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Ninja Coffee maker Reviews – A Complete Guide for Ninja Coffee Maker

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If you are one of those, who like macchiatos and mochas, then you are pretty aware of your local café’s fluorescent lighting.

So, are you done with spending your pennies to purchase your morning cup of joe at an expensive coffee shop?

When you do not want it to cost you a fortune, Ninja Coffee bar is worth a try!

It is a boon in disguise as it is raising the bar in terms of its price and brewing process.

Let’s get you right there to make it easier for you to take a decision on whether or not you should invest your hard-earned money in the Ninja Coffee Maker.

A Detailed Review on Ninja Coffee Bar Maker – 2021

The brand ‘Ninja’ has been drawing huge attention of people out there.

The company has successfully gained a sterling reputation for introducing quality products to the market ranging from mixers, juicers to blenders.

It is not a very long time since Ninja has decided to bring their coffee makers into the market and no wonder its results got beyond expectation.

The Ninja coffee bar is an ideal home coffee station that any coffee lover could ever ask for.

Days are gone when you had to spend an extra penny to get it just right!

So, jump right into the review of this coffee maker.

The Best Part of the Ninja Coffee Bar

With an ample amount of functions, features, options, and adjustments, Ninja Coffee maker comes with an interesting feature – a customized coffee cup option.

The most noticeable part of it is the sheer volume of “stuff”.

By opening the box, these things will show up:

  • Ninja Coffee bar unit
  • Milk Frother
  • A permanent filter
  • 8 oz cold and hot tumbler
  • Coffee scoop
  • Instruction manual
  • Glass carafe along with a warming plate

Well, you are getting a lot, isn’t it?

Brewing your coffee has never been this exciting and fun as you can see, there is everything to make your coffee a good one!

Performance of Ninja Coffee Bar Maker

Be it a warm dripped coffee, or it is an iced latte drink, the Ninja coffee maker makes it super easy to get whatever you want.

The control panel of this coffee maker is so versatile that it seems quite effortless to brew your coffee beans according to your choice, mood, and taste as well.

The maker comes with partly digital yet partly old-school dials and buttons, making your brewing experience smoother.

Whether you are one of those bug bitten black coffee lovers or nothing but a richer flavored coffee is your wakeup call in the morning, all you need is to just click on the “classic” and “rich” button modes.

Or maybe a nice ice coffee tickles your fancy, but you do not like that ice to be melt, making your coffee dull and tasteless, just go for the “over-ice” brew button to prevent your coffee to be less concentrated.

It would enable your coffee machine to store the melted ice for the future.

If you are the one who really enjoys preparing your own café au latis and cappuccinos, this coffee maker allows you to enable “specialty” mode.

It would get you beverages of your choices as that of the local coffee stations near you.

Already feeling excited? Yes, you must be. Because what else can get you what you really need as Ninja coffee bar does.

Size of Ninja Coffee Bar System

The size of the Ninja Coffee bar is 10.8 x 10.5 x 14.9 inches and its weight is 8.2 pounds. For a brewing machine, this is pretty much fair.

To just let you know, this is more of a complete coffee bar and if you are buying it – make sure there is enough space in whatever corner you are going to place it.

The most interesting part of the Ninja Coffee bar is – you can make both large and single-serve cups with it. This enables you to make a small mug of coffee for your morning drink or large thermoses to be consumed on a long drive.

In terms of thermoses, it can also accommodate thermoses within its brewing unit. You can choose from four discrete brew sizes:

  • Travel mug – 14 oz
  • Cup – 9.5 oz
  • Full carafe – 38 oz
  • Half carafe – 19 oz

‘Convenience’ is the essence of this coffee maker that means you can adjust almost everything to make your drink more enjoyable to drink. With the Ninja coffee machine, you are the in-charge of your coffee making job.

Features of Ninja Coffee Maker

Its Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence mode is something to notice in the very first place. It means that your wonderful coffee drinking experience is just ‘one touch’ away!

There is absolutely no need to worry if you end up messing with any details of the brew as it would not ruin your entire coffee.

Thanks to its Thermal Flavor Extraction technology – an adjustable blending system, this whips your coffee into certain shape at the same time pulling out the flavor from your grinds.

Its “drip stop” feature enables you to pause brewing without creating any mess. There is also a feature, “auto-off”, which helps you shut your machine down automatically after 2 hours’ inactivity.

You can also set a timer by enabling the “delay brew” mode to make your coffee in your pre-set time. The clock system is adjustable and you can set AM and PM times in it.

Well, now it’s time for its milk frother facility. If adding a soothing layer of cream in your coffee is all that you want, be sure you are just one step closer to experience the frothy fun.

A Glimpse of the Ninja Coffee bar

  • You can choose between specialty, plain and rich coffee
  • You can make both a single mug or a complete carafe
  • Convenience at your doorstep


Unfortunately, you would notice there are some shortcomings in the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer. Besides the good part, you need not miss the negative sides of this coffee maker.


Its tendency of over-brewing the drinks is the major flaw. The internal temperature reaches up to 208°F, which is a little high for an optimal cup of coffee. You ought to be more conscious about this and use the “rich” mode a little less.


When it comes to the design, Ninja Coffee Bar is at its best. However, this coffee maker is made up of plastic, though it’s sleek and chrome finish appearance would make you yearn for it.

As its most of the elements are colored in black, more likely you are not going to trace or notice them in the first place.

Counter Hogging

The Ninja coffee bar brewer consumes a lot of counter space, which sometimes you find difficult. The brew stations, water tanks, milk frothers, plastic carafes – there are a lot to arrange.

As discussed the size and measurement of the Ninja Coffee bar, you have got a fair idea of the space it would take to fit there.

So before you make a decision, make sure there is enough space in your kitchen.

Gist of it

  • Over-brewing feature
  • The flat design would not earn it any rewards
  • A considerable amount of counter space is needed

Above all, still, there are some good things in the Ninja Coffee bar brewer that you must not take lightly.

The benefits of this coffee maker have already been discussed and it would be a wise decision to make if you want to indulge in your caffeine craving.

The Verdict of Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews

Ninja Coffee Bar is worth your every penny to make a one-time investment.

And of course, the Ninja Coffee Maker is one of a kind. This coffee bar serves as a compact package of a coffee station at the comfort of your kitchen.

Be it a specialty latte, or a simple black coffee, everything is within your reach with boatloads of ice and foam.

Yet you will notice some flaws in it, still, none of those flaws can make you not to purchase this coffee bar.

If you are the one who does not really like bitter coffee, you might consider a regular brewing method rather having an extra-concentrated mode.

Its plastic rib of the water tank maybe disgusts you, but again you should know that it is the plastic that protects the latest brewing technology of this bar.

Speaking of the cost, there is no need to worry at all as the price of the Ninja Coffee bar comes with a whole lot of features and functions, a lot more than other coffee makers and its price varies from $100 to $150.

Seeing the features that it has to offer, you might not mind spending some extra pennies in it.

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