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Bodum French Press Instructions – Bodum Columbia French Press Review

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A master of elegance when it comes to looks. One glance at it and your mind are already sold into the idea of owning it.

But it is more than just the glance that makes it one of the missing puzzles of your kitchen.

However, before you purchase your Bodum Columbia, there are aspects you need to check so as to ascertain whether it is viable to spend your money on it.

You need to read Bodum french press instructions carefully before using it.

And that is why this Bodum coffee maker review was written.

Here we will take you through a few explicit reasons why you should consider buying it and some of its shortcomings.


Its ability to easily brew great Columbia coffee in little time as compared to the Drip Coffee Maker not only makes the Bodum Columbia target french press amazing but is also one of its unique selling points.

Saving the coffee lovers some time!

It comes armed with a silicone and mesh plunger with a 3-part filter.

This filter does an awesome job at filtering most of the grounds you out of your Columbian coffee.

But there is a precaution, just ensure that the grounds are coarse because the filter will not sieve finer grounds.

No need to add coffee to your stresses by thinking of how you will have to endure a cold cup it if you don’t drink it all right now.

Bodum Columbia will take care of this by ensuring it stays steaming hot.

You can now add to your luxuries the freedom of just putting your head back and waiting for your favorite programme to start.

Its makers promised that it will hold up hot coffee for around two hours. And them, together with their magnificent pot have not failed us.

However, we would like to advise you not to let this make you think that you are now invisible.

For the coffee’s sake and yours too, please have it as soon as you brew it to prevent it from having a bitter taste.

The Design

It doesn’t have the normal cylindrical shape.

The Bodum Columbia has a rare shape brought forth by its fine curves that will only make you glance even more at its eye warming beauty.

It has two strata of stainless steel that were put to use in giving it a flawless shape.

The outer stratum has a unique luster that hides all scratches and always makes look like it was just brought in straight from the shop.

Quicky Wishy-Washy -Bodum French Press Instructions

The Bodum Columbia French Press has won many hearts by how it can be easily cleaned.

This is because unlike other French Presses, it actually has fewer Bodum french press parts to clean.

And they slip right off with just a slight pull.

Saving the best part for last, the Bodum French Press is also dishwasher friendly.

This is because there is no glass for you to watch out for, just load it in and get on with the washing.

Hold up! Just because you can use the dishwasher doesn’t mean it poses danger to your hands or will give you a hard time.

Simply throw away the coffee ground, soap the filters and place them under running water.

Mission accomplished!


Just because it is not all metal doesn’t mean it is weak and will break under pressure.

In fact, the Bodum french press parts molded from plastic, an example being the collar on the lid, aren’t all that important.

This means that it shouldn’t stress you that much. Just set your focus on making sure the masterpiece gets to have a long life.

If you are careful enough it might be the last French Press you’ll ever need from the shop.

It has a hard feel, its handle has a nice firm grip and the entire metal body is corrosion-proof.

Why Buy Bodum Columbia French Press?

 The Bodum Columbia French Press is an exception when it comes to cost.

Unlike most stainless steel presses, it is not overly expensive. Am not saying it is overly cheap either.

Just the right affordable price for anyone wanting to own a high-quality French press.

Its stainless steel feature also makes it a beautiful home decor.

You might find yourself buying it even though you don’t drink coffee.

Why You Wouldn’t Get This

Don’t get yourself the Bodum Columbia French Press if you are a careless coffee drinker.

This is because its base makes it feel somehow small next to its iconic body.

This makes it an easy target when moving about and makes it vulnerable to tipping.


  • Brews fine coffee.
  • Has an iconic home-decor worthy design.
  • Perfectly-molded.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Pretty fast coffee cool-down rate.
  • Made from some plastic parts.

The Bottom Line

The Bodum Columbia has all that you would want from it.

Simply follow all the Bodum french press instructions.

Am talking about Beauty, brewer of coffee, lifespan way above your expectation and easy to clean.

Tell me if this isn’t worth your money’s worth? Cause am 100℅ sure it is.

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