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Blue Mountain Coffee (Jamaican) How Do I Get It?

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100 jamaican blue mountain coffee

The Jamaican blue mountain coffee is considered among the top best coffee in the universe.

Most people are fascinated by the enticing scent and great taste of this coffee and some don’t even know why they feel enthusiastic about this coffee.

If we have similar interest, there is a possibility that you would want to try out a coffee that stirs up all senses of your body then this coffee is just the right one for you.

Every time I take this coffee, there is an enticing feeling that comes with it. The Blue Mountain coffee Jamaican is more than that!

So follow us on this adventurous, interesting and educative tour!

This coffee is planted on a popular Blue Mountain in Jamaica. The mountain is located over the sea with over 2,000 feet.

Here of a Review of this coffee.

The interesting part: All about this best Jamaican blue mountain coffee!

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

As for beginners, immediately you open this coffee bag, you would be consumed by a strong traditional and sensational smell mixed with an ounce of chocolate smell.

Great right?

I know you can wait to taste this coffee, your first taste of this coffee would leave your mouth watery and your sense of taste wanting more!

This coffee gives you liveliness you desire and make you feel like the world is right beneath your feet. You can’t but love this coffee.

This blue mountain coffee Jamaican is an average roast coffee that is the taste of this coffee is stronger than that of coffee roasted lightly, but not as strong as the dark roast coffee.

This can be gotten in any type of grind you desire.


  • It has a really strong taste and smell
  • It is of various grinds
  • Gives you just enough liveliness


There is just one con to this coffee and that is the fact that it is quite expensive when compared with other Jamaica made coffees.

The Conclusion

The blue mountain coffee Jamaican is a little pricey compared to other coffee, the price is worth the satisfaction you will derive from it.

You won’t just get a fresh coffee pack, but the scent and taste of this coffee are also just perfect!

If you need the feeling of you sitting in an expensive coffee outlet that prepares topmost coffee than the Jamaican blue mountain coffee is just for you!


The Way Blue Mountain Coffee is Brewed

There some steps to be followed while brewing a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Although this coffee can be prepared just the way you like it but these steps serve as a guide in preparing a flawless cup of this coffee whenever it is prepared.

This coffee should be stored in a tightly closed vacuum bottle. This helps maintain the freshness whenever you make use of this coffee.

Secondly, you should not ground your Jamaican blue mountain coffee until you want to prepare your coffee if what you have is a not grounded coffee bean, just ground the little you want to use at a time.

If this coffee is brewed by soaking it gives the best taste. This implies procedures such as French drip and press.

This coffee should be made with heated water that would have been left to cool off for about 45 seconds.

It will help remove any taste in the heated water thereby preventing it from penetrating into your coffee.

Best Place to Buy the Blue Mountain Coffee

When it comes to buying a blue mountain coffee most people are clueless about where to get this coffee.

An evident response to this will be a trip to Jamaica but that is just ridiculous!

Aside from that, in my opinion, you can get this coffee from a Company named the Volcanica Coffee Company.

This company is not just a legalized company, but also unless you place an order this company does not roast coffee beans, this implies that their coffee is always at the utmost freshness every time.

You should definitely try this company out!

You should be aware of the fact that there are some people or companies that claims that they trade the Blue Mountain coffee, but you should know that buying from an unlicensed company might make you lose your money keep in mind.

Am sure you would not want this to happen to you knowing full well that this coffee is quite expensive! There are ways these can be prevented.

Ways to Know You Are Not Being Duped By Fraudsters

There are some people that will try to make you purchase a coffee that is not Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee since this coffee is quite pricey and losing your money is not what we want.

The most annoying aspect is that most of this illegal or fraudster companies have this statement of no refund printed on their product this implies that you can’t even return a product you are not satisfied it nor get a money back guarantee.

There Are Some Things That Can Be Done To Prevent This

Since you would not get a substandard coffee, lost your money to fraudsters or even lost both coffee and money then it is advised that you make lots of research about whatever company or agent you are buying from before purchasing.

Some tips will be given on how you can prevent yourself from getting duped. It won’t be a thing of joy for us if peoples our article gets duped.

We would try as much as possible to curb this.

Purchase Blue mountain coffee from Certified Company

Purchasing your Blue mountain coffee from a certified company is the principal thing you should do and the company will Company because they provide accurately the exact Blue Mountain Coffee.

Also, this company has no hidden agenda against its customers such as no refund if the product is not satisfactory like other fraud companies, they reply customers questions and queries(if any) as soon as possible.

They certainly satisfy their customers. Neither eBay nor Amazon is endorsed because coffee may not be at its utmost freshness.

 Check the Authorization Sign

Again you should be certain that the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee you are buying has an authorization sign, this sign shows that the product has been tested and recommended for exportation.

This authorization mark is a circle that is blue in color having the Jamaican blue mountain coffee written round it.

Within the small circle is mountains, a figure of the country that is Jamaica, a symbol with a container on top and a symbol of a plant (coffee bean) below.

Also, you should know that this authorization sign can be faked and you will be told how to distinguish a real seal and a fake seal when you see it.

The main thing know about a fake authorization sign is that the color is always a shade darker or lighter than the initial color. Some of these examples can be found online.

Another fact to note is how brittle the picture of this authorization seal looks, the picture is quite blurred if it’s fake. Although this can be quite hard to notice at times.

Lastly, there can be a location of different images in this authorization seal that is the images might not be rightly placed, fraudsters often find it hard to get the images in the perfect position it should be.

And if you still find it hard differentiating between the fake and real seal the initial Company of the Blue Mountain Coffee can be contacted.

Check Out The Packaging

Another way to deduce if the coffee is real or fake is through the packaging.  The written words on the coffee pack should be comprehensible and not just full of written words.

Often fraudsters try to replace the same words on your coffee bag word for word just as it is on the real coffee bag but most times some of the words are missing or the written words cannot be read.

You may think there could be an error in the real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee sometimes.

This is as good as not possible since all the writings on the coffee bag are previously typed so it is more or less like each coffee bag have the same written words

Additional hint about packaging should be that on the coffee bag it should be written that the coffee was planted, baked and packed only at Jamaica. If otherwise stated then it is not real.

Blue Mountain Coffee is only planted, baked and packed only at Jamaica and not done anywhere else outside Jamaica.

The fact behind this is mainly to maintain the good quality and constant taste of this coffee and enabling other countries to do this won’t ascertain such.

Be on the Lookout for Coffee Blends

Now you should stay clear of anything that implies that Blue Mountain Coffee is blended.

The main purpose of this is that there are no principles asserting the amount of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that should be encompassed before it can be measured as a blend.

Fraudsters can include things like 10% of blue mountain coffee. This implies that you would be paying for the Jamaican blue mountain coffee price while getting just a fraction of it.

Situations like this are not only upsetting but with a feeling of being ripped off and went this happening to our readers to you!

A real blue mountain coffee package must state 100% blue mountain nothing less.

If you get to buy a blend, do not buy brands that do state the amount of blue mountain coffee present in the coffee.

Most companies that produce blends are sometimes not fraudsters but the amount of blue mountain coffee Jamaican should be clearly stated.

Sincerely if they are not trying to con people of their money there is nothing bad stating the amount of blue mountain coffee present in their coffee blends.

Make Numerous Enquiries

Another way is asking numerous inquiries, a great way to make sure what you are about to purchase is exactly what it is said to be, as you make more inquiries the more rest assured you would be about your blue mountain coffee.

Companies that are not fraudsters will be readily available to give answers to all your inquiries, such companies would have trained personnel that handle this aspect of delivering the best service to their customers.

But if they are fraudsters you would deduce while asking questions.

There are a lot of answers on the internet for your questions check them out first then make a call to the company you want to purchase from and ask these questions all over again if these answers correspond you should be assured that the company is legit.

You should also make enquires that the answers are rarely found online. So with this, you would know if the company is a scam or not.

Blue Mountain coffee Jamaican among the great coffees in the whole universe.

Apart from the amazing scent and the sweet taste, this coffee is of great quality.

If you have always craved for a coffee of great taste with a touch of sophistication then this coffee is just perfect!

Kindly drop your questions or post a comment about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!

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