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Keurig Eccellenza Touch Review – the Best Bean-to-Cup Brewer for Intensive Commercial Use

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Eccellenza Touch is a commercial bean-to-cup brewer manufactured by  VKI Technologies, but since 2011 when Keurig acquired the company, it’s been a part of the Keurig collection.

With an innovative brewing engine, a heavy-duty motor, and solid construction, this machine can serve up to 150 servings a day, and at the same time, meet their different beverage cravings. It offers an unmatched beverage selection, the most cutting edge technologies, and a speedy and convenient experience.

Keep reading this Eccellenza Touch Review to get an idea of how this coffee maker works. 

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of Eccellenza Touch bean-to-cup brewer.


  • Plumbed-in water supply.
  • Three cup sizes and strength levels.
  • Suitable for 50 to 150 employees.
  • Specialty beverages at the touch of a button.
  • Ten coffee selections.
  • Settings for quick and automatic rinse.
  • High-tech user-friendly interface.
  • High-capacity coffee and powder hoppers.
  • Green solution with environment-friendly features.
  • Energy-saving mode.
  • Programmable features.
  • Tested and approved by safety organizations.
  • Modern design.


  • Very expensive.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Bean-to-Cup Brewer

Although there are dozens of commercial coffee maker brands on the market, not many can meet a high-traffic setup’s coffee needs. For example, some of them provide programmable settings for cold, hot, mild, and strong coffee but fail to make specialty drinks. Others boast office-friendly features such as a coin vending machine and direct plumbing, but they can’t handle high pressure.

Eccellenza Touch is the ultimate machine that overcomes all these shortcomings. It can serve 150 people a day without wear and tear. At the same time, it lets you brew café-inspired beverages in almost no time. So you don’t have to deal with K-Cups, whip milk, or fill a reservoir. 

If you want to spice up your typical coffee selections and are willing to pay pretty pennies for a high-end pro office brewer, this Eccellenza Touch Review is for you.

But if you’re looking for a lower-price option that serves fewer office members, simply skip this review and go for a cheaper alternative such as the Keurig 4000 Cafe system.

Regardless of your office size, you should consider the following factors before buying a commercial coffee maker:

  • Pour-over or plumbed-in water supply.
  • Customizable options, such as cup size, temperature, or strength level.
  • The size compared to your office dimensions.
  • Ability to make café-inspired drinks.
  • K-Cup pod or coffee bean compatibility.
  • The capacity of coffee/powder dispensers.
  • Buttons vs. touchscreen control panel.
  • Ease of use.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Brewing time.
  • Initial and running costs.
  • Reliability.
  • Taste.

Why You Should Consider the Keurig Eccellenza Touch


As a new generation of single-cup brewers, Eccellenza Touch has also innovated in its design. It has a sleek, white/black housing with a ten-inch high-resolution LCD that’s bigger than any other screens you can find on a brewer.  

It has two transparent containers that hold and nicely display your coffee beans on top of the machine. On the other hand, the pull-out waste bin is not visible until you remove it, adding to its visual appeal.

Also, three out-of-sight hoppers on the machine’s left wall keep soluble powders – one for milk, one for french vanilla, and another for chocolate.

Each container can hold about 6.75 pounds of powder, and the coffee bean dispensers have 2.5 pounds of capacity.

Above all, the machine measures 28 inches high, 20 inches wide, and only 20 inches deep. So it won’t be a challenge to find a place for it in your office.

Various Beverage Options

The Eccellenza Touch brewer has automatic recipes for different types of milk-based and chocolate-based beverages. So, you don’t need to learn all the ins and outs of making a specialty beverage or do any of the preparing steps manually. 

From latte, cappuccino, and french vanilla coffee to mocha, mochaccino, and hot milk chocolate, you can make anything with this machine and bring the whole coffeeshop menu right in your office.

The Eccellenza Touch has 18 different options for mild, dark, and decaffeinated coffee. The machine differentiates between regular and espresso-based coffee, and it gives you the freedom to brew from either coffee hopper. You can also have a blend of both coffee beans, offering a more diverse experience.

Cup Size and Strength Variability

This single-serve bean-to-cup brewer extracts your coffee in three different sizes: 8, 10, and 12 ounces. However, it doesn’t change your coffee boldness or water it down as you go up in size.

Instead, it offers three separate settings to manage your coffee strength before you hit the “start” icon. This way, you’re not restricted to a certain amount of coffee. You can have either a large cup of mild coffee or a small cup of concentrated coffee.

Note that the size options don’t apply to the espresso-style beverages. When you want to have a cup of espresso, you should choose between three selections of 3, 3.7, and 4.7-ounce sizes. 

These numbers are labeled as Mild, Medium, and Strong icons.

Quick and Easy Access

What’s even more exciting than a diverse table of drinks is the simplicity of access to that menu.

When working with the Eccellenza Touch, you’re only a few swipes away from your favorite cup of coffee. Besides, it only takes a minute to have your beverage in front of you. That means a super-quick user experience.

Here’s how you can brew a personalized hot drink with this machine:

Advanced User Interface

The Eccellenza Touch is a high-end commercial brewer with an advanced, easy-to-use interface.

The wide LCD screen lets you read and choose the options conveniently. An integrated WiFi interface enables you to get the newest data and statistics about the machine, and with a USB flash drive, you can update your brewer to the latest firmware version.

Besides, the in-built dashboard saves all the consumption data so that you can count your monthly drinks and manage your office expenditures.

The Eccellenza Touch has a smart diagnostic system that automatically detects and informs you of the machine’s potential issues. So, you don’t have to check it regularly or hire a professional to figure out the problem. 

Direct Water Line Plumbing

For a commercial brewer that serves more than fifty people a day, auto-refilling is a must, and Eccellenza Touch truly understands this necessity.

With direct water line plumbing, you can hook the machine to the urban water supply and brew as many coffees as you want without needing to fill a reservoir.


With energy usage in mind, this machine has a programmable clock/calendar, so you can set it to turn off at a specific time automatically.

This is very helpful for a commercial brewer because employees aren’t present during night hours, weekends, or holidays. It not only helps conserve energy but also minimizes the risk of electrical hazards.


Most drip-brew coffee makers use a paper filter to pass hot water through the coffee grounds, but the Eccellenza Touch contains a paperless, stainless steel filter to drain the hot water out.

Having a reusable filter reduces your expenses and, above all, reduces the machine’s carbon footprint.

It also stores the coffee grounds rather than throwing them away. So, you can use the waste to make compost or sell it to farmers.

Ultimate Taste

As far as your coffee taste is concerned, the  Eccellenza Touch receives an excellent rating in our review. For starters, the stainless steel filter doesn’t leave a paper-like flavor in your coffee and lets you feel the genuine taste of the coffee beans.

The patented reverse French press technology – the process of pulling rather than pushing the grounds after brewing – removes all the grimy sediments, producing a more clear, fine cup of coffee. 

Besides, it ensures the used grounds won’t remain in the filter or come in contact with the next coffee. So your evening brew will be as fresh as your first brew in the morning.


VKI’s Eccellenza Touch has passed the extensive analysis of product testing organizations such as NSF, NAMA, and ETL.

Being NFS certified means the device meets US safety and sanitation standards. Having an ETL mark shows that Intertek guarantees it complies with electrical safety standards. And NAMA certification indicates it’s in line with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s public health criteria.

These labels show the machine is reliable to use in a high-volume setting and won’t pose a threat to anyone.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the Eccellenza Touch costs you nothing in the first 12 months or before you brew the 10,000th cup of coffee. Until that time, all you need is to do some cleaning or check-ups on a daily or weekly basis.

Daily Care

The daily care includes wiping the machine exteriors, removing the grounds waste, and emptying the drip tray. Both the drip tray and grounds container are detachable for easy discarding. Besides, the machine will notify you whenever the bin is full.

To avoid bacteria growth, wash, and dry these components after emptying.

The coffee dispensers and powder hoppers will also run out of ingredients, which may need refilling every one to three days, depending on your usage.

The most critical yet the easiest part of your daily care is to perform an automatic rinse right before you leave the office. The instruction menu on the device will tell you exactly how to do it, but here’s a quick reference if you’re curious:

  •  Slide the touchscreen down to get into the “enter code” page. Then enter the code you see on the menu to load the program.
  • Choose the maintenance icon, and you’ll see two rinsing options, one for rinsing the powder hoppers and another for rinsing the brew funnel.
  • Select either option and wait around three minutes until it’s done. If the water still comes out grimy, repeat the cycle. 
  • Press the “log off” tab to go back to the main settings.

Weekly Care

Every week or so, remove and clean the whipper components and make sure the plumbing parts and spares remain in good condition. Check all the fittings, clamps, valves, and hoses for potential damage, and replace them if necessary.

Annual Care

Almost every year – or every 10,000 brewing cycles – it’s time to replace some of the components such as the brewer seals and gaskets, whipper seals and bases, and maybe the electrical parts.

The brewer comes with a Yearly Maintenance Kit that facilitates annual care, but you can also call a technician for a trouble-free experience.


The Eccellenza Touch is the most expensive office brewer manufactured by Keurig. This is because it uses the best material and cutting edge technologies in its design, brewing engines, electrical wiring, and water-related components. 

So, you should buy the product only if you value strength and quality over affordability.

Things to Know about the Keurig Eccellenza Touch

How Do You Use the Eccellenza Touch Commercial Brewer?

You can use the Eccellenza Touch commercial brewer with a few taps on the touchscreen. All you need is to make sure the powder hoppers and coffee bean dispensers are full, and then go through the following process:
Put your cup on the stand.
Swipe the screen left or right to find your desired beverage among a dozen options. 
Pick a cup size that matches your mug to avoid spill-overs.
Then select a strength level for your coffee, espresso, or chocolate drink.
Tab on the proceed icon and get your beverage in less than a minute.

Is the Eccellenza Touch Worth It?

The Eccellenza Touch is worth your money, but only as long as you have a bustling office with high coffee usage.
The brewer gives you continuous, high-quality coffee with minimum time and effort. It packs state-of-the-art technologies in a very modern design and makes the most popular coffee shop beverages in the blink of an eye.

Can I Drain and Store My Eccellenza Touch?

You can drain and store your Eccellenza Touch using the following steps:
Power off and unplug the machine. Then disconnect it from the water supply.
Access the machine’s backside, and remove its panel covering.
Unhitch the drain hose, and place its other end into a large non-paper container.
Remove the seal at the end of the tube, and allow the water to flow into the vessel. (Be careful with this step because the water may be boiling, especially if the machine has been used recently.)
Once you drain all the internal tank water into the bucket, put the plug back in to seal the hose and hook it again in its place.

The Final Thoughts on Eccellenza Touch Review

The Eccellenza Touch is an advanced commercial brewer designed for gigantic business environments. It can easily handle heavy use in the long term and offers an unrivaled number of hot drink selections. If you’re not fond of K-Cup flavors and want a drink that tastes exactly like what you get in a coffee house, click here to buy the Eccellenza Touch bean-to-cup brewer.

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