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Krups XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine Review

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In today’s expansion of all kinds of home appliances that can come across your mind, espresso machines are highly ranked, especially the steam espresso machines due to their low prices tags.

That is the reason why we needed to do a research and test some of the best steam espresso machines and compare them to a standard Krups espresso machine.

As you’re getting a lot cheaper version than a standard style coffee machine, your espresso won’t have that deep sensory impression, but it’s significantly simpler to use and therefore it cannot be a bad choice.

An example of a Krups steam espresso machine that’s very easy to use and can produce a pretty good coffee is Krups XP100050 with its fantastic price of just under $300. So, we made a decision and named Krups espresso machine as our top pick in the best steam driven machines for this amount of money.

Features of Krups Espresso Machine – Krups XP100050

Four bar pressure

With the four bars of pressure, your Krups espresso machine will be made by forcing pressurized water through the ground coffee.

Removable drip tray

With the removable drip tray, it will be significantly easier to clean the drip tray, what is very important.

Simple, three position control switch

It’s simple as that – if you’re not using it select “off”, when you are brewing your coffee you select “espresso” and if you frothing your milk just select “steam”.

On and off light indicator

If you ever forget to switch off your machine after using, there is a light indicator that will catch your attention and that’s how you will be remained to switch it off.

What’s Included?

Of course, you will get your Krups steam espresso machine and an instruction booklet, but that’s not all. There are also some extras added to it. You will get:

-Filter holder

-Measuring spoon

-Four cup carafe

All of the included extras will make your life easier. For example, the four cup carafe is a wonderful addition to your machine and when you are serving the espresso for your guests you can brew four cups at once.

How to Use the Krups XP100050?

For every appliance that you use in your home, you need a bit of practice that comes with time and the more you experiment with it, more tricks you will learn. It is the same case for this machine, once you get the hang of it it’s quite simple.

You’ll need a while to find that taste that’s right for you, but here is the guide how to make a perfect cup of espresso.

–    Fill the provide carafe with water to the level of cups you are planning to make

–    A place that measured water in the tank (you will later skip this part because you’ll know how much water is needed and how to do you like it)

–    Add one full scoop of ground coffee to the filter holder.

–    Fit provided filter holder to your appliance

–    Press “espresso”

After you have done that, all you need is to sit back, relax and wait for few minutes (about 4 or even less) for your coffee to brew. And as the moment espresso brewed you can drink it, or if you want maybe a cappuccino better then espresso, just change the knob to “steam” and froth up some milk. That’s all that you need and the taste will be fantastic.

Krups Espresso Machine Review Video:  Krups XP100050

For more information about the Krups XP100050 and how it works, you can check the video down below.

The Pros

–    Very simple to use

–    Very simple to clean

–    Quite fast

–    Reasonably priced, good value for the money

–    Additional four-cup carafe makes it much easier

–    Weights only 4.4lbs, so it’s not heavy

–    The design is aesthetic, it will look nice in your kitchen

The Cons

The major con of this product is a low pressure, due to use of steam. That means that:

–    On top of your espresso, you won’t have that layer of crema.

–    The only way to froth your milk to turn it to foam is with a full-fat milk.

Also, it can be quite difficult to remove the water tank cap, but after using it for a while it will be easier to remove it.

How to Get the Most of Your XP100050

If you want your machine to last as much as possible and not to lose the quality, all you need is just to follow some simple rules:

–    Keep in mind the instruction that came with it and uses it only as directed

–    You need to clean your machine on regular basis, after use

–    Use the filtered water so that the machine is dedicated regularly

–    Use full-fat milk, because the lower fat milk won’t do the same thing

–    Don’t use pre-grounded coffee if you want a real depth of flavor. The smell, quality, and flavor won’t be the same

–    Experiment with your coffee, that how you’ll find what works the best for you.

Conclusion of Krups Espresso Machine

Overall, Krups XP100050 is one of the best steam espresso makers available on market with the combinator of its low price and great tasting coffee. They really did their best to produce high-quality machine considering the price of this Krups espresso machine.

So, it’s definitely excellent value for the machine, so why are you waiting? Try it today, you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee you!  

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