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Nespresso Creatista Plus review

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Creatista Plus is a high-end espresso machine manufactured by the Breville and Nespresso group. So, you’ll find it by either name of Breville Nespresso Creatista and Sage Creatista Plus.

Although it works with coffee pods, its beverages go head-to-head with ground-to-bean or armored espresso machines.

Its top-of-the-line frothing wand allows for professional milk emulsion to make eight types of specialty beverages. It also has programmable settings for each one and a patented capsule to maximize the flavor.

After doing a one-week evaluation and sifting through dozens of customer reviews, here’s what we did and didn’t like about the machine: 


  • Advanced steam wand with auto-purge cycle.
  • Adjustable milk texture and temperature.
  • Sturdy stainless steel body and frother jug.
  • Three espresso sizes.
  • Wide flavor variety.
  • Compatible with third-party capsules.
  • Simple interface with TFT LCD.
  • Large reservoir.
  • Auto pod ejection.
  • Rich coffee extraction.
  • Additional tray for smaller cups.


  • A little pricey compared to portioned coffee makers.
  • Automated steam mechanisms may restrict your control.

Read on to learn more about its advanced features and how to use the machine. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Nespresso Creatista Plus

As a coffeeholic, nothing racks your nerves more than missing fresh espresso at home. And the situation gets even worse if you’re the kind of person who likes variety and doesn’t stick to one type of drink every day.

With a top-notch frothing mechanism, this espresso maker wipes away those worries as it gives you on-demand specialty beverages.

But if you’re an aspiring barista, the Creatista Plus isn’t right for you because it operates almost automatically and doesn’t let you intervene in the process. On the other hand, coffee newbies who want regular caffeinated drinks without making it a big deal may find the device a bit complicated.

The ideal users are cafe fans who screw up their drinks whenever trying to make one. This machine helps you skip the learning process while bringing the entire cafeteria menu to your home.

Before investing in a coffee maker, you should check these criteria:

  • Device dimensions.
  • Types of coffee it can make.
  • Water tank capacity.
  • Brewing mechanism.
  • Serving options and customizability.
  • Coffee quality.
  • Energy-efficiency.
  • Cleaning procedure.
  • Accessories.
  • Device material and body.

Why You Should Consider the Nespresso Creatista Plus


The Creatista Plus is a high-end product, which, more than anything, is apparent in its design. Unlike other pod coffee makers, it boasts a full stainless-steel body instead of plastic. The material not only makes it more durable but more stain-resistant, stylish, and glossy. 

It comes in three beautiful colors: Steel, Black Sesame, and Royal Champagne (bright gold). All three options come with a black plastic base to withstand sliding.

At 6.7 inches long,16 inches deep, and 12.2 inches high, the Creatista Plus fits on any standard countertop.Instead of a big K-Cup handle, it has a hand-sized lever that doesn’t require much vertical space to be opened.

The whole device weighs about 11 pounds and features an LCD on top. But you can control the options using physical buttons.

Drink Variability

The coffee maker lets you prepare a range of different coffees, from espresso, ristretto, and lungo, to cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and flat white.

Part of this variety comes from flavor choices of capsules. But other than that, Nespresso Creatista Plus has a smart frothing wand that creates steamed milk for your specialty beverages.

The good news is, it froths your milk into eight different textures. So, you can have extreme bubbly milk for your cappuccinos, medium foam for your lattes, and a velvety microfoam to make flat whites. 

Although you have control over the milk texture, the process is automatic. You just need to pour the milk, select a texture, and get your order in seconds.

The machine also allows you to adjust milk temperature with as many as 11 hotness levels, ranging from 133 to 169 degrees Fahrenheit. But you don’t get the same range of options for coffee.

Cup Size Options

Creatista Plus provides you with three serving options: 0.84, 1.35, and 3.72 ounces. Each cup size means a different portion of water and a different density level.  While the 0.84 oz makes great Ristrettos, the 1.35 oz is suitable for espressos, and the 3.72 oz is for Lungos.

Ease of Use

Convenience is probably the number one reason customers look for a pod coffee maker, and Nespresso truly understands convenience. 

First of all, it has a simple interface that doesn’t confuse you with endless options. All you see is a few icons on display, which you can select through a rotative selection knob. It also gives you step-by-step instructions, so you don’t have to solve a puzzle to get your coffee. 

Here’s how the process goes:

Switch on the machine, insert your favorite coffee pod, and close the lever. Choose a coffee type, adjust the water portion, and press start. Now, you’re only a few seconds away from your customized cup of coffee.

Even if you need a milk-based drink, you can run the frothing cycle simultaneously, and it takes less than two minutes to complete: Fill the frother jug with milk and pull off the steam outlet to place the frother beneath it. Adjust the milk settings, and position the outlet down again.

Quick Warm-Up 

Thanks to the ThermoJet heating element, this coffee machine heats up in three seconds before you brew your first cup of coffee. It means a super-fast experience for those who need instant morning coffee or a quick refreshment during their busy day.

Coffee Pod Compatibility

Creatista Plus works with Nespresso’s original line coffee pods, so you’ll get 29 various capsule types with different densities, flavors, or content. They range from espressos and ristrettos to larger lungos and milk-based recipes. To magnify your choices, a few third-party brands such as Pete’s and Starbucks are also welcome.

But it doesn’t end here. This machine is compatible with Nespresso reusable capsules, opening a more flexible venue in front of you. Whether you prefer a customized flavor or simply crave ground coffee, you can add your own mix into these capsules. 


Nespresso has a strong record of taste. It owes this perfection to its quality pods and unique brewing technology

Above all, the company promises to use quality ground coffee to make its disposable pods. And it packs the pods with an airtight, aluminum seal. The packaging contributes to the pods’ flavor retention, keeping them safe from pollutants, aromas, and moisture.

As for the brewing method, it brews the coffee at 190 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for optimum extraction and a rich flavor.

Next, it uses a powerful electric pump with 19 bars of pressure to vigorously push the hot water through the capsule content. So, it guarantees to extract the full flavor from the coffee grounds.

Water Reservoir

The Creatista Plus is generous in its water capacity, providing a 50-ounce reservoir.

Once filled, this water tank can provide water for 12 to 50 cups of coffee, which means no refilling for a long time. It also comes in a detachable design, which is a plus for both cleaning and refilling purposes. The ring handle makes it even easier to remove the tank and carry it to the sink.

The reservoir sits at the back to remain out of sight. And it has a transparent cover to tell you when it’s running out of water. 


In terms of accessories, the Nespresso Creatista Plus has a removable drip tray to hold your overflow.

You’ll also get a smaller cup-hold on top of the tray, which you can slide out whenever necessary and use to brew over short cups. It helps to avoid coffee splashes due to the long spout-tray distance.

Another extra you’ll get with the brewer is a stainless steel frother jug, so you don’t need to buy one. The jug isn’t only durable but also matches the machine’s design. It holds about 16 ounces of milk and includes a maximum and minimum line to guide you on the amount of milk.

What may surprise you is the water hardness testing strip. Since every area has a different water quality, the mineral buildup in the reservoir may vary. Once you test the hardness using the strip and put the results into the machine, it shows you how often you need to descale and reminds you every time.

You can even enjoy a sample pack of Nespresso coffee pods. This way, you can test the flavors and find your favorite ones, so you’ll exactly know what to order next. You’ll also find a printed graphic guide inside the box telling you what each pod contains.

Energy Efficiency

Nespresso has added multiple features to minimize your running costs. For one thing, the digital display dims after two minutes of being idle, and the auto-off option powers off the device after ten minutes of non-use.

While both features mean less energy consumption, the latter helps you avoid electrical accidents, shocks, and fires. It particularly comes in handy if you’re a forgetful person or tend to be away from home often.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The water tank, two cup-holders, and capsule container are all detachable, requiring minimum work to empty and clean them.

The auto-purge function means you don’t have to clean the frother wand manually after each use. It automatically runs fresh water through the nozzle, preventing the milk fat from sticking. But you may also want to know that the residue will accumulate in the tray, which means you have to drain it more frequently.

A smart addition inside the drip tray helps you remember to empty the overflow. Once the tray gets filled, this little red ball floats up the tray holes, telling you it’s time to empty.

There’s also a little tool to unjam the nozzle holes. Although the purging cycle takes care of milk particles, the hot water itself causes scale buildup, gradually blocking the wand. When this happens, poke the needle tool through the holes and clear the path. You can find this tool at the back of the machine, right beneath the reservoir. So, you’ll never miss it.

The challenging part is cleaning the outer shell. If you’ve owned a stainless steel appliance before, you know how it gets blurred after a while and attracts fingerprints or water stains. So, you need to wipe it out daily to maintain its shiny appearance.

This video shows you how to descale the machine:


The Nespresso Creatista Plus costs well above other models within the portioned brewers segment. But the splurge is worth it since the device is the most full-option option on the market and offers extensive customizability and convenience. 

But make sure you can get the most out of it before investing in it. If you’re not fond of latte and cappuccino or simply don’t need all the flexibility, this may not be your ideal choice.

Latte Art

The well-shaped frothing pitcher and the rich foam produced by the steam wand have a good potential for latte art. Although professionals may find it a bit restricting, it makes a great starting point for those who want to hone their skills and learn to design their lattes with beautiful hearts and leaves. 

Things You Should Know About the Nespresso Creatista Plus

Is the Creatista Plus Worth It?

The Creatista Plus is worth it only if it matches your needs. It’s not a begginer-friendly machine since they may not know how to deal with eight frothing settings or make specialty beverages. But if you want a semi-professional experience at home, you’ll appreciate its wide range of beverages, rich foam, and absolute coffee taste.

What Is the Difference Between the Nespresso Creatista nad Creatista Plus?

Nespresso Creatista has fewer options than the Creatista Plus. It offers four milk texture settings rather than eight, five temperature options rather than eleven, and a reservoir with ten ounces less capacity. On the other hand, the Creatista Plus heats up few seconds faster and is all metal rather than plastic. No wonder it’s about a few dozen bucks pricier.

Does Nespresso Creatista plus Make Regular Coffee?

Nespresso Creatista Plus doesn’t make regular coffee because it’s designed for espresso shots. Still, if you brew an Americano capsule with more water, you’ll get a diluted espresso that tastes like traditional coffee. If it doesn’t sound satisfying enough and you tend to drink regular coffee often, you may want to consider the Nespresso Evoluo instead.

What Pods Are Compatible With Nespresso Creatista?

So many pods are compatible with creatista, and it’s not just the Original Line . Here’s a list:

Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules
Starbucks by Nespresso
Lavazza Espresso Capsules
Rosso Coffee Pods Bestpresso Coffee
Bestpresso Coffee
50 Grano Milano Coffee Capsules
Gourmesso Brasile Blend Dolce

Final Thoughts on Our Nespresso Creatista Plus Review

Lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos are in vogue these days. But not everyone can handle all the complexities of frothing and preparing quality foam to make one.

The Nespresso Creatista Plus is a neat solution to that problem. It brews an optimal amount of coffee depending on your capsule and creates a suitable cream so you can top it.

Other assisting features such as auto pod ejection, self-purging cycle, and descaling reminder make it a great investment for coffee lovers.

If you’re hot on comfort and variability, this machine is your best bet.


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