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Nespresso vs Keurig Coffee Makers – The Ultimate Battle

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So, we live in this modern era, when the technology is every day better and better. The market is full of endless kind of appliances, so you can be very picky.

When it comes to single-serve coffee makers first that comes to your mind is Nespresso vs Keurig, both very successfully revolutionized the way that coffee is made on their own unique way of doing.

And if you cannot choose between this two, you must know that you are not the only one – they are definitely two of the greatest brands on the marker at the moment.

But, as the matter of fact, even if it doesn’t seem like that the difference is huge and it’s not so difficult to choose.

You only need to answer this few questions and you’ll know what’s the right choice:

Do like better-flavored coffee, or your choice would be espressos?

How much are you ready to invest in your coffee maker?

And that’s it when you answer these the choice will be crystal clear.

But first of all, let’s talk a little more about the similarity of these two brands before we start Keurig vs Nespresso comparison.

Nespresso vs Keurig Similarities

As I said before, these two are the top pick on the market, when it comes to coffee. Keurig plays a dominant role in America and Nespresso in the whole of Europe.

Both of these coffee makers are single-serve coffee makers and are great at brewing caffeinated beverages.

The hot water is been pushed through the grounds and by following that kind of homogenous brewing process no flavor is left behind – that’s how you get the perfect cup of coffee and why these two are the best in the coffee industry.

And that’s about all when it comes to similarities.

But before we talk about the dissimilarities, here a quick overview.



-Ground coffee


-Hot chocolate

-Other hot beverages

-Hot water




-Espresso sin VertuoLine models

-Cappuccino Decaffeinato in models with milk systems

PodsOver 200-Lungo coffee


-Vanilla-enhanced grounds

-Caramel-infused brews

-Spiced coffees

-Limited edition grounds

Bells and Whistles-High-capacity reservoir


-Brew strength controls

-Light indicators

-Auto-off function

-Descaling option

-Removable drip tray

-Temperature control

-Digital clocks in certain models

-Milk-frothers in certain models


-Built-in capsule drawer

-Removable drip tray

-Light indicators

-Auto-off function

Coffee Brands-Green Mountain





-Celestial Seasoning


-Tully’s etc

-also, there are some models that allow also off brand Keurig k cups and even a ground coffee

-Brazilian Dulsao


-Ethiopian Bukeela

-Colombian Rosabaya

-Indian Indriya etc

Keurig K-Cups VS Nespresso K-Cups

Probably the best thing that Keurig produced are these K-cups that contain pre-packaged and fresh grounds. These are small spastic containers that have lids made of Aluminium and they are nitrogen sealed.

They ensure the optimum freshness to your coffee, not allowing the air of humidity come in contact with the grounds.

And then, the best thing of all is the endless options of flavors – believe it or not there are over two hundred flavors. Just some of them are regular coffee, hot chocolate, Decaf, dark roast, light roast, medium roast etc.

Better said – there is a flavor for everyone and if you like to experiment then better. You can try a new flavor every day.

Nespresso Capsules

Unlike the Nespresso K cups capsules have a small variety of flavors, but the quality is that high that it doesn’t even matter.

They are made out of Aluminium and food-grade lacquer that ensures the freshness to your coffee.

What makes them special is a unique layer of crema and if you lacked crema in your home-made espresso, this is the solution. 

Top 4 Types of Nespresso Capsules 

Espresso Capsules

The traditional, high-quality coffee that’s available in 6 different types.

Who doesn’t love and enjoy these ones?

Pure Origine Capsules

These will make you think about the Italian countryside, they come in 3 different types.

Decaffeinato Capsules

Designed specifically by Nespresso, available in 3 different types.

Lungo Capsules

This one is a little less strong than an espresso, but also more bitter.

Not only that it uses twice the amount of water but also twice of the time is needed to be prepared than espresso.

Coffee Brands

For years Keurig and Nespresso were trying their best to eliminate the competition for off-brand manufacturers but the only thing that they did it had a backlash from their customers.

But today is a bit different situation. For example, Keurig coffee machines are compatible with k-cups from many other brands.

That includes brands such as Folgers, Green Mountain, Tully’s, Starbucks, Celestial Seasonings etc.

There are also some of the models like for example Keurig K55 that allows any coffee pod, no matter of brand.

On the other hand, Nespresso machines allow pod coffee from one of the most famous brands like Hawaiian Kona, Maragogype Special Reserves, Brazilian Dulsao etc.

Keep in mind before you choose your own machine if you have a strong liking to coffee from some of these brands you need to know, are they compatible?


When it comes to variety in this Nespresso or Keurig comparison, Keurig is number one.

Not only that they have the endless options of flavors found ink-cup, but also these machines can also brew from plain hot water to hot chocolate, tea, and other hot beverages.

That is a great thing because they are maybe some members that don’t like coffee and you won’t need to buy a different machine.

You can use this one for your whole family.

On the other hand, Nespresso does not have that variety because it is specialized just to brew coffee, better said espresso.

If you are a coffee fanatic you will love these machines, not only because of the high quality, but also because it has a limited variety of caffeinated beverages, but if you are not – then this machine is not really for you.

Coffee Quality

Probably the most frequently asked question is which machine makes better coffee.

There is no right answer and it all depends on you and your likings and needs.

Nespresso capsules are specialized for espresso fanatics and the number of additives added is insignificant and that’s pretty much the reason why is the variety of flavors limited.

But on the other hand, the coffee that they produce is high quality and the fact that they brew coffee with a creamy frost made their customers to set this machine of the top among the other machines.

So, if you are the fanatic coffee lover, the right choice would be the Nespresso k cups.

There is also Keurig that can offer you lot of Keurig non-coffee flavors. Good thing is that among these options you can experiment and find what you like the most.

If you like different flavors and also a machine that will brew tea and other hot beverages, then this machine is right for you.

Brewing Time

Both of these machines are the fastest that you can find on market, but the brewing part mainly depends on the type of coffee that is brewed.

For example, Nespresso usually takes about 25 seconds to provide you with a great shot of espresso. Keurig needs just a few seconds more than that.

But I mentioned before, some flavors need a bit more time. There is, for example, Lungo that takes not only twice of the amount of water but also needs a double the time to brew.

There is no need to worry about brewing time, the efficiency is guaranteed.

Aesthetics and Design – Nespresso vs Keurig

When it comes to the design, Nespresso did it best to make them stand very elegantly and unique, very carefully choosing the details.

The options od colors are different, so you can choose the color that you want and that suits your kitchen deco the best.

They are also compact, so you won’t have the problem of not fitting under any kitchen cabinet.

Great thing is that they often have a built-in capsule drawer, that’s enough for 10 capsules to collect before having to clean it.

On the other hand, all Keurig machines are simple and look-alike, with the signature logo on the top and the single or a few button control mechanisms.

Bells and Whistles – Nespresso vs Keurig

A good part of the Keurig is that they have a high-capacity reservoir, descaling option, Light indicators, brew strength control, and a removable drip tray so that you use different pod size and travel mugs also.

Some of the Keurig models can even boast temperature controls and digital clocks.

The same set of functions you can find in Nespresso machines. The only difference is in a large reservoir, brew strength controls, and varying pod sizes.

But there is a capsule drawer that Keurig does not have and also you can brew milk-based coffees with the wonderful milk-frother that does not make any fuss and makes the best cream ever.


When it comes to price, Keurig is the winner. Not only their machines but also their pods are significantly less expensive and the ability to use ground coffee is making the selling points.

If you don’t want to use pods you can always view coffee using just a ground coffee.

On the other hand, if you want to use Nespresso, you’ll always need to use pods because it is not compatible with the ground coffee.

But, the aesthetics cost, so that’s why this is some of the reasons why Nespresso is on a pricier side. It all depends on you, if you like the fancy coffee machines and you can afford them, then this is the right choice for you.

Warranty and Build Quality – Nespresso vs Keurig

All Keurig model have a year-long Keurig warranty claim. and just some of the Nespresso models have 2-year limited warranties, so both do not come with that long warranties.

A little difference does not mean anything, because even Nespresso looks sturdy and bulky, the fact is that Keurig model is more durable I live longer.

But that also depends on you. Propper use and cleaning after every use will make your machine live longer, so proper maintenance is always a key.

Here are two of the most famous models from both brands.

Best of the Best

Aesthetics and Design-Classic compact and portable design


– the availability of multiple colors.

Signature Keurig design
Bells and Whistles24-oz water tank



-hinged drip tray

– 60-oz water reservoir


-one-touch LCD panel

-adjustable temperature control

-auto-off feature

digital clock.

VarietyEspresso and lungo.-Coffee (K-cup as well as ground coffee)



-other hot beverages with 5 different cup sizes.

Coffee QualityRich espressos with cremaOptimum-quality flavored coffees as well as teas
Brew TimeNeed about 25 secondsIn Less than 30 secs
Cost EffectivenessLow initial costAverage initial cost
Warranty1-year Limited warrantyKeurig warranty claim: 1-year Limited

Best Value for the Money

Aesthetics and DesignVery compact with the futuristic designHas signature Keurig design
Pros and Cons-Milk frother


-folding drip tray

-24-oz water reservoir

-Backlight indicators

-water level detection

-auto power-off

-used capsule container

-convenient power cord storage

-48-oz water reservoir



-auto-off, -removable drip tray.

VarietyEspresso and lungo.-Coffee



-other hot beverages with 3 different cup sizes.

Coffee Quality The perfect shot of espressoOptimum-quality flavored coffees and teas of any K-cup brand
Brew TimeNeeds about 30 secondsIn less than one minute
Cost EffectivenessExpensiveVery low cost
Warranty2-year Limited warranty1-year Limited warranty

Who Should Choose Keurig?

Variety is the best thing when it comes to Keurig, from endless options of favors to other beverages that can be brewed from a Keurig.

If you love that this machine is the right for you. You can experiment with it and every day try a new flavor.

It’s great for the whole family also, especially if all the members do not love coffee.

It’s simple to use and simple to clean. Great thing is that is not on the pricier side, so it’s very affordable.

Who Should Choose Nespresso?

If you are a true coffee fanatic and the authentic Italian coffee means the world for you, then Nespresso is what you need in your life.

It brews the perfect cup of coffee and even has a milk-frothers so you’ll have that creamy layer that is out of this world. Need to add that it will look great in your kitchen, because of its great modern design.

Nespresso is more expensive, but if you can afford it it’s the right choice for you.

Nespresso vs Keurig? What to Choose?

Whatever you choose from the Nespresso vs Keurig, you won’t be disappointed.

Both of Keurig vs Nespresso are very high-quality machines, you really just need to discover what coffee you prefer and it will help you pick the right one.

Good luck and happy brewing!

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