maker of all. If you have any plan for 12-cup, then you can give a try to oxo on 12 cup coffee maker instead of oxo on 9 cup coffee maker.

Barista Brain machine is definitely the future of all coffee makers that will always astonish you with its ability to make delicious coffee, keeping it hot for a long duration and only using a very simple process.

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