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Best Home Coffee Roaster – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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If you are a big coffee lover, you’ve probably heard that pre-grounded does not have the same depth of flavor as freshly ground, but also, it’s a great way to save some money.

If you are new at this, you probably think that the process of grounding is a complex activity, but just keep reading. We found out some amazing home stovetop coffee roaster, that will simplify the whole process.

Benefits of Roasting Coffee at Home

Saving Money

We researched the market and find out that per bag of coffee you’re saving about $10.

Put it on paper and compare, those savings add up very fast.

Exploring a new side of your coffee

If you really love coffee, this is a great way to enhance your love because not only the flavor will be better, but the whole process of transforming green beans to brow is a great experience. Even if you are a beginner, this will be a fun process to learn.

Roasting is the skill and as a time goes by, you’ll be better and better. It’s a fun activity in which you can involve your friends and family. It even can be a great holiday gift, and everyone will appreciate it.

The top pick of the home coffee roaster. Best value for the money

 Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

This home coffee roaster has all predispositions to be the best home roaster

– it’s fully customizable

– comes with very reliable pre-programmed roasting recipes

-it’s very easy to use

– very easy to clean

– has the roasting capacity of the 1lb – largest of all that we listed below

Best Coffee Roasters – Top 5 picks

If you are ready for this adventure, just keep reading. The market is full of all sorts of coffee roasters, but we researched it and made a list of the best coffee roaster that we could find. We were searching for the best value for the money and these are our top 5 picks:

Comparison Chart

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster
FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster
Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster – Black
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster
Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper – Stainless Steel

Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

Your coffee roaster has to be an easy and reliable machine and if you ask any coffee pro to suggest you what to buy- the answer will be Behmor. For many years this roaster has been number one of the home roaster and when they updated to the Plus model, it just made it better.

This roaster uses the style of roasting the big commercial-style roasters do. The only difference is that this roaster is much smaller, but it’s a true “drum” roaster.

While the machine heats, that drum starts to spin and gives your beans an even roast. One of the pros is the fact that can hold up to 1lb of your coffee. That is significantly more than all the other roasters listed down below.

The Behmore is very simple to use because of the control panel which allows you full-manual roasting. There are also pre-programmed settings that will make your life easier. With these settings, you can achieve a thorough and balanced roast, even If you are a beginner.

It’s also funneled during the cooling process into the tray, so the chaff won’t be the problem. After each session you can easily clean it, it won’t be a long process.


-has manual or auto controls

-has a capacity of 1lb

-easy to use

-easy to clean


–    It’s a slightly pricey


If you are looking for high-quality and not very complicate Behmor is the great option for you. Provides you high-quality coffee and is a user-friendly device that will make your life easier. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Roaster – 2nd Place

Rather the drum that Behmor uses, the FreshRoast SR500 has used a different method of rapidly spinning hot air while roasting the beans. This method has a bit difficult time to roasting evenly, so it’s less common in commercials but it’s also less expensive to use.

You will figure it out very fast and easy, so after a while, you’ll be more than satisfied with this roaster. The best thing about this roaster is that has two fixes for the inconsistency issues;

A high fan setting

The spin method that this roaster uses is significantly faster than the other air roasters. It encourages a more even roast by allowing the hot air in- between your coffee beans.

Has manual stirring

You don’t have to disrupt the roasting, you only need to pop the lid off and start stirring your beans using a spoon. Be careful because that air is quite hot, so you will have to use the oven mitt.

This roaster also features

-cooling cycle

-chaff tray

-heat control dial

-fan speed dial

As we said, this roaster has many pros, but the biggest con is its small capacity. With its capacity of 4oy, you can produce about 5 cups of coffee.

So, you will definitely have to roast a lot, but its’ thankfully it one of the fastest roasters so it won’t be a huge problem.


–    Very fast and easy to use

–    Has great price

–    Has a good amount of control


-a bit small bean capacity (4oz only)


The FreshRoast roaster is one of the best roasters that you can find on a market. It’s not in the ring with Behmore, but it’s also much cheaper (less than half of the price).

If you want your coffee to be a fantastic bit also you not prefer those expensive appliances – The FreshRoast is the best pick for you.

Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster

The Gene Café is a unique roaster with its simplicity and reliability. With this roaster, you fully control three most important aspect like time, temperature and airflow and roasts coffee like the commercial- style roasters using a ½ pound drum.

From the all above listed this roaster is the simplest to use and ačsp offers controls as well. It tells you the exact temperature airflow speed as well as elapsed roast time.

Also has

-noise-reducing motor

-chaff collection bin

-impressively small footprint


– full allover control

– very reliable construction

– very small footprint


-A bit on the pricier side


Complete control over the roaster is making this roaster perfect choice for your home. No guessing, no sacrificing the simplicity. Try it yourself, you won’t regret it.

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Cofee Bean Roaster

The process of roasting coffee is a pretty easy process, all you have to do is just add the heat, using a stove and a pot.

It’s a bit rugged way, but the feeling is fantastic. It feels very rewarding after you do it by yourself. The Nuevo Eco Ceramic roaster is made of very durable ceramic.

It’s fun to use and roasts your coffee as good as the all other, but the only con is that you do not have the full control over the temperature like the Gene roaster.

This roaster can last you for decades because there are no electronic or mechanical parts that cannot last as long. It produces about 3-4 cups of coffee, so it’s a bit on the smaller capacity roasters (30-70g).


–    It’s very affordable

–    Hands-on roasting

–    It’s a simple, long-lasting device


–    Has small capacity (30-70g)

–    There is no chaff tray

–    There is a lack of temperature precision


Like we have already said, the best part of this roaster is that’s very simple to use, has a rugged charm and it’s easy to clean and can be used for decades. Once you get the hang of this roaster, it will change your life.

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

We don’t know who is the genius that invented this, but it’s amazing. It can be used for popcorn, but for coffee also and best of all it is a low-cost machine.

It can be quite tricky at the beginning, but once you get the hang on, you’ll see how amazing this is. It can roast up to ¾ of a pound of bean, it’s very deceptively simple and a reliable appliance.

The process of roasting is quite simple: you turn the stove on medium, then set the Whirley Pop over the heat and you start to slowly turn the knob to spin. You need to start your timer and you are good to go.


-it’s very affordable

-you can roast ¾ of pounds at once

-very simple and long-lasting machine


–    It lacks precision

–    There is no chaff tray


The best part is the capacity, which allows you to roast large batches and at the same time, it’s quite easy to use and to clean. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a great experience.

How to pick the right home coffee roaster – Guide

Home roasting the coffee can be a very fun process, but also quite difficult because there is so much you have to learn about it. We will help you to pick the best home roaster for your needs.

Drum or Air Roasting

Drums are generally more consistent and all the big commercials use them, but hot air roasting is faster, cheaper and brings put more depth in flavor.

Stovetop or Electric

If you are beginner stovetop coffee roaster will be much easier to use, but the electric machines have more power and precision. Also, they are on the pricier side, than the stovetop.

Bean capacity

This really depends on your needs and how often you’re thinking to roast your coffee.

How Much Control Do You Really Want?

Are you an enthusiast of just casually getting into coffee roasting? If you’re the first type then choose those higher-prices stovetop coffee roaster electric machines.

But if that’s not what you need for yourself choose the simpler versions, you don’t have to buy those fancy machines.

Frequently Asked Question

1.    Will I cave any money by roasting the coffee at home?

Absolutely! Your savings will be about $10 per pound or more with the stovetop coffee roaster.

2.    IS the process of roasting difficult?

Every start can be difficult, you will need to some time to experiment and practice. When you try it, you’ll be amazed by the results – so you’ll do it more often.

3.    Where to buy green coffee beans?

There are many places to buy your beans from, but if it’s not available in the place where you are living, you can always order it online.

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