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Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville Coffee Machine Review for 2021

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The Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machine has a very intuitive and stylish design that can light up any modern kitchen with its wide range of colors. The high-tech centrifugal mechanism and automatic coffee pod barcode reader let the machine prepare your coffee at the push of a single button.

It’s great for those who want to enjoy a wide variety of long, smooth coffees and espressos. The Vertuo Next can support six cup sizes. The machine, packaging, and coffee capsules are green and recyclable.

It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity add-ons. The package includes a collection of taster samples containing 12 different coffee pods.


  • One-button simple operation.
  • Different cup sizes and various recipes.
  • Small and compact machine.
  • Excellent choice of pods.
  • Made of 54% recycled plastic.


  • Restriction on third-party capsule use.
  • Lack of in-built milk option.
  • Slightly noisy machine.
  • The coffee isn’t very hot.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

If you can’t go through the day without a couple of cups of coffee, purchasing a good coffee machine can make your life easy. You’ll cut back on coffee shop expenses, and you won’t have to wait in long lines for a cup of your favorite drink.

If you aren’t an expert at making variations of coffee drinks or have a big family with different coffee preferences, a coffee maker can save you a lot of trouble.

Here’s a list of important factors you should consider when buying a coffee machine:

  • Brewing convenience, ease of use, and speed.
  • Coffee taste and quality.
  • Variety of recipes (if any).
  • Cup sizes.
  • Machine size and ease of maintenance.
  • The coffee pods you can use.
  • Brewing temperature.
  • Cost of the Coffee machine and coffee pods.

Why You Should Consider Nespresso Vertuo Next

Precision Brewing

The Vertuo Next machine incorporates a very intelligent and well-developed mechanism for brewing your coffee. Each Nespresso coffee capsule has a unique barcode hacked on the bottom. The Vertuo Next machine has a barcode scanner that can read the intended extraction parameters, including temperature, flow and volume of water, infusion time, and capsule rotation speed.

This system allows the machine to automatically choose the coffee type and size and get your coffee extracted perfectly every time.


The Nespresso Vertuo Next has a moderately upgraded design compared to the previous models. It looks fabulously stylish and features a very sturdy build. Unlike older generations, this unit doesn’t have any light plastic in its structure, preventing a cheap look.

With its metal lever and high-quality plastic pourer and cup support, the Vertuo Next can bring style to every kitchen. It comes in white, red, and dark gray colors. The white finish looks like enamel, which is very beautiful.

This coffee machine has a movable drip tray with adjustable cup support. Depending on the cup size you’re using, you can adjust the tray in three positions.

It has a removable water tank, which makes it easy for you to refill the machine. Also, there’s a built-in compartment on the machine’s side that holds the used capsules. Once it’s full, simply pull it out and empty it in the trash.

Ease of Use

Unlike many other coffee machines with multiple confusing buttons for adjusting the type and size of your drink, the Nespresso Vertuo Next has developed a one-touch operation.

The machine has a spring-loaded lid that works with a manual clip or lever on top of the device. You should push the lever to the unlocked position so the lid springs open. Then pop the coffee capsule of your choice into place easily. Close the lid and put the lever in the locked position. This may need a bit of force to do, but It’s not a challenging task.

Once you push the only button on top of the machine, it’ll take only 30 seconds for it to heat up and start pouring the coffee for you. When it’s over, open the lid so the used capsule bounces into the waste bin.

If you’re not satisfied with the machine’s defaults, you can manually stop the coffee flow by pushing the same button again. You can also top off your drink with extra water. Just press the button and hold until the coffee reaches your desired level.

This machine has a large water tank, so you won’t have to fill it up constantly. However, adding water to the tank is a piece of cake!

Coffee Taste and Quality

The Vertuo Next machine gives you a rich and smooth coffee with a deep, silky crema. The hermetically sealed aluminum capsules can protect the coffee’s freshness and give you a strong taste and scent.

The machine uses a centrifusion brewing technology to extract every note of each blend. This means the system spins the capsules at up to 4000 rpm and blast water through them to make the coffee.

This centrifusion method keeps the coffee at an ideal temperature of around 67°C and gives you an airier and foamy whipped cream. The hazel-colored crema’s taste and mouthfeel don’t come close to the authentic crema, but it’s undoubtedly more aromatic and pronounced.

Different Cup Sizes

Nespresso offers 25 different blends of coffee inside the capsules. The barcode under the capsule determines the cup size of the drink, as well. Once the machine scans the code, it knows how much water to use. This way, the coffee won’t be watered down to fill the mug and end up tasting thin.

There are five different cup sizes you can choose from:

  • Espresso: A 40 ml drink that’s great for a classic espresso, morning cappuccino, or latte.
  • Double Espresso: Also referred to as Lugno, this 80 ml drink is a double-shot espresso that gives you a more intense coffee experience.
  • Gran Lugno: 150 ml of long black coffee.
  • Mug: 230 ml of rich black coffee, or an evening treat with a dash of milk.
  • Alto: A 414 ml drink for an extended feeling of enjoyment.

A Wide Range of Signature Coffees and Espressos

Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee capsule varieties with multiple flavors, blends, and strengths. The Vertuo Next brews both standard coffee and espresso. There are over 25 blends of ground and roast coffee with flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel.

The barcode system restricts the use of third-party coffee capsules, which may be less expensive than Nespresso’s, but you can’t oversee the quality.

Different Variations

The Vertuo Next machine is available in three ranges. The mechanism and internal design are the same with the variations. It’s just about the looks with these fancier models.

The first and cheapest machine is the sleek standard model that I described earlier.

The second version, and the more expensive one, is the Vertuo Next Premium with a metal outer cup support. It comes in classic black and rich brown colors with a refined chrome color accent.

The third model bumps the price up in exchange for a more luxurious look. It’s got a stainless-steel coating that comes in light and dark chrome finishes.

You can purchase each model solo, with a milk frother, or a Barista frother. Nespresso Aeroccino3 milk frother can make light and creamy milk froth hot or cold. It can also warm up the milk. This addition is great for the people who love to have some cream or milk inside their coffee.

The Barista milk frother is certainly an upgrade, offering over 20 variations of iced or hot milk coffees.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Vertuo Next machine has additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It’s compatible with IOS and Android devices. You can connect the machine to your home network or pair it to your phone via the Nespresso app.

This feature allows the machine to update its software automatically. The machine can also keep track of the coffee capsules you use, and the app warns you whenever you’re running out of them. Although you can’t control the machine remotely, you can check the water status, adjust the volume, and reset the machine to its factory settings via the app.

Space Saving

One of this machine’s key features is its compact and slim size, making it great for small kitchens. Compared to its predecessor, the Vertuo Plus, this machine has a smaller water tank. 

As a result, it’s shorter – 34 cm vs. 48 cm. The dimensions are 32*14*34 cm, and the machine weighs 4 kg. The water tank has a bit more than a liter capacity, which is enough for four mugs of coffee.

The detachable side compartment can contain ten espresso or six used mug capsules.


The Vertuo Next machine is the first Nespresso coffee machine that’s made of 54% recycled plastic. The package is plastic and polystyrene-free and made with 99.5% recycled materials.

The coffee capsules may be costly, but that’s because they’re not made of plastic. Nespresso uses recyclable aluminum for making the pods.

The machine has an energy-saving function that automatically turns the system off after two minutes of inactivity.

Easy Maintenance

Given the centrifugal mechanism, the machine extracts almost all coffee traces. So, you won’t get many drips on the tray, and the pods come out dry. Every once in a while, you can hand-wash the drip tray, capsule container, and water compartment. Use a damp cloth to wipe the base clean. Don’t use abrasive detergents or vinegar.

The machine has a cleaning program for flushing out the machine that takes only ten minutes. Finally, whenever the light blinks orange, it’s time for the descaling program. You’ll need a descaling solution and the manual. Follow the exact instructions, and you’ll have your machine clean in less than 20 minutes.

Includes Taster Sample

The Vertuo Next package welcomes you to the Nespresso family with a complimentary starter pack containing 12 capsules. This way, it introduces you to various size and flavor options that the brand offers.

Things to Know About Vertuo Next

What Is the Difference Between Vertuo Plus And Vertuo Next?

The most obvious difference between Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Next is in their design. The Vertuo Next is a more compact machine that takes up less space. It comes in six colors. As oppoesed to Vertuo Next’s Manual lid, the Vertuo Plus has an automated lever.

Nespresso makes the Vertuo Plus with 54% recycled plastic. The packaging is also 100% recycable. Both machines brew the coffee with centrifusion technology and capsule barcode scanning.

What Pods Are Compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Next?

Unfortunately, the barcode reading system doesn’t allow you to us coffee pods from other brands. However, you can reuse Nespresso’s coffee capsules with My-Cap lids. My-Cap offers you coffee filters along with BPA-free silicone caps so that you can use freshly ground coffee beans from the brand of your choice.

You should cut the lid off the used Nespresso capsules, empty the grinds, wash the capsule, and fill it with coffee. Then out a filter on the coffee and place the silicone on top. It’s ready to brew! You can also store the capsule for later, using a My-cap lid.

This method helps you cut back on the cost of capsules and reduce your kitchen waste.

Can I Use Starbucks Pods in Nespresso Vertuo?

Nespresso offers a collection of Starbucks coffee capsules for you to brew your favorite Starbucks drink at home easily. The capsules are single-serve, and each espresso drink is 1.35 oz. They’re compatible with all Vertuo line coffee machines, including the Vertuo Next.

What Is the Difference Between the Aeroccino3 Mlik Frother and Barista Milk Frother?

The Aeroccino3 milk frother offers silky and smooth milk froth, hot or cold, with the touch of a button.

The Barista milk frother is an app-connected device that lets you navigate more than 20 different coffee recipes with an integrated touch display. The recipes include delicious drinks like mocha, iced frappe, and a creamy latte.

Final Words on the Vertuo Next

The Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee maker lets you prepare your favorite cup of coffee, in your preferred size, any time of the day, with minimal effort. It’s a compact machine and relatively easy to clean. You’re not likely to find a more stylish design and developed technology. This machine can get your coffee right every time, very fast.

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