How to Brew Quality Coffee Using a Hario V60 Coffee Dripper – A Step by Step Guide

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The Hario V60 Dripper is one of the most popular coffee drippers out there. The reason for this is that it brews in minutes compared to other brewing methods which can take a long time and it looks elegant in any kitchen.

Experts say that using a Coffee Dripper is the best way to get the true flavors of the coffee out as it does not burn your coffee like most of the other brewing methods will do.

Why would You Love the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper?

This quality coffee dripper is from Japan, where the craze of coffee drippers began. You can buy this in a variety of different styles ranging from Glass to Ceramic and even in plastic if that is what you prefer.

The prices will vary depending on what you are prepared to pay. The Hario V60 is designed uniquely; it is cone shaped with spirals running through it.

The reason that it has spirals is so that the paper filter does not touch the inside walls of the coffee dripper and thus helps the coffee to extract from the bottom and go to the sides of said filter.

At the bottom of the Coffee Dripper, you will find a hole which you will use to pour the coffee from the brewer to the mug you wish to drink from once you have finished brewing your high-quality coffee.

The paper filters that are designed for this are the thinnest kind on the market; the thin paper filters allow the coffee to release all of its natural flavors and won’t leave any foul paper taste.

Another quality reason to buy this coffee dripper is that it brews your coffee in under 3 minutes, if you are always working hard or always hustling then this handy coffee dripper will be perfect for your busy lifestyle so if you are looking for a fast-paced brewing method with high-quality coffee, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What You Will Need

As I have mentioned before, it is quite simple to brew with the Hario V60. It is even easier than brewing with a French Press and is a big reason why coffee lovers are switching to coffee drippers.

You will need the following to brew your perfect cup of coffee especially for those slow mornings:

  1. Coffee Grounds – The finer the coffee grounds the easier it will be to extract the quality flavors and aromas.
  2. Bottled or Filtered water.
  3. A kettle or Pot to boil water.
  4. Hario thin paper filters.
  5. Hario V60 Coffee Dripper.

Those are the essentials needed for making a basic cup of coffee using the Hario V60. If you feel adventurous and want to add more effort and quality you can add these to your list as well:

  1. Coffee beans – Make sure they have been roasted in the last two weeks as you want it to be as fresh as possible when you grind your beans.
  2. Ground Scale – To make sure that you measure enough and not too little grounds.
  3. Burr Grinder – since you are planning on using fresh beans you will need to make use of a grinder and grind the beans until they are as fine as possible.
  4. Timer – You don’t want to let it sit for longer than 3 minutes.
  5. Gooseneck Kettle allows you to pour water better and control the amount that you pour.
  6. Thermometer – To regulate the temperature and make sure you don’t burn the coffee grounds.
  7. Hario 02 Natural paper filters – you will need the highest quality filter we have available that will make sure you get world-class flavors.

Once you have all of these handy gadgets you will be ready to make the perfect pour over coffee.

Brewing with a Hario V60

If you want world class coffee then look no further, this guide will be for you. I will keep it simple and we will use all of the apparatus that I spoke about including the extras that I added to showcase how phenomenal the pour-over method is with the Hario V60.

You can fine tune this guide to fit your own taste in coffee, we like ours strong and that will be the style that I will show. You can tweak the method until you have found your perfect coffee match. Here is the guide to brewing quality coffee with the Hario V60:

Step 1 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Add Bottled or filtered water to your kettle/gooseneck kettle. If you have a regular kettle then boil it as per normal and if you have a gooseneck kettle then put it on a stove. Please note that not all gooseneck kettles can go on a stove or any heat source so if yours is like that you can transfer already boiled water to your gooseneck kettle.

Step 2 of Hario V60 Coffee:

You must now make use of your ground (Gram) scale and measure 15 grams of coffee beans for one cup of coffee. What is important to remember is that for every cup of coffee made you will use 15 grams of coffee beans, it is not recommended to use your V60 for more than one cup of coffee at a time to ensure a quality cup of coffee every time.

Step 3 of Hario V60 Coffee:

The next step is to take your coffee beans and place it into the hopper of your burr grinder and before turning it on you must check to make sure that your settings are correct. For the best grind you will set it to medium-Fine and then you can turn it on, this will allow a nice fine coffee ground.

Step 4 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Grab your paper filter and add it to your coffee dripper. You can now put your coffee dripper on top of your mug or carafe depending on where you want your coffee to be poured into.

Step 5 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Once you have finished boiling your water you must pour it over your paper filter, make sure the entire filter is wet. For the highest efficiency, you can add your thermometer to test the temperature of your boiled water so you can make sure that the coffee is between 195 to 208 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6 of Hario V60 Coffee:

You can now throw out the water used to wet your paper filter. You can then place your V60 with your cup on the gram scale.

Step 7 of Hario V60 Coffee:

After your coffee beans are grounded you can place it in the V60.

Step 8 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Make sure your coffee grounds are distributed evenly as you want to make sure that all of your grounds can brew.

Step 9 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Pour no more than 30ml of boiled water on the coffee grounds if you have 15 grams of coffee grounds. An important rule to remember is always adding double the water amount to coffee grounds to ensure maximum taste and aromas. Make sure when you add the water that you start from the middle and pour in a spiral moving towards the edge.

Step 10 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Let the coffee sit for between 30 seconds to a minute. The younger the coffee is the less you have to let it sit.

Step 11 of Hario V60 Coffee:

After step 10 is completed you must add 30-60ml depending on how much coffee grounds you’ve used every 15 seconds. You will do this until your scale reaches 225ml. You want your water to always be 15 times heavier than your coffee.

Step 12 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Remove the Hario V60 from your mug while you still have some water in the filter as a few grounds will slip through if you let it finish all the way through.

Step 13 of Hario V60 Coffee:

Enjoy your world class cup of pour-over coffee. As you get more used to this method of brewing it will become faster. It may take you much longer in the beginning but when you become a pro it shouldn’t take you longer than 4 minutes to enjoy.

Never skip step 10 as it is a crucial part in the steps even if you feel it takes too long.

Fun Experiments with Your Coffee.

I have mentioned this before that everyone has different tastes and opinions on how their coffee should taste. I find that some coffee lovers might find the method I mentioned a little bit too strong for their tastes.

If you feel that you are one of those coffee lovers then I have some other ways you can adjust it to suit your taste buds more.

Adjust the Water to Coffee Ratio.

I am a huge lover of strong coffee and I know most coffee lovers prefer a more mild coffee taste as strong coffee is bitterer.

To counteract this you can add more water and make it 270ml instead of 225ml. You can also use fewer coffee grounds and make the ratio 14 grams to 225ml water.

Adjusting the Grinding.

Coarse grounds will make the water pass through it a lot quicker making a weaker style of coffee; a fine ground will always brew a strong coffee as the water will take longer to pass through it.

Adjusting the Pour.

Your pour can also be important, you might want to spread your pouring more during the brewing process as it will determine the strength of your coffee. You can try various patterns but make sure you take note as you might forget what you did.

Delicious Brewing Styles.

I have done some experimenting for you with the Hario V60 and have found three methods that you will love. The great part is that you can use the same coffee beans for all three methods and it will come out completely different each time that is how unique it is.

These methods are as follows:

1. Doubleshot

Here is what you will need if you want to try the Doubleshot coffee:

  1. 17 grams of coffee (Fine Ground).
  2. 250ml Water.
  3. Grind – Medium to Fine.
  4. The temperature at 197 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will need to make sure that your filter is rinsed before pouring the ground coffee to make a small crater in the middle. You will need to pour about 35ml of water into your coffee ground to make sure it brews slowly.

You should then add 120ml of water to the coffee grounds and let it sit and pull the flavors. Lastly, add the rest of your water, this method will take at most three minutes.

The Doubleshot coffee method will make your coffee taste strong and full of aromas. This method is for those coffee lovers that need a big kick first thing in the morning to wake them up or get them energized for the day.

2. Barefoot

The Barefoot method is another great choice for those of us who love strong and full bodied coffee. The following is how it is made:

  1. 24 grams of coffee.
  2. 330ml bottled/filtered coffee.
  3. The finest your coffee grinder can get it.
  4. The temperature will be about 204 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Just like with the Doubleshot method you will need to rinse your filter and pour your grounds. You need to make sure that it is even like mentioned in step 8 in my guide.

You will need to let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute as previously mentioned depending on the age of the beans. You will then add all of your water in a spiral over the coffee grounds. This will take you less than three minutes to do as well.

3. Terroir Coffee

This method of brewing will be for the coffee lovers that enjoy their brews a little bit milder and light. It will be soft and elegant on the palate. Here is how to brew this style:

  1. 24 grams of coffee.
  2. 390ml bottled water.
  3. Coarser coffee grind.
  4. Temperature needs to be between 201 to 205 Degrees Fahrenheit.

As with the other methods the first part you will have to do is rinse your filter, you will need to place your Hario V60 on your scale. You will add your coffee beans and leave a small opening in the middle of your filter.

You will now slowly add at most 50ml of water from the middle towards your edges making sure to coat all of your coffee grounds. Let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute depending on how fresh your beans were.

The next step will be to pour your water and keep in mind that spirals are the best method to pour water into your filter as it covers the whole surface area.

You will need to keep pouring until you have poured all 390ml out, you need to make sure you pour it slowly as you do not want your water to overtake your grounds; you want it to rise together. This brewing method once you get the hang of your Hario V60 will take no more than 3 minutes taking into account all of your steps.

If you want to pick up all of the flavors that this method brings to your coffee then let it sit and cool off, by doing so it releases aromas that you will not find in the other methods listed.  You will taste a small amount of acidity but it won’t be as strong as the other methods listed herein acid and bitterness.

Final Thoughts

I could rant for pages about which coffee style is the best but it might not be the best for you. Experimenting is a fun part of coffee and the more you experiment the more you can find styles that you will love.

You should take notes of what you like and what you don’t like. You will have to find the methods I have explained a ton of fun to try out.

The more you try new coffee and coffee styles the more you can brag to your coffee loving friends. You could easily find your style and brand by just experimenting each day.

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