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Nespresso Pixie Next Machine Review for 2021

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The name Pixie beautifully reflects the combination of happy design and smart technology incorporated in this device. The Nespresso Pixie coffee maker is the smallest among all the Nespresso’s machines. However, that doesn’t take anything away from its functionality and durability.

This machine is compatible with Nespresso’s Grand crus coffee capsules and uses a 19-bar pressure to extract the flavor from each coffee ground inside the pods. It can deliver two cup sizes: Espresso and Lungo. The flip drip tray holds smaller cups and prevents splashing.

The removable water reservoir is at the back of the machine. The machine heats the water in 25 seconds. After each use, the coffee pod falls into the built-in capsule bin.

The Pixie is very energy-efficient; it shuts off after 9 minutes of inactivity. It’s also easy to maintain and clean. A welcome gift comes with the machine containing 16 of Nespresso’s favorite coffee capsules.


  • Ease of use and fast brewing.
  • Compact size.
  • Quality coffee with a rich cream.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Great design with a durable aluminum exterior.


  • Only two brewing options.
  • Limited to compatible pods.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

There are a few important factors you need to consider before purchasing any coffee maker. 

Aside from the looks of the machine, think about your preferred cup of coffee. Is it a one-shot espresso, or do you like longer drinks? Would you prefer some foam and milk in your coffee? Do you always serve the same type, or do you want to prepare different drinks each time?

Where do you want to put the machine, and how compact should it be? Do you want a fast cup in the morning, or would you like to be involved in the process of creating the coffee? Do you mind using coffee pods? Finally, think about how much you want to spend on the coffee maker.

Why You Should Consider the Nespresso Pixie Next


The Nespresso Pixie is one of the most minimalistic and visually appealing coffee makers you could find. The electric colors, playful textures, and sleek finish let this high-quality machine bring life to any countertop.

The machine’s body is made of aluminum and hard plastic, giving it a high-grade feel. Its four colors/designs on Nespresso’s website at the time of writing are Red, titanium, aluminum, and carmine red.

The titanium and red colors come with horizontal lines or grooves on the side. There’s a pattern of tiny dots on the side of the carmine red and aluminum machines that give them a more refined texture. The aluminum color resembles a brushed metal finish. The colors beautifully combine with the black and steel parts, complementing the whole look.

Pixie’s removable drip tray makes the machine less messy than many other espresso units. You can flip up the tray to make room for bigger cups under the spout. There’s also a capsule bin behind the tray that holds used pods. The removable water reservoir is made of clear plastic and sits on the back of the machine.

Ease of Use

The Nespresso Pixie is one of the quickest and most straightforward coffee machines on the market. It could make your sleepy mornings or busy afternoons quite simple with its intuitive design.

First, fill the water tank, preferably with filtered water, since the machine doesn’t have an internal filter. Then, press either of the two buttons on top of the device to turn it on. The lights will start to blink for about 25 seconds before the rapid thermo-block technology heats the water to proper brewing temperature.

Rotate the silver handle that sits in front of the machine, revealing a capsule-shaped compartment on top. Pop in your chosen coffee capsule, and push the lever back down to close the lid. Put a cup under the spout, and press the button of your choice. One brews espresso and one a Lungo. The machine will start to pour your coffee, and it’ll be ready in a couple of seconds.

The next time you push up the lever, the used coffee capsule will fall into the capsule bin. The compartment is big enough to contain about ten pods, so you won’t have to travel to the trashcan after each brew.

Coffee Taste and Quality

The technology behind the brewing method makes the Nespresso Pixie machine one of the best single-serve coffee makers. Most of the machines prepare coffee that feels watered down.

The Nespresso capsules have one of the best coffee qualities. They’re made of aluminum and hermetically sealed, keeping the coffee fresh. However, the best coffee won’t taste good if it doesn’t get to the optimal temperature and isn’t brewed right.

The Pixie coffee maker has a 19-bar pressure pump, which is more than enough for regular home use. 

It pierces the pods in several spots. The shape of the coffee capsules ensures that the pressurized water flows evenly through the coffee. The temperature rises to about 185°C, which is more than most other Nespresso machines.

All these factors ensure that every bit of the flavor and taste get extracted from the coffee ground. You’ll get a strong, smooth shot with a silky, fragrant cream every time.

Brewing Options

There are two pre-programmed Brewing options in the Pixie machine and two buttons representing them: a 1.35-oz espresso and a 2.75-oz Lungo or double shot. You can flip down the drip tray for an espresso drink to prevent splashing.

The Pixie doesn’t let you tweak the pressure, temperature or brew a full-sized cup of coffee, but you can customize the drink size and have control over the strength of your espresso.

Put your cup under the spout and insert a capsule. Then push and hold either of the buttons. The machine will keep adding water until you let go of the button. That’s how you reprogram the Pixie, and it’ll remember your preferred volume for future shots.

You can also make yourself an Americano, espresso, plus extra hot water (around 5 oz). Using the same method, set one of the buttons to brew your preferred espresso shot and the other one to add the right amount of hot water volume.

Water Tank

The water tank sits behind the machine, and you can easily remove it for washing or refilling. You can also top it off without moving the reservoir. It has a lid that prevents dust, insects, and other particles in your water.

The tank’s capacity is 0.7 liter, which isn’t large compared to other one-shot coffee makers. However, considering the size of the machine, it’s acceptable for daily use. You can make about 20 cups of espresso or 10 cups of Lungo before having to refill the tank.

The Pixie warns you when the water level gets too low. There’s a blue indicator light that will turn red when the compartment is nearly empty.

Space Saving

The Pixie is the smallest Nespresso coffee machine. According to the company, it’s about the height of eight stacked Nespresso capsules. 

The exact dimensions are 11.1 x 23.5 x 32.6 cm. You can fit this compact machine almost anywhere, and it’ll go unnoticed, from a small and crowded kitchen to your office desk, the living room, dorm room, and even the patio.

The Pixie is also extra light, weighing 3 kilograms. This feature makes it perfect for easy transportation and even traveling.

Wide Range of Signature Coffees

Nespresso’s coffee capsules are famous for their fresh and high-quality taste. The Pixie is one of Nespresso’s Original Line coffee makers, meaning all of the Grand Crus capsule collections are compatible.

A wide range of capsules with various roasts and flavors, plus limited editions, are available on Nespresso’s website. From caffeinated to decaf, medium to dark roast, mild to intense, they’ve got a coffee for every taste! The flavored blends include vanilla, caramel, and cocoa.

All of the coffee pods deliver a rich flavor, aroma, and cream.


Nespresso Pixie doesn’t have a built-in milk frother. However, If you want the occasional latte or cappuccino, you could get the Pixie and Aeroccino3 milk frother. 

Much like the machine itself, it’s pretty straightforward to work with. Just pour in the milk, close the lid, and push the button to get your order after about a minute.

It can prepare creamy milk froth, hot or cold, or warm up the milk. You can make a maximum of 4 oz milk foam or 8 oz hot milk.

That could be an excellent option for those who love a dash of milk in their coffee but don’t have the budget for more expensive coffee makers. You’ll only pay about $50 extra if you get the Aerrocino with the Pixie.


Nespresso Pixie is a green machine. 

Firstly, the machine itself has a 60% recyclability potential. You could bring the device back to where you bought it or any electrical appliance store to have its components recycled. 

Secondly, the Pixie takes up minimum energy to make your coffee. It’s also programmed to shut off automatically after nine minutes of inactivity. You could reprogram the period up to 30 minutes. This way, you won’t have to worry about turning off the machine when you’re in a hurry, the electric bills won’t hurt your wallet as much, and you make it easier on the environment.

Moreover, the lights are all LEDs, reducing the machine’s energy use.

It’s completely safe to use the Nespresso capsules because they’re BPA-free. Also, they’re made of aluminum, so they can be recycled. Take them to Nespresso’s collecting points to recycle both the coffee and the pods.


Nespresso Pixie is a low-maintenance coffee machine. 

When you buy it, before making your first coffee, run the machine without a capsule. This way, you’ll ensure the extraction canal is clean, and your coffee will taste its best.

Clean the machine’s exterior with a damp cloth. Remove the water compartment, drip tray, and pod bin regularly and wash with water. It’s best to push the lever and eject the used capsule after each use so that it won’t stay in the machine for long. The milk frother has a cleaning procedure you can activate after each use.

The Pixie has an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to run a descaling cycle. The frequency depends on your water hardness and whether you use filtered water. The harder the water, the sooner the calcium deposits will disrupt the machine’s functionality and affect the coffee taste.

Even without the descaling alarm going off, it’s best if you descale your machine after 300 cups of coffee. That could be anywhere between 3-6 months.

The process will take 20 minutes of your time. Remember, it’s best to use the Nespresso descaling kit specifically made for the coffee machines. Don’t use vinegar because it can damage your device and alter the coffee taste.

Complimentary Welcome Gift

The Pixie comes with a complimentary welcome gift, a collection of Nespresso’s famous capsules. There are 16 capsules in the set, each with a different taste and aroma. Drink your way through them and find your favorites so that you can order those the next time.


Nespresso Pixie is a very durable and sturdy machine. The price is also reasonable for a single-shot coffee maker with premium espresso. Nespresso offers a 2-year warranty for this machine. You could pay a small additional fee for an extended warranty of up to three or four years, depending on the package you choose.

Things to Know About Nespresso Pixie 

What Pods Are Compatible with Nespresso Pixie?

Other than the Nespresso Grand Crus capsules, many brands make their coffee pods compatible with the Nespresso Original Line machines, including the Pixie.

Gourmesso, Cafe Pod, HiLine Coffee, Real Coffee, Hotel Chocolate, Douwe Egberts, and others have compatible pods. Starbucks has four types of coffee capsules named “Starbucks Espresso Capsules” that you can use in your Pixie machine.

To preserve the environment, you could purchase WayCap’s reusable coffee capsules and fill them with the coffee you bought. Wash them after each brew and use them again.

What Is the Difference Between Nespresso Pixie and CitiZ?

Both the Pixie and CitiZ machines use the same coffee pods and brewing methods. They have a 19-bar pressure pump and can prepare epressos and Lungos.

However, the Pixie is slightly more compact than the CitiZ. The water tank is also smaller, but the Pixie has a smart indicator that warns you when the reservoir is nearly empty.

Who Makes Nespresso Pixie?

Four companies manufacture the Nespresso machines. Breville and DeLonghi make the machines for the United States and Canada. Krups and Magimix are the manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The machines’ exteriors may look a bit different, but they all function the same

Final Words on The Pixie

As you must have noticed, The Pixie coffee maker doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles. However, it has a fashionable and sleek design, durable build, and intelligent technology. It can brew a quality coffee with rich cream at the push of a button. Check out the compact and beautiful Nespresso Pixie Machine.

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