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The DeLonghi BCO430BM coffee maker is an “all-in-one” machine. We are here to sort it out if this machine is what it claims to be! 

It is a fully automatic machine that makes a great-tasting cup of coffee with just the push of a few buttons. People with busy lives will find it very useful. But for the true coffee fanatics, this machine is a no-go option. 

The BCO430 comes with a compact footprint and is pretty lightweight to carry around as well. So if you are the one who prefers to keep changing the place of your coffee machine, this might be a good pick for you. But that’s not it! We are here to assess if it is what it claims. 

So scroll down to see all the findings that we have for you in this ultimate DeLonghi showdown.


  • Single/double filters for espresso.
  • A 15-bar pump for brewing lattes and cappuccinos.
  • A 24-hour programmable timer is there for convenience.
  • Its drip-stop tray prevents any spilling.
  • Jet frother.
  • Active carbon filters.


  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt grinder.
  • No frothing cup comes with this coffee machine. 
  • Flavors are slightly inconsistent. 

Fully-Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

Fully automatic coffee machines are user-friendly and you don’t need to be an expert to operate these. Just a few pushes of the buttons and your cup will be ready to consume. These machines work around convenience. 

If you have a hectic routine, such machines will help you to get through the day pretty easily. You just have to select the coffee type you want to drink using the automatic controls and there you have it. 

However, with the semi-automatic machines, you have total control over your final cup. You can make changes to your coffee recipe according to your preferences and requirements. 

These machines are designed for coffee aficionados who like to work out different ways and enjoy the details their final cup provides them with. You can create different recipes by altering the temperature and pressure during the brewing process.

Comparison Chart






Great tasting coffee with rich flavors but with slight inconsistencies

Rich and aromatic tasting coffee with a creamy texture and saturated flavor

Good tasting coffee with silky smooth flavor and aroma but inconsistent in results

Brewing capacity

6 cups (47 fl oz) 

4.5 cups (35 fl oz)

4.5 cups (37 fl oz)


Conveniently accessible buttons on the front 

Just a dial to control the machine

Easily accessible dial and knob 

Design & materials

ABS plastic body with brush stainless steel accents

Brushed stainless steel accents with ABS plastic body

Stainless steel (brushed) accents with plastic (ABS) body

Cleaning & maintenance

Simple to clean and descale 

Cleaning and maintenance is quite easy

Not that difficult to clean or descale


Manual frothing is a great addition for a quality latte

Good creamy froth but not something extraordinary

Lot airier froth and less creamy


No inbuilt grinder

No inbuilt grinder

No inbuilt grinder

Additional features

Active carbon filters, 15-bar pump pressure, 24-hour timer, drip-stop

Dual functional filter holder, 15-bar pump pressure, double thermostat for water and steam

Self-priming operation. 15-bar pressure, 2nd tier drip tray

Value for money

Meets the value

Hardly meets the value

Hardly meets the value

DeLonghi BCO430 Review


The BCO430 coffee machine by DeLonghi is one of the finest in terms of taste. It can produce a rich, flavorful coffee that is extremely creamy and frothy. However, the BCO430 is a bit inconsistent in producing the same taste over and over again. 

This is a problem that most fully automatic coffee machines face. They are not the preferred choice of people who know how to make a cafe-like coffee at home. 

For the same reason, the ECP3420 is also not very consistent in producing the same taste. However, in comparison to the BCO430, it is below par because the coffee from this machine is a bit milder. 

Similar is the case with the EC155, it features dual filtration systems but the machines that use pods and capsules tend to produce milder coffees. You get to taste different flavors in your cup, Overall, if you are looking for quality tasting coffee, the BCO430 is the best option out of these three. 

Brewing Capacity

The BCO430 coffee machine can brew about six and a half cups and 10 cups of drip coffee. Now, if you live with family, this machine will allow you to get through the times without any refills. 

However, the EC155 and the ECP3420 both come with a brewing capacity of approximately four and a half cups. This is more suitable for individual use. Perhaps, someone can join in and you are not too bothered about any refills. But these are not designed for office use or a home where there are plenty of coffee lovers beside you. 


DeLonghi is one of the leading brands on the market to create user-friendly machines. The BCO430 is no exception and has all the buttons right in your accessibility. There is a smaller display for its programmable timer. You can set the brewing time according to your requirements. 

The water reservoir also has a front-loading design and everything else of this machine is there as well. Therefore, if you are looking to fit the machine into a tight corner or even in a cabinet where only the front is exposed, you don’t need to look any further.

The EC155, being a simple semi-automatic machine comes with the only dial in front. If you are looking to use capsules of pods, you will have to load them from the top. So the front and the top sides need to be outside for easy access. There is no other control present on this machine.

The ECP3420 is also very simple to use as there are not many controls on it besides a dial and a knob on one side. Everything is right in front of you and the dial is well-elaborated in terms of its features. 

Design & Materials

All three of these machines, the BCO430, the EC155, and the ECP3420 are low-to-mid range coffee makers by DeLonghi. So you don’t need to expect much in terms of the quality of materials.  But if you show them enough love and clean them properly, these machines will continue to serve you for many years. 

DeLonghi has used hard ABS plastic for constructing the bodies of all these three machines. It has also provided accents of brushed stainless steel for better looks. All these three machines are pretty lightweight and come with a compact footprint.

If you are the one who likes to decorate the kitchen or move around the appliances a lot, all these three machines would prove to be a good option. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

These three machines are effortless to clean and descale. You just need to ensure you go through the instructions manual that comes with your purchase. DeLonghi has made sure that it enlists all the important steps that are involved in disassembling, cleaning, and descaling of these machines. 

Even if you don’t have any experience in cleaning coffee machines, these instructions will take you through the entire process without any hiccups. You can also use various descaling tablets for your coffee machines. 

The cleaning and maintenance of DeLonghi BCO430 are slightly simpler due to its cleaning cycle. The machine will let you know when it’s time to clean. On the other hand, both EC155 and ECP3420 are also easy to clean due to its removable water reservoir and dishwasher safe parts.


Frothing is one of the top features of the BCO430 as the steel wand with which it comes allows you to manually control the creaminess of the froth. It is one of the most integral features of this machine that allows it to create that sensational taste. 

The inconsistency in flavor is due to the brewing process and not the frothing. So, the manual frother of this coffee maker is top-notch. And you can even create some latte finishes that most coffee fanatics would love to have.

The EC155 is a semi-automatic machine and it should live up to the expectation of frothing fans. The creaminess is certainly there but if you are looking to create some art, this machine is not right for you. 

In terms of frothing, the ECP3420 is the worst performer here because the froth that it can produce is underwhelming and will leave you dissatisfied.


Here is a genuine tie among all the three machines because none of these machines come with an inbuilt grinder. If you already own a grinder, you can go with any of these machines. 

If you are buying a coffee grinder with your machine, make sure you buy a quality grinder. That will allow you to alter the grind size according to your requirements. Also, make sure you always use freshly ground coffee beans for the best taste. 

Using high-quality coffee beans is a must if you are looking to use a separate grinder to make coffee. Premium quality beans will ensure most of the flavor and aroma stays there and goes into your final cup of joe.

Additional Features

The BCO430 coffee maker by DeLonghi comes with some additional features. This machine comes with active carbon filters that can reduce the number of lead particles in water. This makes it less likely to develop gunk inside the machine. 

With the 15-bar pump pressure, the machine can brew coffee fast and keeps the flavors saturated. The machine also features a 24-hour timer. There is also a drip-stop that prevents any spiling. 

The EC155 coffee machine is a dual-function filter holder. It can brew coffee or you may also use coffee pods and capsules. The machine features a 15-bar pump pressure if you are looking to brew coffee. This coffee machine boasts a double thermostat to heat water and steam at the same time. 

The ECP3420 comes with a self-priming operation that eradicates any preparations in the beginning. This machine comes equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump for the brewing process. Additionally, you can also use the 2nd tier drip tray to fit in larger cups.

Value for Money

For the features that it offers and the taste it produces along with the durability, the BCO430 coffee maker does meet the value. It is certainly not the “all-in-one” machine especially if you look at it with a coffee lover’s eye. If you are a daily hustler, it might turn out to be a good choice for you. 

The EC155 is primarily a budget-friendly option and allows you to use coffee pods and capsules. So, this machine would do the job for you if you are not too sure about those intricate details associated with your cup of coffee. 

The same goes for the ECP3420 that focuses on budget and is suitable for the people who just want to take down a cup to start their day. If you are one such soul, this machine would be a good choice.

Who Should Buy the DeLonghi BCO430? 

The DeLonghi BCO430 coffee maker is a great deal for anyone who doesn’t want to get into the details and wants to go for a cup that tastes great. 

All the controls are easily accessible and you don’t have to go through much hassle to clean it. It also has a compact size so even if you have a smaller kitchen, this coffee machine will fit in perfectly. 

If you are someone who deals with a busy schedule daily, this coffee machine is a top choice for you. Just get it ready to brew and get the finest coffee with just the push of a button. 

You can also use it in your office and serve a couple of friends without any refill. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the DeLonghi BCO430?

If you understand how to make a divine coffee and produce that cafe-like taste without leaving your home, this machine is not for you. There are preset programs and settings that you can access by pushing buttons. And an avid coffee drinker doesn’t like that. 

The taste it produces has some inconsistencies. It’s just a hit-or-miss formula when you are working with this machine.

FAQs for the DeLonghi BCO430 FAQs for the DeLonghi BCO430

What is the size of the tamper of this machine? What is the size of the tamper of this machine?

The tamper that comes with this machine is not very durable and made of flimsy plastic. It is 1.5-inch in size so you can buy a good quality steel tamper to work with it. The tamper that comes with this machine is not very durable and made of flimsy plastic. It is 1.5-inch in size so you can buy a good quality steel tamper to work with it.

Can I fit a regular sized coffee mug into this machine?

The machine comes with two sides, the coffee side brews into the carafe while the espresso side brews into your cup. Some cups are tall and might not fit but you can tackle that issue by removing the metal tray. 

What type of coffee should be used with this coffee machine for the best flavors?

For the drip side, you can use any type of mild to fine coffee grounds. For the espresso shot, you can go with fine to ultra-fine coffee grounds for best tastes.

Should I buy this machine or not?

If you are not an expert in making coffees, you may go with this machine. It is pretty simple to use and will get your favorite coffee in no time. The tastes that it produces are not consistent, so if you are buying a coffee machine to enjoy the taste, you need to look elsewhere. But for a regular coffee consumer, it is a great option.

The Verdict

The BCO430 coffee machine by De’Longhi is a compact and lightweight machine that can produce a good tasting coffee. It might not be congruous in producing fine tastes but if you need a quick cup before you hit the road, this machine will be a fine choice. 

The machine doesn’t need much effort to clean and descale and you certainly don’t need a huge cabinet to place it. The controls are very simple to use. 

This machine is overall a useful appliance that can make you a quick cup of coffee. But if you want a true cafe-like taste in your final cup then just leave it and look for a better coffee maker.

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