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Coffee Scale Buyer’s Guide – Best Coffee Scales Review

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If you are searching for the best coffee scale, then just keep reading. I have done the research and made a list of top picks that you can find on this huge market today.

If you are just like me and you like to brew your coffee in the comfort of your home, you will definitely need the best scale for coffee.

For years I’ve been using a spoon to measure, but I’ve found out that what really perfected my coffee was the coffee scale because you have some many kinds of coffee today and all of those require that the ground quantity is different also.

I must say that I’m a real coffee fanatic, I’ve experimented not only with different coffee varieties but also different kind of coffee scales – from digital top rated food scale to those inexpensive food scales.

So, I have decided to make a review and help you to find your own perfect scale.

Coffee Scales – The Top Pick

Let’s go into some details of these models. Keep reading for the best coffee scales review.

Comparison Chart

CoastLine Digital Pro Pocket Kitchen Scale Or Pocket Jewelry Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display | A Perfect Pour-Over Coffee Scale | Handy Food Scale Fulfills All Kitchen Scale Needs
Ozeri Touch Professional Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale, Red Engine
Etekcity EK 7017 Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Scale, 11 Lb 5 kg, Stainless Steel (Batteries Included)
Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Stainless Steel
KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer 3kg/0.1g High Precision Pour Over Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display (Batteries Included)
Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb/10kg White Kitchen Scale for Baking Cooking, Weighs in Grams and Ounce with 0.1oz/1g Resolution, Sleek and Water-Resistant Panel
Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Black, 8.25

CoastLine DigitalPro – Best Digital Pocket Coffee Scale Review

As I already said, I’m a true coffee fanatic and I need my coffee to be a freshly grounded. That’s how I get my cup of the joy and taste of perfection.

If you are like me then I must suggest you the best digital pocket scale on market – CoastLine DigitalPro.

This perfection is very compact (the name says it all), very light and comes with a platform that is just a little bit bigger than your smartphone.

It’s about 4 x 5 x ¾ inches, so basically you can put it in your pocket and travel around with it.

But the most important, when it comes to scales is, are these accurate?

Well, the best thing about this kitchen scale is the fact that is very accurate. With just one click on the button, you can choose whether you will weight in grams or ounces.

This pocket scale will read to amazingly 1/10th of the gram what is quite impressive, I must say for one little kitchen scale.

When it comes to the design, it’s made of stainless steel, so it’s at the same time good-quality scale and also will look great on your kitchen counter.

This material guarantees you the simplicity of cleaning and also it can last for years. But as the all other machines, you will have to properly maintain it.

It’s quite robust and come with a wide, blue colored LCD screen, so it will be easy for you in the not so good lighting and even if you need glasses – you won’t need them to read it.

The price of this pocket kitchen scale is very affordable, so some of you might think that is not the high-quality coffee scale.

But after all, for a small amount of money you’ll get a very functional and accurate scale, isn’t that more than enough?


  • Very accurate measures
  • Looks robust and has a high-quality construction
  • Very compact and you can carry it around
  • Easy not only to clean but also to use
  • The price is affordable


  • Smaller tray


The true coffee lover knows that nothing can taste better as home-made freshly grounded coffee – that why Coastline Pro pocket kitchen scale does miracles.

With its affordable price and accuracy is the best coffee scale on the market and you won’t regret if you buy it. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Ozeri Touch – Digital Professional Ozeri Kitchen Scale – 2nd top pick

This Ozeri kitchen coffee scale not only looks more than professional but also is a good value for money.

With the sleek look and touch panel that comes with a great glass surface, you may fool anyone that’s an expensive high-end gadget lying in your kitchen.

That sleek glass surface is just like those in smartphones, but that glass surface that has this coffee scale is four times thicker and better quality than the regular glass.

That’s how it can measure up to, believe it or not, twelve pounds of the weight.

Ozeri kitchen scale has a great measurements range – from 0.05th of a pound up to, believe it or not, twelve pounds and the accuracy of measurement is unbelievable.

After you measure it, on your display can be shown the weight of your ingredients in pounds, grams, kilograms or even ounces.

Bad thing when it comes to this scale is that your batteries won’t last long.

It all depends on you and how often do you use your scale, it may last within a few months and then you will need to replace them.

But the good side of it is that is quite easy to replace them and not expensive at all.

When it comes to bad sides of this coffee scale, I must also say that the feature of auto shut-off can be too short and this can be quite irritating, but it can be a good thing also.

Because this way you will be saving the battery life and it will live longer and also, the process of weighting will be much quicker – because there is no need to restarting your Ozeri kitchen scale that often.


  • It’s beautifully made
  • Has very accurate measurements
  • Very easy not only to use but also to clean
  • Very Inexpensive and affordable
  • Very durable and it can last for a long time


  • The feature of Auto shut-off is quite short


So, Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the best kitchen scales that you can find on market.

Not only it’s functional but at the same time very inexpensive digital scale.

The aesthetics are the high-selling point of this scale because it looks like a high-end gadget.

Surely, you won’t be disappointed if your pick is this Ozeri kitchen scale. Why not buy one?

Etekcity Digital Coffee Scale – Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

If you are searching for inexpensive digital coffee scale but at the same time reasonably accurate than we present you this Etekcity digital coffee scale – Multifunctional food scale.

It is very compact so it’s not bulky and won’t take up much of your counter space. It’s about 5.5″ square feet, so you can tuck it wherever you want.

It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s not only easy to clean and maintain but also is a very high-quality digital coffee scale.

It will look great and aesthetic in every kitchen counter and not clash with any design.

It has also LCD display that is quite wide and clear so you will be able to read even if you have any problems with lighting.

You have different options to choose display weight – pounds, grams, and ounces so this digital coffee scale is quite functional.

You can weight up to eleven pounds while being quite accurate. But it’s not your best pick if accuracy is your priority.

After you weight about 3 grams, it will start to weight first gram. If you need perfect accuracy, you should pick some other model.


  • It’s very good quality and durable
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Aesthetic, modern-looking and easy to clean
  • Reasonably accurate
  • Has reasonably battery life
  • Very compact so you can store it anywhere that you want in the kitchen


  • After about ten seconds of not being active, the light on display will shut-off
  • You might think that the surface is small


When it comes to an Etekcity digital kitchen scale, it’s the best unit that you can buy considering that is low-end scale.

It’s reasonably accurate with battery life that can live for a long time. This scale uses 2 AAA batteries, which are very cheap and affordable.

So, if you are running low on a budget but at the same time you need a digital kitchen scale then this is the best option for you.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Hario Drip Coffee Scale with Timer Built-in

If you are searching for coffee scale with timer and you can afford yourself a more expensive, great – looking scale than we have the right option for you.

This Hario Drip Coffee Scale is definitely worth checking and built to work from domestic to professional use.

When it comes to accuracy, this coffee scale is the top selling unit. It has a wide Range of detection weights that go from 1/10th of grams to 2000 grams – that’s why is often used in professional kitchens also.

It can weight in grams only but don’t think that is making this coffee scale worthless. Believe me, the accuracy of this coffee scale is unbelievable and will be made you forget about everything else.

This coffee scale also has a timer. If you think that it’s not a big deal – you could be wrong, especially if you are a coffee lover.

After trying this coffee Scale/Timer you will see that it will significantly help you to brew the tastiest cup of coffee.

This coffee scale also has an auto shut-off option. So, if you are not using your coffee scale for 5 minutes, it will shut-off. This, of course, does not apply if you are using the timer.

The design is quite aesthetically pleasing. Classic black, sleek look. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s very easy to clean and maintain and at the same time guarantees you a longer life.

It also has a great LCD screen with touch-sensitive buttons, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out how it works. It’s very simple to use.


  • it’s a very accurate coffee scale
  • Features auto shut-off option that will last for about 5 minutes
  • Has also a built-in timer
  • you can weight to about 2000 grams
  • Very compact and also durable


  • On the pricier side.
  • reads only grams.


If you can splurge when it comes to coffee scale, then this is just perfect for you. The great accuracy, built-in timer and shut-off option are making this coffee scale one of the best gram scales.

Not only you can use it in comfort of your home, but also for professional use. You don’t need to look anywhere else, really because you have found the best option for you.

You won’t be disappointed.

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

When it comes to KitchenTour Digital scale the most selling point is probably the “Tare” function, so you can calculate only the weight of your item, without the container weight.

All you need is to place your container first and press the “Tare” button.

The scale will calculate the weight of your container and then bounce it back to zero so you can calculate the weight of ingredients only.

It’s a quite rare option regarding the other coffee scales on the market.

If your priority when it comes to scale is accuracy, maybe you should pick another model, but for this price, it’s a steal.

You have many options for measurements – from ounces, grams, pound to milliliters and does readings starting from 1 gram up to 5 kgs.

It’s quite aesthetically pleasing with a stainless-steel made finish and a real bonus when it comes to price.

Not only will it look good, but also is great for maintaining reasons. With just one wipe your coffee scale will be like a brand new one.

Also has an option for auto-off – if you ever forget to shut off your scale, don’t worry because after just about 45 seconds it will be shut off by itself.

This period of time is just enough, so it won’t shut off while you switch between your ingredients.

This also is a great thing because it will save a lot of your battery power, so you won’t need to replace it that often.

But when you need to change them?

Don’t worry about your LCD screen you will have the battery indicator. So, you will know when is the time for a new pair of batteries.

This LCD screen also has a backlight lighting, so that will also help you out, because it will be much easier for you to read the numbers.


  • It’s reasonably accurate
  • Looks stylish and it’s durable
  • Affordable price
  • Very compact and you can store it everywhere you want
  • it’s very User-friendly


  • It will not measure in milligrams


Even it’s not the best coffee scale when it comes to accuracy, price, durability and its ergonomic design make this coffee scale one of the best you can find on market.

You only need to charge it with AAA batteries and you are good to go. So it’s good value for money.

I definitely recommend this scale for all of you that are on a budget but want a good-quality kitchen scale.

Nicewell Digital Kitchen Coffee Scale

Very similar to KitchenTour, this Basics Digital Coffee Scale is one of the best you can find on market.

Nicewell Kitchen Scale can weight to about 15 pounds and it will start from only 1 gram and that’s not the case with KitchenTour.

However, this coffee scale cannot measure milligrams – this is the main difference between these two kitchen scales.

It also has a tare function what’s a great thing, I can guarantee you will love it. You will have to put your container first and press the “Tare” button.

Then the scale is going to calculate the weight of your container and then bounce it to zero so you can calculate the net weight of ingredients that you need to weight.

There is no need for those old fashion ways of calculating that only waste your time and irritate you.

Because of its’ quality, you only need a few seconds to clean your scale. With one wipe it will be perfectly clean.

An inspired nicewell scale is made of very durable ABS. Also, has a well-designed control button. The aesthetic of this scale is quite pleasing.

When it comes to size, this scale is just perfect size – enough wide to fit the plate and yet enough compact so you can carry it with yourself. Measures up to 6.32 x 9 x 0.68.

The thing that I personally don’t like how is LCD display positioned. You can’t see the number quite clear and from every angle.

If this fact is not a big deal for you, you should definitely consider buying yourself one of these, because this is quite a good scale.


  • It’s a very accurate scale
  • It’s compact and it is not bulky at all.
  • Very easy to maintain and to clean
  • It is high-quality made scale
  • Aesthetically looks very pleasing


  • The display is quite bad positioned.


This long-lasting, durable and pretty accurate scale will definitely not disappoint you.

Has everything that you need and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Try it yourself.

Ozeri Pronto – The Digital Kitchen and Food Multifunction Scale

The best-selling point when it comes to Ozeri kitchen scale probably is the platform that is made to fit the containers that you usually had a problem fitting on these compact scales.

If you are irritated with those then problem solved – We present you Ozeri Pronto the kitchen scale that will change your life.

It might not measure milligram, but for this price the accuracy of this kitchen scale is remarkable.

You can always rely on this scale because it will give you consistent reading and you won’t have any problems with it.

The most irritating this, like I’ve already said is the patience of this coffee scale.

Unlike most of the coffee scales on the market that will shut down In few second, this scale will be waiting for about 2 minutes.

So no more problems with shutting down before you even attempted to switch your ingredients.

So, you probably think that will also have an impact on your batteries. Well, you are wrong.

For Ozeri Pronto, you will need those regular, cheap AAA batteries, but you won’t be changing them so often because it is made to use less power.

It will pass months before you need to replace them. And after all, it won’t be expensive.

Ozeri Pronto also features Tare function that will allow you getting the net weight of your ingredient, pressuring the container’s weight.

Bad thing is that it has a pretty little LCD display and by putting a larger container or any other thing that’s larger than the platform you won’t be able to see a screen.


  • Measures are very precise
  • it’s made very ergonomically
  • very easy to clean
  • Has a long life of the batteries
  • Time auto shut-off is a bit prolonged
  • Very Compact, not bulky and lightweight


  • The display is a bit small


Ozeri Pronto will provide you consistent measurements, it quite compact and lightweight and also is extremely easy to use.

Those are just some of the reasons why this coffee scale is one of the top-rated scales on the market.

If this is your choice, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Buying Guide – Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Scale

If you are a true coffee lover and you love to ground and prepare your coffee in the comfort of your home – you will need coffee scale in your life.

This inexpensive item will change your life, believe me.

But keep in mind that when I say inexpensive it doesn’t mean that you should buy the first one that comes to your attention.

There are so many options on the market, from bad ones to the great ones, so it all depends on you – will you make the right choice.

You don’t need to waste your time and money on a bad coffee scale.

If you want to read some tips to get the best scale for coffee just keeps reading.

The Accuracy of Coffee Scale

So, if you are buying yourself a coffee scale first thing to keep in mind is accuracy.

Why would you need a coffee scale that isn’t accurate, wastes your time and at the end ruins your recipes?

It depends on your budget, most of the low-cost scales do not do weight in milligrams, and if you want more precise one coffee scale that measures milligrams, then treat yourself with a higher-end kitchen scale that will have all features that you need.

The Power of Coffee Scale

Usually, as a power source, Coffee scales use the batteries – this way they are portable and easy to use.

But at the same time, for someone, this can be a problem because batteries do not last long and after a while, you will need to replace them.

Some of them have the auto shut-off system, those will make your Coffee scale batteries to live longer.

Keep in mind while choosing the Coffee scale that the batteries that power your Coffee scales are low-cost batteries.

The batteries that are most commonly used are AAA batteries because they are very affordable.

Coffee Scale Tare Function

If the precision is something that’s MUST when it comes to coffee scales, then I recommend you to get yourself a scale that has Tare function.

This function will help you to separate the process of weighting of ingredients and container, so you will not need to use those old school methods that are just wasting your time.

Size for Coffee Scale

Also, a very important fact what you should consider while buying yourself a scale is a size because believe me the size of your scale definitely matters.

Try making a list of things that you will be weighing. Most of the scales that you can find on a market are pretty small because of the design.

They are made to be compatible and save space what is awesome, but is that what you need?

Take a time a plan. You should buy yourself a Coffee scale that is made according to your needs.

Panel and Screen

One of the lasts hits, when it comes to Coffee scales are LCD screens with a touch control so most of the Coffee scales that you can find on market today have it.

Not only that they make the cleaning much easier, with just one wipe but they make the Coffee scale look more aesthetically pleasing and blends well with the modern kitchen.

You don’t have to worry about the grounds going through the buttons anymore. Cleaning the Coffee scale is now child’s play.

Auto-off Feature

Some of you may love this function and some of you may hate it. There are good and bad things when it comes to this function.

For example, good thing is that this function will save your battery life if you ever forget to turn in off by yourself.

And the bad thing is that it may irk you very often. It takes under a minute while they can go off and you were not done with preparing your coffee.

If you are buying a coffee scale that has this feature, try to find those that have more patience, not under a minute. It won’t be that irritable, at least.

Timer Build-in for Coffee Scale

If you are one of those who don’t especially like this auto-off function, this may solve your problem.

With this option, you can set your time on a Coffee scale to don’t shut-off until you finish the brewing process.

After finishing, the timer will go off and the Coffee scale will shut down.


I hope that I helped you with making your decision on the Coffee Scale, that’s why I’m here at the end.

Keep in mind that you have so many different options on the market, you just need to figure out what you really need.

Splurging or not, it’s your decision – to make the best coffee scale.

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