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Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Coffee Maker

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It’s plain and simple:

Vacuum coffee maker produces a delicious full-bodied coffee.

Using these coffee makers, though? It’s quite forthright. What before was a complicated alternative process to brewing your coffee is currently a trend developing popularity all around the world.

Discover the answers to the most asked questions when you need to purchase and operate the progressively admired Vacuum Pot Coffee in today’s set of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

What is Siphon/Vacuum Coffee Maker / Brewer?

To be able to extract coffee from coffee grounds, vacuum coffee brewers use suction. Vacuum brewers have four essential parts when bought online or from the store:

  1. Siphon tube
  2. Filter
  3. Top container
  4. Bottom container

Aside from the main components, you also be needing a heat source like Bunsen Burner.

Some extra accessories that are easy to find and use are stirrer and thermometer.

Why Do I Need To Use A Brewer Like A Vacuum?

These vacuum brewers carry a first standing for brewing excellent coffee.

The full-immersion method, which cites to water and coffee beans remaining in contact during the entire brewing, associate with quick extraction to result in exceptional taste.

As an extra benefit, brewing in a vacuum is extensively considered both highly entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.

The usual display of the cylindrical device is captivating, as is the eerie vapor-vacuum process, which allows you to eagerly watch from the beginning up to end over the clear glass globes that the coffee grinds and the water travel in between.

How Did Vacuum Brewer Work?

Casually, the method of brewing a coffee through vacuum starts with vapor and not with vacuuming.

At first, the container on the top is full of coffee beans that are coarsely-ground, while the pot at the bottom is full of water, and the source of hot temperature is underneath everything.

Advancing the way?

Vapor transports the water in an upward direction, pushing the liquid into the container placed on the top.

A little volume of water stays in the bottom pot creating vapor that is set to develop. It holds the most amount of water at the top temperature in the excellent top-pot position.

The final step:

Once the water and the coffee have already mingled and mixed in the upper container, where it usually takes 1-3 minutes, the heat will be turned off.

Instantaneously, the mixture of water and coffee will flow directly to siphon tube.

Delectable, delightful coffee will now flow towards the bottom pot.

What Specific Heat Source Do I Need To Use?

A lot of people knows that heat is an essential part of producing a brewed coffee using a vacuum brewer.

Going back to the old and traditional times, people only use a plain and straightforward wick heater. Modern day’s lightly-developed equivalent is known as the Butane heater or burner.

You do not need to be an expert in portable-burner to identify which is the excellent model that’s suitable for your vacuum coffee maker.

Companies that concentrate in brewers – specifically vacuum, usually caters Butane, particularly for siphons.

Although the Butane heater is possibly the most enduring choice, it is not your only option:

There are few vacuum coffee maker that comes together with electric hotplates, while some are in-built-temperature-regulated heaters, and other models are made to work above your stovetop.

Even though each alternative has its ups and downs, if your primary concern is dependability, the Butane heater has an extensive reputation for best results.

Do I Need To Heat The Water Beforehand?

Requiring to preheat the water is usually depends on your particular vacuum coffee pot brewer.

Electric types of vacuum brewer were likely to heat rapidly. So you do not need to preheat the water as it will reach the right temperature before you complete the grinding process.

Butane burners will surely take a couple of minutes to reach the appropriate temperature – precisely 15 minutes long as well as any related alcohol-based alternative.

If this idea feels like will took you to forever, heating the water beforehand is a simple way to avoid waiting.

Do I Need To Be Concerned About The Quality Of Water That I’m Using?

The better quality of water you will use, the better coffee that you will produce – that’s the main rule of coffee perfectionists.

Whether you follow this kind of idea or not, it’s all up to you.

Which Particular Type of Coffee Do I Need To Use?

You can try different types of coffee and later on choose what’s best for you and will meet the standards of your taste buds.

If you are searching for the newest flavor, begin to try first the local brands before settling to global brands.

Slightly-roast coffees are typically weighed better if you desire to enjoy the taste of all flavors and leaves you a unique impression.

Per four ounces of water, use one full tablespoon. You can always modify this ratio to locate the excellent strength of your coffee.

How Coarse Do I Need To Grind The Coffee Beans?

Even though you are a beginner, trying to find out which coffee beans is the best or trying to find out which particular type of coffee brewer is suitable for you, you need to know that the necessary knowledge is to begin by grinding the coffee beans like producing a traditional coffee drip.

This idea will serve as your guide as you go through discovering the coffee brewer.

Now, consider the following and customize the controls of your grind correspondingly from this rank of coarseness.

Particles in your cupGrind coarser
Coffee blocks in the filter and it can fall down to the bottom container, not a bland pourGrind coarser
Coffee doesn’t taste strongGrind finer
Coffee flows rapidly from upper to bottom container, can’t consider a smooth pourGrind finer

What is the proper way to clean the vacuum brewer after brewing?

Cleaning your vacuum brewer well and adequately ensures a great taste of coffee each time you make use of your siphon brewer.

Some coffee makers can cleanse directly to the dishwasher, but if and only if the manual allows. Ever coffee brewer should be handled with care to avoid breaking or even scratching.

For cleaning:

  • Use a scrub and soap to clean the upper container.
  • You can use a bottle brush that is made from nylon to reach the lowest part of the bottom container.
  • Wash the siphon.
  • Air dry all the components.

What Are The Other Names Used In Identifying Vacuum Brewers?

If you hear or read various names for devices that are identical in appearance, do not be shocked and puzzled. Vacuum brewers do have a long tally of titles:

  • VacPot
  • Glass Brewer
  • Coffee Maker / Syphon or Siphon Brewer
  •  Balance Brewer

Are All VacPots Work the Same?

Almost ever vacuum brewers make use of a vertical process in which upper and the bottom container is vertically connecting to a siphon tube.

A Balance Brewer is noticeably exemption – this type of machine contains an identical suction process through the water motions side-by-side rather than up-and-down.

Do Vacuum Brewers Have Different Dimensions?

Absolutely yes! Whichever you like, you decide!

Vacuum brewers do have different sizes. You can pick between an enormous machine that will provide coffee for a large set of guests or a device that is only enough to fit in your house.

The most popular VacPot sizes are 3-cup, 5-cup, and 8-cup makers.

Where Does Vacuum Brewer Originate?

There are few names that are recognizing to the fundamental improvement and growth of vacuum brewer:

  1. Marie Fanny Amelne Massot of Lyons
  2. Loeff of Berlin
  3. Robert Napier of Scotland

These three people are back in Europe in the 1800s. They were attempting numerous times to manufacture an excellent machine that would allow water to pull through the possible most exceptional grounds rapidly.

Achille Gaggia mastered the espresso machine in the mid-1930s.

How Time Developed The Vacpot?

Consider this:

The first invented VacPot is surprisingly like its 1800s example.

Heat-safe containers are arising and developed. Pyrex is a company who made the coffee maker more safe and durable. Aside from that, the process of electric heat has boosted and quicken. All in all, the machine operates just like how it was decades ago.

Why are Vacuum Brewers not Everywhere?

In spite of the large and perfect coffee that this vacuum brewer has produced, they are still achieving their popularity.

It is considered as a common thing in the household before.


The arrival of drip coffee device happened. In the year 1950s and 1960s, the innovation was too quick and easy, so the VacPot has lost its popularity in the US.

Where to find vacuum brewers and buy them?

The fastest and easiest way to purchase a vacuum brewer is to go online – Amazon to be specific. It has lots of different impressive models at differing prices.

Alternatively, you can head out to the nearest coffee store in your area and ask if they are selling vacuum brewers.

What are the Best Models of VacPot?

Some of the best picks are:

  • Yama Glass 8-Cup Stovetop Siphon
  • KitchenAid KCM812OB
  • Nispira Belgian Royal Family
  • Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Hario Technica 3-Cup Siphon

Can I purchase a VacPot on eBay?

Of course! You can purchase your VacPot on eBay just like you are allowed to buy it from Amazon. But remember that prices on eBay are much higher than Amazon’s price.

You will entirely pay for a high price of a penny if you are looking to buy a high-end brand like Yama and Hairo.

Tip to first-time users and explorers:

Buy your first VacPot brewer on Amazon because it has they are a fixed-price website so you can prevent yourself overpaying for your primary machine.

What Specific Filter Do I Need to Buy?

Various types of filters are appropriate for your vacuum brewer:

  •  Cloth
  •  Metal (mesh included)
  • Metal (mesh not included)
  • Glass
  • Paper

The most suggested are the paper filters and cloth filters.

Coffee idealists believe that the cloth lets the oils to pass through without having any absorption. If you plan using these paper and cloth filters, ensure to clean and wash it thoroughly every after usage. Put the cloth filters in the water and put it in your refrigerator.

Does the Screen I Choose Will Affect Making Coffee?

The filter usually affects the level of your grinds – fineness or coarseness.

As what I have suggested above, you can start first on automatic drip coarseness, follow these adjustments according to your filter:

–    Cloth filters: slightly finer

–    Paper or metal filters: no need for any adjustments

–    Glass filters and filters with mesh and metal: slightly coarser

Is VacPot Can Consider a New Trend?

As mentioned above, VacPot is getting back its lost popularity.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t reach its fad-position yet according to coffee connoisseurs.

To be able to be part of the new and fast-developing movement, invest now to a siphon brewer.

Happy Brewing!

Is a Vacuum Coffee Maker Ideal for Everyday Use of Coffee Lovers?

YES! It’s plain and simple.

You need to study the features of the Vacuum Coffee Maker machine thoroughly to be master, and it requires effort and practice.

The whole method will only take up to twelve minutes. Even though it is not that fast, drip coffee brewer inevitably produces a fantastic taste.

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