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Bunn My Café Single Cup Multi-Use Coffee Brewer Review

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Coffee has been making everyone’s mornings palatable since the sixteenth century and, in the interceding 500 years, the unassuming coffee bean has brought forth an immense scope of various beverages.

In any case, regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast of cappuccino, macchiato, coffee, or out and out old channel espresso, there’s a machine called Bunn My Cafe out there that can make you want a cup of coffee now and then.

Many people can’t think of starting their day without a cup of coffee in the morning. If you are also one of them, it is no surprise that you might want to keep a coffee machine in your home. The coffee machines having a single serving pod are gaining popularity recently.

They can give you much better results while saving you a lot of money and time. You do not need to go for a professional barista style machine that has multiple pods and is hard to understand.

However, you could be confused about making the right selection when everyone is claiming to provide the best. If that is the case, you need to ask yourself: do you need a manual coffee machine for bistro style flawlessness; a channeling machine that gives a container of hot espresso; or do you need the effortlessness of an espresso case or case machine?

We recommend a single pod machine since it is not only comparatively affordable but also gives you the best tasting coffee than your normal standard.

Therefore, we have tested various companies that offer single-use pod coffee machines to help save you from spending your hard earned dollars. We have chosen two models the Bunn MCU home from Bunn and Keurig K55 from Keurig. However, we will only talk about our experience with the Bunn MCU.

Though slightly expensive, it has a few more features that you could not find in Keurig K55. So kindly go through the article to find out more, below is the list of contents that are later discussed thoroughly to help you out:

  • Features of Bunn MCU
  • Working of Bunn MCU
  • The Advantages of Choosing the Bunn MCU
  • The Disadvantages of Choosing the Bunn MCU
  • How to use your Machine effectively?
  • Suitability
  • Final thoughts

Features of Bunn My Cafe MCU

This model offers you a complete package of convenience and flexibility. Whether you want to brew flavorful coffee or tea, it will do the job. Following are the features of this machine:

  • The single cup technology prevents the liquid to flow outside the cup.
  • It avails four replaceable drawers to allow you to select the drink of your choice.
  • Its ability to run through hot water gives you a longer coffee.
  • The pulse brew option makes your coffee stronger and rich in flavor.
  • It takes less than a minutes to do its job.
  • The removable drip tray allows easier cleaning
  • It can fill 40oz to 140oz of coffee

Inside the Package

The package comes with other options other than the machine. This makes the item even more appealing for making the customers want to buy it:

  • A machine
  • A user manual
  • The four drawers
  • A two-year warranty

You can also extend the warranty to further three or four by paying a small fee.

Working of Bunn MCU

The machine works really well with pods. You might find the drawers tricky to replace at first. However, when you grow used to them, it becomes easy for you to flick between the drinks. Pulling the handles slightly makes the process easier.

It maintains the temperature effectively. Your coffee does not cool down at once it comes out of the machine, especially when you are using the pod drawer.

Also for better results, if you are using your ground beans then use the finer to ensure the temperature remains hot. Otherwise, the water takes longer to filter through grains resulting in cooling down of your drink.

Moreover, unlike some other well-known this machine requires a constant water level of 140z. Hence, you must add the water constantly to fill each cup.

The Advantages

What we noticed about the Bunn MCU:

  • It has the ability to switch between ground coffee and tea.
  • It can extract hot water effortlessly used for a longer drink or a hot chocolate
  • It maintains the temperature quite well
  • It is tough-built and long lasting
  • It has an appealing look
  • The machine already comes with K-cup pods, which means you do not need to spend a fortune on the over-priced pods available in the market.

The Disadvantages

What we didn’t love about the Bunn MCU:

  • The continuous filling of the water tank for every cup can be tedious
  • It gives the tea a strange chemical taste
  • Using non-recommended pods won’t be covered in the warranty

How to Use your Machine Effectively?

Following are the tips about how to use your machine effectively:

  • Follow every instruction on the manual guide you find in the package
  • Clean the machine regularly and thoroughly.
  • Descale the machine daily
  • Use hard water instead of filtered water
  • Use good quality beans while using ground coffee
  • Grind the coffee only when you want to use it otherwise it will turn stale


The Bunn MCU home might be a perfect option for anyone who not only wants to enjoy the freshly ground coffee but also wants a quick and easy pod coffee without having to have two machines. However, you cannot make a delicious cup of tea from it since it only brews coffee.

Final Thoughts

Overall, though there were a few sticking points that let the Bunn My Cafe MCU down, still its working efficiency has won the hearts of many. Many people have reported, they never consider their day made unless they have a cup of coffee.

So the long-lasting machine as the Bunn Mycafe MCU has helped them to fulfill their desire. It is slightly over-priced but the performance that it gives worth it. Moreover, it is better to be cautious since you cannot buy such things, again and again, and this model effortlessly fulfills the need.

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