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What You Need To Know About Coffee Essential Oils

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Essential oils have become an increasingly popular holistic health solution. They have a powerful aroma, offer you an option for alternative wellness, and have a number of benefits. Now imagine the captivating, bold aroma of coffee and distill that into a potent oil.

Coffee essential oil is just like any of the other essential oils you can find, but made of coffee beans. This essential oil comes with a host of unique benefits, and is a soothing thing to rub on your skin. Just make sure to consult with a professional to ensure proper and safe use.

The Main Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils are a concentrated oil derived from plants. They have all of the aromatics, antioxidants, and other particulates from the plants. The result is an oil that can be used for a wide range of purposes. From their smell to their chemical components, different oils have different uses. From skin to inhalation to hair, essential oils are a natural, holistic way to get some of the hidden benefits from these plants.

These oils can be made in a variety of way, from steaming and boiling to pressing. Different plants will have different methods to extract the compounds inside, and can include plants like eucalyptus, cinnamon, and coffee. Each oil has its own unique benefits, so it helps to learn about the properties of coffee essential oil.

When to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have a variety of uses, many of which are backed by studies and statistics. And at the very least, you can rely on them to help calm your nerves, stimulate certain parts of your brain, and, in coffee’s place, getting health benefits from antioxidants. Like we’ve been saying, you want to always make sure to consult a professional to make sure that you won’t have any complications when using coffee essential oil.

To calm anxiety

Aromatherapy is becoming a more common treatment for mild mental health issues. The soothing smell of coffee can be very calming, and is a common treatment for those who are dealing with stress. Consult an aromatherapist if you want to use the soothing scent of coffee to treat stress or anxiety.

To stimulate your appetite

Coffee is an appetite suppressant, but essential oils made from it can actually stimulate your appetite. The oil impacts your limb system, which regulates your sense of hunger. People who are trying to eat more food can take advantage of this property to increase their appetite.

For other health benefits

As we’ve discussed before, coffee is a healthy drink packed with antioxidants that find their way into the essential oils. So when you use these oils on your skin or in your hair, you can absorb them into your body. It’s a soothing, enjoyable way to make sure that you can take advantage of even more of the benefits of coffee.

When To Avoid Coffee Essential Oils

While there are a number of compelling reasons to use coffee essential oils, there are a few reasons you may want to avoid them. In case you have sensitive skin, you may experience a harsh reaction to putting the oil on your skin. When you’re sick or recovering from an illness, you also want to be careful when applying oils to your skin. And, most importantly, you never want to use essential oils for medicinal purposes without consulting an expert. If you’re in any of these situations, consider taking a pass on these oils.

If you have sensitive skin

Be aware that If you have a history of skin conditions, or are sensitive to rashes, you want to make sure to avoid essential oils. When applying them to your skin, you may have an unpleasant reaction, which defeats the purpose of using the oils in the first place. If your skin is sensitive, make sure to use them strictly for aromatic purposes.

If you’re sick

When you are currently ill, or recovering from something, you’ll want to consider refraining from using essential oils. They can have unpredicted effects on your health and body, which isn’t what you want when your health is already compromised. Wait until you’re back at full health before using these oils, and remember to talk to an expert to make sure you’re ready.

If you haven’t consulted a professional

Your body may be sensitive to substances and compounds found in essential oils, or there may be other unforeseen factors that can cause complications. If you’re trying to take advantage of the healing properties of coffee, or any other plant, always seek supervision or consultation. If you’re in a situation where that isn’t an option, consider refraining using these oils. Safety is always the most important thing to focus on, so wait until you’ve seen a professional before applying these oils to your skin.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

This essential oil has a number of known uses. The beverage itself is very healthy, coming with a host of long term benefits. The essential oil has the same effects, imparting the same antioxidants. That powerful and wonderful smell can actually cause measurable improvements to your health. Aromatherapy is a growing part of the holistic health movement, helping with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Always consult a professional for any medical uses, or just enjoy the captivating smell of this unique, aromatic oil.

How To Make Essential Oils With Coffee

To make essential oil out of coffee, roasted beans are lowly cooked in oil over a few hours. This releases the compounds, aromatics, and oils from the beans into the oil. They can use either roasted beans or green beans, which give a relatively similar final result. This oil is actually pretty different from the majority of other oils, and has similar benefits to actually drinking coffee.

All you need is a crock pot, some coffee beans, and olive oil.

  • Stir the beans into the oil, making sure that they’re completely covered
  • Cook the beans on low for just under 10 hours, stirring once every hour

Pro Tip: If you use green beans, make sure to stir them more frequently to prevent them from burning.

Using Coffee As Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is what it sounds like. Smells can be used to help treat anxiety, stress, and other mental health problems. You will want to contact an aromatherapist to come up with a specific treatment plan if you’re suffering from mild anxiety, but coffee’s potent smell is known for its soothing properties. You can keep the oils around or in a vaporizer to fill your space with the calming smell of coffee.

Even if you aren’t suffering from issues that require aromatherapy, some people just love the smell of coffee. You can use essential oils from coffee to just fill your home with the powerful, aromatic scent of coffee.

Why Coffee Is a Great Source of Antioxidants

Coffee is packed with antioxidants, which are great for long term resistance against chronic disease. These antioxidants find their way into coffee essential oil, making it a great source of these antioxidants:

  • 3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Polyphenols
  • Phenylalanine
  • Ferulic acid
  • Caffeic acid

These health benefits can be absorbed into the the skin by rubbing the oils on. It isn’t always safe to rub essential oils on your skin, though, so make sure to consult with an expert. If you have sensitive skin, have allergies, or don’t know how your body will react to essential oils. Consulting with a professional will make sure that you have no problems enjoying the benefits of these oils.

Does Coffee Oil Have Caffeine?

Coffee has a lot of caffeine in it. While that can be great for getting up in the morning, or pepping yourself up in the day, some people have a sensitivity to caffeine. No matter how irresistible, delicious, and mesmerizing the flavor and smell of coffee is, people who are trying to keep caffeine out have to turn it away. These people are rightly concerned to see if caffeine from the coffee essential oils can get into your body without ingesting them.

While caffeine is one of the ingredients that transfers from the bean to the oil, you are not going to get much from using it on your skin, hair, or for smell. While coffee essential oil does contain caffeine, it won’t absorb into your body from the skin. So you want to avoid ingesting the coffee to make sure that you aren’t going to get exposed to caffeine.

The Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a delicious, powerful part of the day. It tastes great, gives you that perfect rush in the morning, and has a host of health benefits. So adding coffee essential oil to your life is another way to enhance your wellness with coffee. You can expand coffee from being a tasty beverage to being a vital part of your holistic health strategy. Whether it’s to treat serious mental health issues under supervision of a professional, or just to smell coffee more, consider adding this essential oil to your regular routine.

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