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Best French Press Coffee Maker Review (2021 Updated!)

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You may have come across to this common question whether sipped genuine coffee of a conventional French Press coffee maker or not.

Once tasted, you would have known by now that the coffee obtained from the drip brewing machine is not quite superior.

It is not at all a child’s play to extract the blissful coffee texture, aroma, and flavors. The only way to accomplish such task splendidly is by acquiring this remarkable brewing device.

This french press review post conducts a thorough discussion on some of the reputed best French Press coffee maker manufacturers which surely enable you to sip pure coffee.

No doubt that reading this post will enable you to pick up the ideal brewing machine with utmost accuracy.

  1. Sterling Pro Double Wall
  2. Sterling Pro French Press
  3. Kona French Press

Some of the Outstanding French Press Coffee Maker

It is really become difficult to spot everything in a single place.

In that case, refer to this comparative chart.

It will help you to obtain a clear view of the features of different French Press brewing machines.

Once viewing the above chart, it is time to know about these best French Press coffee maker models quite deeply.

Comparison Chart

Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker with Locking Lid, Stainless Steel, 34-Ounce
KONA French Press Small Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker, Black 10 oz
SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker (1L)-Double Walled Large Coffee Press with 2 Free Filters-Enjoy Granule-Free Coffee Guaranteed, Stylish Rust Free Kitchen Accessory-Stainless Steel French Press
Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 17-Ounce, 18/10 Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with Extra Screen
Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, 34 Ounce, 1 Liter (8 cup)
Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black
Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation, Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Coffee Press, Large Capacity, Ergonomic Handle, Dishwasher Safe
Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker, Polished, 17 Ounces

Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

People who emphasize perfection in coffee preparation must purchase this machine as early as possible.

It is an impressive French Press coffee maker that is rapidly grabbing the enthusiasm and attention of the customers.

This machine has indeed scored well in various aspects.

The most notable among them is the unbeatable coffee flavor that deserves insurmountable praise and admiration.

This is quite evident with its filtering system that comprises genuine steel in lieu of the plastic.

However, the brew processing duration is ten minutes which is a bit longer.

But that is hardly a matter as it helps in the better flavor extraction to a great extent.

The entire appearance of this French Press model involving a transparent and sturdy carafe with metallic housing is very much pleasant and aesthetic.

It is important to use the carafe properly without which it may degrade as a result of rigorous use.

The brewer also has a single gripe alongside the proclaimed cup dimension.

The French press coffee maker machine is capable of brewing at least four cups.

Moreover, it is able to withstand the liquid pressure of 8 oz only.

This may sound a bit contradictory as the initial study had found its ability to endure the liquid amount of 34 oz capacity.


  • Long life
  • Pleasant aesthetically
  • Convenient usage
  • Tasty coffee brewing


  • Able to brew only four cups

Bottom Line

People who intend to derive the French press coffee brewing skill will surely benefit from this machine.

The brewer is extremely simple to operate that will result in pouring delicious coffee in your cups.

At the same time, it can be easily cleaned anytime.

As such, there is no such possibility to identify any defect in this machine.

Kona French Press Coffee Maker for Tea and Espresso

Do you frequently stress on quality and style?

The only answer to your search is the French Press coffee maker machine of the brand Kona.

There is no need to be worried about taste compromise because the brewer is capable of delivering a satisfactory coffee taste without any sort of omission.

Besides, you will not at all find any coffee waste from this brewing machine at all.

The machine also arrives with a steel-made filtering mechanism that guarantees the splendid coffee drink formation in a consistent manner.

In addition to that, the presence of a borosilicate container will protect the coffee drink from any sort of hazardous substances.

Besides, the model is able to withstand the impact of an accidental fall quite smoothly. The only drawback with the product is its carafe that is non-insulated.

So, once brewing the tea or coffee, just pour them into your cups within twenty minutes to skip the foul taste.


  • Pleasant aesthetically
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple cleaning
  • Great coffee flavor


  • Non-insulating carafe

Bottom Line

This French Press coffee maker has obtained excellent ratings against every other brewing machine in the market.

The machine produces marvelous coffee without leaving behind any waste. The machine can be utilized quite conveniently and is quite durable.

It is ideal to be used in both outdoor and indoor purposes simultaneously to meet the delicious coffee demands very easily.

Sterling Pro 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The review of this French press coffee maker has been done quite cautiously as it surpasses other brewing machines in different ways.

This French press also brews coffee without leaving behind any sort of waste.

The device is extremely capable of capturing the hidden coffee flavors that prominently highlights the necessity to spend money on this product.

The machine comprises a heat-proof glass with sturdy construction. The presence of plastic cover protects the hands from burning sensation.

Besides, the market price is quite cheap that further points to the reason behind investing in this product. The machine is simple to be used.

Once brewing coffee liquid of one liter, the carafe can be smoothly removed. You only have to rinse the model thoroughly to ensure its cleanliness.


  • Safe and convenient
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Affordable
  • No grounds left after the coffee brewing


  • Cleaning sometimes become a bit tough

Bottom Line

People who want to spend less can think about investing in this French press coffee maker machine.

It arrives with decent features besides the cost is also within your reach.

To experience the genuine coffee taste, buy this french press product at once.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

It is another top-rated French press coffee maker that has generated a considerable response among the coffee enthusiasts.

The product has mainly earned a reputation as a result of its ability to brew outstanding liquid coffee.

Moreover, it comprises a stringent filtration system that is able to block the minute coffee waste materials very smoothly.

The product package comprises dual filtering accessories. It actually ends up in guaranteeing the desired level of satisfaction that you are intending to seek.

The process of brewing in this machine is quite lucid and convenient.

After the process is completed, the dual carafe walls retain the hot temperature of the beverage for quite sometimes.

This ultimately reduces your hurry to sip the coffee instantly. The entire model is devised with genuine stain-free steel that further serves as a testimony to its longevity.

The French press coffee maker machine can be cleaned very conveniently.


  • Durable
  • Stylishly developed
  • Extract flavors nicely
  • Retain warm temperature of the coffee


  • Produce unpleasant noise in the event of metal rubbing

Bottom Line

The French coffee press will immensely satiate your all needs.

It is bundled with an effective filtering mechanism alongside the double walls.

In addition to that, it is very durable which ultimately allows you to save a lot of money.

Bodum Columbia Insulated French Press Coffee Maker

It is an elegant stainless steel French Press that comes with the sleek and curvy design.

It is one of the notable aspects that segregate this product from the remaining French presses in the market.

Besides, the machine is also abundant with other worthy features that will end up in meeting your distinct requirements to the fullest extent.

The machine arrives with a double wall layer. As a result, the retention of heat becomes extremely possible till the duration of two hours.

Once touching the French Press, you will obtain a solid, cool, and stable feeling. This eventually minimizes the danger of hand burning.

The plunger portion of the brewer may leave you quite disappointed. The machine serves excellently brewed coffee which is unable to be underestimated.

But there is no such special filtration mechanism in this machine to remove the coffee wastes.

Hence, you should focus on using rough grounds to curtail the waste formation amounts.


  • Long-lasting taste
  • Easy cleaning
  • Impressive design
  • Excellent coffee taste


  • The plunger quality is inferior

Bottom Line

Are you seeking a brewer that will also augment the kitchen look?

No doubt that spending money on the French press coffee maker will enable you to accomplish this objective.

It will not only save your storage space but will also transform the kitchen look to a great extent.

Notable Steel French Presses

Buying stain-resistant French press will definitely worth your time and money.

Design wise, it shall obviously impart a glossy look to your kitchen interior.

This will also help you to save money from breakage and repairing.

So think carefully while planning to buy a French press coffee maker.

Bodum Insulated Travel French Press Coffee Maker

It is definitely very frustrating when you are unable to sip coffee during any outdoor journey.

But now you do not have to become impatient at all. It is mainly due to the introduction of the Bodum Insulated that has emerged as a popular travel French press coffee maker.

The brewer model is extremely lightweight alongside comprising an insulation mug which will retain the warm temperature of your coffee over a long time period.

It is quite simple to handle this machine. As a result, you never have to exert much time and energy to store coffee in this machine.

However, the absence of double filters is quite disappointing as it may thwart your desire to coffee without the presence of residues at all.

The other shortcoming of the French press coffee maker is that you will not be able to place it horizontally because of the leakage concern.

This is definitely quite surprising as the lid of the brewer is strongly sealed that prevents the escape of the heat quite tough.

Therefore, you should keep the brewer in a vertical position while inserting in the rucksack to skip the leakage chance.


  • Nice appearance
  • Decent quality
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Delicious brewed coffee


  • Leakage chance if positioned horizontally
  • Grounds may seep in your coffee

Bottom Line

People who like to travel outside frequently shall derive an insurmountable pleasure once acquiring the French Press machine.

The machine is quite sturdy that completely eliminates the possibility of crack formation and breakage in all conditions.

Besides, the French Press coffee maker allows you to avoid expenditure due to its cheap market price.

Stanley French Press Coffee Maker

Your search to obtain the delectable coffee taste will come to a meaningful conclusion once obtaining this French press coffee maker.

The brewing machine is capable of preparing coffee where there is no presence of grounds.

This is mainly due to the presence of the dual screen mechanism that eradicates the leftover particles quickly.

As a result, the coffee delivers a divine taste alongside retaining the beverage heat on a long-term basis.

But it is wise top pour the drink quickly to avoid experiencing the bitter coffee taste in every possible way.

The dual wall layer is the most notable aspect of this product.

In brief, the product will surpass your expectations because of its impressive features.

The only downside of this product is its conventional look which will bound to submerge under your kitchen decoration.

It is surely an acceptable fact keeping the price into consideration.


  • Affordable cost
  • Guaranteed longevity
  • Corrosion-resistant and sturdy
  • Retain sultry coffee temperature on a long-term basis


  • Poor look

Bottom Line

Do you intend to save more while buying a French press coffee maker machine?

Then invest in this French press product to attain the desired objective.

The machine may not impart an enticing look but will still earn your attention as a result of the impressive functionality.

This is enough to step aside from your reluctance while planning to buy this commodity.

Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The first thing that you will surely admire about this French press is its glossy design.

So, the machine has the ability to enrich the interior décor of any kitchen zone.

Moreover, the coffee maker also comprises top-class accessories that are quite admirable.

The most notable among them is the dual wall layer that has the heat retention ability up to four times, unlike the transparent carafe.

But still, it delivers a cool impact to your hands while touching.

The surface body of the machine is pretty durable and sturdy as a result, it is able to bear the impact of an accidental fall.

The machine serves freshly brewed coffee within four minutes without sacrificing the taste standard.

Every spare-part of this brewing device is made with stain-proof steel to provide long-lasting stability.


  • An absence of plastic accessories
  • Ability to retain heat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Attractive design


  • Very expensive

Bottom Line

This brewing model has received good ratings in reputed e-commerce platforms like the Amazon.

This clearly highlights the efficiency and ability of the brewer to prepare outstanding coffee drinks.

Besides, the warranty duration of this machine is five years that put an end to your longevity and durability concern permanently.

Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee Maker

The French press coffee maker is uniquely designed and has earned the appreciation of the customers due to its eye-grabbing style.

As a result, the machine has the capability to easily enrich the interior appearance of any kitchen zone.

The external surface comes with the chrome handlebar with a transparent carafe and thereby exhibiting a sleek look.

It is not just the appearance that has brought this machine into the limelight. The performance has also played a dominant role in this regard.

It brews coffee with an excellent flavor very well alongside the removing the sediments by utilizing the double filtering mechanism.

The coffee heat is retained with the help of the carafe. The model is constructed quite well and is quite long-lasting in nature.

You just have to emphasize proper handling only.


  • Simple to use, carry, and clean
  • Construction is robust
  • Retains coffee heat over a long duration
  • A modern and distinctive look


  • Thin glass

Bottom Line

The model is quite attractive in look. Besides, it shall also enable you to derive an unbeatable coffee flavor.

Spending money in this product will surely worth your time and energy due to its durability and longevity.

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The machine has earned considerable attention not only due to its affordable price but also due to its excellent longevity.

It prominently explains the reason behind purchasing this brewer.  As a result, you will be able to sip delicious coffee once the entire is completed.

The filtering mechanism of this machine comprises a dual mesh layer to clog sediments.

The machine arrives with a plastic housing that offers effective heat protection to the transparent carafe.

The only downside of this model is its handle that may create some inconvenience at the time of replacing the flask.

But it is not at all a serious issue when you are deriving an immense coffee drinking pleasure from this machine.


  • Quite convenient
  • Long-lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent coffee brewing


  • Using the handle may be a bit inconvenience

Bottom Line

Investing money on this French press coffee maker machine will surely be a practical decision.

The French press coffee maker machine is not only durable but the market value is also quite cheap.

It has the proficiency to serve nice coffee on a long-term basis.


The French Press FAQs

The emergence of the French press machine has also created a greater amount of curiosity among the beverage lovers.

You may be wonder how to use french press coffee maker, or Maybe you wonder how to make the best french press coffee, right?

Surely, reading these FAQ points will give a proper insight about the French press product.

  • French Press Definition

It is actually a type of coffee brewing machine that comprises a piston with beaker.

Such machines are usually made with stain-free steel or glass. It guarantees instant and easy coffee brewing in all circumstances.

You just have to pay the exact price to acquire this machine and will be able to learn the operation method quite easily.

  • Coffee Brewing Method

You only have to drop the coffee in a jar containing the sultry water.

Once stirring the mixture, you should squeeze the pre-installed plunger to keep the sediments at the below portion.

But the plunger must be pressed after four minutes after the residual particles settle down permanently.

It will enable you to derive the full flavor of the coffee very easily.

  • Grinder Type

It is wise to buy an edgy grinder because that will allow you to deal with the smooth coffee grounds very easily.

This will keep the beverage in a single place.

The only way to solve this problem is by using the rough grounds that will ensure the proper working of the machine in all conditions.

  • Budget

It is based on the model dimensions. You do have the chance to come across presses that come under the budget of twenty dollars and above fifty dollars as well.

Besides, the construction materials do play a dominant role in influencing the price.

Overall, these brewers usually fall a lower price category in comparison to the other brewing machines.

Purchasing Guidelines for French Press Coffee Maker

There is no doubt about the delicacy of the coffee drink that is brewed using the French Press machine.

Moreover, this machine comes at a lower price.

However, to pick up this kind of brewing machine, it is wise to observe some guidelines.

These are as follows:

  • Style

Surely, the appearance style does play a major role in the selection. Majority of these machines impart a striking similarity like that of the carafe.

This also includes the presence of some curviness that only serves to enlighten the interior kitchen look only.

However, you should prioritize functionality as well otherwise, your investment will go into vain.

  • Filter

It acts the fulcrum of this brewing machine which cannot be ignored at all.

Moreover, acquiring a feeble filter will ensure the instant degradation of this kind of coffee machine.

These days, you will come across French presses that are having dual filtering mechanism.

The sole purpose of such a system is to enhance the coffee flavor by clogging the sediments completely.

  • Plastic

It is not at all a standard construction material in this kind of brew.

Hence, you should avoid buying the French coffee presses that are made with plastic.

But while planning to set out on an outdoor journey, possessing a plastic-made brew is enough.

  • Stain-free Steel

It mainly refers to the heat-generating carafes which ensure that your coffee remains sultry over a long duration.

Although these are not much transparent but yet wonderful and durable.

You will surely find an immense pleasure using such brewing model.

  • Glass

A French press comprising transparent carafe is very much attractive and eye-pleasing.

Moreover, it enables you to derive a clear vision on the entire brewing activity that is taking place inside the jar.

It is better that you should not keep the sultry coffee inside the carafe over a long period of time.

In addition to that, you also have to pretty careful while rinsing the glass item because any mishandling will end up in massive damage.

  • Body

The surface body of this kind of brewer mainly comprises three major components that include lid, carafe, and plunger.

Now it is time to discuss these components a further.

The carafe is mainly a jar that is made with either plastic, stain-free steel or glass.

Similarly, the lid is also very crucial as it helps to retain the heat of your drink over a long duration.

Final Word

In case, you desire to brew coffee within five minutes then it is really worth to spend money on the French Press Coffee Maker machine.

It is extremely easy to operate without any sort of rigorous tutorial guidelines.

Besides, the price of French Press Coffee Maker is pretty affordable which enables the average customer to sip a cup of delicious coffee throughout the year.

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