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How to Operate a Keurig Coffee Maker

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Before we get started, you will want to be sure that you know the type of coffee maker that you are using and what the basic functionalities of the buttons are.

Once you know all of that, we will have you covered on everything, so do not sweat the small details.

Here is how to operate a Keurig coffee maker!

How to Operate a Keurig Coffee Maker

If this is the first time that you have used your Keurig, you are going to want to run a cleaning cycle through it to make sure that it flushes out any bits of plastic and that it is sterilized.

This is simple to do, too. The critical thing to remember is to keep your K cup out of it for the first use.

Then, simply run the machine without putting a coffee pod inside of it and follow the rest of the steps to get hot water running through the Keurig.

Step 1: Plug It In

Of course, you will want to be sure that your Keurig is plugged in and powered on.

The buttons will light up, and the machine will start to make a whirring noise, so it is pretty apparent when you have completed this first step.

Now, you will just have to give the Keurig a moment to heat up. It does not take very long and will start blinking when it is ready to make your coffee.

Step 2: Fill the Reservoir With Clean Water

Check the reservoir tank. If it seems to be low on water, or the Keurig is telling you that there is not enough water inside it, it is time to refill the tank.

To do this, simply remove the reservoir from either the back or the side of the machine and fill it with water.

You may need to hit the power button again if the lights turn off so that the machine can heat your water.

Step 3: Get Ready to Brew

There are three buttons on the right side, displaying three different sizes of cups. Push the one that you think is closest to the size of your cup.

If you accidentally pick one that is too big and your mug starts overflowing, do not worry. There is a drip tray at the bottom of your Keurig to collect spilled coffee.

If you are using a big mug that seems like it will not fit under the machine, removing the drip tray can sometimes open up enough room for you to set the cup there.

Next, lift the handle on the top of the Keurig and insert your K cup.

There are many flavors of coffee pods out there; it does not even necessarily have to be a Keurig brand coffee, as many types of pods will fit.

You mustn’t remove the film on the top of the cup, too. The Keurig works by stabbing through this with a needle and running water through the hole.

As such, there is no reason to remove the top, and it will just make a big mess for you to clean up.

Next, push the handle down until the cup is secured. You may hear the sound of the needle puncturing the cup.

Your Keurig will let you know that it is ready to start brewing at this stage.

More Tips When Using Your Keurig

Brewing coffee with your Keurig is quick and easy!

Here are even more tips to make sure that you are using it correctly:

  • Do not intervene and potentially burn yourself if you notice the coffee about to pour over the side of your cup.
  • Aside from the size of your mug, you can also pick the temperature of your coffee or how strong you want it to be.
  • Once you select the size of your cup, the machine will start whirring and pour out your hot coffee.

When it does, be sure not to open any parts of the Keurig while it is brewing because it could shoot out hot water and burn you. Plus, it would make a mess of coffee all over your counter.

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

Your Keurig will need to be cleaned every once and while.

There is a process called descaling that you will need to do to remove any build-up from your Keurig.

About every four to six months, you will want to fill the water tank halfway with white vinegar and run it through the machine (without a K cup, of course) until the tank is empty.

Once you have completed that, refill the reservoir with clean water and run it through the machine until it is gone.

This removes mineral deposits and mold from your machine’s piping.

You want to be sure that you are descaling your Keurig often enough, as not doing so can make you sick. Also, no one wants to drink weird gunk!

Keurig also sells its own descaling solutions; however, white vinegar works just as well and is more cost-efficient.

You can wipe the machine down with a towel to keep the outside of it clean.

A damp dishcloth with dish soap is fine, but be sure to never submerge your Keurig in water. This is an electrical appliance, and doing so could cause damage to the Keurig.

Do not forget to clean the spill tray at the bottom, too. It can get grimy and build up with ugly coffee residue.

If you want to keep your Keurig looking new and shiny, it is essential to clean the machine every so often. You will notice when it starts to look a little dull.

You will want to clean your Keurig if you run a sticky drink through it, too. Sugar can block up the insides of your machine.

For example, hot chocolate or a cappuccino cup is full of sugar and just waiting to crystalize and deposit themselves into your next drink.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, running a Keurig is easy!

If this is your first product from the brand, we are more than confident that you will master it in no time.

Aside from learning how to operate a Keurig coffee maker, you should also take the time to make sure that you keep it clean and free of build-up.

In this way, you can rest assured that you’d get the most value out of your investment.

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