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Breville Bambino Plus (BES500BSS) Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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Why to get so much time in preparing an espresso shot and compromise on taste when there are Espresso machines available on the market. Breville is known for making high-end Espresso machines. One of them is BES500BSS Bambino Plus. You don’t need any skills to use this premium quality machine and pull the great quality shots every time. 

The Bambino Plus is suitable for every espresso lover who already possesses grinder and scale. It is also a great option for those who are suffering from countertop space problems and budget issues. This machine would help you in making great espresso along with café quality microfoam. It is not only quick and compact but also reachable to most of the espresso lovers concerning its price. 

It is small in size and might create some mess. You might feel some problem purchasing separate dosing, scale, or grinder. After all, you’ll need them to make that perfect cup of espresso.

Let’s find out what performance you should expect from this Breville Bambino.


  • Compact size.
  • Produces flawless espresso shots.
  • Automatic micro-foam.
  • Advanced settings.
  • The timed temperature within 3 seconds. 
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Pre-infusion function
  • Even extraction.


  • Its drip tray is small, so it might be messy.
  • Doesn’t come with a built-in grinder.
  • Doesn’t possess a separate power button.

Should You Choose a Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine? 

The semi-automatic machines were built to eliminate the requirement of a person manually applying the pressure. So, these machines play the pressure applying part. However, you’d need to start and stop the shot manually. Moreover, you’d need to tamp and ground coffee beans on your own.

On the contrary, fully automatic machines won’t ask you to manually control the flow time. It will monitor the water and stop when the right amount is filtered. However, these machines don’t perform all of your tasks. You’d still need to grind and tamp coffee beans yourself.

Now, the choice of any of these machines depends upon your preference. If you have a hectic and busy schedule and need automation, a fully automatic machine would be better. However, if you are touchy for your espresso and want to control shots yourself, a semi-automatic machine will be the right pick for you. 

Besides, you can decide on them concerning your budget. Fully-automatic machines are more expensive as compared to semi-automatic espresso makers.

Breville Specialty 

Breville is known for providing some top-notch espresso machines. They have introduced various machines that can replicate third-wave specialty coffee at home. Breville has presented certain techniques and technologies that can satisfy the base of making this specialty coffee.

PID: It is a digital temperature control technology. This technique helps in controlling the temperature to ensure optimal espresso extraction.

Stainless-steel build: Breville knows extremely well; durability comes with stainless steel, and this espresso machine has it covered. It assures stain and corrosion resistance along with longevity. 

Dosage Technology: They help in acquiring the perfect taste by controlling the dose of ground beans. It thus provides the outstanding aroma, flavor, and unique nature of the coffee. 

Comparison Chart 

FeaturesBES880BSS Bambino PlusBES880BSS Barista TouchBES840XL/A the Infuser
TasteRight dosing, PID innovation, Low-pressure pre-injecter, Automatic miniaturized scale froth milk finishingPID technology, Right dosing, Low-pressure pre-infuser, Automatic micro-foam milk texturingAutomatic micro-foam milk texturing, Right dosing, PID technology, Low-pressure pre-infuser, 
Brewing capacity64 fl. oz. water tank capacity67 oz. water tank capacity,½ lb. bean hopper capacity61 oz. water tank capacity
User-friendlinessPush-buttonPush Button and touch screenAnalog gauge button control  
Design and materialsStainless steelStainless Steel, BPA free water tankStainless Steel
Cleaning and maintenanceManual CleaningManual CleaningManual cleaning with light indicator
FrothingAutomatic micro-foam milk texturingAutomatic micro-foam milk texturingAutomatic micro-foam milk texturing
GrindingNo grinderIntegrated Conical Burr GrinderNo grinder
Additional features3 seconds heat up, Auto purge, manageable milk texture, and temperature, number of shots selection5 pre-programmed coffee options, option to save 8 customizable coffee settings, manageable grind control, shots selection, manageable milk texture and temperature  Clean me indicator, Volumetric control, and Manual over-ride, purge function
Value for money Meets the value Exceeds the value Meets the value

The BES880BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review 


Breville espresso machines come equipped with technologies to provide exceptional and heavenly taste. With the right quantity, the technology of beans at 19-22g, Bambino Plus delivers an intense and distinctive flavor. Its PID technology also makes it sure to extract coffee at optimal temperatures. 

It also performs low-pressure pre-infusion to soak the grinds first. Later, it makes water pass through at the high-pressure extraction process. Furthermore, its automatic milk wand plays its role to provide barista-quality micro-foam milk. It adds a velvety and rich taste to your coffee.

This is the fundamental 4 key formula of Bambino Plus that leaves no stone unturned to deliver third-wave specialty coffee at home. 

Similarly, the Breville Barista Touch and Breville Infuser also contain these 4 techniques. It brings intense flavor and velvety mouthfeel. Barista Touch, just like Bambino Plus, also possesses PID, right dosing, pre-infusion, and automatic milk wand. 

Breville Infuser contains a 1650W Thermo-coil integrated stainless steel path to accurately manage water temperature. It also has a Pre-Infusion function that slowly enhances water pressure to ensure even extraction. 

Unlike the other two machines, Breville Barista Touch contains an Integrated Coffee Grinder. It adds the right amount of coffee with its dose control. You can completely trust Breville Espresso machines when it comes to taste.

Brewing capacity 

Breville Bambino Plus is a compact machine that gives the exceptional taste of espresso at your home. Its water tank has a capacity of 64 fl. oz. It has a 54mm porta-filter with a 19-gram dose that gives a full drench of flavor. It gives you 1-2 cup volumetric control.

Considering these facts, Bambino Plus is an ideal espresso machine for home use only. You won’t need to refill the tank repeatedly after every single cup.

However, it won’t be a good choice for office use or large families. But its compact size fully compliments the capacity it offers. 

The case of Barista Touch is a bit different. It comes with a water tank capacity of 67 oz. along with ½ lb. bean hopper capacity. More or less, it is going to provide the same amount along with grounded beans. 

The water tank capacity of Breville Infuser is 61 oz. that is slightly lesser as compared to the other two competitors. In short, these three machines are suitable for home use only.


The Bambino Plus machine is meant for small-scale use. Its small size, quick functioning, and price range depict this. Besides all these comfort factors, it is user-friendly as well.

Its innovative heating system acquires the optimum temperature in just 3 seconds. What else could anyone ask other than a quick delicious espresso every morning? 

Moreover, its interface is plain and effortless to use. It consists of just 5 buttons with significant symbols for quick and easy use. You’d need to press a single shot and steam button simultaneously for this purpose. This attribute can be greatly helpful for those who face time shortage in the mornings.

The case of Barista Touch is a bit advanced. It has an intuitive touch screen display. With greater ease of use and clear symbols, it lets you make perfect espresso in just 3 steps. You need to select grind, brew, and milk options and your cup is ready. 

The Breville Infuser is also good for its user-friendliness just like the other two machines. Its four buttons are allocated for power, selecting shots, and programming your coffee. 

So, just like their simple use, these machines are significantly user-friendly. You won’t feel any difficulty while making espresso out of them.

Design and materials 

Breville is known for making some solid machines. They appear good looking and durable. You can expect the same qualities from these three Breville espresso machines. 

The construction material of Bambino Plus is stainless steel. We all know the benefits this material offers. Because of this construction, it not only lasts longer but resists corrosion and stains as well. 

Thus, you can expect it to serve you for a prolonged time. The manufacturers even back this product with a 2-year limited warranty. 

In case, if you feel any malfunctions, the company would be there to provide their support.  Moreover, it has a brushed stainless-steel finishing that protects the machine from blemishes. 

The other two machines are also made of stainless steel and you can expect similar durability and strength from them as well. However, the repairing guarantee of Barista Touch is 2 years, and Infuser comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Also, the water tank of Barista Touch is BPA free. 

Cleaning and maintenance 

You won’t face any trouble with the cleaning and maintenance of Breville Bambino Plus. The outer body of Bambino Plus is stainless steel. So, you can effortlessly wipe clean it without leaving stains behind. 

For descaling and in-depth cleaning, you need to add tablets inside the machine and run it. It will indicate during the process by flashes of light. The lights would indicate the completion of the process. 

You should descale this machine at least once a month. However, the machine won’t give any indication about when to clean it. 

The cleaning and maintenance case of Barista Touch is similar. However, for Breville Infuser, you’ll get a light indicator when the machine needs cleaning. Otherwise, the cleaning process would be the same. 


Besides giving perfect espresso shots, the Bambino Plus also froths your milk superbly. It comes equipped with automatic micro-foam milk texturing features. This attribute is capable of steaming milk with pressure.

It also allows you to adjust the temperature and texture of milk according to your requirements. This feature is quite helpful in making café-like coffee with a velvety taste. 

The steaming milk process in the other two espresso machines is also similar. They come equipped with automatic micro-foam milk texturing. However, the Breville Infuser doesn’t have a precise temperature control option.


Breville Bambino Plus is a small espresso machine that helps in pulling the high-quality shots for your coffee. However, its compact size and simple functions can’t provide a grinding facility. Breville Infuser doesn’t come with a built-in bean grinder as well. You would need to buy the grinder separately.

The Breville Barista Touch exceeds in this category. It comes with a built-in integrated conical burr grinder. With its dose control feature, it delivers the right amount of coffee just by pressing a single button.

Additional features 

Besides providing the perfect espresso shots, Bambino Plus makes your coffee preparation process smoother. 

This espresso machine contains an innovative Thermojet heating system that is capable of achieving the required optimal temperature at just 3 seconds. You can make your favorite coffee without wasting your precious time. 

Besides, it has the Auto purge function. It purges the system after steaming and you can extract the next cup at the required temperature. Bambino plus allows you to select milk temperature and texture. You can also choose between single or double shots. 

The Barista Touch is slightly more advanced. It gives you 5 customized coffee programs. Its burr grinder lets you control the grinding. Just like Bambino plus, you can select milk temperature, texture, and several coffee shots.  

The Breville Infuser comes with volumetric control that gives an indicator when your machine requires cleaning.

Value for money 

Is Breville Bambino Plus worth your money? Now, this is a question every buyer would like to know. The Bambino Plus machine is available in an affordable price range and is relatively simpler and lower in cost as well. 

So, considering its price and features along with perfect espresso shots, Bambino Plus worth your money. It is not easy to find a product from a trustworthy brand that helps you make the flawless espresso with velvety texture at home. But, if you are looking for one, Breville Bambino Plus should be your choice. 

The price of Barista Touch is quite higher as compared to Bambino Plus. But, on that, it comes with an intuitive touch screen, program saving options, and a built-in grinder.

The same is the case with Breville Infuser. Its price is close to Bambino Plus. It also delivers barista-like espresso at home with its advanced technology. 

All three Breville Espresso machines are completely worth your money.   

Who should buy the BES880BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine? 

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is like a small package that offers great value and functioning. It allows you to make café-like espresso at home. However, it is meant for a special class of users.

As we have discussed, it is smaller in size, the people with limited countertop space should consider buying it. Also, it is quite low in price. So, all of those having a tight budget can enjoy home-made flawless espresso with Bambino Plus. 

Moreover, it can also be a perfect option for those who already possess grinders and scale. It is because these mechanisms are not available in this machine. They won’t need to buy any tool separately to make the barista like espresso. 

Who shouldn’t buy the BES880BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine? 

As mentioned earlier, Bambino Plus doesn’t come with a built-in grinder or scale. It performs brewing and frothing functions. If you don’t possess a grinder or scale separately, the small size and cost of this machine wouldn’t be beneficial for you.

It is because when you purchase these accessories the overall cost might exceed your budget. This machine is not suitable for those who want the whole mechanism to be automated. They can look for some super-automatic espresso machines. 

FAQs for the BES880BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine? 

How long should a Breville Bambino Plus Espresso machine last?

Breville is a trustworthy brand known for making solid products. If you explicitly talk about Bambino Plus, it is made of stainless steel. Its overall construction is strong and long-lasting. You can expect it to last for more than 5 years at least. 
Besides, the company gives a 2 years warranty on this machine, which says a lot about the durability and longevity of this espresso machine.

How can I descale my Breville Bambino Plus?

Luckily, it is not that difficult process as it may sound. You would need to take a descaling tablet for this purpose. Remove the water tank and add a tablet along with some water in it. Stir and mix it completely. Now start the cycle. It will keep splashing some water along with light flashing from buttons. The light will stop flashing. Now you can add clear water in the tank and rinse it by repeating the cycle.

Is Breville a good brand?

Brand plays an important role in the functioning and lifetime of any machine. Breville has a good name and reputation in the world of espresso machines. It was established in 1932 and has a credit for delivering some best quality kitchen appliances in the market. The old and good name makes it one of the best espresso machines.

The verdict 

It can be very confusing to choose one when there are numerous options available in the market. Considering the fact, we have reviewed Breville Bambino Plus in this post. We have evaluated its various features by comparing them with Barista Touch and Breville Infuser.  

So, what we have concluded is, all these three machines are worth trying. However, they are meant for a separate class of users. The Bambino Plus, undoubtedly, delivers outclass espresso shots, it lacks grinder and scale. 

So, it is particularly good for those users who can do well without these built-in features. Moreover, its compact size and low budget also make it suitable for a great number of users.

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