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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine – An Updated Review

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Did you ever experience a particular situation wherein you are not able to buy a coffee maker because you prioritize necessary expenses?

An expensive machine which may cause up to $2000 is a huge concern for most people.

At this point, you don’t have to worry.

We want to let you know that the DeLonghi EC155 is the best espresso maker we have tried out – not only concerning being affordable but also for its performance.

Having a retail price of less than a $100, this De’Longhi EC155 espresso and cappuccino maker is a good deal!

You cannot hurt your pocket big time when you chose to purchase this.

While it’s advisable to purchase the best product that your budget will allow, this De’Longhi Espresso EC155 machine can be considered as the second best.

As you go through the article below, you will find out things about:

  • Features of De’Longhi EC155
  • The Advantages of Having the DeLonghi EC155
  • The Disadvantages of Having the Delonghi EC155

Features of DeLonghi EC155

With the great kind of machine, you can make an authentic cappuccino and espresso easier – without sweating.

Even though it is a budget-friendly machine, it doesn’t mean that it cannot give you an outstanding performance.

The following are the features that this De’Longhi EC155 has to offer:

  • De’Longhi EC155 15-bar pump: Considering which is the essential features of this machine, well, the pump is one of it. The pump of EC155 is stronger compared to the other expensive models out there. Its 15-bar pressure pump will make sure that the entire flavor is drawn out from your coffee. The machine will get the most potent flavor of a coffee which other devices can’t because of low pressure.
  • Milk frothier: To make sure that you will enjoy the milk in every way that you prefer, it features manual milk frothier – it’s more hygienic compared to milk tank. With a milk frother, you can guarantee that there would be no sour taste of deposits which are left behind, plus, it is easier to maintain and clean compared to milk tank.
  • Choice of ground coffee or coffee pods: Another good thing that this machine feature is that it will allow you to choose between coffee pods or coffee grounds – it’s all up to you, so you decide! You can also modify your coffee’s strength of taste.
  • The Technology of Rapid Cappuccino: This kind of technology is only exclusive to the brand of De’Longhi. With this feature, you don’t need to wait for the water to preheat each time you make a cup of coffee because the hot temperature of water remains constant. It’s a perfect feature for people who will enjoy the coffees together.
  • Inserting the water tank easier: You can remove the water tank easier, attach it again, clean it, fill it – stress-free!

What You Will Get When You Purchase the De’Longhi Espresso EC155:

When you purchase this machine, you can have the following:

  • De’Longhi EC155 15-bar pump
  • 35oz of a water tank that is removable
  • 3-in1 filter holder
  • A boiler that is stainless steel

The De’Longhi Espresso EC155 and Cappucino Maker comes with a 12-month warranty.

And if you like to extend it up to three years of warranty, you need to purchase it at $7.13, and for a four-year warranty, you need to pay an additional cost of $11.08.

The Advantages of Having the DeLonghi EC155

Even though the most exciting part of this machine has a low price, it is not the main reason why you need to have it.

Below are some ideas why you need to choose De’Longhi EC155 over other expensive machines:

  • It allows you to select between pod coffee and ground coffee: Everyone knows that even a costly device doesn’t have an option to choose between brewing a ground coffee or coffee pods. If you have enough time to do the brewing, then use coffee grounds, and if you are in a hurry but still want to have a coffee before heading to work, then use coffee pods.
  • Self-priming: Preparing the machine before the time you will use it is sometimes tricky when you don’t know how to do it. But as for this machine, it will get ready itself once you turn it on – and this is a particular feature that most expensive machines don’t have. Having this kind of trait for a device will help you save more time and prevent yourself from stress.

The Disadvantages of Having the DeLonghi EC155

The disadvantages of this machine is not a big deal compared to paying five up to twenty times its price for an expensive coffee maker.

  • You cannot lower down the tray for the cup, so you are only allowed to use small sizes of espresso cups and doesn’t allow you to choose the size of the container you prefer.
  • The machine will sometimes vibrate while brewing — expect that it will move at some point.
  • Be also reminded that this De’Longhi EC155 is loud. But on the other hand, there are many expensive machines out there that are too loud.

Best Advice to Fully Enjoy Your DeLonghi EC155

The following are the top picks to enjoy your De’Longhi espresso EC155 to the fullest:

  • Use the machine as what the manufacturer instructed
  • Make sure that the device is clean at all times
  • Make sure that the scale of the machine is removed every after use
  • No matter which kind of coffee you will use, either coffee pods or coffee ground, use only a top-quality coffee
  • To attain the best and excellent flavor, buy your coffee grinder as well and make your coffee ground on your own
  • Find grounds of coffee is best to use with this kind De’Longhi EC155 machine
  • Choose dry or medium roast coffee for best result

DeLonghi EC155 Review

All in all this machine is surprisingly amazing when it comes to its features and performance.

A double thumbs up for the dual filter and the 15-bar pressure pump surpassed the expectation – given the fact that this DeLonghi EC155 machine is affordable and budget-friendly.

The De’Longhi EC155 is a good buy. You can invest in this EC155 machine, and you can guarantee that even if its cheap and affordable, it can give you the best performance and features.

De’Longhi is one of the trusted brands that manufactures an excellent quality product, so consider that the EC155 is from good-quality materials.

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