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Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review

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“Designed for the coffee lover that wants style and functionality” is the tagline chosen for the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Whether or not this is true, we shall see in this review. What we do know is that Mr. Coffee is a trusted brand that is well known for its quality and high-grade coffee production.

This company claims to have served more cups of coffee to Americans than any other company. Focused on all things coffee, you can be assured Mr. Coffee has got you covered for quality.

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Review

This is a filter coffee machine designed for coffee lovers. It features a modern design that, one must admit, fulfills the “style” part of their tagline.

The coffee maker uses a variety of features to brew a fantastic cup of near-artisanal quality coffee. “Designed for the coffee lover that wants style and functionality” seems to be the case, so far.

Who is this product for?

Designed for the coffeeholic with a taste for filtered and robust coffee, this coffee maker allows you to make hot and fresh coffee.

The carafe is large enough for you to make coffee for a few cups without needing to remake coffee each time. For someone who sits at their desk all day and needs a pick-me-up, this is the coffee machine for you.

What’s Included?

The coffee machine is mostly enclosed, with only a few additional parts. The glass carafe keeps your coffee warm for quite some time. The top lifts up to reveal the filter, which accepts paper filters, and the water reservoir.

You also receive a few filters to begin your brewing adventures with. There is also an additional option to get a stainless-steel thermal carafe to use, as well.

Overview of Features

As a fairly standard coffee brewing station, you can expect the standard features you would expect from any other coffee machine. This model uses the reasonably common drip method to enrich the coffee flavor.

The filtration system is actually one of the best around, using both a coffee filter and a water filter to clean the water extensively. That way, your coffee is filtered and cleaned before it begins to bloom and brew. This ensures your coffee is nothing but flavorful, especially with the effective filtering system removing up to 97% of chlorine from water.

Additional features include the programmable parameters, which allow you to customize and tailor your coffee experience to how you want it. Some of these settings include a brewing strength option and a freshness timer to keep track of the brew’s progress.

There is also a “Pause ‘n Serve” option to allow you to pour what you have already brewed while the machine is still brewing. The last option, in particular, is unique to M. Coffee products. It allows you to serve a group of people and keep the coffee brewing as you continue to drink.

This feature makes it perfect for an office kitchen or lounge. It is also great for someone who entertains a lot of guests and wants to offer them coffee without having the hassle of brewing a second carafe. Some other features include a two-hour automatic shut off, which keeps your coffee hot for those two hours.

With all these great features, it isn’t easy to imagine any caveats. However, there seem to be some significant issues that buyers have experienced. Firstly, many claim that the product works for barely a year. It often starts to break down after about three months and gives out entirely soon after.

Some malfunctions include the circuitry failing, starting with the power cord, and then the various electronic features either not working or working incorrectly. Some have faced the pump and filters becoming irreversibly clogged, despite being regularly cleaned.

This can cause the drip to fail and water to spill everywhere outside of the machine. As it stands, this Mr. Coffee machine seems to have plenty of “accidents” and malfunctions and has a reduced lifespan.

How To Use It

Here is a video reviewing and showing off the features of how to use the Mr. Coffee machine:


  • “Pause ‘n Serve” option to brew as you pour
  • The strong double filter system
  • Compatible with all Mr. Coffee carafe types
  • Very sleek and modern design


  • Prone to malfunctions
  • Poor lifespan compared to similar models


Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum has an exquisite and easy-to-use coffee brewer, which is an all-in-one build. The reason why this is preferred is that the design is so simple that there are virtually no problems that come with it.

However, it also lacks many features that you would want from a regular coffee machine.


To conclude, Mr. Coffee’s design is terrific for the time that it works. Unfortunately, it has a poor reputation that comes from various malfunctions.

The short lifespan of the appliance means you can’t really expect the model to be worth it. However, you are still more likely to get a working model, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a great time with it.

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