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Frieling French Press Coffee Maker – Double Wall Stainless Steel

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You may already be familiar with the French presses, made up of stainless steel, that has the longest useful life since they don’t have any glass carafe which is fragile or numerous plastic parts that tend to distort.

This Frieling French press happens to be such a model. However, it is different from other models since it doesn’t have a part that consists of plastic material.

Apart from its body, the lid and the handle, which are usually made up of plastic, are also polished with stainless steel.

From the inside, the plunger mechanism which is also made with stainless steel ensures constant operation.

The end result for this is that the Frieling appears strong and also makes it worth the money.

Amazing Flavor and Insulation of Frieling French Press

After grinding your preferred coffee grounds, fill it inside the Frieling then wait for about four minutes for it to steep.

Be guaranteed that the Frieling machine will extract optimum flavors contained in the coffee beans.


You will get minimum sediments’ amount at your cup’s bottom and you will feel its flavor till you drink the very last drop.

Nevertheless, ensure that you don’t combine it using finer grounds due to the fact that the coarser the grounds will be the more the more they will be filtered.


The design of double-wall was integrated so as to prevent loss of heat.

When you make iced coffee using this machine, the coffee will remain cool approximately four times more than the french presses made up of glass.

The same case applies to pip hot java. Its thermal carafe has the ability to maintain the coffee’s heat at the ideal serving condition in terms of temperature for some hours.


Our recommendation is that you should take your coffee sooner rather than later.

Conversely, store the coffee in a different thermal flask so that it can be served later and by doing so, you will have preserved the flavor ahead of it turning bitter.

The Appearance will Weaken You at Your Knees

I know that was an overstatement, though close enough.

We admire this design since it is glistening and it will always be in fashion.

Very few French presses tend to have this effect since with time they are not appealing while in your kitchen.


Frieling coffee press maker has 2 design choices available to select from that is the exterior brushed and mirror finish.

Cost between these 2 options does not incur a difference meaning you can select the one that you consider more appealing.

We personally consider mirror finish more ideal since it will always keep shining.

This is simply saying that if you accidentally scrape or drop it, it will never be observed on this machine’s body.

Simple to Clean

French press machines are often contemplated as difficult to clean since they end up having numerous crannies and nooks or tightly fitted parts that happen to be very hard to disassemble.

However, with Frieling French press coffee maker things are different.

Its plunger assembly happens to be very simple to dissemble plus it requires a very simple rinse only under flowing water and it feels like its brand new again.

If you don’t have time to clean it using the hand, don’t worry!

You can conveniently wash this machine by a dishwasher.

All that you need to do is to place it inside the dishwasher’s top drawer so that it can be cleaned.


Frieling doesn’t wear out for being cleaned using a dishwasher and its mirror-finish ensures that it looks new for some years in the future.

Furthermore, it resists corrosion and rust – There is nothing more you can inquire!

 Who Should Purchase this Frieling French Press?

Searching for a coffee French press machine but running out of patience of having to be stressed by using the fragile glass carafes.

Well, good news! Complete your search and purchase the Frieling  French press coffee maker.

It is perfectly fitted for indoor and outdoor uses especially for hikers and campers since its carafe excellently preserves heat.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase this Frieling French press?

If you are not ready to neglect the high cost of purchasing this amazing Frieling stainless steel French press coffee machine for long-term interest, then consider buying another model like the SterlingPro French machine.

It happens to be more efficient and cost-effective as compared to other models within its price range.

Advantages of this Frieling French press

  • Convenient to clean and operate
  • High quality
  • Long lasting
  • Complicated design
  • Makes amazing tasting coffee

Disadvantages of Frieling French Press

  • High initial cost


Frieling is the perfect option for any person in the market looking for Frieling French press that is made up of stainless steel.

All its parts have been made to be durable.

As a matter of fact, Frieling French press coffee maker will instantly confirm that it is worth your money with its quality brew, long lasting and convenience.

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