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How To Use A Nespresso Machine

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There are a few different ways that you can use a Nespresso machine which can be an intimidating factor for some. After reading this post, you’ll be feeling a lot more confident about how to use a Nespresso machine and feel more confident about brewing various types of coffee. 

Types Of Machines & Capsules 

When you try to find desired Nespresso machine, you’ll find that there are two kinds of coffee capsules and machines that include the Vertuo and Original series. The Vertuo series capsules have hemisphere shapes and the Original series capsules look like domes.

Another thing to keep a note of is that Nespresso machines have varying brewing processes for each of the capsule types. The brewing process for the Vertuo machines work by the centrifugal force and water infusion processes being combined, causing the capsule to spin at a fast rate.

Original Nespresso machines have a high-pressure brewing feature for the Original capsules. 

How To Use A Nespresso Machine

1. Preparation Steps

Now that you know more about the different capsules and brewing systems, you can start preparing your machine to make coffee. Be sure that you’ve rinsed the machine if you’re using it for the first time. This can be achieved easily by brewing hot water on its own and emptying it out a few times. 

Be sure that the water reservoir has also been rinsed out by filling it with water and emptying it out. 

Place the water reservoir back in place after rinsing it. Plug in the machine and press the button that reads Lungo. This will turn the machine on and lights will come on and off while it starts turning on. The machine is ready to use when the light remains constant. 

Grab your favorite mug and place it on top of the tray at the front of the machine. This tray is what catches any excess water that drips out of the machine after the coffee has been brewed. 

2. How To Brew Coffee With A Nespresso Machine 

Once you’ve carried out the above steps, you can start brewing the coffee into your mug. Make sure that the water reservoir has been filled and turn the machine on with the Lungo or Nespresso button.

Some of the trays that are available with the Vertuo models can be adjusted to let you use smaller espresso cups that are higher up and closer to where the coffee pours from. This is a handy feature for preventing coffee from splashing. 

If you’re using an Original series machine, pull the lever up and place your capsule inside. The capsules are made to fit inside the machine in one way which is usually labeled on the machine. Push the lever down to start brewing your coffee. 

For the Vertuo machines, move the lever to Unlock and lift it up to place the capsule inside. The dome part of the Vertuo capsules should be facing down when it’s inside. You can then move the lever to the Lock mode for the coffee to start brewing. Nespresso machines are made to turn off automatically after the coffee has brewed. 

Using a Vertuo series machine means that you’ll have to stop the machine from brewing coffee manually. This can be done easily by using the available controls. When your cup has been filled with the quantity of coffee that you desire, you can press the button labeled On to stop the machine from brewing coffee. 

You can then press the button to brew coffee again if you wish. This can be a great feature to take advantage of if you’re making multiple cups of coffee at once. 

Taking Care Of Your Nespresso Machine

After your coffee has been poured, it will turn itself off after some time being inactive. When you’ve enjoyed your coffee, you should take some time to maintain your Nespresso machine to ensure that it continues brewing high-quality coffee for a long time to come. 

Remove the part of the machine that collects the used capsules and empty it out. You can then wipe the tray using a damp cloth. This is to prevent it from staining due to catching excess coffee over time. It’s also recommended to empty out the water reservoir so that you use fresh water every time you brew coffee. 

Final Thoughts

So, that concludes our post on how to use a Nespresso machine. Be sure to identify whether you have a Vertuo or an Original series so that you can follow the correct steps. This will also ensure that you’re able to find the correct capsules that are compatible with your machine.

Hopefully, the details found throughout our post have been useful for helping you to feel confident about making excellent cups of coffee. 

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