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KONA French Press Coffee Maker Review

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If you ever worked as a barista, as I did after a while you’ll be a coffee expert. There is no need for me to even taste it before I know is the quality right and how will it taste.

I’ve made a list of some best French Press that I managed to find on the market and to be honest the options are endless. It took me a while to research and make a conclusion, Especially the Kona French Press Coffee.

Here I will present you the top pick that I could find – Kona French Press Coffee, Tea and Espresso Maker

It’s enough for me to smell the coffee and I’ll tell you everything about it. These facts urged me to share my experience and tell you everything I’ve learned about it so far. It needs you for a while to get the hang on it and even better if you are a true coffee lover, as I am.

No More Coffee Grounds with the Kona French Press

With this life tempo, who has the time to spend on long brewing? And even worse, after time that you spend on it, the result is not so amazing. Don’t even think about it, because I’ve found the solution. French Press – provides the best quality that you can find, especially if you want that finest-tasting coffee just chooses KONA among the other models.

Kona with a tight-fitting french press screen filters out all the coffee grounds, it also extracts unneeded essential oils making the best version of coffee that could be. And if you don’t trust me, try it and take a sip. It will blow your mind.

But if you’re not a coffee lover, or you also like tea – don’t worry you can also brew a loose tea.

Long-lasting Quality of Kona French Press

Not only the aesthetic but also the quality is what makes this Kona coffee maker number-one on market. While most of the French Presses use plastic, Kona comes with the stainless steel so that’s why I like the most is its filtration system.

The fact that not a single part of it is plastic, what means that it can last for years. Also, an interesting fact is that the carafe is made of, believe I tor not, borosilicate glass. That means that can resist to thermal shocks, minor falls and can guarantee you a long period of using.

You need to have in mind that’s almost bulletproof, but that doesn’t mean that’s unbreakable so don’t throw it through your window but most of all don’t wash it while it is still hot.

The Design of Kona French Press Coffee Maker

From my point of view, French Presses Design has the most aesthetically pleasing design, probably that’s one of the reasons why are they still on market after so many years.

Kona is very unique with its design, it combines a vintage french press coffee maker design with a very modern like the design so not only your coffee will taste well, but also this press will definitely compliment your kitchen with its aesthetics pleasing design.

Talking about the design, I must mention that the carate part made of glass is allowing you to see the whole process of brewing. So it’s more than interesting to watch.

Reasons to Buy Kona French Press

The only reason not to buy this machine would be if you are living in Artistic and the reason that your coffee won’t hot for the long period of time. Really, then it’s benefits are endless.

It’s best at doing the job, looks nice, it’s simple to use, lightweight and it will serve well for outdoors as well.

Who Should not Consider to Buy Kona French Press

Well, if the glass parts are not your thing, then try something else. I must say even if the glass is durable and thick, you definitely need to take care of it, just like the all other appliances. If you’re not able to take a proper care, I might eventually break.


I couldn’t find any deal-breakers really, but I must say there are some facts that you should keep in mind. For example:

  • Be careful with the lid, sometimes it doesn’t fit snugly and can come off while you’re trying to pour your coffee in the mug. Try to close it well and hold the lid while doing it.
  • This one is not actually a drawback, because almost all glass carafes are not insulated. Your coffee will not stay hot more than twenty minutes, so don’t even expect that.
  • The plunger is a bit short, so it’s not that easy to be the coffee for one. Try to pour several cups at one, or even you can glue them down at one.


  • Keeps ground out
  • Has great design
  • Stainless filter, no plastic
  • Very durable


  • Your coffee won’t be hot after 20-30 minutes


After all the positive facts that I have mentioned, you can easily conclude that this is by far my favorite machine.

From the quality to design, there are so many things that make Kona french press coffee maker the best selling among the all other French press coffee brewers.

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