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Bonavita BV1900TS Coffee Maker Review

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Artisanal coffee brewing is expensive but so very delicious. To go out and have a barista brew you a cup every so often can be very expensive and can burn a hole through your pocket quite quickly. Still, what if you need not be a professional to brew professional-grade coffee?

What if you could brew amazing coffee from the comfort of your own home? Bonavita has your back. They have provided us coffee-lovers with a means to brew excellent, high-grade coffee with their BV1900ts coffee brewing machine.

Bonavita BV1900ts Review

The BV1900ts from Bonavita is a certified Connoisseur coffee brewing station, an award bestowed upon them by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This means that you can be assured of the quality of your brew, allowing you to create a delicious cup that may as well have been brewed by a master.

Who Is This Product For?

Any regular coffee drinker and coffee lover would most want this product. As a coffee maker with some prestige, thanks to its certifications granted by the SCA, many users are quite proud of their Bonavita. That isn’t to say that it is perfect and flawless, but it is an all-around good brewer.

What’s Included?

Bonavita has refined its brewers to the bare essential elements of what you need to have in a good brewer. This means you don’t get much else in the way of attachments or separate parts, only what you’d expect from a coffee making machine.

This means you get the primary device, which houses all the electronics, as well as the water reservoir, the filter, and the carafe. You also get a few paper filters to begin with.

Overview of Features

The Bonavita BV1900ts is a marvel of technology that is designed to brew a coffee that mimics artisanal pour-over brews as closely as possible. To further aid in achieving this, they use the Standard of the Golden Cup as a goal. To see that they have indeed achieved their goal, all you need to do is follow their instructions on how to use their brewer.

As for the physical design, the aesthetics are professional and pleasant, with the classic combo of stainless steel and black plastic. The main body of the appliance is small enough to make it fit in on any desk or office space. The height won’t leave you annoyed with trying to maneuver in and out from under cupboards while attempting to fill the reservoir with water.

As for the carafe, it has a thermal make with stainless-steel lining, and it sits on a warming plate to keep your coffee heated as you refill your mug. Above the carafe is the housing for the filter, which accepts standard paper coffee filters and grounds. The showerhead dispensing method allows the grounds to be evenly soaked for a rich flavor.

This is reminiscent of the way an artisan would evenly saturate the grounds of the water by hand. The brewing comes with the option of pre-infusing your brew to allow the coffee to bloom, which further enriches the flavor and mimics artisanal practices. All of this comes at the push of a single button to make brewing an excellent cup as easy as possible.

There are some unfortunate downsides to this brew station, however. Some users claim that their machines break down after a few months of use. Bonavita has claimed that most of these cases are due to the device being sensitive to hard water. As such, it will require frequent descaling, so that is something to keep in mind. Infrequent cleaning has also been attributed as an issue for these breakdowns.

Another problem that many seem to have is that the heating plate for the carafe merely keeps the coffee warm, not hot. This is more of a minor inconvenience, though. This is mostly owing to the design of the carafe, and if this ends up being a problem for you, you can simply switch out the carafe.

How To Use It

Here is a video detailing and showing you how to use the Bonavita BV1900ts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In0SBE8Kw3M


  • Thermal carafe – less likely to break compared to glass
  • Designed to mimic artisanal brewing
  • Can brew 8 cups in a relatively short time
  • SCA-certified and approved for the Golden Cup Standard


  • Carafe stays warm, not hot
  • Can sometimes break down after a few months


Bonavita BV1901GW 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

If you aren’t so keen on some of the cons of this brewing station, or you’re simply unimpressed, perhaps BV1901GW model from Bonavita is the right option for you.

The design allows you to brew strong coffee in a very similar way to how the BV1900TS model does. It also comes at an affordable price.


Bonavita has created a wonderfully simplistic way of brewing coffee at such a high grade. You, as an inexperienced brewer, can use the BV1900ts to brew coffee that tastes as vibrant and robust as artisanal blends. This is something that very few companies can boast.

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