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Jura X8 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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A divine cup of whipped cream coffee or espresso gives a boost to your day and your overall efficiency. It’s not just a beverage, it’s a passion. 

Jura X8 further enhances the coffee taste with its contemporary Aroma G3 grinder and P.E.P features. The maintenance and cleaning process is as impulsive as automated systems should have. Its app control makes things further easier and it just feels like ordering your favorite beverage from a famous restaurant.

However, the X8 might not suit those who are looking for a simple and compact sized coffee maker. It has complex functioning and consumes quite a space on your counter.  

Well, how valuable Jura X8 can be for you? We are going to find it out here in-depth.


  • Aroma G3 finely grinds beans.
  • It quickly makes your beverage and saves time.
  • PEP delivers optimum extraction.
  • Make versatile drinks.
  • Bigger capacity to prepare around 80 beverages daily.
  • Offers effortless maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Its spouts have an adjustable height.


  • Takes a lot of space. 
  • Involves complicated programming. 
  • You cannot add pre-ground coffee in it.

Should You Choose an Automatic Espresso Machine? 

You might have heard or tried a lot of semi-automatic coffee machines with various fancy features. But, the Jura X8 automatic machine is one of a kind. There are limited models available that offer extreme level automation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, this machine can serve you as your barista. 

The X8 is good for all those people who want big capacity machines with immense versatility for their drinks. This big machine is enough to accommodate large gatherings, office use, and corporate meetings. 

A typical machine would ask you to grind beans on your own or buy pre-grounded beans. It is also going to be your duty to measure and pack a shot in a portafilter. 

A few espresso machines can even ask you to warm the water at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum extraction which is indeed the best temperature for coffee. Are you ready to perform all these tasks on your own? We believe, only an espresso aficionado can perform all these duties wholeheartedly. Everyone can’t do it daily. 

At this point, one realizes the worth of automatic espresso machines. These models will perform almost all these duties on their own. You’d only need to program them.  

Jura Specialty

Jura gets credit for bringing some new technologies in coffee making machines. Here we are going to highlight those Jura’s specific inventions.

Aroma G2: 

The Aroma G2 grinder of Jura machines provides the maximum taste and aroma of beans. The Jura has made this thing possible by adding a perfect cutting angle. It not only preserves the whole aroma but also grinds the beans to the perfect fineness level.


Jura X8 takes the extraction process to perfection with its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). This signature technology pulses hot water through grounded beans at just the right frequency. As a result, we obtain the optimum extraction that gives us the required flavor.


It has even helped its users to optimize power consumption by adding its Energy Save Mode (E.S.M) in machines. With this mode, you can even save up to 40 percent of power. 

Clearyl Filter: 

The machine has added it’s another invention in the form of a CLEARYL filter. It helps in filtering water and makes it pure. It also stabilizes the calcium carbonate content in the water while slowing down the scale formation process.


This technology gives information about the CLEARYL filter. It identifies the insertion of the filter and automatically switches to filter mode. It will also inform when the machine needs a new filter.

Comparison Chart 

Features X8  S8Z8
TasteRich taste with preserved aromaOptimum flavor and aromaFreshest tasting coffee
Brewing capacity 5-liter water capacityOver pound bean hopper1.9-liter water capacity, Around 0.5 pounds hopper capacity 2.4-liter water capacity, Around 0.5 pounds hopper capacity
User-friendliness TFT display with button controls, Supports JOE app Touch screen with app compatibility Touch screen, buttons, app compatibility
Design and materials Stainless steel Chrome with plastic Stainless steel
Cleaning and maintenance CLEARYL filter, system, automatic rinsing off for few components and IWSIWS system, automatic rinsing off for few components and CLEARYL filter,Automatic rinsing off a few components, CLEARYL Filter and IWS system
FrothingDual spout milk system with automatic milk to milk foam alteration, 10 settings for temperature and timeProfessional Fine Foam FrotherG2 (along with animated instructions) Dual spout milk system with automatic milk to milk foam alteration
GrindingMulti-level Aroma G3 Grinder Multi-level Aroma G3 GrinderAroma G3 Grinder
Additional featuresHeight width adjustable spout, Dual thermoblock heating system, Energy Saving mode Switch on/off Daily program, JOE app compatibility, Energy Saving mode Dual thermoblock heating system, JOE app compatibility, water tank illumination, Energy saving mode, 
Value for money Meets the value Meets the value  Fits in the budget

The Jura X8 Coffee Machine Review 


We have been talking about Jura X8’s versatility a lot. The point is it doesn’t make a variety of beverages only. Rather, it is capable of delivering outstanding taste just like professionals.

The Jura has added various technologies in this super-automatic machine to ensure the taste. Its P.E.P technology just extracts the optimum amount of flavor out of beans to provide rich taste. Moreover, its new Aroma G3 grinder delivers freshly grind beans with the right precision. 

Furthermore, to ensure the best possible taste, Jura has added a CLEARYL filter in this machine. It removes odor and impurities from the water. Thus, you can obtain the required heavenly taste like some renowned barista of your town.

The Jura S8 and Z8 also make use of the same PEP innovation to provide delightful taste. For grinding beans, they have specialized Aroma G3 grinder. Both these machines ensure delivering pure and clean water using a CLEARYL filter. 

However, Z8 also comes equipped with a One-Touch Americano function. It is a specialized feature to deliver the perfect Americano.

Brewing Capacity 

The Jura X8 is just huge when it comes to coffee making capacity. It is one of the major benefits of these machines that makes it suitable for office use. 

As it is a bean to cup machine, it controls everything for you from warming water, frothing, brewing, and pouring. So, a good capacity would mean you are going to order more coffee without giving any input. 

The bean hopper is capable of holding over pound beans. It can prepare 60 to 100 coffees depending on the strength. The water reservoir has an even larger capacity of holding 5-liter liquid. It can prepare more than 30 drinks of 5 oz. each.

Its used box can hold the residue of 40 brewing cycles. So, you can expect X8 to deliver around 80 beverages per day. This serving number is good to go for a busy household or small office setup. 

On the contrary, S8 has 1.9L of water capacity along with 280 g hopper capacity. It has comparatively lower brewing capacity as compared to X8 and Z8.

The Jura Z8 has a water tank capacity of 2.4 liters and a hopper capacity of around 0.5 pounds. It means where you are going to get enough versatility, the capacity isn’t like X8. It can be a good choice for home use only. 


Jura X8 machine not only automates the whole coffee-making process but also makes it easier and user friendly. It contains a TFT display. It has two main screens containing 6 drinks each.

As X8 allows making 21 various beverages along with a customized one, you can make all settings using buttons. The display is clear, nice, and intuitive. So, you don’t need to waste time going through the entire manual. 

Anyone using a coffee machine for the first time can even prepare beverages easily. Its display also has a slight up angle. It helps in easy viewing. 

Besides, the X8 machine is, “smart”, you can control the whole process from your smartphone. It also contains the JOE app. So, you can access the entire control with the touch of your smart gadgets as the app’s interface is user-friendly. 

However, if you are a person who adores the touch screen, then X8 is not going to be suitable for you. In that case, you can go for either S8 or Z8. 

S8 comes equipped with a 4.3 inches big touch screen. It is quite simpler to prepare any drink out of its 15 provided beverage varieties. The Jura Z8 comprises 3 inches touch screen and buttons. Its touch screen has good size, and using it feels like swiping through your phone.  

Both Z8 and S8 are also compatible with the J.O.E app. So, you can manage it from your smart gadget without any hassle. 

Design and Materials 

The Jura X8 is a large automatic coffee maker that is going to be your long-term purchase. This professional coffee maker has a robust construction. So, you shouldn’t be worrying about how long it is going to last. 

Its body is constructed using stainless steel material. It is quite a durable material. So, you can trust this machine to serve you over a decade. However, water resistance is something stainless steel is not very good with. 

The design of X8 is also appealing. The silver-black matte maker along with neat finishing gives a charming appearance. However, this beast is also going to consume good space in your kitchen or office. 

As far as other competitors are concerned, S8 has a mix of chrome and plastic, and Z8 has stainless steel. But, as both are products of Jura, you can expect the durability of these automatic machines.

The S8 looks quite stylish and sleek. It can be a great addition to your home kitchen. The touch screen of both S8 and Z8 gives them an elegant look. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

As Jura X8 is an automatic machine, we can expect its cleaning and maintenance to be automated as well. Jura has the feature of a self-cleaning system that makes it the hottest pick for users. 

Now, the first thing Jura did great is adding a CLEARYL filter. You won’t need to descale the machine because of these filters. Moreover, the machine will identify when you need to change the filters. Once done, it will automatically sense the presence of a filter with RFID technology, and will start using it. 

Besides, the machine performs automatic rinsing on every turn on/off. The machine also gives an alert of inserting a cleaning tablet after every 180 cycles. Once you put the table, the machine will deep cleanse the internal brewing unit. 

There is an operation to rinse the milk as well. The machine will perform automatic rinsing after 10 minutes of extracting the last drink. However, you’d manually need to remove frothing components in the spouts and rinse them regularly. 

In comparison, S8 doesn’t put any hard burden on users for its maintenance and cleaning. It also contains the CLEARYL filter and IWS system to prevent descaling and identifying the filter alteration requirements. 

The process of Jura Z8 cleaning is also similar to X8 and S8. It comes with CLEARYL filters to eliminate the need for descaling. You’d only need to rinse and clean. 


Jura X8 is probably the best machine when it comes to milk frothing. Regarding the coffee part, it might function like any espresso or coffees. However, the fascinating feature is its performance for milk beverages.

It has the capability of providing two different types of milk for a single drink. Just like you can have straight warm and foamy milk combinations for a single drink. Besides, it gives you extensive control at 10 different steps for milk amount based on time and temperature. 

With its superior frothing capabilities, you can even expect it to perfectly prepare layered milk. Moreover, with its dual spouts, it prepares two drinks at the same time. 

Additionally, it has a Dual thermoblock heating system. It speeds up the coffee-making process by brewing coffee and frothing milk simultaneously. 

In the case of Jura S8, it also has great bubbling and frothing capabilities.  Even though it won’t be like X8, it has Fine Foam Frother G2. It delivers perfectly prepared steamed milk to make different signature coffees. 

The case of Z8 is somehow similar to X8. It also has a thermoblock heating system that quickly froths the milk along with the coffee brewing. It also has dual spouts that automatically switch between milk and milk foam. 


For grinding, the Jura X8 comes with a multi-level Aroma G3 Grinder. It has perfect cutting angles that help in achieving the best possible aroma and flavor. The X8 has an advanced grinder that is twice as fast and efficient as previous models.

Jura S8 and Z8 are quite parallel to X8. They also come with a G3 grinder that helps in optimizing the aroma and taste out of your coffee beans. 

Additional Features 

The Jura X8 is a complex machine that comes equipped with numerous features. It is a bean to cup machine that offers huge versatility to attain your required drink. 

It has a height-adjustable spout with six inches clearance. Thus, you can put any mug or glass you want. Moreover, it also comes with the programmable switch-off time. It turns the machine off if you have accidentally left it switched on. Moreover, it will also shut down on its own if the water level is quite low to damage the machine. 

It also has Energy Saving Mode. It will cool down the machine in this model. However, you’ll need to wait a bit to make another beverage. This feature can greatly reduce the power consumption cost. 

Just like X8, Z8 and S8 also contain these additional features to offer even more convenience. However, Z8 also has an illumination light for a water tank to let you know about the water level. 

Value for Money 

We have discussed various aspects of Jura X8. Now, the main thing comes, and it is does X8 offer value for your money?

Jura X8 allows making 21 default beverages along with highly customization options. It offers swift frothing and an advanced brewing process as well. Besides, it offers a fully automated coffee making process. You won’t need to worry about its cleaning and maintenance as well. 

What we liked the most about this machine is its capacity. It has enough space to deliver around 80 drinks per day. It is enough to accommodate small gatherings or small office setup. Being a Jura product, the build strength and design is also remarkable.

The cost of the X8 is somehow close to S8 and Z8. This machine has incorporated all the latest and innovative technologies of Jura.

Considering all these aspects, we can say, Yes! Jura X8 offers true value to the money spent on it. On the other hand, the S8 price is slightly lower as compared to X8. However, its capacity is lower and it offers 15 beverages options. With a single spout, we believe the prices of both these machines are just right.

Regarding Jura Z8, its features resemble a lot with that of X8. Only, its capacity is slightly lower as its water tank carries almost half the amount of X8 tank. But it has a cool looking large touch panel that might be the reason behind its highest price range among all.

Who Should Buy the Jura X8?

By considering all these features, we can say, Jura X8 can be good for anyone who needs coffee frequently. 

It can be a suitable choice for a busy home or small office setup. In these places, people have their specific coffee choices; this barista would be able to serve them perfectly. 

Also, its large capacity wouldn’t ask you to refill water or hopper repeatedly. So, if you have budget and space with frequent coffee needs, you must go for Jura X8.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Jura X8?

Jura X8 is a complex machine with immense programming abilities and large capacity. So, we believe, this complicated machine is suitable for a bigger setup with elite coffee requirements.

So, if you need a simple machine for home use, X8 is not for you. It also involves extensive programming and other settings. A person with ordinary requirements might get irritated. 

Also, if you lack space on your kitchen counter, it is not going to be the right option for you. However, if you need complicated automatic makers, but adores touch screen, X8 is again not your kind of thing.

FAQs for the Jura X8 automatic coffee machine

How Often Do You Have To Change The CLEARYL Filter?

You would need to either change the CLEARYL filter after two months or after utilizing 50 liters water. It is crucial to keep a check on this duration and change the filter on time. If you fail to do so, the filter won’t be as effective as it should be. Also, when it wouldn’t filter water perfectly, you won’t be able to acquire the required taste. 

Where Do You Put The Cleaning Tablet In Jura X8?

There will be a cover behind the bean container on your Jura X8. You’d need to open it up and insert the cleaning tablet into the filler funnel. After closing the cover, you can press the “Next” button.

How Do You Descale Jura X8? 

You can fill the water tank and insert plus dissolve three Jura Descaling tablets in it. Once done, you need to leave the tank for hours or overnight. After that, you should empty the tank and rinse it properly.

The Verdict

So, how is the Jura X8? Is it something you should spend a good amount on? The answer is absolute Yes, but for frequent coffee users or lovers only. 

It will give you highly customized beverages along with 21 drinks options. Its highly automated functions make preparing flawless coffee just a breeze. 

However, considering its capacity and size, it is going to be a good option for busy homes or small offices. You can even use it for small scale commercial purposes. 

We have compared X8 with Z8 and S8 as well. What we found is all these machines are somehow similar in one way or another. 

But, if you are a person who wants huge versatility and large capacity, you won’t regret purchasing X8.

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