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Jura ENA Micro 5 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Automatic and super-automatic coffee machines have started to make inroads recently. Now you don’t have to worry about the intricate details about your shot. They take full control and provide you with a cup of joe that tastes like heaven.

The Jura ENA Micro 5 is one such automatic coffee machine that facilitates you in making a cup of your dream coffee. But how does it live up to the expectations? 

A barista-like machine that will make coffees for you! Sounds pretty intriguing. But is it worth it, we’re going to find out?!

The Jura ENA Micro 5 automatic machine is compact yet it can conveniently brew a couple of cups at a time. You can adjust the coffee volumes according to your requirements and it’s not that bulky to move around either. 

Right from the beans to the final cup, the machine does everything for you. The individual brewing programs are there and you can also adjust the spout to accommodate cups that are up to 4.4-inch high. 

In this review. We are going to see what this machine can achieve. So scroll down to read everything about it. 


  • Features an intelligent spout to accommodate different cups heights
  • Aroma+Grinder for better preservation of flavors
  • Multiple-programming features for brewing
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Comes with an energy-saving mode as well 


  • Doesn’t feature a milk frother
  • Bean hopper and water tank reservoir of this machine are not large to cater to small groups

Why Choose Jura?

Since 1931 the company’s entire focus is on producing high-quality products for the consumers. 

Jura is one of the elite brands in the coffee making industry and it is well known for its high-quality convenience-focused machines. Jura coffee comes with a sleek footprint allowing you to place them wherever you want. 

The brand has years of industry experience and they focus on making automatic and super-automatic machines. Therefore, if you are looking for a cup of coffee that doesn’t require much input from you as a user then an automatic or a super-automatic machine is your perfect match. 

The brand uses cutting edge technology to make sure that you get the best features. It also integrates various energy-saving modes to ensure that your utility costs remain in check. 

Comparison Chart

FeaturesJura ENA Micro 5Jura ENA Micro 90Jura ENA 8
Flavor & AromaRobust and strong.Rich, creamy and aromatic.Rich, creamy and aromatic.
Water Reservoir Capacity4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz).4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz).4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz).
Ease of UseVery simple button-based inputs.Simple touch display. Intuitive touch display with smart capabilities.
Design & ConstructionPlastic body with stainless steel and aluminum boiler. Plastic body with stainless steel and aluminum boiler.Plastic body with stainless steel and aluminum boiler.
Milk SteamingNo milk frothing.More airy and creamy.More thick and creamy.
Coffee Bean GrindingInbuilt grinder with 4.4 oz bean hopper.Inbuilt grinder with 4.4 oz bean hopper. Inbuilt grinder with 4.4 oz bean hopper.
Cleaning & MaintenanceEasy to descale with descaling tablets.Inbuilt descaling and rinsing programs.Inbuilt descaling and rinsing programs.
Value for MoneyMeets the value.Expensive.Very expensive.
Extra FeaturesAroma+Grinder, energy-saving mode, intelligent spout, different programming brews.Pulse extraction. Aroma G3 grinder, energy-saving mode.Smart connectivity option, 10 different drink specialties.

Jura ENA Micro 5 Review


Looks are never going to tell you what tastes a machine can produce, therefore, we tried and tested all three machines to rate them accordingly. The Jura ENA Micro 5 can produce a strong-tasting cup of coffee. If you are a huge fan of black coffees, espressos, and ristrettos, then this machine is just right for you. As it doesn’t come with a milk frother, the cups that it can produce will be intense in flavor. 

On the contrary, the ENA Micro 90 comes with a milk frother and so does the ENA 8. So they both produce a flavor that is rich and creamy. If you have the whole latte craze, then the Micro 5 is not the machine designed for you. To own ENA Micro 90, you need to have extra love for shots.

Water Tank Capacity

If you are an avid coffee fan and consume a lot of coffee throughout the day then you need to go for a machine that comes with a larger water tank. Anything over 6 cups of capacity will be best suited for you. This will be especially the case if you are not the only one around to consume several cups per day. 

But the Micro 5 coffee machine is not the right choice for you if you are a heavy coffee consumer. You will have to go through a couple of refills throughout the day. The number of refills will increase depending upon your coffee consumption. But this machine is designed for the avid coffee drinkers than the half-hearted ones. 

The Micro 90 and the ENA 8 come with the same capacities. You can make up to four and a half cups per refill with each of these machines. So, there are no winners when it comes to the comparison based on water tank reservoirs. You will need to refill them all the same number of times throughout the day based on how many cups you drink. 


You can make easy adjustments to the coffee spout according to the height of the cup and with the programmable brewing. You can also adjust the coffee strengths and volumes as this machine is immensely user friendly. 

The water reservoir is effortless to use. The machine also features an energy-saving switch. From coffee beans to your cup of joe everything works pretty smoothly. The Machine tells you about the water level with the help of an indicator. 

Making a great-tasting coffee with the Micro 90 is just a cinch. It comes with a pulse pressure feature that allows you to extract the maximum flavor from your coffee. The machine comes with a minimalistic display that tells you about the current status of your machine and the controls are very simple to use here.

The ENA 8 features a much more intuitive display that provides you with all the information that you need about different functions of your machine. It is much easier to understand and work with if you compare all three machines with one another, as it comes with smart features and connects with your phone as well. There is an inbuilt water level indicator as well. 

Design & Construction

Micro 5 is very compact and it can comfortably fit in your kitchen cabinet. You can also place it on your kitchen counter without any issues. The controls that are present on the machine are right in front and they are very easy to read and understand. The machine comes with a water tank of 37 ounces as well as a 4.4-oz bean hopper. 

The Micro 90 coffee machine by Jura also comes with the similar weight and dimensions if you compare it with the Micro 5. There is no difference in terms of the bean hopper or water tank size and the overall footprint of both these machines matches as well. 

When we talk about the ENA 8, again, there is no difference whatsoever to talk about considering the overall dimensions and weight of the machine and its bean hopper and water tank size. All these three machines are very similar to each other in terms of size and footprint and you can pick anyone according to your available space.

Milk Frothing

Milk frothing is not available in the Micro 5 so your cup of coffee is going to be strong and robust in terms of flavor. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific feature and love to work with some latte art then, this machine is not going to work for you.

Micro 90 does come with a milk frother and it is very easy to use. Jura has positioned it right in front of the machine so it can conveniently accommodate any size of the cup. The cream that is can produce a lot airier than others but it’s creamy as well. 

Micro 8’s milk frother can produce a lot of creamier texture and the froth that it produces is a lot less airy if you compare it with the Micro-90s. Therefore, the latter art that you can create with this machine will hold its place a lot longer. 

Coffee Grinding

The Micro 5 comes with an inbuilt coffee grinder that is effortless to use. Its capacity is 4.4 ounces and it is integrated with Jura’s Aroma + Grinder feature, with this feature your coffee beans withhold their fragrance and flavor a lot longer even if you let the remaining of the beans inside the hopper after the brewing process is complete 

The Micro 90 comes with Aroma G3 grinder that not only preserves the aroma of your coffee beans but also produces up to 60% less residual grounds. It means that the hopper will optimally consume the beans and also keep the flavor in them. Consequently, your cup of coffee will be a lot richer in its flavor and texture. 

The bean hopper of the ENA 8 is also a good quality hopper that comes with Aroma + Grinder features and it can preserve the flavor of your beans for a much longer period. 

The Micro 90 has a slight edge over the other two because it can control the number of residual coffee grounds significantly. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of most of the Jura machines are simple. All these machines come with their inbuilt cleaning features and functions. The instruction manual contains all the information that you need to properly clean and descale your machine. 

The Micro 5 is recommended to be clean with the descaling tablet that also comes from Jura. you just have to run your machine with clean water and once the descaling process is complete you just need to run clear water to get any residues from the tablets out of the system. 

The cleaning and maintenance of the Micro 90 and the ENA 8 is a lot simpler. These machines can provide the user with notifications that their machines require descaling. And there are differently inbuilt. Descaling and rinsing programs are also available. 

Value for Money 

When talking about the value for money the Micro 5 coffee maker is good. The only thing that it lags is a milk frother. Other than that it has everything you need in a good quality coffee maker. Therefore, it does deliver on value if you prefer strong coffees. 

The Micro 90 is better than the Micro 5 because it also comes with a milk frother and a few other bells and whistles. But of course, you have to pay more to get it. Similar is the case with the ENA 8 as it also comes with all the features of Micro 90 as well as smart capabilities. But the price difference between the two is very significant. 

Therefore, if you are not interested in milk frothing then Micro 5 is a good choice. For the Milk frothing, you need to go for the Micro 90. And for the smart capabilities, the ENA 8 is a better choice. 

Additional Features

The Micro 5 comes with an intelligent spout that allows you to alter the dosage accordingly. It also has Aroma + Grinder and you also get to use different programmable brewing features. The energy-saving features are there too. 

The Micro 90 comes with a pulse pressure feature for better extraction. And there is the Aroma G3 grinder present in it. For less residue and better flavor preservation. The energy-saving mode is also present in this machine.

The ENA 8 is all about smart connectivity features and it allows you to control your machine without having been close to it. There are 10 different drink specialties available too.

Who Should Buy It?

The Jura Micro 5 coffee machine is the best option for anyone who wants to enjoy a strong cup of coffee. If you are not interested in milk frothing and prefer to drink black coffees or even robust espresso and ristrettos then this machine is the right option for you. 

It has a very compact design and can easily fit inside your kitchen cabinet as well as your countertop. You can not only control the coffee strengths and volumes conveniently but also it gives you enough control over your cup of joe. 

But that’s not all! This machine also comes with a good quality bean hopper that is designed to preserve the flavors and aroma of the beans. Therefore, you can keep your remaining beans inside the hopper for long. 

This machine is the best option for those who are not avid coffee consumers. If you can comfortably manage around 3 to 4 cups daily then Micro 5 is the right option for you. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

If you are a huge fan of latte art and you prefer more rich and aromatic cups of coffee then this machine is not the right choice for you. As it doesn’t come with a frother, you are not going to get any creamy textures in your cup and the coffee will taste very strong. 

If you drink a lot of cups throughout the day then you will have to manage a lot of refills per day. This machine only comes with a water tank capacity of four and a half cups. Now that might be quite sufficient for you daily but that is not enough at all if you are taking care of a small group of people. Prepare yourself for many refills in such a scenario which is indeed a repeated workout. 

The Verdict

The Micro 5 coffee maker is a pretty decent machine. It might not come with a milk frothing feature but you are in full control of your cup right from when you throw in your beans. Make sure that you use good quality beans for a better and richer tasting cup of coffee. 

You won’t be able to create any alluring latte art with this machine but you can surely program different brews and control how strong your coffee can be. The machine is very simple to use and comes with a very compact footprint. It also looks elegant, sleek, and stylish and will go well with any kitchen decor. 

So what do you think about the Jura ENA Micro 5 coffee machine? Are you sold or do you think that the absence of a milk frother is too much to give up for?

Have your say by leaving your comments in the section below!

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