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Aeropress vs French Press – The ultimate Comparison and Battle

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Coffee is a craft. Brewing an excellent coffee cup, therefore, depends on the artisan – you!


Don’t be. This is because, with the appropriate brewing procedure, even the slightest creative artisan can make a perfect cup of coffee.

The secret is discovering the best method to brew your coffee.

You will require coffee that matches your schedule, taste, and style.

The complication is:

Since this is a global multibillion-dollar enterprise, there are only a few hundred choices to select from.

Now, let the contest of Aeropress vs French press commence. And o start, you must decrease the various kinds of all coffee machines.

Aeropress vs French Press – Fight of Coffee Machines

If you need java that is more desirable than that black substance that drips out of your guardian’s old coffee makers, you need to acquire an amazing grind and a home coffee machine that will ensure you are in full control of the entire process.

Selecting the java beans is entirely your choice, though it is not such a bad idea to consider doing local ahead of opting to settle for massive coffee roasters.

Based on the opinion of the coffee maker, when considering Aeropress vs French press, machine last mentioned happens to be the more tested-and-genuine method.

The java-making device was patented for the very first time in the early 1900s. Some arguments about who between the Italians and the French should be appreciated for its initial conception exist.

If you are hearing the Aeropress right now for the first time, don’t be disappointed.

Do you really know the age of this coffee machine?

The Aeropress was invented in 2005 by a visionary known as Alan Adler, who also invented the widely known Aerobie which was a Frisbee upgrade.

Before you neglect the importance of the Aeropress coffee maker as trending only for a short period of time consider the following:

The origin of java is assumed to be Yemen in a place known as Sufi monasteries back in the early 15th century.

Honestly speaking, even French press happens to be a newcomer.

How to Brew French Press Java

A French press consists of 2 basic French press components: plunger and cylinder carafe

The plunger top is fitted to the machine’s lid.

The plunger bottom is fitted to a structural disc and a 3-piece filter. The three parts of the bottom can be disconnected from plunger so as to facilitate easy cleaning.

Are You Set to Commence Brewing?

Outlined are the 5 steps of making a delicious mug of the French press java:

  • Rinse the machine’s glass carafe using hot water, then amass the plunger.
  • Roughly crush about 3 tablespoons of the local java beans you prefer and then pour it into the glass carafe’s bottom.
  • Adjust 8 ounces of the hot H2O to about two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
  •  Load the glass carafe with this hot H2O, let it steep and then stir after a minute.
  • Plunge!

Just like any coffee brewing process, the temperature of the water is crucial. The water should not be boiling as it may burn the beans and thus deteriorate the taste of your coffee.

It is worth noting that you should boil the water and then let it sit for a minute so as bring it to the optimum temperature.

Additionally, don’t forget the steeping java: The longer the coffee steep time, the more powerful and bitter it becomes.

Java is expressed as ruined if the French press coffee steep time exceeds more than 20 minutes.

Why the French press machine is never ending

Why is French press coffee machine so popular?

  • Bigger 8 cup carafes that simplify sharing.
  • The exact method of preparing java can be applied to prepare tea.
  • The glass carafe looks classic and is very appealing especially while on the counter. We don’t have to conceal this machine from friends.

There are certainly numerous reasons for trying out the French Press machine.

But hold on.

Let us have a look at its rival.

How to Brew Aeropress Coffee

When compared with the French Press, the Aeropress appears like something from the next generation.

This plastic BPA-free coffee machine has very few modern-looking parts:

  1. Chamber
  2. Filters
  3. Plunger
  4. Filter cap

Many of the Aeropress kits you buy from the store or order online come outfitted with amazing though non-essential extras such as Aeropress scoop size, stirrer, and a funnel.

The fundamental Aeropress recipe happens to be quite simple as can be compared to making an espresso shot.

Outlined are the 5 steps of making a basic espresso recipe:

  • Smoothly grind you preferred coffee beans.
  • Boil water and then cool it for a minute.
  • Put the paper filter on a filter cap. Place it on the chamber’s bottom and then set it on the coffee cup top.
  • Add grinds of coffee into the chamber and then load it with hot H2O and stir for about 10 seconds.
  • The last step is to Plunge.

It isn’t like French press since you must plunge fast using considerable force. This applied pressure improves the extraction process.

Importance of Extraction

The extraction process ensures that the most excellent java oils are moved from the coffee beans into the cup.

Bear in mind that the Aeropress produces a java concentrate that should be diluted as required using hot water till the correct intensity of your aesthetic taste is attained.

Why We Admire the Aeropress

Though it is not the most appealing coffee machine in the market, it is transportable and lights thus making it easy to hide.

The other reasons that make us admire this machine include:

  • It has a quick plunge that ensures the java grounds are left out of the coffee thus making it easy to dispose of them.
  • Though paper filters are no recyclable, they can be found in packs and they are not costly. Additionally, they keep the grinds away from the coffee in a better way than the French press.
  • It prepares coffee in only 30 seconds.

Costs Comparisons in Aeropress vs French Press

You are certainly not lucky if you trying to settle the overall difference between these machines here.

Both French Press vs Aeropress cost almost the same in many online retailers, at price of about $25.

Select the Best Java Machine between French Press Vs  Pour over Aeropress

The time of casting your vote so as to determine the best machine between these two has finally arrived.

Both procedures are relatively simple and they will make you an amazing tasting coffee that is less costly than the one from the nearby coffee shop.

Either way, these machines ensure that you simply enjoy good quality coffee while in your comfort zone.

Nonetheless, to skillfully understand art, you require total control and with French press vs Aeropress machines, Aeropress slightly happens to have the upper hand.

This is Because

The 5 big components that make a sensational coffee cup include:

  • Temperature
  • Water volume
  • Pressure
  • Amount of coffee grounds and water ratio
  • Time

In the recipes of both Aeropress vs French press, most of the 5 components can comparatively be controlled.

Apart from One

Pressure: Aeropress permits you to adjust the pressure to an extent French press can’t.

The professional baristas engage in international contests so as to determine the best.

There exist various types of Aeropress recipes such as the widely known inverted Aeropress procedure.


The major similarities and differences between Aeropress vs French press machines include:


  • The price range of both machines is $15 to $30.
  • It is possible to adjust both machines through temperature, water ratio and steep time.


  • French press takes about 2 to 4 minutes while Aeropress takes about 10 to 30 seconds.
  • French press is hard to clean since it has a 3 piece unit attached to the plunger while Aeropress has a paper filter that is inserted into the chamber and is tossed after brewing.
  • Pressure can only be adjusted in the Aeropress machine.

On comparing the Aeropress vs French Press, we realize that you don’t need to necessarily settle on one machine

The main questions remain, which coffee machine will you pick – Aeropress or French press?

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