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How to Clean Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Machine – A Complete Review and Buying Guide

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There’s nothing better than having a warm mug of morning coffee.  To give everyone the best product assessment, we have judiciously compiled every piece of data with on the most popular coffee maker brands out there.

As one of the most comprehensive Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew reviews online, we will discuss the newest brand.  This machine is slightly similarly priced to some of the more popular brands in the market at $70.00.

However, it won’t hurt your pocket at all.  Also, if you want to know how to clean Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Machine then you have come to the right place here.

The Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker Reviews

Unfortunately, this product is still pricey enough for some people to regret buying it once they realize that it is not the best one.

This article has relevant pieces of data that will prevent you from ever feeling this way.

These pertinent bits of information are listed below.

  • Prominent Product Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Effective Tips on Maximizing Machine Worth and Usability
  • Positive and Negative Aspects of Usage
  • Operational Instructions
  • End Result

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Review: Prominent Product Features

This particular product brand is specifically intended for the release of the most flavorful taste from the brew.

The Mr. Coffee maker temperature will reach up to 205° C.  It also is one of the much faster brands that will allow you to brew the most delicious cups of coffee in under a few minutes.

Outstanding Features

  1. The Cleaning Cycle – The machine will let you know if it needs maintenance.  You would not have to think about the cleaning schedule too much anymore.
  2. Daily and Freshness Timer – With this particular feature, you will be able to set it up so that you will have brewed coffee as soon as you wake up.  The freshness timer, on the other hand, will keep it tasting unadulterated even after a few minutes.  It will notify the user the coffee is not fresh anymore.
  3. Electronic Shutdown – This machine will automatically shut down after a couple of hours.  It is a good power saving utility for sure.
  4. Automatic Pause Feature – This particular setting will permit temporarily pauses in operations and give you a chance to grab a cup of coffee even before it has finished brewing.
  5. Removable Filter Basket – The accessory gives easy access to the internal parts of the machine.  Maintenance has never been easier because of this feature.
  6. Optimal Number of Brewed Cups – This particular coffee maker brews at least 10 carafes within under 7 minutes.  This shall give the user sufficient time to extract more coffee to be served without overdoing it.
  7. Detachable Water Reservoir – This allows for an easier time refilling and emptying the water container of any excess liquid.  It also leaves room for easier maintenance.
  8. Thermal Carafe Technology – This particular piece of technology works to entrap heat while maintaining the freshness of the brewed coffee.
  9. Water Filtration – The additional Mr. coffee filters will remove impurities from tap water.  This will lead to much healthier coffee blends in the future.

Additional Tools and Accessories

Upon purchase, you will find these additional accessories with the machine.

  • The User’s Manual
  • The Warranty
  • The Carafe
  • The Water Filter

Optional Accessories

  • The additional three to four-year warranty (comes with an additional fee)
  • GTF2-1 Gold Tone Permanent Filter (Basket Style): this is a money saving feature because it means that you can do away with any additional Mr. Coffee filters for the coffee.

Operational Instructions

  • The Optimal Brew will work as soon as you get the water container filled and add coffee.
  • The Preset Timer: Fill the container with the main ingredients and time it for brewing.  Turn the machine on after this.

Effective Tips to Maximize Machine Usability and How to Clean Mr. Coffee

Follow Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Thermal reviews for the steps below to take even more advantage of the product.

  • Always pay attention to the user’s manual when installing and handling the machine.
  • Ensure thorough machine maintenance especially when the notifying light is on.
  • Regular de-scaling is required
  • Use a finer grinder to yield a stronger coffee mix.  It helps bring out the thicker coffee tastes that some people love.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with the water-to-coffee mixture to get the best taste.  This way, you will know exactly what’s right for you and how to mix it up effectively.
  • Use plain water on the machine twice prior to brewing your coffee to acquire the most excellent mixture.
  • Brew high-quality coffee products regularly.
  • Never pound coffee too early.  Crush the coffee beans only when preferred.
  • cleaning Mr coffee is very important for durability.

The Pros

  • Easy Operations
  • Has Money-Saving Permanent Filter
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Speed

The Cons

  • The Absence of the Bold Setting – This will leave you without a strong brew to select if ever you want it.  You can add more coffee to the mixture if you want something thicker in taste.
  • Loud Noises – Make sure to use the machine in an isolated area.
  • The Optimal Brew releases fumes from behind the machine.  This means that you would have to place the product outside while fixing your coffee.

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Machine – Aspects of Usage

The Positives of Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Machine

The tool will be the perfect fit if you do not want to handle too much maintenance for appliances.

Do you want practicality and ease of use in your machine?

This is the answer.  The adjustable settings are an added bonus for this appliance as well.

The Negatives of Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Machine

This apparatus will not be good to use if you want to have a stronger coffee blend.

You can opt to add more coffee to the mixture, but it will not be the same.

It will not reach that strong density and fluid texture that only a strong blend can give.

The End Result

To conclude these Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew reviews, these coffee making machines can be considered extremely consistent in terms of features and usage.  This is quite expected.

If you are the type who does not fancy a stronger blend, then this machine can give it to you. It is very important that you know how to clean Mr coffee Optimal Brew Machine so that you can use it for a longer period of time.

You can surely expect consistency and reliability from Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew the moment you start using it.

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