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Jura S8 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Avid coffee drinkers are mostly concerned about getting it right every time. The Jura S8 Automatic Machine comes with multiple functions to get the perfect coffee every time. This heavy-duty coffee maker is perfect for beginners and makes a well-lit spot in your kitchen. Every cup turns out heavenly for coffee lovers with it. 

The Jura S8 Automatic Machine includes an intelligent water system and the ability to make 15 types of coffee beverages. To top it off, there is an energy-saving mode, which makes it eco-friendly as well. 

However, with smart features; comes responsibility and understanding. Getting a hold of this machine is not a piece of cake. 

Before you make your mind with just a gist of this machine, let us take a more in-depth look at it. We will also see if it makes room in the market for itself. 


  • Adjustable coffee strength levels.
  • Steam and froth milk options.
  • Makes 15 different beverages.
  • The aroma G3 grinds faster..
  • CLEARYL water cleansing system keeps water clean.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Automatic cleaning and cleaning.


  • Quite expensive. 
  • Works on coffee beans only.
  • No options for milk temperature.

Should You Choose an Automatic Espresso Machine?

As a coffeeholic, the question of getting an automatic espresso machine may linger in your head. 

Getting an espresso right is not easy. At home, you may have a machine. However, that machine requires a lot of attention. 

An automatic espresso machine takes out all the labor from this process and still gives you the best espresso at home. You can fill it with coffee beans and some water and expect the machine to match the levels. The water and beans can survive for several cups of coffee. 

If you do not like working in the early hours of the morning, then an espresso machine is the perfect way to get multiple types of espressos without any burden. 

Jura Speciality

Let us look at some signature features of Jura: 

PEP: Pulse extraction is a brewing process that gives you an enhanced flavor. 

ESM: The Energy Saving Mode allows the machine to remain environmentally friendly. 

CLEARYL Filter: One fantastic feature in a coffee maker is the CLEARYL. This unique filter ensures that the water you put in the machine is clean all the time. This filter absorbs the harmful substances and makes sure that your coffee is safe. 

IWS: To help you with the CLEARYL Filter, there is an intelligent water system. This system alerts you when the filter needs changing.

Comparison Table 

Features S8  X8Z8
TasteAroma G3 and PepAroma G3 and PepAroma G3 and Pep
Brewing capacitySixty-four ounces water 10 oz. beansOne hundred seventy ounces water 1.8 oz. beansEighty ounces water 10 oz. beans
User-friendliness High-resolution touch screenHigh-resolution touch screenHigh-resolution touch screen
Design and materials Thermos Block bodyThermos Block bodyThermos Block body with aluminum frame
Cleaning and maintenanceAutomatic MechanicalAutomated
Frothing Manual Automatic with every beverage + temperature section Power-driven with every beverage + temperature section
GrindingAroma G3 Fast and noise-lessAroma G3Aroma G3
Additional features water filter, eco-friendly, smartphone connection Water filter, eco-friendly, smartphone connection, 80 beverages a day Saved preferences, water filter, eco friendly
Value for money Yes Pricey Average

The Jura S8 Review


Coffee machines need to ensure that the coffee produced has a rich taste. The Pulse extraction process allows the coffee to retain its taste when crushed into a ground form. With its Aroma G3 grinder, this coffee machine grinds the beans faster for imperative flavor every time. 

The built-in frother enhances the flavor of the milk in every single cup of coffee. Moreover, the smartly automated machine allows the water and coffee ratio to be perfect as you like it, so there are no compromises when it comes to home coffee. 

The Jura X8 and Jura Z8 have great features for their taste too. Both the units use the same signature feature to keep the aroma of the coffee in sanctity. The Z8, however, uses a function to make it more aromatic. The machine combines the coffee with water in the grounding stage for a fresher aspect. 

The Jura X8 is pretty simple and uses the underlying technology by Jura to give a great tasting coffee without fail. 

Brewing Capacity 

The Jura S8 has a capacity for 64 ounces of water. Moreover, you can add 10 ounces of beans at once. It can brew about 15 different beverages single and double shots both. Mostly the size from one filling of coffee and water depends on your drink. 

Roughly, you can get about 64 shots of espresso and 32 shots of doubles. This machine makes up to twelve 5 oz-cups off regular coffee. The rest of the capacity is dependable. Moreover, the milk frother can hold up to one glass of milk at a time to make it a frothy and perfect cup of coffee. 

In comparison, the Jura X8 can hold about 170 ounces at once and gives about 21 different types of beverages. Moreover, it contains coffee beans at about 1.8 oz. This capacity is natural to increase. The Z8 also produces 21 different beverages and holds approx. 10 oz. of coffee beans. The water capacity is about 80 ounces. 

More or less, the type of beverage you want makes a significant difference in the brewing capacity.


Jura S8 smart device works with a high-resolution touch screen system. They are generally very convenient to use and possess no complications. You can also connect this unit to your smartphone to operate with your gadget. With the control system, you can easily select the strength of the coffee and even the amount of coffee. 

The system is relatively easy because all the features are controllable with a push of the button only. The milk frother is also easy to control according to user preference. It comes with a simple operational guide that helps you determine the right consistency of the milk. 

In comparison, the X8 coffee machine is more natural. It has a relatively easy interface, even though there are plenty of other options. The Z8 coffee machine is also hands-on.

Both of these have the same high-resolution touchscreen technology. However, they tend to have a more natural way to toggle between the tools. Additionally, both have the option to choose the strength and the volume of the coffee as well. 

Design and Materials

One of the most important factors is the body of the coffee machine. The strong external body allows durability. You will find chrome and moonlight silver colors on this coffee machine. There is a thermos-block heating system in this device which allows the heat to stay in when brewing the coffee. Moreover, there is a Jura fine foam technology to prevent leaks and tears in the machine. 

There is a powder chute for the ground coffee to stay in place when the machine runs. The S8 design is especially for average level kitchens. 

The X8 also has a thermos-block system with a Jura excellent foam seal to keep the heat in and the machine intact. It comes in a chrome silver color to suit your countertop. However, this machine is excellent for restaurants and other professional kitchens. 

The Z8 is also a similar design for heat and tears. However, it is slightly more heavy-duty. It has an aluminum frame for strength. Additionally, it has showy water tank illumination for style. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Most coffee machines require heavier cleaning than actual use. However, the Jura S8 has a maintenance display. The small indicator alerts you when the device needs maintenance. But you don’t have to do anything here. With just a push of a button, the machine self-cleans. 

It descales and rinses itself to keep it free and away from accumulating debris. This system is also a part of the milk system of the machine. There are cleaning tablets, especially for this machine, that is imperative to keep as extras.

Both of these systems give S8 the TUV certificate of hygiene. The outer body is also elementary to clean with a relatively damp cloth. Remember, scrubbing may cause some damage. 

For the Jura X8 and the Jura Z8, the cleaning rules stay the same. There is an automatic cleaning system for the milk system and conventional operation. This system is run with a push of a button only. All you need are the descaling tablets. There is an indicator to help you figure out when to clean the machine.  


Frothing is one of the most critical factors of any coffee machine. While many may not have this feature at all, the Jura S8 Coffee machine has it. Jura uses its exclusive Fine Foam FrotherG2 technology for milk. This feature allows the best quality milk in your coffee. 

You may steam it or foam it with this technology. The frothing system is a manual transition. This feature allows you to select the kind of milk you want for your coffee and enjoy it accordingly. Keeping in my other frothing system in the Jura machine, this is very basic. Others go far and beyond for milk as well. 

The X8 and Z8, for instance, have about ten different options to select the milk foam temperatures. You can also choose the amount of milk you want in any coffee. It almost understands that everyone has different levels of strength in their coffee beverage. 

Going one step forward, the Z8 saves your preferences so that you do not have to adjust them again and again. 


Grinding coffee is a serious business. This technique can quickly go south if there is not enough focus. The grinding method of the coffee helps preserve its original aroma that usually is lost otherwise. 

This coffee machine uses the Aroma G3 grinder. This is a unique technology that you will find in Jura products only. This technology grinds the coffee carefully to keep the aroma and flavor in place. 

To retain the aroma and taste, the pulse extraction process is there. This system helps the coffee grind faster and more effectively. It comes with an aroma preservation cover too to ensure that the ground coffee remains fresh. 

The Jura X8 has almost the same features. It uses the Aroma G3 with the pulse extraction process. However, speed lacks here. The grinding is not as fast as it is with the S8. 

The Jura Z8 does not stand behind at all. It uses the professional aroma grinder to ensure that the coffee grinding keeps the aroma in. However, like the X8, it does not guarantee any speed.  

Additional Features

There is an intelligent water system that purifies the water for a healthy coffee as well. The spout is also adjustable, so you have all the mugs fit into your machine without a nuisance. It works with your phone as well through the Jura operating experience and the installation of a simple app. 

The size is perfect to fit in almost all kinds of kitchens. The design keeps in mind the basic home necessities instead of a substantial duty restaurant one. 

The Jura X8 is a little heavy duty. It works to make about 80 beverages a day. It also has a smartphone control system. There is an intelligent water system, an adjustable spout system, and even a programmable off system. 

In comparison, the Jura Z8 does have an intelligent water system, adjustable spout, and other Jura specialties. However, it has a feature of saving your customized beverage, which none of the other ones have. 

Value for Money

It all comes down to this question. Is the Jura S8 worth your money?

Before we answer this, it is imperative to keep in mind that this is a mediocre coffee machine for home kitchens. It gives you about 15 different choices in beverages and ensures that each one comes out perfect. 

From the grinding to the water cleansing, everything in this coffee maker is there to aid you. You do not even have to clean it manually. It cleans itself on the push of a button.

With all these features, this machine does not lose the importance of being eco-friendly. So, what more do you want in your coffee machine? So yes, it is worth every penny you spend. 

The Jura X8 is a heavy-duty machine. It has all the different features to make it perfect for your restaurant or even your office. It makes about 80 cups a day, and you have the option to make 21 different coffees. The capacity is also much more. 

This heavy-duty machine brings you the freshness of ground coffee and gives you clean water with the Jura exclusive features. The user interface is also straightforward. So yes, it might be a little expensive, but it is worth it in the long run. 

The Jura Z8 is also a similar product. However, it is very neutral and works almost everywhere. It gives you the option of 21 different beverages. To side with them, the grinding technique ensures maximum flavor in the coffee. One of the best things is that the machine saves your preferences, which both S8 and X8 don’t.

Moreover, this machine has a sturdy aluminum frame for maximum durability. This product does not show off a lot. But we still think it is worth it. 

Who Should Buy the Jura S8?

If you are someone who loves having options in your everyday coffee, then this machine is for you. It is perfect for fast families that barely have time to sit and make coffee. 

With just a push of a button, you can make about 15 different coffees with different preferences as well. 

If you are tech-savvy, then this is the machine for you. Also, keep in mind that this is a high budget machine. Of course, you can get a simple coffee machine at less than one third the price. However, you will not have premium options. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Jura S8? 

For people that do not have any preference over their coffee should not consider buying this. If you are someone that just wants hot water with coffee in it, then this is not your machine at all. 

It is also not for people who live alone. This is a big machine, and if you do not have many people to share it with, then you should not invest in it. 

Finally, if you get frustrated with technology easily, then do not understand this machine. It will take some time to get used to this. 

FAQs for the Jura S8 Automatic Machine

How to Maintain the Jura S8?

Maintenance of the Jura S8 is pretty effortless. It does not require you to do much at all. Just keep an eye on the maintenance indicator and push the button when the machine requires cleaning. Keep in mind that you use the designated tablets for cleaning. 

What is the Daily Maintenance of the S8?

The S8 does not require much from you. Ideally, you should change the water in the machine every day for hygienic results. Keep in mind to use cold and freshwater instead of mineral or sparkling water. Ideally, you should also rinse the water tank with water only daily. 

Can You Make an Oat Milk Latte with Jura S8?

There is no solid answer to this. However, the Jura S8 will not mind having oat milk. Oat milk is high in protein and froths very well. Your cup of coffee may not ruin the taste. So yes, go for it! 

Is Descaling Jura S8 Easy? 

The descaling of the Jura S8 is very easy. It is mostly on the click of a button, and you leave the rest to the machine. 

What Drinks Can You Make with S8? 

Ristretto: A Ristretto uses more coffee than a shot of water. It is almost like an espresso but short. 

Espresso: An espresso is a shot of coffee with some water. The coffee grinds under pressure for maximum taste.

Macchiato Espresso: This is a pure espresso with a small amount of froth milk on top. 

Cafe Latte: A Café Latte is an espresso with a more significant amount of milk. Most of this coffee is milk. 

Strong Coffee Blended with Milk: Add more water to the espresso than milk, and you get this type of coffee. 

Flat White Coffee: A flat white coffee is a shot of espresso blended entirely with milk. 

Cappuccino Milk Foam: This type of coffee has a base of espresso and milk frothed to the extent that it doubles in size. 

Latte Macchiato: A latte macchiato uses stained milk foam with espresso on top, followed by another stained milk foam. 

Hot Milk with A Frothy Texture: When milk is pressurized, it creates a foam and increases in size. 

Green Tea: Special tea leaves put in hot water

Black Teas: Regular tea leaves in hot water only. 

The Verdict

There you have it. Does Jura S8 worth the cost to have in your kitchen? 

Yes, it is! This is a great coffee maker for the family kitchen. It will ensure that you have all the different demands of all family members met. 

There is not much manual maintenance to do in this device. In comparison, the Jura X8 and Z8 seem farther from a simple home machine. Even though this is too, it still gives a user-friendly vibe once you get familiar with it.

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