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Nespresso CitiZ Coffee Machine Review for 2021

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The Nespresso CitiZ is a modern coffee machine with a slim and sleek design. It makes coffee with the push of a button and has very few bells and whistles. Its compact size makes it perfect for small kitchens.

Like the more expensive models, the 19-bar pressure pump lets it brew espressos and Lungos with a premium taste and delicate aroma. The cream is also rich and smooth.

The machine heats up in just 25 seconds and shuts off automatically after 9 minutes for safety and energy-saving reasons.

The brew sizes are customizable, and the water reservoir is relatively big. Like other OriginalLine Nespresso machines, the CitiZ works with the Grand Crus Nespresso capsules.  

If you like lattes and cappuccinos, go for the “CitiZ & Milk” set that comes with a high-quality fother.


  • Simple to use.
  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Compact design.
  • Large reservoir.
  • Ability to brew two coffee types.
  • Programmable brewing amount.
  • Great value for money.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Sample capsule box.
  • Maintenance alert.


  • Lack of additional features.
  • No built-in milk frother in the basic model.
  • Only two drink sizes.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

Depending on your preferences, you should consider different factors when buying a coffee machine.

Some people love to feel like a barista and be in charge of making the coffee for the most part. Some like to work with several settings and capabilities. However, many busy individuals want a fast cup of espresso with minimal effort. They prefer their machine to be simple, with few bells and whistles.

Think about whether you’re an espresso drinker or you prefer lattes and cappuccinos. Do you want the machine to make multiple cup sizes? Is the coffee taste your top priority?

Can you fit a bulky coffee machine in your kitchen, or do you prefer a compact model? How much are you willing to spend on a quality coffee machine? Do you mind using the brand’s coffee capsules, or do you prefer to buy your own coffee?

You should also consider the machine’s water reservoir capacity, pressure pump, compatible pods, and how easy it is to clean.

Why You Should Consider Nespresso CitiZ


At first glance, the Nespresso CitiZ doesn’t look like it belongs to its price range since it has a minimalistic design. But this doesn’t take anything away from its performance.

The outer shell is made of quality hard plastic. Of course, it can’t compete with expensive, heavy machines made of metals. But it sure is stylish and sleek with a high-end feel.

The Nespresso CitiZ comes in four colors: cherry red, white, chrome, and black. The lid, coffee outlet, and drip tray are chrome, which blends with the colors beautifully.

The water reservoir is made of clear plastic and sits on the machine’s back to stay hidden. 

The drip tray is removable to fit big travel mugs under the spout. There’s also a foldable drip tray that you can use for pouring small espresso drinks and prevent the coffee from splashing. A capsule bin sits behind the spout, and the small openings in the front wall let you see how full the compartment is.

Ease of Use

The most valuable feature of Nespresso CitiZ is its speed and convenience. Even if you have difficulty working with new devices, you’ll be able to figure out its settings quickly.

The interface is quite straightforward. There isn’t an on/off switch. Instead, you’ll see two buttons on top, one for one-shot espresso drinks and another for two-shot Lungo. Both will turn on the machine.

The button will start blinking for about 25 seconds while the machine heats up. Simply lift the lever, insert the coffee pod of your choice, and pull the lever to close. Put your cup under the spout and wait for the button to illuminate a steady green light. Then select your chosen drink type and wait about 20 seconds until your cup is full. Piece of cake!

The next time you open the lid, the machine automatically ejects the used pod into the capsule compartment, so you won’t have to remove it every time. The bin can contain up to 10 pods. Once full, remove, empty, and wash. Besides, since it sits on top of the drip tray, the coffee left in the capsules doesn’t make your counter dirty.

Water Tank

CitiZ’s water reservoir is the biggest among the Nespresso Original Line machines. It can hold 1 liter of water, so you won’t have to refill it often. Even so, you can fill the container easily by removing the lid.

You may face problems with removing the water container for washing if you place the coffee maker under a low cabinet. But the cable is long enough for you to move the machine forwards and remove the compartment without having to unplug the device.

Coffee Taste and Quality

Nespresso uses quality coffee grounds in its capsules to deliver a premium taste and aroma. Also, the hermetically sealed aluminum pods keep the coffee fresh and full-flavored.

But when it comes to making coffee with machines, the coffee ground quality isn’t the only important factor. The brewing method can make a massive difference in the mouthfeel, taste, and aroma.

The Nespresso CitiZ has a maximum of 19 bar pressure. It pierces the pods in multiple spots so it can force the water through strongly. This fluid system perfectly extracts every bit of flavor from the coffee and delivers a rich taste with a dense cream.

Brewing Options

The CitiZ comes with two programmed brewing options: a 40ml espresso and 110ml Lungo. The espresso is stronger, and the Lungo or double-espresso is less intense. Nespresso has different coffee pods for these two drinks.

Although it’s not possible to program the exact drink volume, you can manually change its size if you’re not satisfied with it. Insert the coffee pod, press either of the buttons and hold until the drink reaches your desired amount. The machine will remember your choice for future brews.

You can also adjust the machine to pour Americanos with the same method. Set one button for your preferred shot size and the other for the right amount of hot water. Remove the coffee capsule before you press the second button.   

Value for Money 

The Nespresso CitiZ hits the perfect middle ground considering both quality and price.

Despite being a mid-range coffee maker, the CitiZ has the same brewing technology as the more advanced models and delivers the same coffee quality. The only difference lies in its simplicity and fewer additional features.


The CitiZ basic model doesn’t come with milk accessories, which can be acceptable for espresso drinkers. However, if you like to have cappuccinos and lattes, you can get the “CitiZ & Milk” version without spending too much money on a pricier brewer. 

This model has the Aeroccino built into the coffee machine’s side, which you can remove and wash. The deal will also cost you less than getting an Aeroccino separately.

Using the milk frother is as easy as using the machine itself. Just pour the milk in, close the lid, push the button, and wait for a short while. It’ll froth your milk, hot or cold, to a rich foam. To reduce the foam intensity, remove the outer circle on the whisk.

A Wide Range of Signature Coffees

CitiZ is an Original Line Nespresso machine, so the Grand Crus capsules are compatible with it. Other than unforgettable taste and quality, Nespresso capsules offer a wide range of flavors for every taste.

There are more than 30 variations, ranging from medium to dark roast, with different intensities. You can choose from caffeinated or decaf capsules or even from the flavored ones that include caramel, vanilla, and cocoa.

Space Saving

The Nespresso CitiZ has a compact size that makes it a great coffee maker for small kitchens, crowded countertops, or even an office! It can fit right in any setting without you noticing.

Of course, smaller coffee makers exist out there, but the CitiZ has an ideal size that doesn’t compromise other features. Any shorter than this makes fitting bigger cups difficult, and you’ll constantly be refilling the water reservoir.


Made of aluminum, Nespresso coffee pods leave no trace of plastic and are 100% recyclable. So, you can return them to Nespresso, where both the coffee and used pods are recycled. They’re also BPA-free, so no worries there!

Another green feature about the CitiZ is that it automatically shuts off after 9 minutes of making the coffee to save energy. If you need it to stay on for longer, you can program it to turn off after 30 minutes.

Easy Maintenance

To clean the device, remove and wash the water compartment, pod bin, and drip tray every once in a while. Also, the exteriors need wiping down with a damp cloth. 

The machine has an automatic descale indicator. Depending on your local water hardness, you should run a descaling cycle after making 300 to 1200 cups of coffee. The process shouldn’t be that hard, with the manual guiding you through it.

Complimentary Welcome Gift

The machine comes with a set of Nespresso coffee pods with different tastes and flavors. You can drink through them and find out which ones you like more.

You can order your favorite capsule online from the Nespresso club.


According to reviews, most customers are pleased with the machine’s longevity. Of course, the expensive stainless-steel models are sturdier, but the CitiZ is also a durable appliance.

Nespresso offers a one-year warranty for this model. The customer service is responsive to your problems.

Things to Know About Nespresso CitiZ

What Is the Difference Between Nespresso CitiZ And Pixie?

The Pixie machine is a bit more compact than the CitiZ, with a smaller water reservoir. It has a flashing light that lets you know when the water level is low, and it’s time for a refill.

The pod bins are the same size, but the Pixie’s is made of clear plastic. Also, a flashing light illuminates the empty pods in the compartment.

Pixie is a bit faster than CitiZ. However, there have been reports of it being noisier. Other than these small differences, the machine’s mechanisms are the same. They both work with a 19-bar pump and use Nespresso’s Grand Cruse pods.

Who Makes Nespresso CitiZ?

Two manufacturers make the Nespresso CitiZ machine: Krups and Magimix.

Both Krups CitiZ and Magimix CitiZ have the same internal design, technology, and specifications, but they vary in their exterior appearance. The Krups creates circular holes at the back of the drip tray, but Magimix uses horizontal lines. Krups favors brighter colors, and Magimix sticks with traditional and conservative designs.

What Pods Are Compatible with Nespresso CitiZ?

Many pods are compatible with Nespresso CitiZ, and since the original Nespresso capsules are a bit expensive, people prefer to use its alternatives. Brands that produce their capsules to be compatible with Nespresso’s Original Line machines include the CitiZ. Gourmesso, Café Pod, Real Coffee, Hotel Chocolate, and a few others.

Even Starbucks has launched compatible Nespresso pods named “Starbucks Nespresso Capsules” in four varieties:

  • Fairtrade Espresso Roast capsule.
  • Colombia Espresso capsule.
  • Guatemala Antigua Espresso capsule.
  • Kenya Espresso capsule.

Even if you like to brew with your own coffee beans, reusable WayCap capsules let that happen. Fill them with your favorite coffee and close the lid. Put them inside the machine, and start the brewing cycle. Then, take them out, empty, and do it again!

Final Words on The Nespresso CitiZ Review

If you’re the kind of person who wants a quick and easy espresso and don’t care about additional features, the CitiZ is for you! It’s easy on your wallet and can fit in a small kitchen. Besides, the energy-efficiency features can cut your costs in the long run.

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