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Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Review

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Are you considering taking the plunge then purchase a barista type espresso coffee maker?

Are you nervous and a total starter to the extent of not utilizing your coffee machine to the fullest?

You can now put those concerns aside with this Breville Infuser espresso machine.

It is extremely convenient to operate and is an excellent choice for starters.

There is a reason why we named it the top choice as the most excellent espresso maker for starters.

Continue reading and discover more about:

  • Top properties of the Breville infuser espresso machine
  • Ways of using Breville BES840XL
  • Merits of this machine
  • Demerits of Breville infuser BES840XL
  • Tips of utilizing your machine to the maximum

Top Properties of the Breville Infuser BES840XL

Breville BES840XL machine has a variety of properties.

If you have ever come across Breville espresso coffee machines, you will most likely be familiar with some properties that you anticipated from the Breville brand.

These properties include the following:

Thermo Coil Technology

This machine has a 1600 watts coil made up of stainless steel that ensures water is uniformly and quickly heated.

High-Pressure Pump

This pump has a 15 bar pressure so as to ensure that full flavor is extracted from the java grounds to the extent that you can certainly taste in your coffee.

Programmable Settings

When you have manually discovered the excellent flavor, you can save them to be the default settings thus protecting you from having to try hard to memorize the settings. Only save then select.

Filtered, Detachable Water Tank

This machine has a detachable Breville water tank making it easier to clean and refill.

Additionally, it has a filter that is anticipated for filtering water so as to ensure that your coffee has a clean taste and minimizes the urge of descaling thus simplifying maintenance of the machine.

Detachable Drip Tray

This detachable tray aims at simplifying emptying and cleaning the machine.

It is divided into 2 compartments so as to separate the dry and wet spills thus minimizing the mess.

Additionally, it has the ‘empty me’ property that lights up when the drip tray requires emptying meaning you don’t need to check it constantly.

Storage Drawer

The included accessories perfectly fit in the machine’s drawer for easy and convenient storage.

Power Saving Mode

This machine will automatically enter sleep mode when left turned on plus unused for an hour and later turn itself off after 3 hours.

This energy saving feature initiate in case you leave your machine turned on.

Cup Warmer

Apart from having the ability to utilize hot water discharge to warm the cups, this machine has an inbuilt warmer right on top of this machine ensuring you don’t have to serve your java in cold coffee cup.

Steam Wand

This steam wand is purposely utilized for frothing the milk.

It does not only mean that the machine does not have a milk reservoir to worry about cleaning and filling, but the wand also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees thus not limiting you to the milk jug size you can utilize.

Clean Me Feature

This indicator’s light turns on to inform you that the machine requires some cleaning.

Dry Puck Property

This helps to remove any excess water that is extracted from the used java grounds thus simplifying their disposal.

Option of Functions

You can select the functions from either manual or pre-set.

This pre-set function enables a complete starter to be able to make a delicious cup of java by utilizing the installed factory optimal settings while the manual settings enable you to try out various taste and come up with your favorite.

Hot Water Vent

Unlike many machines, this infuser has a committed hot water outlet that can be utilized for turning espressos into warm cups, Americanos or preparing hot chocolate.

Auto Purge

This feature makes sure that temperature is regulated fast when changing between milk frothing and coffee brewing so that milk is not under heated or coffee overheated.

Pre-Infusion Utility

This function, exclusive in this model, enhances low pressure as the brewing action first commences.

This assists in gently expanding the grinds, replenishing the uneven parts then making sure that main extraction is uniform for maximum flavor.

Things Included When Purchasing Breville Bes840xl

Certainly, you get the Breville machine itself together with the instruction manual.

Also, you get some amazing accessories and bonuses which include the following:

  • Coffee scoop
  • Cleaning disc
  • Water filter
  • Filter holder
  • Cleaning tools
  • 54 mm tamper
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Filter baskets( single and dual)
  • Milk jug made up of stainless steel

Additionally, this infuser machine comes included with a basic one year warranty.

It also has other premium choices for extending the warranty such as:

  • 36 months warranty at around $40.
  • 48 months warranty at around $70.

Ways of Using This Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

This machine can be utilized in 2 modes namely:

  • Manual override
  • Automatic mode

This automatic mode, excellent for starters, will disburse java in the appropriate amounts of beans and water in order to make a fully balanced and flavored mug.

This manual override, excellent for experienced coffee makers, permits you to adjust the temperature, water volume and pressure thus enabling you to prepare coffee as per your preferences.

Merits Of Using Breville Infuser Bes840xl Machine

This Breville 840xl machine is a very good choice, particularly for starters.

Some advantages that distinguish from the competitors include:

  • Convenient to operate
  • Has included accessories
  • Has a water filter
  • Infusion technology, unique to Breville
  • Has the steam wand instead of milk tank thus eliminating the chance of any sour milk existing inside the machine.
  • Has a modern design with the option of three colors that one can choose from.
  • The small size makes it convenient to store and handle.

Demerits of Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

Nothing is perfect right!

Some of the limitations of this machine include:

  • It is quite noisy when being operated
  • Removing the customized settings can be confusing though this may not be a big deal since the factory setting tastes amazing.

Tips of Utilizing Breville Infuser Espresso Machine to the Maximum

Below are tips that can help you to always prepare an amazing coffee using the infuser:

  • Use good quality java
  • Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensure that you thoroughly descale this machine frequently.
  • Clean the infuser frequently and thoroughly
  • Use newly ground coffee in order to get the perfect flavor
  • Learn to correctly utilize the infuser using the automatic mode.
  • On finally understanding complications of experienced coffee makers’ style, experiment to discover your flavor.


Costing around 500 dollars, the infuser isn’t that costly especially considering the big list of its amazing features and creativity which makes it worth the money.

It is definitely an excellent machine for starters due to the fact that it is easy to assemble and operate.

Try the Breville infuser and discover for yourself the reason we are considering it to be our best coffee and espresso maker for beginners.

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