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Jura E8 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Jura stands out for its vigilance and supreme innovation. So, when we heard of the Jura E8 automatic machine, we just had to try it out.

At first glance, the E8 seems like a minimalistic beast. And it only gets better when you take a look inside. 

Inside, you’ll notice the Aroma G3 grinder, a Jura specialty that releases flavorful aromas from the beans. An intelligent filter and filter detection system maintains the quality of water. A TUV-certified self-cleaning program takes care of maintenance. 

It lacks one sector that is; boiling. Especially the number of boilers. The E8 has only one boiler shared between the brew unit and the steam wand. 

So, what’s the endgame here? Is it worth all the hype and money? And who shouldn’t buy such a product? We will answer all that and more in our Jura E8 review.


  • 8 grinder settings for better customization.
  • Extracts maximum flavor and aroma from the beans. 
  • Cleans itself and descales on its own. 
  • Large LCD panel for one-touch use.
  • Can make up to 15 products. 
  • More frothing wand options than other models.


  • Quite heavy (20 pounds). 
  • Only one boiler for both steaming and brewing.

Should You Choose an Automatic Espresso Machine?

These devices automate everything from grinding to cleaning. Some may automate frothing and steaming, while others might allow a more manual approach.

You just need to input your commands on the screen and wait for freshly brewed coffee to drip down. The general idea is to take the burden off your shoulders and save your time. 

However, they can be challenging to set up, navigate, operate, and definitely cost more. They’re usually only recommended for commercial use, as they save you a lot of time. But you can utilize them for personal use, if you afford them.

Jura Specialty:

In the past few years, Jura has developed many new technologies, such as:

Aroma G2: 

This is one of Jura’s signature technologies. The blades of the Aroma G2 grinder have been cut to maximize flavor extraction and aroma release. 


Stands for Pulse Extraction Process. This technology very slowly drips some water onto the grounds.


Stands for Energy Saving Mode. This mode consumes less power and detects when the machine is on standby.

Clearyl Filter: 

CLEARYL filters are the most common ones used today. They clean up the water after it’s been heated. So, only pure and calcium-free water enters the chutes.


IWS (Intelligent Water System) is a smart filter detection software. It automatically detects when a new filter is put in, and automatically goes into Filter Mode. 

Comparison Chart:

Features E8  Z8S8
TasteFlavorful and rich.Highly saturated with lots of aromas.No odd tastes. Delicious and aromatic. 
Brewing capacity64 oz. water tank.81 oz. water tank. 64 oz. water tank. 
User-friendlinessLCD panel with high programmability.Easy to use with one-touch functionality.  Simple yet functional, with more steam wand controls. 
Design and materialsMostly stainless steel with ABS plastic.Stainless steel with plastic and minimal design. Stainless steel with plastic parts. 
Cleaning and maintenanceTUV-certified self-cleaning mechanism.Little to no cleaning required. Has its own filter detection system. 
Frothing Immobile steam wand with two steam options.Immobile automatic steaming with no options. Can control the texture of the steam. 
GrindingIn-house G3 grinder with bypass.Professional Aroma Grinder with bypass.Aroma G3 grinder with 10 settings.
Additional featuresIPBAS, PEP, ESM, HP3 milk system.PEP, ESM, IWS, IPBAS, two boilers.  IWS, ESM, PEP, IPBAS, HP3 milk system.
Value for moneyMeets the valueEconomicalBudget-friendly

The Jura E8 Review:


Jura’s automatic espresso machines make use of its proprietary Aroma grinder. The Jura E8, however, goes one step further and employs an advanced version of Aroma G3. This grinder is twice as fast as the previous iterations. And it grinds the beans swiftly whilst also preserving as much flavor and texture as possible. 

An aroma preserving cover keeps all the flavorful scents inside. While an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS) ensures maximum saturation. A Thermoblock heating unit prevents loss of heat, which means no burning or hot spots, and certainly no odd taste.

As compared to that, the Jura Z8 uses a Professional Aroma Grinder, which preserves up to 12.2% more aroma than regular grinders. An IPBAS is also present, which maximizes saturation and taste. 

The Jura S8 uses the same Aroma G3 grinder as the E8, which ensures the highest flavor extraction and texture retention. A special CLARIS Smart filter along with the IWS technology allows for a purer taste.

Brewing Capacity:

Since it’s an automatic machine, the Jura E8 needs to be usable at all times. It comes stocked with a large water container of about 1.9 liters of 64 fluid ounces. For reference, that is equal to 32 double shots and 64 single shots of espresso. 

Along with that, the bean hopper can hold 280 grams, and the unit also features a bypass for coffee grounds. To better visualize this, each container’s worth of beans can make a maximum of 16 servings before needing refilling. 

The Jura Z8 is a much larger coffee machine, with a total capacity of 2.4 liters of water, or 81 ounces. That’s enough for 81 servings of single shot espresso. The bean hopper is the same size (280 grams) but can serve for up to 20 servings. 

As for the Jura S8, it too has a 1.9 liter of 64 fluid ounce capacity, with a 280 grams bean hopper capacity. This means you’ll need to refill the hopper after every 16 servings.


The minimalistic exterior only complements the even simpler operation. Right after unboxing it, you get a large LCD display that offers up to 15 different product options. Choose from Ristretto, Espresso Doppio, milk, and hot water, to cappuccino, and even macchiato. 

The spouts are adjustable not only in height but in width as well. The unit offers a host of different programmable options. For instance, it allows you to choose from up to 8 different coffee strength settings, as well as 2 brewing temperatures. 

The Jura Z8 features the same LCD panel design, but with more programmability. You can easily make up to 21 beverages with it, including Caffe Barista, and flat white. An Intelligent Water System (IWS) automatically detects a filter and starts the filtration cycle. 

A similar trend can be seen in the Jura S8, which not only simplifies cleaning but also offers a high level of adjustability. Much like the others, the products can be customized and saved in the machine’s memory.

Design and Materials:

The overall design of the Jura E8 stands out as being highly professional, minimal, and astoundingly modern. However, the design perks run much deeper than the metal casing. And you’ll only notice this when you open up the machine.

Inside, a 6-level G3 grinder pulverizes the beans into a fine powder, which is followed by a Thermoblock heater that quickly boils the water and milk. All of that is cased within a rigid body of stainless steel, with parts of plastic and an LCD digital display.

When you take a look at the build quality, it seems obvious that Jura E8 went all out. However, it takes some time to froth, as the boiler is shared between the water and the milk.

The Jura Z8 incorporates two separate boilers for the water and milk. So, you can froth some delicious crème while your coffee is brewing. 

Unfortunately, Jura S8 only has one Thermoblock heating system, paired with an Aroma G3 grinder. A similar LCD plus stainless-steel design makes up the housing. 

Cleaning and Maintenance:

While other espresso machines are a menace to clean, Jura E8 takes care of itself. It features a CLARIS Smart water filter that ensures minimum scale deposits. And an Intelligent Water System (IWS) detects the filter and automatically turns on Filter Mode. 

Most of it is self-descaling, self-rinsing, and self-cleaning. This means that both the milk and water chutes will remain in top shape. 

And that’s not where the perks end. If you want to spend smartly and save up on energy, Jura E8 is a perfect pick for you. It features an Energy Save Mode (ESM) as well as a zero-energy switch, both of which work to conserve power.

The Z8 also follows the same protocol, with an IWS paired with a CLARIS Smart filter cartridge. In addition to that, both water and milk chutes are self-cleaning and self-descaling with the ESM.

In fact, the exact same specs are featured on the Jura S8, including the ESM and IWS. These features ensure the user spends the least time cleaning their appliance. 


Even though it’s an automatic machine, Jura E8 gives you the choice to froth your espresso. A single immobile wand is present on the side with a rotary dial that lets you choose from two textures of milk. Jura’s own Fine-Foam Technology takes over and helps to dispense as concentrated a foam as possible. 

The same wand can be utilized as a hot water dispenser for tea and other beverages. Unfortunately, Jura E8 does not differentiate between a milk and a water boiler. So, you cannot brew and froth simultaneously. 

But it’s an entirely different case with the Jura Z8. It features two Thermoblock heating systems that let you brew and froth at the same time. Much like the E8, the Z8 uses the HP3 milk system. However, the milk wand is not manual but automatic.

The Jura S8’s design and functionality match closely with the Jura E8’s. The same immobile but manual milk wand is present here, and only one boiler for both the milk and the water.  


Throughout most of Jura’s product line, grinding is facilitated via their own Aroma grinder series. The Jura E8 uses the most advanced of them all, the Aroma G3 grinder, which is twice as fast as its predecessor. 

The in-house grinder allows you to choose from 8 different grinding levels, so your coffee is just the way you like it. For people who prefer to use coffee grounds, a bypass powder chute is also integrated into the unit. 

During the grinding process, a Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) ensures the aroma is developed to its fullest capacity. Along with that, a Pulse Extraction Process deeply saturates the grounds to your liking.

The Z8 uses a Professional Aroma Grinder, which promises 12.2% more aroma extraction and flavor preservation. The same technologies (such as IPBAS and PEP) were present in E8 make a reappearance in the Z8. And like the E8, a powder chute is also at your disposal. 

Similarly, the S8 uses the same design and plan, with an Aroma G3 grinder and a PEP for maximum flavor. 

Additional Features:

A few more features can be found on the Jura E8, the most profound of which is the wireless functionality. Not only is the unit compatible with JOE, but it also comes with its own Smart Connect app. This translates to easier control and better remote monitoring. 

Two additional technologies are featured in the Jura E8. The first is the IPBAS, which basically ensures aroma is released from the coffee beans and preserved throughout. The second is the PEP, which allows for maximum saturation of the grounds. So, you can extract all the flavor from your coffee. 

The same IPBAS and PEP technologies are featured in the Jura Z8, as well as the Jura S8. One more feature of the Jura Z8 is its dual-boiler functionality. This means the milk and brew boiler is separate. Hence, both frothing and brewing can be done simultaneously.

As for the Jura S8, there aren’t any features that seem unique to it. It’s compatible with JOE and wireless-enabled. And it features the IPBAS and PEP technologies.

Value For Money:

Is the Jura E8 really worth the price? 

Well, there are a number of things that need to be considered. 

First of all, this is a fully automatic espresso machine and is going to cost more than the semi-automatic ones. And since it has a lot more features, you can expect the price to rise quite high. 

Since it has a large capacity and the entire exterior is made from stainless steel, the price point starts to seem justified. However, it lacks a separate milk boiler.

As for the Jura Z8, it’s listed at almost double the price. Not only does it have a larger capacity, but has two separate boilers for frothing and brewing as ll. 

The S8 is in the same price range as the E8, but only slightly higher. We’re guessing this is due to it having 10 instead of 8 grinder settings.

Who Should Buy The E8?

The Jura E8 is firstly an automatic espresso machine. These cost a lot, take more time to set up, and harder to use. So, they’re best for commercial and more professional use. The Jura E8 is specially designed for commercial setups, with its JOE and Bluetooth compatibility. 

Additionally, the E8 is extremely user-friendly. An LCD panel shows all the available products, and all you need to do is press a button, and you’re good to go. You’ll need to transfer the cup to the frothing wand in order to steam it.

Every process, from extracting to frothing and even cleaning, is automated. This means it will see your time and effort in a commercial setting. It’s also quite compact and great for people who like to use grounds. 

The tank is quite capacious and can last you for 32-64 servings. Even for personal use, this machine will help you save a lot of precious time.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The E8?

Since it’s an automatic machine, it’s going to be harder to use, more expensive, and takes longer to set up. You shouldn’t buy this if you’re looking for an inexpensive option for personal coffee drinking. That’s something a semi-automatic would do. 

Also, people who like to use travel mugs should look for a bigger product. It is quite compact but not lightweight. It weighs 20 pounds.

FAQs For the Jura E8 Coffee Maker:

What’s the Maximum Height for The Coffee Spout?

The maximum height is adjustable from 65 mm to 111 mm, and the hot water spout is adjustable from 111 mm to 157 mm. This way you can’t use a large travel mug underneath the spout. However, a household 4-inch tall mug will work just fine. So, you’re not limited to just 1-ounce shots.

Can I Use ESE Pods and Grounds with Jura E8 Machine?

You cannot use ESE pods with the Jura E8, as those are only for semi-automatic machines. You can, however, bypass the grinder for pre-ground coffee. This gives you a wider margin for customization.

The Verdict:

All in all, Jura E8 is a remarkable choice for an automatic espresso machine. It flaunts a ton of different technologies, many of them developed by Jura. 

To summarize, Jura E8 is an automatic espresso maker that can brew up to 15 different products. It offers maximum extraction and an extremely delightful morning cup of joe. 

Everything from grinding to the boiling and brewing and even the cleaning is automated. You just need to load in the beans, set up your program, and you’re good to go.

While it is an outstanding product, it indubitably benefits from a separate boiler as well as a taller coffee spout.

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