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Hamilton Beach Brew Station Coffee Maker Review

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The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is a coffee brewer and heater that keeps your caffeinated beverage hot and fresh. Making up to 12 cups in the traditional coffee maker drip-coffee method, you can serve a group some deliciously strong coffee for any function.

There is no breakable glass carafe or pot, and the coffee will dispense right into your cup for quick drinking. This, plus the additional brewing options, make this a surprisingly versatile and amazing brew station to include in your kitchen, office, or even camping gear.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station Review

A great brewing station for coffee making, Hamilton has set out to make a design that is perfect for use in just about any scenario. Preparing coffee to be as strong or mild as you like, it offers a versatile way to make your warm beverages.

The tank can hold enough coffee for up to 12 cups, with the ability to dispense about 1 to 4 cups in a single go. This means you can get yourself a standard mug for the office to sip as your work, or you could fill a larger travel mug to drink from while on your early morning walks with your dog.

Coffee is prepared quickly and fresh, and kept hot for hours thanks to the internal heater, without having it scalding and flavorless. This machine is designed for quality coffee, and it delivers.

Who Is This Product For?

There are a few people who would put this brew station to good use. The most obvious would be the coffee-drinkers among us who cannot go a day without a few cups. Hamilton Beach has provided those coffee lovers out there with a way to brew great, fresh cups of coffee.

Others who might find a use for this brew station would be campers looking for an easy means to make strong coffee without a secondary heat source. If you have the means to gain power, this coffee maker will make sure you’ve got coffee for the day.

You can stay warm and caffeinated throughout your camping and hiking adventures. It also makes a great office companion, to keep in the office kitchen or lounge, as it can store up to 12 cups of coffee without needing a refill.

What’s Included?

The whole machine contains all the pieces enclosed within, so there is a reduced chance of accidents and breaking occurring. There is no carafe or jar that you might find with other coffee machines, so you can dispense the coffee directly into your mug/cup. The water reservoir is removable for cleaning. Otherwise, there are no additional parts that come with the coffee maker.

Overview of Features

A sleek, black design, the Hamilton Beach Brewstation fits in with any kitchen or office setting, or even among your camping appliances. The coffee machine is a wonderfully easy to use device, with some great options for brewing strength and warmth generation.

The enclosed nature means you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking certain pieces, especially with the lack of a carafe or pot. The reservoir has enough capacity to hold water for 12 cups, with the ability to dispense either a cup at a time or enough to fill 4 cups.

The internal heating also keeps your 12 cups warm for quite a few hours, so that you always have a fresh taste, without the scorching heat of rebrewed and boiled coffee.

There are a few drawbacks that are more minor inconveniences than anything. Firstly, you are only able to make a single cup at a time. Secondly, as it uses the standard drip dispenser that many other coffee machines use, it will take some to make concurrent cups.

Occasionally, users encounter factory defects that cause the machine to overheat the coffee, or can even sometimes leak. However, these cases are rare, so you shouldn’t encounter them. Other features that people aren’t too fond of would be that the tank is made of plastic, not metal or glass.

The rubber feet are great at making the machine stable, but it also means you can’t really move it, meaning the feet perhaps work too well.

How To Use It

Here is a video giving you a short tutorial on how to brew coffee with the Hamilton Beach Brew Station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b_nor49uuU


  • A good amount of cups can be brewed at once
  • Great internal heating system
  • No carafe, so no chance of accidentally breaking it
  • Does not scorch coffee, or damage taste in any way


  • Can only pour single cups at a time
  • Sometimes there are factory defaults which cause leaks
  • Some factory defaults cause coffee to heat up too much


Breville Precision Brewer

If you want a more precise option that allows you to tailor your coffee to your tastes, and provide even more versatility to Hamilton Beach, Breville has you covered.

The Breville Precision Brewer is a top of the range coffee maker, offering great options for the ranges of coffee you can make.

And while it has a coffee pot, it isn’t glass, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking it, nullifying the main weakness of a carafe.


To conclude, Hamilton Beach has designed and made a coffee maker and brew station that is perfect for the solo-flying coffee lover, or the family who want coffee on demand.

Your last cup will always taste as fresh and warm as the first. This is a fantastic brew station for anyone who enjoys a good cup on the hour, every hour.

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