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Nespresso Evoluo Coffee Machine Review for 2021

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The second generation of the VertuoLine systems, Nespresso Evoluo is a dual-function coffee machine that gives you both espresso shots and traditional coffees. It uses a unique pod technology to produce both types of coffee. And it comes with a standalone frother for those into milk-based beverages.

The machine promises a superior taste, super convenience, and a long lifespan.

With your purchase, you’ll get a welcome box containing twelve Vertuo capsules with different flavor profiles. But if you want to minimize your costs, you’re free to eliminate the complimentary box or the frother.

Continue with this Nespresso Evoluo review to learn more about the device’s specific features, and see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Machine

If you’re a coffee-lover, you probably won’t be happy with just one type of caffeinated drink. You need more versatile options. However, having two or more coffee makers in a house doesn’t make much sense, both in terms of space and money.

Nespresso Evoluo understands and solves that problem. It packs both espresso and coffee machines in a bundle, letting you pay once and get two.

If you’re a multiple-coffee drinker, this system is your winning solution. However, with users’ convenience in mind, it supports only pods rather than grind coffee. So, this review may not be the right device for those interested in working with a scale, tamper, and portafilter.

Other than that, you should consider a few factors when buying a pod-based coffee machine: 

  • Reservoir capacity and design.
  • Device dimensions.
  • Pod variability.
  • User interface simplicity.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Heat-up and brewing time.
  • Capsule insertion and removal method.
  • Durability.
  • Upfront and running costs.
  • Coffee quality.
  • Cup size options.
  • Travel-mug-friendliness.

Why You Should Consider the Nespresso Evoluo Next

Ease of Use

With an auto-blending mechanism, Nespresso Evoluo is one of the most convenient coffee makers on the market.

You don’t have to adjust different settings such as the serving size, coffee type, or water amount for each brewing. The machine automatically scans the existing barcode on your capsule, recognizes the required brewing style, and alters the setup accordingly.

The device makes it much easier to brew true-to-style coffee, extracting a full flavor from the pod. All you need is to press one or two buttons to have your perfect cup of coffee.

Before inserting the pod, push the start button, so the machine heats up. After the 15-second warm-up period, flip up the handle and place your pod. Make sure you lock it before choosing between the espresso or coffee option. Your coffee will be ready in less than 90 seconds.

Another bonus is that you won’t need to remove the pod manually. Nespresso Evoluo automatically ejects it to the recycle bin at the rear. This container holds up to 17 used pods, which means you don’t need to bother evacuating for weeks. 

The last feature adding to the machine’s convenience is its pre-assembled design. Once you open up the box, you can plug in the machine and use it since it doesn’t require any installation.

Dual-Function Brewing

Even if you’re fond of traditional coffee, at times, you may need to verify your choices and have a specialty beverage rather than pure coffee. Nespresso Evoluo is also capable of brewing espresso shots. It works with centrifusion technology to prepare espresso as well as regular coffee. So, it can satisfy more of your coffee needs. 

But if you want to have your espresso as a latte or cappuccino, make sure you go for the newer version with Aeroccino milk frother. It whips your milk, both hot and cold, into a decent silky foam to top your espresso. The only downside is that you need to put more time into the frother to prepare the cream. Besides, the amount of milk is yours to measure as well. 

To offset additional costs, it’s also possible to buy only the machine if you already have a frother. The frother isn’t integrated into the machine.

Coffee Taste

Another advantage is the Nespresso Evoluo’s excellent taste, which makes it stand out from other single-serves. There are a couple of reasons for this. 

First and foremost, the barcode reading technology ensures your coffee will be neither too strong nor too diluted because it chooses the right brewing parameters per your coffee type.

Secondly, Nespresso only accepts its own patented pods rather than cheap third-party brands. This restriction is because it couldn’t use the barcode method otherwise. The company promises to use strict guidelines to select quality coffee grounds. Besides, it uses aluminum packaging rather than plastic to ensure your K-Cup content remains fresh and moisture-free.

Thirdly, the centrifusion brewing maximizes the coffee taste further when using the espresso option. Other K-Cup brewers punch your coffee pod with a needle and use high water pressure to extract coffee. However, Nespresso Evoluo also spins the pod while pumping water, at a whopping speed of 7000 rotations per minute. So, it maximizes the water-coffee contact, optimizing your beverage flavor.

Not only that, the twisting procedure brews your coffee with a delicate foam on top, resembling the froth in cafe-style espresso shots. 

Despite all these advantages, you shouldn’t compare its taste with espresso makers. Dual-purpose machines usually have to compromise a bit of quality compared to specialized devices. 

Serving Options

You can serve a range of drink volumes with this machine, no matter if you’re making espresso or regular coffee. However, your cup size depends on your capsule. 

Fortunately, the coffee maker accepts both small and large capsules to verify your serving choices.

As for the espresso option, the single-shot extracts 1.35 ounces of coffee, while the double shot gives you a 2.7-ounce cup. And when making traditional coffee, the gran lungo, coffee, and alto capsules produce 5, 8, and 14 ounces of coffee, respectively.

While the automatic settings tend to give you the best taste and density, you can still control the device using the panel. If you prefer a smaller portion, press the button before the brewing cycle completes. Plus, if you crave for a larger amount, push the button once more after it stops brewing. Then, click again when it reaches your preferred volume.

Water Tank

With a generous, 54-ounce reservoir, Evoluo holds enough water for up to 17 coffee cups. But the number may vary due to your chosen pods.

This container sits at the side rather than behind, so you can access it easier. Also, it has a transparent design, allowing you to see the water level and refill it when needed. Although the ribbed glass makes it a little tricky, it’s still possible to see through the tank, and you won’t need to remove the lid.


The good news is that Evoluo packs all the features in a pretty small frame. The 9-inches width and 12-inch height and depth make it a space-saving machine that fits into the smallest kitchens, dormitories, and offices.

It has a long 30-inch cable cord so you can place it anywhere you want. It also comes in four beautiful colors to serve your taste and decor: silver, shiny red, Titan, and Graphite metal. 

Although the plastic body seems disappointing at first glance, it has high ratings for its durability. It’s not a flimsy plastic shell but a sturdy one that resists most scratches. Still, be careful about too sharp or abrasive material since it’s not a hard diamond after all.

The drip tray comes in three adjustable heights to maximize your flexibility, allowing you to use various cup sizes. This feature is a huge blessing compared to other coffee makers because most models require removing the tray to fit your travel mug, which can create a mess in case of overflow.

However, it’s not to say Evoluo doesn’t let you detach the tray. You can do that, but mostly because you want to empty and clean it, rather than placing a mug!

The moveable cup support also helps you avoid splatters when using short cups.


As a result of the pod-scanning system, Nespresso Evoluo is only compatible with Vertuoline capsules. And it doesn’t even work with Nespresso’s OriginalLine. It means you have even fewer options both in terms of flavor and price.

Besides, barcode pods are pricier than normal ones, which can increase your costs in the long term.


When it comes to value, both running and upfront costs matter. Evoluo includes an auto-off feature that inactivates your machine after nine minutes of non-use. So, you’ll considerably save on your energy bills.

Plus, although Evoluo-friendly pods are higher in price than other K-Cups, they still cost less than a coffee shop order. If you own an Evoluo, you pay about only one dollar per cup, while buying it could cost you as much as six dollars.

Evoluo isn’t the cheapest or even the most expensive coffee machine out there in terms of initial costs. But as a dual-use system with several automatic functions, it charges you a reasonable price.


The water reservoir, drip tray, and spent capsule bin are all detachable to simplify the cleaning process. You can wash them just like other dishes in your sink.

Regarding the machine’s body, daily wiping would suffice, and if you want to sanitize the internal parts, you can use the cleaning function.

Once activated, this feature drains your reservoir into a container, rinsing the interior circuit and coffee outlet. This procedure repeats three times and takes about five minutes. It wipes out all the sticking particles and aromas from your machine. So, your previous pod flavor never affects the new one.

The milk frother is your most difficult component to clean. If left unattended, fatty milk particles can stick to the frother wall, making it awkward to scrub. So, you’d better wash it immediately after each use. The whole process takes no more than a minute.


One important part of your maintenance procedure is descaling. It ensures you won’t have to deal with lime buildup to get a good-tasting coffee and maximize your device longevity.

Fortunately, the device comes with a descaling alert, so you won’t forget to do it. The lamp blinks three times and then stays on, indicating it’s time to descale. And if you still fail to follow its orders, it blocks the brewing options so that you have to. 

This indicator appears every month or so, but if you fill the reservoir from the tap water, you’ll see it more often because urban water is full of minerals.

The descaling procedure takes about thirty minutes, but since it’s not a constant requirement, there’s nothing to be worried about. Also, it’s pretty easy to perform the descaling cycle since the machine bears most of the burden.

Here’s how to descale your Nespresso Evoluo:

Frequently Asked Questions About Nespresso Evoluo Review

What is the Difference Between Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo?

Nespresso Vetuo and Evoluo are almost trhe same product with sloght differences. They’re both espresso/coffee makers with a standalone frother. However, VertuoLine machines are bit smaller and ligghter. They feature a smaller reservoir-40 vs. 50 oz-and a lower-capacity recycle bin. Evoluo can hold up to 17 spent pods, while Vertuo overflows after 12.

Vertuo lets you adjust your serving size beyond pod settings, but Evoluo doesn’t. In terms of design, the dome-shaped lever is distinct in the Vertuo. But other than that, they seem identical.

What Is the Difference Between VertuoPlus And Evoluo?

The primary difference between VertuoPlus and Evoluo is in their user interface, water tank, and design. The reservoir in VertuoPlus is a few ounces larger, and it has clear walls-instead of a ridged design-so you can easily figure out when the water is running low.

The VertuoPlus is more automated than the Evoluo since you won’t need to open and close the pod chamber by hand. With a single click of a button, it automatically flips up and down. The VertuoPlus holds fewer used pods than Evoluo. But in terms of dual-use, centrifusion technology, and automatic blend recognition, two machines work the same

Is Nespresso Worth Buying?

With a Nespresso coffee maker, you’re only a few clicks and less than a minute away from a delicious cup of coffee or espresso. According to customer reviews, they usually last longer the regular K-Cup brewers. And the offer you plenty of advanced features, such a pod rotating system, automatic pod ejection, and laser-barcode scanning technology.

Final Thoughts on Our Nespresso Evoluo Review

As a coffee and espresso maker, Nespresso Evoluo blends maximum convenience, speed, and quality all in a single package. The auto blend technology means you don’t have to set brewing parameters for every shot, and the automatic pod ejector means fewer efforts on your side.

Overall, if you’re a fan of technology, comfort, and variability, this machine could be your best bet.

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