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Jura GIGA 6 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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If you are a coffee lover and consume good amounts of coffee, you need to have a great coffee maker. The Jura Giga 6 is an automatic coffee machine that has been very popular among the masses in recent times. This behemoth of a coffee maker comes with different inbuilt coffee specialties and it will turn you into a barista without much know-how about the coffee. 

But does it live up to its expectations? We are going to find everything about this in Jura Giga 6 review 2021. 

The machine comes with 28 different coffee specialties and is one of its kind to have artificial intelligence. You can also put its smart features to make good use with the mobile app.

But this machine is pretty heavy and expensive too. So, is it worth an investment? Or you need to look somewhere else for a better option?! 

Though you might find this machine a better option for professional use, it can also be your trusty mate at your home or office if you have a high coffee demand daily. 

Should you go for Giga 6 or not? Read everything about it in this in-depth review!


  • 28 different coffee specialty recipes. 
  • Very intuitive touchscreen display.
  • Integrated smart features.
  • The burr grinder comes with angled blades to preserve taste and aroma. 
  • Pulse extraction for even saturation.


  • Large footprint.
  • Some smart app compatibility issues.

Is an automatic espresso machine worth it? 

An automatic espresso machine has all the automated functions and you don’t have to put in much effort to make coffee. Everything associated with it is sullied and automated. 

If you are interested in enjoying a divine taste and are not bothered by the intricate details, you should choose an automatic coffee maker. 

Contrarily, in a semi-automatic machine, you can set the temperature and pressure units according to your requirements.  

Jura Specialty

Jura falls under the category of top brands in coffee machines and is well known for its perfection and precision. It has introduced several new technologies and dimensions that have set new standards for other brands to follow. 

Here are some of the top standard features that Jura coffee machines possess. 

Aroma G Grinder – Aroma G Series grinders have even made it convenient and your cup will be rich in aroma and flavor. It is all due to the angled blades of these burr girders that Jura installs into its coffee machines. 

Pulse Extraction – The PEP or the Pulse Extraction Process involves the use of pulses to extract coffee for an evenly saturated cup. The fine taste that you get, will be very consistent throughout. 

Energy Saving – ESM or Energy Saving Mode is also a specification of Jura machines. You will not only get to save on your utility costs but your precious time as well.

Clearyl Filter – It filters the water and ensures high-quality clean water for the perfect cup of coffee. There is no need to descale the machine if you keep track of the filter. 

Intelligent Water System – The Intelligent Water System ensures each cup gets the exact amount of water content into the shots for a better-tasting coffee. 

Comparison Chart

Features Giga 6Giga X7WE8
TasteRich in taste and aroma Rich in taste and aroma Creamy and aromatic flavor 
Brewing capacity11 cups (88 oz)21 cups (169 oz)12.5 cups (101 oz)
User-friendlinessHighly intuitive touchscreen controlsHighlight intuitive touchscreen controlsTFT color display with buttons
Design and materialsAluminumAluminumPlastic
Cleaning and maintenanceIntegrated cleaning and maintenance cycles Inbuilt cleaning and maintenance cyclesVery easy to clean and descale
FrothingDual frother with automatic switchingDual frother with automatic switchingFine foaming frother
GrindingBurr grinder with adjustable angled blades Dual burr grinder with angles bladesAroma G3 grinder
Additional featuresArtificial intelligence and smart features, one-touch operation, Clearyl filters, and energy-saving modeOne-touch operation, energy-saving mode, Clerayl filters, dual of everythingPulse extraction, intuitive control, adjustable spout 
Value for moneySlightly expensive but largely meets the valueSlightly expensiveCheaper option

The Jura Giga 6 Review 


Jura can produce a unique taste that promises a perfect cup of coffee. The machine can produce 28 different coffees in no time and you can enjoy espresso, latte, macchiato, americano, steamed milk and many more. If you are looking for a rich-tasting coffee then the Giga 6 won’t disappoint you at all. 

The Giga X7 in comparison also comes with 30 different coffee recipes and you just need to push a button to select one. The taste this machine can produce is similar to what the Giga 6 can produce. 

When we talk about the WE8, the number of coffee recipes significantly drops to 12 but taste and aroma remain the same. The only difference is the brewing capacity and we will talk about that in a short while. 

Overall, Giga 6 is an ideal investment if you’re looking for a coffee machine that is perfect for commercial setup. It certainly does a better job than the Giga X7 because it does everything at a lesser price and is far superior to the WE8 coffee maker which is purely designed for home use. 

Brewing capacity

Jura Giga 6 can be a great option if you have too many coffee drinkers at your place. It features two bean hoppers with 10 oz capacity and there is an 88 oz water tank that can make 11 cups before you refill it. 

Giga 6 comes with a decent amount of brewing capacity. For a small commercial setup or even for office use, this machine will be an ideal choice. But if you are looking for home use then the Giga 6 won’t be the right option for you because it’s too big. 

The Giga X7 comes with a massive total bean hopper capacity of 35.3 oz and its water reservoir capacity is 169 oz. It means the machine can produce more than 21 cups before you refill it. The WE8 on the other hand has a smaller bean hopper with 17.7 oz capacity, but a larger water tank of 101 oz which can brew more than 12 and a half cups per refill. 


User-friendliness is one of the top features of the coffee machines by Jura. Giga 6 has a highly intuitive color touchscreen. You just have to push a button, place your cup, and wait for the coffee. You will achieve the heavenly cup of joe. 

The frother is very simple to use and there is no complication associated with refilling the water tank or the bean hopper. You will have to get used to the entire process that won’t take long. 

There is not much difference between the operation and use of the machines if you compare the Giga 6 with the Giga X7. However, there is a bit of a learning curve that you will go through while using both these machines.

Using WE8 is easier to use because you have to deal with fewer options. The Giga 6 is the simplest because it features a big LED touchscreen and almost all the processes are automated. 

Design and materials

Jura has used high-quality aluminum in the construction of this coffee machine. This is indeed one tough coffee maker that is built to take a toll. Furthermore, if you are looking to use it in a small commercial setup or even your office; it will work just fine. 

The Giga X7 in comparison is much similar to Giga 6 in size but with a larger capacity. Therefore, it will also work in a commercial or office setup. Jura has used the same quality aluminum to construct this machine too. 

But the WE8 is made of plastic and for that, it is an ideal choice for home because it is extremely lightweight and portable. Therefore, you can comfortably move it around but it is not very sturdy. If you are looking for a robust and durable machine, Giga 6 and X7 work better. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Another specialty of Jura coffee machine is, these machines are comfortable to clean and maintain. You don’t have to go through a lot to keep them in a tip-top condition. These cleaning features are there in the Giga 6 automatic machine and you just need to push the button and throw in the descaling tablets to get through the process. 

The instruction manual also elaborates on all the cleaning guidelines. The Giga X7 is also a similar prospect when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Hence, your machine will help you get through the process with ease. 

The cleaning and maintenance of WE8 are also very simple and the entire process is automated. Again, we will recommend you go through the cleaning instructions in the owner’s manual to get familiarized. 


Coffee machines from the Giga series come with a dual milk frother with a double spout. These machines can automatically switch over from milk to milk foaming. The Giga 6 is no different as it comes with a dual spout that allows you to handle two different types of milk frothing simultaneously. 

The Giga X7 also has this double milk frothing feature and you can make multiple cups in a very short time. And both these machines can produce a pretty airy and extremely creamy frothing. 

WE8 comes with conventional fine foaming frother. Hence, it cannot handle two different frothings at the same time but it certainly can make a creamy frothing. 


Giga 6 comes with dual bean hoppers and 10 oz capacity. Giga 6 comes with a burr grinder that features angled blades. These blades ensure that the coffee grounds that are produced have the aroma and flavor well-preserved in them. 

Hence, your cups will be rich with a subtle flavor. The grounds that the burr grinder of this machine can produce are coarse, therefore, the extraction and saturation will be very consistent. 

The Giga X7 also comes with a similar grinder with angled blades to keep the grounds consistent and to ensure evenly saturated coffee in your cup after extraction. The WE8 coffee maker has a different kind of a burr grinder (Aroma G3) that can preserve the flavor and aroma from bean to cup. Overall all three machines can produce a rich and flavorful coffee that is very close to what baristas produce.       

Additional features

Giga 6 coffee machines also come with some other features that we would like to mention here. It comes with an energy-saving mode that will keep your utility costs in check. Another excellent feature of this machine is it comes with artificial intelligence and smart connectivity features as well. And of course, you can also adjust the grinder according to your requirements. The machine comes with special filters to check water hardness.

Giga X7 comes with two of everything including the spouts, water tanks, bean hoppers, grinders as well as heating systems. The intelligent heating system filters to check the water hardness is there as well. However, this machine doesn’t come with smart technology integration. 

The WE8 also comes with smart technology and filters to check the water hardness. It has a decent amount of water reservoir capacity with an adjustable water spout. The one-touch brewing system of this machine is instant and the machine also features pulse extraction for even coffee saturation. 

Value for money

When it comes to value for money you need to assess a machine on its durability and user-friendly it is and if it is useful for the intended purpose. 

When we talk about the Jura Giga 6, this machine is made of aluminum and the most durable coffee machines on the market. It has very user-friendly controls and you will learn them after a few tries. This machine is better for office use or commercial use on a smaller scale. 

When you compare it with the Giga X7, the latter has the same aluminum construction that is very durable but has a much bigger water tank capacity as well as the bean hopper capacity, it is much suitable if you use it for commercial purposes or even in a large office. 

The WE8 is better suited for residential use even if you have high demands in your home or even in a small office. Thus, if you are looking for a high productivity machine then this won’t be the right option for you. 

Who should buy the Giga 6?

Jura Giga 6 comes with 28 different coffee specialties and it also comes with a brewing capacity of 11 cups. Therefore, it will be a suitable option for office applications or even at a small-scale commercial level. 

This machine is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a coffee maker that alerts you when it’s time to clean or descale it. 

Giga 6 is the perfect amalgamation of technology and taste. Hence, you achieve the perfect coffee in just one press. 

This machine also allows you to make adjustments to the grinder and you can latter the coarseness of the grounds without any difficulty. 

Who shouldn’t buy the Giga 6?

This coffee machine comes with a hefty price tag. If you just want a simple coffee machine that will be a waste of money. 

Again, if you are the only coffee drinker at your place and you prefer to drink regular coffee, the resources that this machine has to offer will be a waste of time for you. 

Also, make sure the smart app this machine runs, is compatible with your mobile phone.


Jura Giga 6 is the finest coffee machine, provided your coffee consumption is very high. If you are not the only coffee drinker and catering to different coffee specialties, this machine is the right choice for you. 

The rich aroma and creamy latte art will give you a chance to show off your barista skills in front of your friends and colleagues. This is a perfect machine for tech-savvy coffee lovers that they are ready to pay hefty amounts for 28 flavors. The machine comes with a blend of highly intuitive design and smart technology. A wise investment on a seamless companion, you will love to have forever.

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